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					Annual Report
                BOARD OF DIRECTORS            ExECuTIvE COunCIl                  Assistant Executive Director
                                                                                 Madonna Heights Services
                                                                                 Rosemary Stein
                Chairman                      Executive Director
                Edward W. Stack               Robert J. McMahon
                                                                                 Director of Institutional
                Vice Chairman                 Special Assistant to the
                                                                                 Renee Swanson
                Dennis E. Henchy              Executive Director
                                              Maureen Brown
                                                                                 Assistant Executive Director
                Vice Chairman                                                    Family Dynamics and Selected
                H. Craig Treiber              Assistant Executive Director       Programs
                                              Special Projects
                                                                                 Art Zanko
                Secretary                     Gary Kipling
                Photeine M. Anagnostopoulos
                                              Director of Human Resources
                Assistant Secretary           Roslyn Marett
                Cynthia King Vance
                                              Chief Administrative Officer
                Treasurer                     John Miller
                Thomas N. Dufek
                                              Assistant Executive Director
                                              Programs for the Developmentally
                Assistant Treasurer
                Joseph M. Matarese            Susan Moran

                                              Assistant Executive Director
                Yvette Arnold, RGS            Mental Health Programs
                Roger Bennett                 James Nyreen
                Benjamin Bram
                Dorothy Brengel               Assistant Executive Director
                Vincent J. DeLaurentis        Adolescent Services
                Brian Edwards                 Douglas O’Dell
                John Gallagher
                Joan Imhof                    Assistant Executive Director
                Ellen Kelly, RGS              Family Foster Care and Adoption
                Paulette LoMonaco, RGS        Mary Odom
                Douglas Schloss
                Anne Sherman                  Assistant Executive Director
                                              Business Operations
Board Members

                Stephen J. Tyree
                Kelly Williams                Dan Randazzo

                Chairman’s Committee          Chief Financial Officer
                Keith Anderson                Johanna Richman
                Thomas Fanning
                Leonard Genovese              Director of Finance
                Dennis Hackett                Amparo Robayo
                Mary Paul Janchill, RGS
                Stephen V. Murphy             Assistant Executive Director
                                              Special Assistant to the
                James Stynes
                                              Executive Director
                Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Thelen
                                              Renee Skolaski Anderson
                William F. Tyree
Message from...
Edward W. Stack                  Robert J. McMahon
Chairman of the Board            Executive Director

Annually, we care for more than 30,000 of new York’s most vulnerable children and families. We accomplish this through
57 different programs in 9 core service areas. The common thread that runs throughout this long and varied list of
programs is our family focused mission that is at the core of every decision we make. More than a century of experience
has taught us that by strengthening the family we strengthen the individual and, in turn, the entire community.

In 2008, motivated by our ongoing commitment to meeting some of the most urgent needs in our communities, we
expanded our range of services for children and teens in foster care. We opened a Scattered-Site Supportive Housing
Program that provides affordable housing and support for teens as they age out of foster care. This program is based on
the premise that, even under the best of circumstances, few 18-year-olds are capable of living completely on their own.
Youth aging out of foster care, without family support, are likely to end up isolated, homeless and unemployed. We also
launched Bridges to Health, a program that links this population to a variety of health and mental health services and
allows them to maintain access to these services until they reach the age of 21.

For many teens, receiving a high school diploma can become another insurmountable challenge. To combat this, using
the Good Shepherd Transfer School Model, SCO opened north Queens Community High School to give teens who are
in danger of dropping out a fresh start. The inaugural graduating class received their Regents diplomas last June and we
will open a second school in September 2009.

                                                                                                                                   Executive Letter
As we work to strengthen our communities, another important factor is our ability to collaborate with our fellow
community-based organizations. This year, SCO became part of the Brownsville Partnership, an initiative of Common
Ground, to address the many issues that are associated with poverty in the high need Brownsville community. As a
member of the Partnership, SCO is providing a full range of early childhood programs — nurse-Family Partnership,
Parent-Child Home and Baby & Me. SCO is the first nFP program in the new York City area to be part of a larger
community-wide mission that brings together best practices in family and community development.

