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					                                                                                                              9 – 21 – 2009
                                             Spanish Peaks Arts Council, Inc.
                                     132 W. Ryus • P.O. Box 419 • La Veta, CO 81055
                                         (719) 742-3074 • www.spanishpeaksarts.org

                                       VOLUNTEERS NEEDED !
Ever since its inception in 1997, the Spanish Peaks Arts Council has been blessed with the generosity of
its many members. Membership dues play a key role in our annual budget, which includes the
maintenance and year around expense of operating our facility. A valuable resource also necessary to
enable our organization to function is volunteers.

There are many levels of volunteer opportunities existing for members who can spare a bit of their time
to keep SPACe functioning and providing support for the arts and art education in our area.

Take time to look over the list below and let us know how you can help. You can do a little or a lot.
Serve on a committee:
Gallery and Exhibit Committee. Plans the schedule of exhibits each year. Committee members are responsible
for coordinating at least one show per year which includes hanging the show. Other important issues relating to the
Gallery are discussed by the committee before being brought before the Board.

Education and Programs Committee. Committee is responsible for the annual “Excellence in the Arts”
Scholarship. Works with the administrator of the Children’s Art Workshop. Additional programs would be possible
with more volunteers. Especially needed are volunteers to plan musical programs or monthly evening art programs
in the winter. Plan just one program and you have done us a great service!

Fundraising Committee. This committee is in desperate need of members. A volunteer who would do research
for available grants is greatly needed especially for children’s programs and musical programs. Also needed are
volunteers to head up various fundraising activities. Volunteers to help out with events, such as our Holiday Arts
Feast, which requires lots of donations of food and gifts. If you could help with food, phone calling, mailings,
publicity—let us know.

Building Maintenance Committee. Volunteers are needed to provide simple repairs and maintenance as well as
know-how for more extensive maintenance. Shoveling snow. Taking care of the outdoor flowers and controlling the
weeds, from about May – Oct. One volunteer can’t do it all, but several people each with a small task could make a
big difference.

Other areas that need volunteers:
Call artists to pick up work at the end of shows. Membership drive in January. Manage the volunteers.

Receptions: Making sure there are plenty of volunteers providing food and drinks. Making sure there are adequate
supplies for each reception. Arriving early to set the refreshments out and staying late to clean up.

Publicity: Production of flyers for each show, posting flyers around La Veta and Walsenburg. Mailing flyers to art

Production of postcards inviting guests to receptions and other events. This includes printing on the Gallery’s inkjet
printer, cutting the cards (4 to a sheet), applying mailing labels, stamps, and mailing!

Updating the Gallery pamphlet for each show. Involves arranging the lists of artists for each show in the pamphlet,
doing a new cover, and re-arranging the pages as needed. Since this requires more instruction, it would be best for
one person to always do it. Or one person for each aspect, such as designing covers, for all the shows.

Writing news releases for receptions and events. Emailing these to area newspapers and radio. Printing postcard
news releases, cutting, labels, stamps and mailing to outlying newspapers.

Newsletter editor—a volunteer is needed to put together the quarterly newsletter. This person would need to make
sure other volunteers provide the necessary information in a timely manner. New features could be added, such as
spotlight on an artist, tips on art related matters.
  Indicate below what, when, and how much you could help out. Or send an email with your thoughts
  to SPACeLV@webcoast2coast.net

  What would you like to do?
  When can you attend meetings? ______mornings ______afternoons _______evenings
  Serve on a committee:        ____________Gallery & Exhibit ___________Education and Programs

  _________Fundraising _________Building Maintenance ________Building Expansion/ Fundraising

  FLYERS ______posting _______creating _______mailing __________ quarterly newsletter

  INVITATION POSTCARDS _______production ________labeling, stamps etc

  NEWS RELEASES _________writing _________distribution to news outlets

  GALLERY PAMPHLET ________ RECEPTIONS____________ PHONE CALLS_____________

  GENERAL HELP with receptions, fundraising events                   _________________ Provide appetizers
  set up ____________________ clean up ______________________

  How often could you help? ________once a year(when)? ______monthly _______June-Sept.

  other_________________________________ HISTORIAN_______________________________

  host dinners/parties FUNDRAISERS for Building Expansion in 2010: ________when____________

  Assist with Retrospective honoring Clayton Staples and art auction summer 2010______________

  Help gather donations and food for Progressive Dinner Dec. 5, 2009?__________________


  Mailing address______________________________________________________________


  Please set any spam blocker or safe addresses to accept the SPACe email addresses:

  SPACeLV@webcoast2coast.net and gallery@SpanishPeaksArts.org

  Return this page to:

  SPACe Volunteers
  P.O. Box 419
  La Veta, CO 81055 or bring it in to the SPACe Gallery.

  Or CALL one of the SPACe Board members to let us know how you can help.
                SPACe is a non-profit 501(c)(3)corporation whose purpose is to support the arts and art education
  EMAIL: SPACeLV@webcoast2coast.net (this goes to Kathy Hill)
                            in the Spanish Peaks region of Southern Colorado

   Board Members: President, Kathy Hill (742-5756); Vice President, Ann Gethen (742-3452); Secretary-
Treasurer, Bonnie Geppert (742-3580); Recording Secretary, Mary Jean Fowler (742-5763); Carole Kramer (738-
1000) Gift Shop Manager; Diane Buchanan, (989-0821), Office Manager; Ellie Mellott (738-2390); Nicole Copel
(742-0250) Mary Jane Butler, (738-1471)