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					The sun is shining, the weather is getting warmer, spring is coming. Time
for fun and for many people that means camping. For some of us are
uncomfortable all the dust, dirt and germs associated with outdoor life,
even if only for one night. I am one of those mothers who are trying to
overcome all the troubles that are unavoidable given my three sons that
if they attract.

Wash. My sons are required to bathe within 12 hours of our arrival. This
may seem pointless, but I was surprised to notice how many kids come in
dirty camping. If your children are clean when you go, they will be less
dirty when you return.

Cook brand. Barbecue sauces are among the worst offenders of purity.
Leave them aside and use dry spices for meat and seasonal vegetables with
a little salt, you can add cumin, black pepper, dried oregano. Make
kebabs, but prepare them in advance. The fewer dishes and utensils you
need, the less dirty ways will be.

Wash again and again. If you carry enough water with you, wash your hands
often. If you do not carry more than you need to drink to have a look
inside wipes. They are like baby diapers contain anti-bacterial agents
that kill microbes.

Fasten zippers. The tents must always be kept closed to prevent them
entering the bugs and dirt. Most tents are equipped with a network that
can be left closed until ventilate by opening the door?. Keeping dirt
out, you and your family will remember what it means to be pure when he
and his children slid into sleeping bags at night.

Ventilate. Get all the food and clothing of the caravan or tent. For at
least an hour before you leave camp lift trailer and / or tent to
ventilate by opening all doors and windows. But keep the network closed.

Collected in bags. Make sure you bring enough bags in which to collect
garbage that will do. In addition to the waste can be packed in bags and
all the dirty clothes and dishes before heading home. Make sure all the
bags to go where they belong as soon as you get home - garbage, laundry,
kitchen. Otherwise, your car will make a huge breeding ground for germs.

Immediately take a shower. All must pass through the bathroom for a
shower and put on clean clothes as soon as you get home. In addition to
that surface will be clean, germs that are brought from the camp will go
into the sewers, and with them their odor.

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