These are but a few of the high points of the year just completed. But we wanted to highlight for you some of the ways
that, with your help, we have been addressing the challenges in our communities. We also want to stress the fact that
none of this would have been possible without the combined commitment of a dedicated Board of Directors, the generosity of
foundations, corporations and individuals, and the tireless efforts and unparalleled professionalism of our staff. With your
help, even in these difficult financial times, we can continue to serve those who need us most. Thank you very much.

Edward W. Stack                             Robert J. McMahon
                     Providing Hope

                     North Queens Community                                             Tyree Learning Center
                     High School                                                        SCO completed construction of the brand new Tyree Learning
                     The inaugural graduating class of North Queens Community           Center that allows the 73 children with developmental
                     High School received their diplomas in June. The school provides   disabilities who live at St. Christopher’s Home to receive an
                     small classes and a supportive learning environment for 200        education in a beautiful facility designed specifically to
Providing Hope

                     teens who would otherwise not complete high school. SCO is         accommodate their needs.
                     will open a second school in September 2009.
                                                                                        “Like children everywhere, our children need
                     “This school has changed my life.”                                 to have a quality education and that’s what
                                                          - Flavio, Graduate            we’re giving them.”
                                                                                                                              - Eileen DiLauro, Principal

                 2     annual report 2008
Scattered-Site Supportive Housing                                     Center for Family Life’s “Life
Even under the best of circumstances, few 18-year-olds are
                                                                      Lines” Program
capable of living completely on their own. Youth aging out of
                                                                      Center for Family Life’s “Life Lines” program celebrated its
foster care, without preparation and support, are likely to end up
                                                                      25th Anniversary this year. “Life Lines” is a free, nationally
isolated, homeless and unemployed. SCO’s Scattered-Site
                                                                      recognized program that brings teens together through social
Supportive Housing program provides affordable housing and
                                                                      work, the arts, and education. It promotes individual growth
transitional services for 36 young adults in Queens who have

                                                                                                                                           Providing Hope
                                                                      and builds community.
recently left foster care and are at risk of becoming homeless.

“We’re there for young people who have                                “Life Lines has inspired me to go after
nowhere else to turn during this very difficult                       my dreams…of going off to college and
transition period in their lives.”                                    becoming a lawyer. It’s inspired me…
                            - Mary Noto, Assistant Program Director
                                                                      to be optimistic about life.”
                                                                                                   - Daisy, “Life Lines” Participant

                     Family Dynamics’ Summer                                             Madonna Heights’ “New Heights”
                     Enrichment Program                                                  Outdoor Challenge Course
                     The Family Dynamics Summer Enrichment Program served over           This year, as it has for the past five years, Madonna Heights
                     550 children living in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn   Residential Treatment Center offers “New Heights”, an outdoor
                     this summer. The program gives students the opportunity to learn    challenge course, as part of its team-building curriculum.
Providing Hope

                     about different cultures utilizing their academic, creative, and    Based on the nationally recognized Project Adventure model,
                     artistic abilities. It culminated with their annual “Around the     “New Heights” teaches self-reliance and teamwork. It gives
                     World” festival where children performed dances, songs and          participants the tools to work cooperatively, challenge themselves
                     skits about the countries they learned about.                       in a supportive environment, improve their self-esteem and
                                                                                         explore creative ways to solve problems.
                     “This program has taught me love and joy,
                     and I take with me, my knowledge.”                                  “New Heights has taught me how to
                                               - Marcus, Program Participant             communicate and not give up when I’m
                                                                                         frustrated. I’m still continuing to learn.”
                                                                                                                                         - Krista, Student

                 4     annual report 2008

                         New programs, events and dedications highlighted a year
                         that saw SCO reach out to more children and families than
                         ever before. Our mission is always at the forefront…
                         helping those in need.

                                                                                         Photo Album

             Statements of Unrestricted Activities
             Years Ended June 30, 2008 and 2007

                                                                                            2008             2007
                    Current year program revenue                                        $180,941,374    $158,073,616
                    Prior years’ cost reimbursement adjustments                          $(586,570)         $292,311
                    Net assets released from restrictions                                $2,629,604       $4,353,294

                          Total program revenue                                       $182,984,408     $162,719,221

                  SUPPORT AND OTHER
                    Contributions and other income                                       $2,318,488       $1,601,480
                    Interest and dividend income, net                                      $720,053         $585,597
                    Realized and unrealized gains (losses) on marketable securities     $(1,907,238)      $2,684,146

