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					                                            Hamish Johnstone, with his silver medal for the 200m
                                            backstroke at South East Regional Championships 2011.

                                            K2 pool, Crawley.

                                            Fantastic swim from 11 year old Hamish, only 1 second
                                            off his national qualifying time with 2.43.45. He came
                                            through from 4th position with a storming finish to win
                                            his heat .


10 Sevenoaks swimmers have qualified for the BAGCAT champs this year, with 5 of these with a full
range of events covering all the BAGCAT categories; Form, Sprint, Freestyle and IM which will give
them an overall ranking in the Region.

10 year old Ninah Strydom first year of competition, 11 year old Hamish Johnstone full BAGCAT
programme , 11 year old Izzy Booth, 11 year old Michael Davidson full BAGCAT programme and first
year qualifier, 12 year old Andrew Jessop full BAGCAT programme and first year qualifier, 14 year
olds Alex Macaulay, Hamish Wyatt, Hugo Caven, Fred Biggs full BAGCAT programme, Henry Choong
full BAGCAT programme.

The first day of the weekend was kicked off by the boys 100m freestyle, Hamish Johnstone swam a
good pb of 1.10.39 to finish in 10th place, Hugo Caven with 61.29, Fred Biggs with a pb of 59.93 and
his first long course swim of under one minute and Henry Choong with 60.14.

In the boys 200m breastroke, Hamish Wyatt swam a great 2.48.75 to bring him in 8th place and first
time regional qualifier Andrew Jessop did 3.20.17.

In the girls 4 x 100m medley relay, Charlotte Coxon on back, Izzy Booth on breast, Ellen Benn fly and
Susie Kitto on free swam well against tough competition.

In the boys 4 x 100m freestyle relay, Henry Choong, Fred Biggs, Hugo Caven and Hamish Wyatt
managed to finish half way through the field with 12th place.

The afternoon session brought the gruelling 400m IM with 5 Sevenoaks qualifiers. Hamish
Johnstone finished in 7th place with 6.08.05, Fred Biggs swam a great pb with 5.17.66 and Hamish
Wyatt in 5.31.93, Andrew Jessop 5.55.47 and Henry Choong 5.28.26.

New star, 10 year old Ninah Strydom swam a fantastic 100m backstroke and won her first heat by
several body lengths with 1.25.12 she was in first place for several heats and ended up 12th in a field
of 37 swimmers.
The second day of competition started with the boys 100m medley relay and Henry on back, Hamish
Wyatt on breast, Fred swimming fly and Hugo with freestyle again finished half way down the field
of 23 clubs coming in 11th place. The girls 100m freestyle relay was a very young team of Susie Kitto,
Olivia Wyatt, Izzy Booth and Issie Woods, all swimming very well.

In the boys 200m freestyle Hamish Johnstone on 2.32.41, Henry Choong 2.12.22 and Fred Biggs
2.11.43 all finished about half way in their age group rankings. Michael Davidson on 2.39.15 and
Andrew Jessop on 2.31.35 swam well.

Izzy Booth in the 100m breast swam very well to finish in 1.27.74 around half way in her age group
she currently has a painful knee injury which makes this pb all the more rewarding.

In the last event of the day the boys 200m back, we had our first medal of the day from Hamish
Johnstone, as reported above. Andrew Jessop with 2.42.79, Fred Biggs with 2.31.93 and Henry
Choong on 2.28.92 was about half way through his age group results.

We look forward to the next weekend of racing on the 11th and 12th June.


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