Letter from India's Ambassador to the Soviet Union (K.P.S

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                                                                        ~   J .;

                                                                                                                            No. 5(1)EAFT/54.


                                                                                                                           ~\LJril 30,



                             I enc Loes a note,               1/'-"e:ou~2d by r::c;;.ul, 011 the
                prOti)8cts   [Jf de-v'21'J.;,.Ji:ng  econJInic 1'''elatio11S wi.t h the
                30viet Ilni.on ,       In l~::}.9,'1~iculti", he has u"-~g8dthat vre
                rnigtrt see"k30v"iet,      as,3i!3tEQ10i.3       .i.n ;sl']ue s uo h :j''''oject as
                ~he estatlizllmel1t        of a t'l'""'9.,cto"l"t f'act o-ry in End i a ,

                                   }lis not o , wh.i ch Ls at cno a thoughtfl11
                and entl.-J.l.J.siastic, 1:2..1-11
                                                 }l8.,S dv;-elt 011 the changes wnach
                have OCCl.l"~"·'ed.                iJ1 S01riet   IJolicy 8.fte~'"' :)talin's
                de at n , and, in ")s""tic;l,:tla ...., in -the ~-3~)lle"-~e of Indo-So1Tiet
                ~;21:3.t i0113.      he       O'"v2L18Dti:~1 01..1 ~'"Iela-tions  vli-tlJ. t re                       Yl

                a~;::~~i                  ~~r~;~Yll~~jT~
                                             i               p~~~I~~111~jh~~    ht                                                       i~~~a
                ha s 08en j/Lr~~3rlil1g, 8sj,.J8ciall:r in the face of agg""'essive
                .ll.me "ican designs
                                         in Asi a ,     Kau.l hae a""'g1J~ed tili?t this
                is t1.1e tiTnE~ \'/(1811 vIe ;3hol.:Ud make ~//llat'·eTle,;" c~lDital we
                can ct.. of the "1'2cent fEtVrJU ....•  able t u-n in the :Soviet
                (~o-\Te~l1nleITt' s                          attitude                       India.

                                 !:2l1e :-~)O·'irJ...2t GO'18Y :i:lmel'1:-b is vr,rilliytg and , indeed,
                                    3..                                                lI

                8Bg':3'1't,to dE~··lelol) so cnomtc "~ela.tions                         w.rt h End.i.a ,        Tllis
                was i11ar}e c Laa» Ln a speectl,                     made b~r ITovilcov, 011 tile
                28tll :JeceT:1b'2~~, lD33? at a d.Inne - gi\ren. b~r D18 in con--
                nec't i on 'v'fith ~l}-e sign~ng              of ~tjl1e"...                      -t ..·.•ade.In.t~2-=-0To~~e~
                ag""'eemel1t ....."\TlClc O-L):'" -lette'l'"               .:jU·_l.c,:,~Gn//oo Gated       the
                29tll 'Uece~:1be~, 1953.                  Tl18 ;:-5o"7lie-t Gove~llment             wi.Ll. 110t
                of CCrL1~~,3e              lJ.S, sJTJr l];J~e t11a11 any othe » GOl.,r8Y\nlnent,
                in a spi"""it of "3.1t'l~1Iism. j=-;he~rvv'ill he Lp us because
                it v,ill IJcJT tl181Tl to do so.                        rJ:11e~r feel that g ene r-ous
                8.8;3ist~t~_1c·e ·tc Il~clia Y10VI vlill                fete:l       dividends      not o111~T
                iTl -ql)~pees and :Lollbles,              blJ.t i~n India's              goodvvill,         whi.c h
                is '.-~.~ortll'.'Q1J.CC~ t.o t}1en~~,2s)eci8J_l~! -9.t                  a time when th.e
                u. )     ItiJ3 :~)ickirLg OJ?f 0118 w e ak O~ CO·i":,lpliant
                              \."                                                                !~;3iarl
                "Jtate af't e~~ anot he> and h.i t c                             i·t to ita waggon ,