                          Total Support and Revenue                                    $184,115,711    $167,590,444

                    Contract programs                                                   $63,287,313      $52,502,864
                    Foster boarding homes                                               $34,120,795      $28,939,017
                    Group homes                                                         $16,536,531       $15,772,814
                    Residential treatment centers                                        $12,730,617     $10,561,597
                    Medicaid reimbursed services                                         $11,287,819     $10,538,479
                    Residential treatment facilities                                     $10,161,867      $9,986,286
                    Schools                                                               $8,151,785      $8,536,529
                    Individual residential alternative                                    $7,915,221      $7,619,532
                    Intermediate care facilities                                         $6,367,339       $6,073,891

                    Shelters                                                             $1,889,552       $1,832,990
                    Enhanced independent living                                                   $-       $258,832

                          Total direct program expenses                               $172,448,839     $152,662,831

                    Management and general                                               $11,596,381     $11,605,922
                    Fundraising                                                            $433,504        $358,004

                          Total management and other indirect expenses                 $12,029,885      $11,963,926

                          Total Expenses                                              $184,478,724     $164,586,757

                  CHANGE IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS                                     $(363,013)      $3,003,687

             6   annual report 2008
Actual Expenditures
Fiscal Year 2008

                                 5.71%            6.52%
                                 Programs in      Administration
                                 Public Schools                             17.37%
                      5.10%                                                 Developmental
                      Schools                                               Disability Services

      Mental Health

    13.12%                                                                                        Services

                                                                                     Family Counseling &
                                                                                     Community Services
                                                                   Early Childhood
                                Foster Care
                                & Adoption

             Donors 2008
             The commitment of our supporters and their belief in our mission is a beacon of hope to our most vulnerable
             neighbors and a source of inspiration to our staff. SCO Family of Services would be unable to provide the level
             of care we do were it not for the generosity of individuals, families, businesses and foundations throughout the
             communities we serve.

                                                                        “It is one of the most beautiful
                                                                        compensations of life that no
                                                                        person can sincerely try to help
                                                                        another without helping
                                                                                                  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

