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To excite young people in materials, science, and engineering careers.
                                         ASM MATERIALS EDUCATION FOUNDATION
                                              2010 BOARD OF TRUSTEES

                                                                                         EMERITUS TRUSTEES
Dr. Raymond Decker, FASM                     Dr. Donald R. Muzyka, FASM                  Dr. Aziz I. Asphahani, FASM
Chair                                        President & CEO (Retired)                   Chairman (Retired)
Chief Technical Officer and Treasurer        Special Metals Corp.                        Carus Chemical Co.
Thixomat Incorporated
                                             Mr. Andrew Nydam                            Dr. George A. Roberts, FASM
Mr. Ronald J. Parrington                     Teacher                                     Chairman (Retired)
Vice Chair                                   Olympia School District                     Teledyne, Inc.
IMR Test Labs Incorporated                   Dr. Bhakta B. Rath, FASM                    Dr. Jack G. Simon, FASM
                                             Associate Director of Research              President, Alpha Sigma Mu Honorary
Dr. Lyle H. Schwartz, FASM                   Head, Materials Science & Component         Society for Materials Science &
Immediate Past Chair                         Technology Directorate, US Naval            Engineering
Director (Retired)                           Research Laboratory
Air Force Office of Science Research                                                     Dr. Alton Romig, Jr., FASM
                                             Ms. Karen Sabo                              Executive Vice President & Deputy
Dr. Roch J. Shipley, P.E.                    A.C.I. E./Manager, Motorcycle Quality       Laboratories Chief Operating Officer
Treasurer                                    Control                                     Sandia National Laboratories
Principal Engineer                           Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.
Professional Analysis and Consulting, Inc.                                               Dr. Thomas G. Stoebe, FASM
                                             Dr. Frederick E. Schmidt, P.E., FASM        Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Mr. Charles R. Hayes                         Technical Director - Materials Eng.         University of Washington
Secretary                                    Engineering Systems Incorporated
Executive Director
ASM Materials Education Foundation           Dr. Mark F. Smith, FASM
                                             Deputy Director, Manufacturing
Mr. Michael B. Connelly                      Science and Technology Center
Vice President                               Sandia National Laboratories
Casey Products
                                             Mr. Stanley Theobald
Dr. Carl J. Czajkowski                       Managing Director
Division Head, Detector Development          ASM International
& Test
Brookhaven National Laboratory               Dr. Robert C. Tucker, Jr., FASM
Ms. Janice Edwards                           The Tucker Group LLC
J L Consultants
                                             Dr. Lawrence C. Wagner
Mr. Robert D. Halverstadt, FASM              Vice President Dist. Member Technical
Chairman Emeritus (Retired)                  Staff, FA Tech Strategy Manager (Retired)
Special Metals Corporation                   Texas Instruments
Dr. Peggy Jones
Technical Specialist, Materials
General Motors Company
Mr. Ashok Khare, FASM
Ash Khare Consulting LLC
Dr. Edward Kottcamp, Jr., FASM
Electron Energy Corporation
Dr. David Krashes, FASM
CEO (Retired)
MMR Group Inc.
                      Air Products
CORPORATE PARTNERS                          Electralloy        Modern Industries
                     and Chemicals
                                        Ellwood Group, Inc.     MTL Engineering

                     American Iron     Engineering Systems,
                                                                NACE Foundation
                      and Steel                Inc.
                                                                National Science
                     ASB Industries     Fort Wayne Metals
                                         General Motors          Nickel Institute
                     Welding Society
                                        Honda of America
                        Battelle                               Nucor Corporation
                                        Industrial Heating     Princeton University
                        Bodycote        Instron Corporation    Rossin Foundation
                       The Boeing
                                          Symposium on         Rutgers University
                         Boston        International Thermal      Saegertown
                        Scientific       Spray Association       Manufacturing
                     Bozzone Family    Jenike and Johanson,       Shoreline
                      Foundation                Inc.           Community College
                     Buck Company      John Deere Company       Titanium Institute
                        Buehler         Kolene Corporation        Triad Research
                                         Lambda Research         V&M Star Steel
                                           Lockheed                VDM - USA
                        Crucible          Laboratories          Western Sintering
                      Duke Energy       Meadville Forging
                                                               Mechanical Testing
                      Foundation           Company
                                                                & Research, Inc.
2010 Donors