                        fl.    It, wou Ld be e rrt Lr-e Ly c ona Ls t snt 'Nith  Ol1~
                fo~"'eii~n .... i.c.. to d e ve.l op ec ononrlc and iDdui3t~'")ia.l
                ~~e~ations                                                       e
                               wi.t h 1){18 :3o'\riet UnLon in 3. more c o no .....t e
                n18:1.~1e~'&                         Vie ~·~l2:.-r.re done so               f'a"'.                     It    may   be asked
                whetbe·· this will DO'S affect
                                          o                          the flow of "aid" f~om
                :'fe.st·?;V\11 CO-LllTt~ies, 3J1d ga .....•    tictu.A..,~l:)T the tY .. 3.A.• , to
                Irlclia.        'j~lle ·'~2"c8Vt?e-'--'is· tl~3.t U         aid, -too, is nof     II     •

                          e:~:~t ~9i '"i'~~cL~~d:~~ ~~l~~~I~1)~O,~~~t 0;                                                           O~]~~_?~~i~~ded
                ~tl}]:~~0~'~~ ~~C1i~;'n'~l =_~
                 ~ e :~lt et~ ~iA                                                                 0          ~.l ~,~ ~ ~            ae
                                                                                                                             3f"~~~~f ;~.
                         wi.Ll. also                            .
                                                               ··.eTn':)·V8 tile  iTJJvo8SfJioTJ.,
                                                                                    .•..            Iy''''evalent not
                nie-e Iy in the                                o-'lic::tr Uni on , but ill ce"... af,n crLla~te~B
                Ln    Lnd.i     it            a       elf,          ths,t ','lhile          Tnd    ~esolrrtel~l
                                                                                                        La       is                           Lnd    e-«

                                                               t~Lcal mat t e r-s ,                    heY'      economy is getting
                inc                                                     i
                                                             81TU2St:e,Ctn             .'\.nglo-.A.1TIev>ican                   ,JCrleU1GS.

                                    :..;.         "... fl:i.··,-t~,·le""" U'v18S'tiol1            is         ·?:,~Letlle'Y\,f~~om t ne              POi11t

                tIle u'Lt i.mat e olJjecti'18      is ~\:-.'o"':"'ld'J~evolv ..t i.on ,
                                                                              .            But

                woe Ld ~'"'G'.jOllltion i;::; '~ecedi:ilg as a p r act Lc ab Le goal,
                even f"'''o:':,jhe !i'}i;:1,~L3 of a-uent Ccnurrn;:ll.idtS.             Ty'otslc~'-

     paid            f'o »          it            L.fe;         ;3):'J,d ':~t~i.lil1 b~""'Jugllt 112 a
     1<0. ole                     ::to.::l     tile                          of "Socialisill in
     one       :;t e,.'t e 11 •      It ir:~ ·t"~-: C ;"le:t ~'f:)ociEllisrDit
                                                      1                                   has 110VI
      oV8 -flo\vi3cl
                                iTltc                     , b              tne boV)de~"'s of t~'1e
     ::3 o"iliet lTJ:'1i;Jn~                      h?d~ is e.;JSelltiall~y- the               o trt c orne
     of the             20011d       ,T<JY'ld    ,-3.~.....   I::= -t:18,'"<e Vl8'1'>'8 t-o be a T11i ''-'d
                                                 )ts,t~es wouLd aucoumb -t 0 Co mnund am ,
                                              ~,'riJ_l be ";:101, t}j.e :];.l'r"vival of Ccmmuru.am
     'J~'''' Ca)i t Eli3~'~1        "tnxG c:? ci "'til i3at 5.on it s e Lf                  ,:='11.18 ov i st                         0

                :~\o                                      a7oi~.:i'~;.~:.
                                                                      'Jf                         ~;~~\~~\~;~~lf~~t;\r;::~~:;ing
     (]~'"o   30:              1                     "
                                :_€~ r-~8.:~ e0-~lC,~; ,'\ r'il'
                               __          -~--'
                                          __                                                 -::.L'-8    Jo'}-ie't Union w.i l.L be                           to
     CO}:".:i_jOl.if~_,~·~,.t'2 !:;O',:~Ll~           in
                                           ~.l:~_:,=::~~                               -.~~e
                                                                                     -~~                         i~.i',','hicLJ. it
                        i311t Yt(jrJ.(~ '_:~;=;(l ~JE;lf                                ,,·~:),t~~e~'"I -t han              t (I ext 911d           it.
     Ir.l ::rt)lr~,3'-'" :"7o"~d~:, -Lhe:"".:ntJ_et,                                         '"?·O\lC~"'}:'Jr:.1ent1;3 now genriine12r
     -'-'ecC1:'1cil·? to ti-::.'c~ GD'::i'::.~'_:.i                                                     ard , iY1dc~(:d, tl18 need,
     f'o .... tb.:2; o:J=oo'8~K=L~~,-'IJc~"-:ce    o                                                        ,~::.r:18 ~)cjlitical