         8     annual report 2008
Chairman’s Circle ($70,000 + )                      Thomas & Nancy Dufek                        Thomas Heinimann
Bouchard Transportation                             E.B.C. Co.                                  Higgins Fire Protection
Anne L. Peretz                                      Epstein, Becker & Green, P.C.               HSBC Philanthropic Programs
Julian & Josie Robertson                            Thomas & Michele Fanning                    Peter & Veronica Hunt
                                                    FJC Security Services Inc.                  Hunt Enterprises Inc.
Benefactors ($50,000 + )                            Shawn & Carol Kelly                         ITG, Inc.
Lee & Cynthia King Vance                            Glen & Diane Levitan                        Jackson Lewis LLP
H. Craig & Lora Treiber                             Kevin & Theresa McAteer                     James G. Kennedy & Co., Inc.
                                                    Monterey Fund, Inc                          John R & Dorothy D Caples Fund
Stewards ($40,000 + )                               Mutual of America                           JP Morgan Chase
Joseph & Rita Matarese                              Nike Inc. and Affiliates                    Jzanus, LTD
Douglas & Alison Schloss                            Northrop Grumman                            Lehman Brothers
The Tyree Company                                   Jesse Peretz & Sarah Flicker                Alfred & Mary Lepore
                                                    Bruce & Virgina Treiber                     Lutheran Health Care
Guarantors ($20,000 + )                             Seabuck Towing Inc.                         Madison National Bank
Arrow Electronics                                   Stuart Sharoff                              James & Elizabeth Maher
BlackRock Financial Management                      State Bank of Long Island                   Martin J. Racanelli Real Estate LLC
Benjamin S. Bram                                    The Hanover Insurance Group                 Maspeth Federal Savings and Loan
Chem Rx Long Term Care Pharmacy                     Tweezerman International Corp.              Montgomery Distributors LLC
Dennis Hackett                                      Valero Marketing & Supply                   John W. Near
Lukoil/Getty Petroleum Marketing, Inc.              Waldorf & Associates                        One Beacon Insurance
Madonna Heights Ladies Auxiliary                    Thomas & Danielle Walker                    Optimum Lightpath Inc.
McAllister Towing and Transportation Company Inc.   Thomas & Mary Walsh                         George Pandel
NIC Holding Corp./Northville Industries             Paul & Jeanne Kane Zaykowski                Partners in Care
Seaboard Securities                                                                             Piper Jaffray
James Stynes & Photeine Anagnostopoulos             Patrons ($2,000 + )                         Michael J. Pizzo
                                                    4C Foods                                    Plaza Marine, Inc.
                                                    Aetna, Inc                                  Peter & Crisler Quick
Sponsors ($15,000 + )
                                                    Armorica Sales, Inc.                        Racanelli Construction Co., Inc.
Dr. Philip Bonanno & Dr. Dorothy Whalen
                                                    Aventura Construction Services, LLC         Roehrig Maritime
Leonard & Geraldine Genovese
                                                    B&P International                           Yehudah Rose
John Katzman & Alicia Ernst
                                                    Jonathan Babicka                            Michael & Catherine Rosen
TNT Scrap Metal
                                                    L. Jeffrey & Pamela Baldwin                 Sauvigne & Company LLP
                                                    Bank of America                             Kenneth & Lynn Sellin
Guardians ($10,000 + )
                                                    Beacon Therapy                              Sisters of the Good Shepherd
Astoria Federal Savings Bank
                                                    Bethpage Federal Credit Union               Steel Equities
Atlantic Yards Development Co, LLC
                                                    Lester & Inge Brafman                       Steelstran Industries
Francis X. Baxter
                                                    Edward & Julia Brennan                      David Sunshine
CentiMark Corporation
                                                    Lynn Brenner                                Christopher & Nicole Suozzi
John & Joan D’Addario
                                                    John & Patricia Brown                       Joseph & Terry Sweeney
Robert & Peggy Gartland
                                                    BTIG, LLC                                   The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
Dennis & Annmaria Henchy
                                                    Bunzl New York                              Lewis E. Topper
Tim & Stephanie Ingrassia
                                                    C2G Environmental Consultants, LLC          Scott & Joellen Treiber
Josephine Kixmiller
                                                    Caddell Dry Dock and Repair Co., Inc.       Turning Point
The Koehler Organization
                                                    Carrieri & Carrieri, P.C.                   UHY Advisors
Joseph & Laurel Mancino
                                                    Citibank, NA                                Vassalotti Associates Architects, LLP
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippell LLP
                                                    Comax Manufacturing Corp.                   George & Marion Wafer
Edward & Christina Stack
                                                    Commerce Bank                               Warren Elevator Service Co., Inc.
William F. & Barbara Tyree
                                                    Crum And Forster Insurance Co.              Wheatley Agency, Inc.
Tyree Travel, Ltd.
                                                    Christopher & Lois Curran                   Wilson Walton International
Weeden & Co., L.P.
                                                    James & Nancy De Bruin                      WLNY-55
Whitsons Culinary Group
                                                    James D. Deasy                              Womens Club of Flower Hill
David & Kelly Williams
                                                    Edward Debiasi                              WSW Holding LLC
                                                    Robert & Grace Del Gadio                                                                  Donors
Champions ($5,000 + )
                                                    Designed Interiors                          Supporters ($1,000 + )
110 Sand Company
                                                    DiCarlo Distributors                        599 Ralph Ave Development LLC
Ahmuty, Demers & McManus
                                                    Michael & Melissa Driscoll                  Emmet & Carroll Agoglia
Americana Manhasset
                                                    E Trade Financial                           Aptra Corporation
Keith & Peggy Anderson
                                                    Farrell Fritz P.C.                          Wayne & Maryanne Archambo
Benjamin & Elizabeth Basil
                                                    Deborah Foley                               John & Toni Archibald
Alvin & Deborah Benjamin
                                                    Karen Freedman & Roger Weisberg             Thomas P. August
Henry & Dorothy Brengel
                                                    Amedeo & Antonella Gabrielli                Babcock & Brown
C & B Consulting Group, Inc.
                                                    John & Laurie Genovese                      Bill Wolf Petroleum Corp.
Tobias & Mary Caldwell
                                                    Michael Grieco & Christine Thorton-Grieco   Joy Ellen Billhardt
Carbone & Malloy Inc.
                                                    Donald Gross                                Bleakley Platt & Schmidt, LLP
Joan Caridi
                                                    Richard Guerin, Jr.                         Bollinger Shipyards, Inc.
CB Richard Ellis
                                                    Harborside Financial Center                 Boy Scouts of America Troop 6 Glen Cove
CIBC World Markets
                                                    Mark & Lynn Haslinger                       Gene & Monica Topal McGovern
Vincent & Vicki DeLaurentis
                                                    Health Plus                                 Brian B. Boehm, Esq.

              Thomas Brodsky                                  Metro Fuel Oil Corporation                     Bast Chevrolet, Inc.
              Brown Diesel Works Co. Inc.                     Metro, LLC                                     Doris A. Belovin
              Arthur & Ann Bulgrin                            Millennium Alliance Group, LLC                 Gene & Pamela Bernstein
              Andrew & Ann Carlson                            William J. Mitchell                            BK Engineering
              Philip & Kathleen Catapano                      Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound & Endoscopy, PC   Borovina & Marullo PLLC
              Catherine Malandrino                            Montana Agency, Inc.                           Paul & Susan Bregman
              Gerald & Kate Chertavian                        Brian & Eileen Moriarty                        Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local #1
              John A. Cirando                                 Martin Moroney                                 David and Deborah Byrnes
              CitiGroup                                       Donald Morrison                                Mark & Patricia Caiazzo
              Charles & Ellen Cogut                           Stephen & Victoria Murphy                      Eileen G. Caramagno
              Claims Company                                  Mutual Oil Co., Inc.                           Frank & Vita Cardullo
              Connetquot West, Inc.                           Nat Sherman Inc.                               Doris Caridi
              Jonathan Connors                                National Association of                        Alfred & Rose Carracino
              Core Benefits Group, Inc.                          Women Business Owners of L.I.               Casella Construction Corp.
              Crest Hollow Country Club                       Barry & Barbara Novick                         Melanie Cassandro
              Beth & Patrick Crossman                         Leonard & Melissa Novick                       Carol Cassel
              John & Lois D’Alimonte                          Hugh O’Neill                                   June Castelnuovo
              Daniel M. Neidich and Brooke Garber             Richard & Lisa Perry                           Catapano Engineering, P.C.
                 Foundation                                   Prudence Plummer-Otway                         Richard and Terry Chapdelaine
              Geoffrey & Eileen Dietrich                      Thomas Poole                                   Clare Rose, Inc
              Dover Marine Mfg. & Supply Co., Inc.            PricewaterhouseCoopers                         Claudio’s Restaurant
              Michael & Barbara Dubin                         Robert & Tracey Pruzan                         Common Cents Penny Harvest
              Ecko Unltd (Discretionary Services LLC)         Donald & Judith Rechler                        Peter & Barbara Cope
              George & Sandra Engelke                         Robair Reichenstein & Jin K. Lee               Corporate National Realty, LLC
              Martin Schneider & Debra Fine                   Michael Reisman                                Crunch Time! Information Systems
              Laurence Fink                                   Sally Rose                                     Paul & Nancy Cuneo
              Thomas Fitzgerald                               Edward R. Sacks                                Tom D’Alessandro
              Flushing Holding LLC                            Homer & Nora Schaaf                            Francis & Anne Darcy
              Nicholas Fox & Cielo B. Buenaventura            Derek & Patricia Schuster                      Laurence Denihan
              John & Patricia Gallagher                       Richard & Linda Shaper                         Diet Delights, Inc.
              Gator Supply Co., L.L.C.                        John & Patricia Sheehy                         DiFazio Electric, Inc.
              James & Laura Gay                               Anne Sherman & Russell Langsam                 DJS Consulting Inc.
              Paul & Kathleen Genovese                        Trevor Sobeck                                  John & Denise Dolan
              Larry & Elizabeth Gile                          Nancy Solomon                                  Pauline Earle
              Glen Head Country Club                          Christine Sperry                               East Islip Lumber Co., Inc.
              Mr. Walter Gorman                               Joseph and Diane Steinberg                     Shelley Eisner
              Sandra & Robert Hagan                           Christopher & Victoria Terenzi                 Emigrant Savings Bank
              Bruce W. Harting                                Thomas & Catherine Thornton                    Engineers Local 138
              David Hartnett                                  TLM Associates                                 Environmental Strategy Consultants Inc.
              Lawrence & Rita Hochberg                        John & Carol-Ann Treiber                       Robert & Lorraine Estabrook
              Island Pump & Tank Corp.                        Tri-State Paving, LLC                          Ferrara Bros. Building Materials Corp.
              Island Transportation Corp.                     John & Helene Tsimbinos                        First National Bank of Long Island
              John W. Stone Oil Distributors, L.L.C.          Christopher & Doreen Tuohy                     Kevin H. Flagg
              Arlindo Jorge                                   Albert & Jacqueline Kos                        Robert & Lisabeth Fling
              Junior League of Long Island                    Universal Group Plans Inc.                     Frank & Jo Floccari
              Robert J. & Jane L. Katz                        Walter’s West End Supply, Inc.                 Charles A. Forte
              Sharon K. Kilmer                                Warex Terminals Corporation                    Freehill, Hogan & Mahar LLP
              Peter & Irene Klein                             Bonnie T. Webster                              Dana Frey