                                                   ::\;~n~n:2, can                 8:j rio ,~) i."Jt.·~~,::·,b ec~
                                                                                               <~....•           j
     t ior:. to                                      ~cC'}lo':-:';ic ");21!'~ti,,~)~~t·~] t.uc   ~_tb
     r:~ov i c·:,                                                              ~~he~e i~3:~~          li11lJ     '.J

     t he help             \"ll'licl:} tlle:3o"tCviet          :J11io:n C'EtTI gi-v"'e India;                ,:~1J.e
     ~."c1.~3 :,::~,lj.:_·)a to      Look ~ter                      tl'~c-'2 j.;:_. a.Lso EL liuit
                                                                               to                            to
     ':j]:'te              'l";b.ic~.:"-::                L'._<:~,-, f""I0T:'l   t~H3 ,~:;cn.rj_-2t Urri.on ,
     In ~:ln.:"" ,=:" r' :::~{:, VIC                 (':::'~TC'i(.3..  +/alcing 8 ..YJ.3 'Icina         of ,~],[38iE)M          T

     t ?-;',l C e '.71'. _i C }:1 "c. c.,,: •. C
                           1                            i.:J:-; .i,n t.b.e dely1:i       of the 30\riet

     GO        fin8,TlC         x-:      ;:-l~,~~     ')~''''   C'j 2et   ,~        .:;et'      i.\)    1;3':- t }'::JS,t                             ~ o·trb
               Oi)."'"l   nOV'oIDf:ll               t-')arJ..s                          8~              'jdc);';1'-   f,::~_~'"-tklis is          :feasible
                                                                                                                                    I:1 tl'lis    C01111eC-
     t iUD" t ~le                     at t ach ed. (~.,~·,,"~t,                                                  t
                                                                                      tL.e it 8:11:,~ ~il~lic11 he
     TJ:                                                                o.,,~t i>~OTn, and l?Xl-)O'\'~t to,

                   ,-"'I 11:3.G
                          <)                        .1=, i)

     ':l,::i"l~iOl..lS 001..:.1Fl-0          s \'~ritL v7hi.ch ':::>1:::e >l(~L5 If./G el~y errt e r ed
     into t'''ade ag"""'eell~e?:1t':}, '~9.,::I 'jDe 0:[ ne Lp .                                  i"~ncrtl"18~
     alte~~rl,~:lti-';e~,~rot1"Ld be =eo",'"t l)J3 te:, 3:~rail o>\..1Y'sel'v'8s of a
     I)O~,..tion of -0:18 s um                                     D=~~
                                                            J:>o-:.x"'"  'Jnilliol1 :lCJlloles ~iJL.ic~l1~the·
     ,'3o"':riet 8,U"le211E",ellt              :.>:"2,,~::,.;..:lf5.Ced      Ert tL.8             aa.L o~f the
     -r~Qcj:}0rJic e,;"Ji oc la'L C:)l)·.:nciJ_ for iec'lllJ.iccl.l ar22listanc8
     to uJ.1Ce~~-.(J.9ve                          Q(Ji)J.'lt'l"'i;~;']..          01:1 'tlH:': 7JLole    I t~'link
     ,tt is ac (:::~':Qell(2r:,_t                 idua to n81;;:fo~ -t~le ,9"Bsi3t2110e of
     t~::;",:: o'viet           "1"}'1io}"1 in       12nt                           i3D~~1e 31-,1011;)~''''ojeot   as
     a IJ~r'ac-to)') J?a.ct                                                        t·::"iis. meet s w i t h the                                                     ,
     c:tlJy~"'o'Tval                                                     of India,           I· cou.ld 118\T8 a                                                    .•..
     l=l"'C                                 b.e~"'(::; Slid t~~.cis coul.d De fo-=-lovIed up

        co,,,      Delhi.

                                                                                        'f"'/I'!I~e$                      3~drm
                                                                                        r,~-::; ~    $ 3l\i~
                                                                                                        .",,1"   \/.e.t •.•'"       ~hp N ;trlonal Arrhlvpt