              Knights of Columbus                             Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen, LLP       Fruitco Corporation
              KPMG                                            Michael & Sharon Zambrelli                     Garden State Produce Distributors L.L.C.
              L.T.L. Realty, LLC                                                                             General Building Laborers Local # 66
              Joseph & Barbara Labriola                       Members ($500 + )                              Giambalvo, Giammarese & Stalzer, CPAS, P.C.
              Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 8   Aboff’s Paints & Wallcovering                  David M. Gildea
              Linda Lambert                                   Heather Adams                                  Larry and Elizabeth Gile
              Mark & Debra Landis                             Helen Algerio                                  Dorothy Giorgianni
              Lee’s Tae Kwon Do                               Dorothy L. Allen                               Carl & Nina Girolamo
              Michael Lewis                                   George Anderson & Renee Skolaski               Glen Cove Arena Taxi
              Joseph & Arleen Lopez                           Kevin & Maureen Angliss                        Glen Cove Police Benevolent Association
              Maccarone Plumbing Inc.                         Apollo International Corp.                     George Gleusner
              Mack Truck                                      Jan Michael & Sandra Aranoff                   John & Regina Glynn
              Keisha A. Martin                                Kevin & Catherine Armstrong                    Goldman, Sachs & Co.
              Maureen McAdam                                  Ascension Lutheran Church                      Christine Graff
              Gene & Monica Topal McGovern                    Atlantic Product Services                      Green Marine and Industrial
              Peter & Jacquelyn McKenna                       Atlantis Petroleum                             Donald & Elayne Gregory
              Thomas McMahon & Linda Gibbs                    Aufiero Painting Industries, Inc.              Griffon Corporation
              Brian McMahon                                   Bank of Smithtown                              Ronald & Joan Halpern
              Patrick Mcmahon                                 Barker Aggregates, Ltd.                        Lillian Harfst
              Paul & Sunniva McMenamin                        David & Diane Barrett                          Henrich Equipment Co., Inc.
              Metro Environmental Services, LLC               Nicholas & Kathleen Bartolomeo                 Spencer & Emmi Herman

         10     annual report 2008
David C. Hodgson                                   Schwing Electrical Supply Corp.                The Heckscher Foundation for Children
HSBC Bank USA                                      David & Sally Scialabba                        Hedge Funds Care
I.P.T., LLC                                        David & Lisa Scro                              Independence Community Foundation
John & Joan Imhof                                  Kenneth Seiferth                               The Ira W. DeCamp Foundation
J.A.M. Marine Services, LLC                        Shore Pharmaceutical Providers                 J.M. Kaplan Fund
James Stewart Painting Co.                         Shotmeyer Brothers Fuel Co.                    The John R. & Inge P. Stafford Foundation
Alison Jatlow                                      Christopher & Ellen Smith                      John T. Underwood Foundation
John E. Hill Associates, Inc.                      Owen & Bernadette Smith                        Kaster-Sherman Foundation
Matthew Joseph                                     Tyrone Smith                                   Kenworthy-Swift Foundation
Kenneth Kirschner                                  Anthony & Gilda Spataro                        The Kissinger Family Foundation, Inc.
Philip Korot                                       Reginald & Coleen Spinello                     Kraft Employee Fund
KOSCO                                              St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church             Laura Jane Musser Fund
Landau, Arnold & Laufer                            Janick Stanszkis                               The Lessing Foundation of
Benny & Katherine Leto                             Status Data, Inc.                                 The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Anita I. Levin                                     Eric and Carolyn Stafford Stein                Lion and Hare Fund
Libutti Jewelers Inc.                              Dr. Richard and Mrs. Ellen Stein               Long Island Charities Foundation
Brad & Robin Litwak                                Paul & Valerie Stendardi                       Malcolm Gibbs Foundation
Alexandria Llompart                                Peter & Kathy Sullivan                         March of Dimes Foundation
Local 25 IBEW                                      Alex & Nancy Swanson                           Mary J. Hutchins Foundation, Inc.
Merle Lynch                                        Peter & AnnMarie Swerz                         The Milton V. Brown Foundation
Judith MacDonald                                   Marcus & Elysabeth Tauber                      New York Community Trust
Michael & Jean Maimone                             The John Damien Vaccacio Memorial Fund         New York Foundation
Main Street Motors Inc.                            Thirdview LLC                                  New York Women’s Foundation
Manning Electric, Inc.                             Tully Construction Co., Inc.                   Newsday Help A Family
Joseph T. McLaughlin                               United Way of New York City                    Pajwell Foundation
Robert & Kathleen McMahon                          USMMA Athletics Association                    The Philanthropic Initiative
Chloe Milde                                        Lisa Marie Utasi                               The Pinkerton Foundation
Modern Italian Bakery                              Gerard & Jean Vitale                           The Posillico Group Foundation
Sherwood & Phyllis Moe                             Vittoria & Purdy LLP                           Prudential Foundation
Francis & Suzanne Moore                            Donald & Claudia Vogel                         The Robin Hood Foundation
Steve & Mary Ann Mortati                           Kurt & Erin von Uffel                          Roslyn Savings Foundation
Brian P. Murray                                    W & O Supply Inc.                              The Silverweed Foundation Inc.
Nassau County Fire Riders, Inc                     Mark & Julia Warner                            Simon & Eve Colin Foundation, Inc.
Raffiq Nathoo & Michele Balfour Nathoo             WCC Tank Technology Inc.                       The Starr Foundation
Robert R. Nemeth                                   Wealth & Tax Advisory Services Inc.            The Robertson Foundation
NYS Association Nassau Chapter for                 Kuno & Irmgard Weckenmann                      Theodore Luce Charitable Trust
   Superintendents of School Buildings & Grounds   Reginald & Christine Willcocks                 Tides Center
Martha Offerman                                    Mrs. Catherine Winkoff                         The Tiger Foundation
Charles & Linda Ogeka                              James & May-Lynn Wojcik                        The TigerShark Foundation
Lisa O’Kelly                                       Ziff Brothers Investments                      The Treiber Family Foundation, Inc.
OMNTEC Mfg., Inc.                                                                                 United Way of New York City
Oyster Bay Lions Club                              FOUNDATIONS                                    Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Park East Construction Corp.                       The Altman Foundation                          The WellMet Group
Christopher & Silvana Pascucci                     America’s Second Harvest                       Whitey Ford Children’s Foundation Inc.
Andrew & Donna Paymer                              Anonymous
Angelo & Audrey Pegno                              Arthur Dubow Foundation
John & Adrienne Pileski                            The Asher and Deborah Fensterheim Foundation
Harriet Plaskow                                    Bahnik Foundation Inc. II
Douglas Polak                                      Banfi Vintners Foundation
Whitney Posillico                                  The Barker Welfare Foundation
Margaret M. Price                                  Bell-Hoving Family Foundation
Pride Solvents and Chemical Co.                    Bollinger Foundation
Thomas & Stacy Purchase                            Capital One Foundation, Inc
Martin & Rochelle Racanelli                        Carnegie Corporation of New York                                                                Donors
Evelyn Racaniello                                  Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.
Racher Press Inc.                                  Charles Hayden Foundation
Rechler Equity Management LLC                      Child Welfare Fund
Marcia Reilly                                      The Clark Foundation
Frank & Frances Renna                              Credit Suisse Americas Foundation
Harold & Bernadette Rochelle                       Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
George & Nanette Rosenberg                         Ethel & W. George Kennedy Family Foundation
Carol-Ann Ross                                     Felix and Elizabeth Rohatyn Foundation
Rynkar, Vail & Barrett, LLP                        Frances and Jack Levy Foundation
Luan & Lily Sadik                                  Frank J. Antun Foundation
Nicholas & Alice Salerno                           Futures & Options for Kids
Marsha Schauder                                    Garden of Dreams Foundation
Janet Scheiner                                     Grace J. Fippinger Foundation
Carol Ann Schwartz                                 Greehey Family Foundation
Charles & Ann Schwing                              Harry & Rita White Foundation, Inc

                SCO Programs
                SCO Family of Services is New York’s largest child and family services agency — touching the lives of over
                30,000 children and families with a variety of needs throughout Long Island and New York City.
                Founded in 1895, SCO has been transforming lives for more than a century.

                           CORE SERVICES

                               Developmental                  Homeless Services                Family Counseling and
                               Disability Services                                             Community Services
                               We help people with            We provide temporary             We provide a comprehensive
                               developmental disabilities     shelter while working to help    range of services to sustain
                               realize their full potential   individuals and families break   and nurture the family,
                               and become participating       the cycle of dependence.         ensure the well-being of the
                               members of their community.                                     community’s children, and
                                                                                               create an environment where
                                                                                               youth can emerge as
                                                                                               confident, capable adults.

                               Early Childhood                Foster Care and                  Youth Services
                               Programs                       Adoption
                               We give families the tools     We move families from crisis     We empower youth to
                               they need to successfully      to safety, using a family-       overcome obstacles on the
                               nurture their babies by        centered approach that           path to self-sufficiency while
                               offering dynamic programs      facilitates the successful       working to rebuild family and
                               focused on early childhood                                      community connections.
                                                              reunification of children and
                               development and family
                                                              their families.

                               Mental Health Services         Schools                          Programs in
                                                                                               Public Schools
                               We provide the support and     We run special education         We provide after-school and
                               coping skills emotionally      schools and schools for          community enrichment programs
                               disturbed children and young   at-risk teens, providing         in Brooklyn and offer attendance
                               adults need to live and        educational opportunities        improvement programs in

                               function in their              for children and young           Brooklyn and Queens that
                               communities.                   adults who face a variety        focus on identifying and
                                                              of challenges.                   removing barriers to students
                                                                                               attending school regularly.

                           MEMBER GROUPS

                               Center for Family Life         Family Dynamics                  Madonna Heights
                               Center for Family Life is      Family Dynamics is               Services
                               a community-based              committed to protecting          Madonna Heights offers
                               organization offering a wide   children and strengthening       residential, community,
                               range of social services and   families in central Brooklyn     mental health and outreach
                               programs for children, youth   through programs and             services to adolescent girls
                               and families in Sunset Park,   services that build on the       and women in need on
                               Brooklyn.                      strength of the family and       Long Island.
                                                              the community.

           12    annual report 2008
SCO locations



                  New York
                            Center for
                            Family Life
                                                                                   Family Life
                Staten Island

                                                                Dynamics                         Greenport

                 Madonna             Services
                 Heights             Center                                                                               Montauk

                                          Port Jefferson               Riverhead           North Sea
                    Northport                                   Suffolk                      Southampton
   Glen Cove

                                                                        Westhampton Beach
    Nassau                                         Bellport
    Hempstead        Babylon
                                                                           Long Island

  Long Beach

                                      legend                                                                                             Locations Map

                                             Developmental Disability                            Youth Services
                                             Homeless Services                                   Mental Health Services
                                             Family Counseling &
                                             Community Services

                                             Early Childhood Programs                            Programs in Public Schools

                                             Foster Care & Adoption                              Executive Offices

                                                                                       .         Major Sites

                                                                                   1,351 children
                                                                                   have been
                                                                                   adopted through
                                                                                   SCO since 2000.
                                                                 More than
                                                                 7,100 children
                                                                 participate in
                                                                 SCO’s After
                                                                 School Programs
                                                                 every day.
                                   SCO Foster
                                   Families care
                                   for 1,617 children
                                   each day.

 SCO provides
 shelter for 1,200
 homeless people
 every day.

Fast Facts
2007-2008 Revenues: $184 Million
2006-2007 Revenues: $167 Million
Administrative Costs: 7%
Employees: 3,109
People Served: 30,000+ Annually
Programs: 57
Areas Served: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island

One Alexander Place • Glen Cove, NY 11542 • • 516.671.1253

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