Titanium $10,000+                        Torcolini, Robert J.
ASM Chicago Regional Chapter             UES Incorporated
Battelle                                 Williams, James C.
Carus Corporation
Chevron ETC                              Silver $500 -$999
Duval, Edouard                           American Ceramic Society Foundation
International Symposium on Superalloys   Becton Dickinson Ophthalmic Sys.
Krashes, David                           Drosdak, II, John M.
NACE Foundation                          Fabian, Roger J.
Romig, Jr., Alton D.                     French American Chamber of Commerce
The University of Akron                  Hogue, Frauke
                                         Instron Corporation
Platinum $5,000 - $9,999                 International Thermal Spray Association
ASM Materials Camp Canada                Kulkarni, Kishor
Bodycote                                 Lockwood, Ronald C.
Decker, Raymond and Mary                 Mahmoud, Salah E.
Engineering Systems Inc.                 Parrington, Ronald J.
Jones, Peggy E.                          Passek, Thomas S.
Youngstown State University              Prevey, Paul S.
                                         QuesTek Innovations LLC
Gold $1,000 - $4,999                     Singh, Mrityunjay
AIST Foundation                          Smith, Mark F.
Allen, Benjamin C.                       Smith, Steven M.
Andrews, John V.                         Sonon, Daniel E.
ASB Industries Incorporated              Swiglo, A. Alan
ASM Cincinnati Chapter                   Viney, Christopher
ASM Cleveland Chapter
ASM Puget Sound Chapter
Asphahani, Aziz I.
B&WY12 Technical Services LLC
Baik-Kromalic, Sue                                     Washington State
Carpenter Technolgy Corporation                        University Faculty
Carpenter, Michael
Chevron Humankind                                      “Our numbers at the freshmen
Chong, Dianne                                          year just went up last year and
Connelly, Michael B.                                   when I looked at the list of
Copley, Stephen M. and Judith A.                       schools, it was new schools that
Dennies, Daniel P.                                     we hadn't dealt with. They were
Halverstadt, Robert D.                                 schools where teachers have
Hayes, Charles and Diana                               done the Materials Camp. Just
Honda Of America Fnd.                                  wanted to let you know that I
Judson, Robert H.                                      think your work with ASM is
Muzyka, Donald R.                                      really making a difference in the
Oak Ridge Associated Universities                      number of students interested
SAMPE                                                  in materials in the state.”
Schmidt, Frederick E.
Simmons, Richard P.
Surbey, Lisa
The University of Tennessee
Theobald, Stan and Kate
2010 Donors
Bronze $100 - $499              O'Leary, Daniel J.             Chevalier, Richard
Abbaschian, Reza                Oparowski, Joseph M.           Christodoulou, Juli
Adams, Francis E.               Plehn, Edward J.               Chung, Gwendolyn J.
Alexander, Dale E.              Potter, Vernon C.              Clark III, Francis
Allen, W. J.                    Puerta, Douglas G.             Clark, Harold R.
Allison, John E.                Pursall, P.                    Classen, Daniel C.
Anderson, Raymond H.            Puyear, Robert B.              Colica, Mario
Angelides, Peter                Rapp, Robert A.                Cusmai, Tony
Arthur. Robert P.               Roberts, Richard A.            Davies, Richard G.
Barnes, Randall S.              Romano, Ralph                  Davis, Fred W.
Benz, Mark                      Santner, Joseph S.             DeFeo, Angelo J.
Bigelow, Clifford C.            Shapowal, Lana                 Diehl, Kenneth L.
Blessing, Welton                Shilling, Jack                 Dimiduk, Dennis M.
Botti, Cheryl A.                Shipley, Roch J.               Dormer, George J.
Bowden, David M.                Skiff, Peter                   Dougherty, James R.
Brailsford, Alan D.             Spaulding, Scott W.            Dowell, Michael B.
Bridenbaugh, Peter R.           Steve Batzer                   Duda, Patricia
Burke, Denny                    Stork Technimet Incorporated   Dulucheanu, Constantin
Callister, William D.           Tarleton, John M.              Dyrdahl, John R.
Carpenter, Jr., Joseph A.       Theus, George                  Edwards, Ralph P.
Chao, Chung-Yao                 Totta, Paul A.                 Elkind, Bret J.
Clauer, Allan H.                Trester, Paul W.               Elliott, Peter
Clinton, Jr., Charles E.        Turner, Arthur P.              Erwin, William
Clum, James A.                  Tuthill, Richard               Fauchais, Pierre
Crooks, Ronald D.               Wade, Steven A.                Fine, Morris E.
Czajkowski, Carl J.             Walker, James L.               Fleming, Mary Anne
Dieter, George E.               Wang, Michael N.               Flinn, John E.
Dunand, David C.                Weertman, Johannes             Fraker, Anna C.
Elliott, Daniel S.              Weertman, Julia R.             Gabb, Timothy P.
Erichsen, Wallace J.            Whalen, Thomas J.              Garrett, Steven M.
Gaw, William                    Wiffen, F. W.                  GE Foundation
Gillespie, Charles K.           Worden, Jr., Clee O.           Gee, James T.
Grimes, Gerald G.               Zimmer, Walter H.              Geoffrion, Richard
Gschneidner, Karl               Zwilsky, Klaus M.              Godfrey, Loren
Hayrynen, Kathy L.                                             Goerner, John D.
Hirotaka Fukanuma, Hirotaka     Friends $99 & under            Goma, Kanji
Hirth, John P.                  Abruzzino, Elizabeth           Gonzalez, Sandra C.
Horner, Howard E.               Albala, Lorenzo                Granger, Douglas A.
Intel Volunteer Grant Program   Aliya, Debbie                  Green, Allen C.
Kammerer, Henry G.              Allan, Shawn M.                Griffith, Ronald L.
Kanne, Jr., William R.          Anderson, Arvid N.             Groeneveld, Thomas P.
Knorovsky, Gerald A.            Anderson, Iver E.              Hahn, Michael T.
Knudson, Steven E.              Arbes, Carl J.                 Hales, III, Crispin
Kodali, Padma                   Ault, G. M.                    Hallquist, John O.
Kramer, L. D.                   Austin, C. W.                  Halsey, William G.
Kurtz, Steven J.                Barbour, George                Hanada, Shuji
Lai, George Y.                  Barnes, Anthony J.             Harris, Kenneth
Landy, Charles F.               Bauer, Robert A.               Healey, Stephen C.
Letcavits, John J.              Baxter, Jr., Donald F.         Hepp, Joseph T.
Louthan, Jr., McIntyre R.       Beiss, Paul                    Hertzberg, Richard W.
Marshall, Laura                 Beitscher, Stanley             Heston, T. K.
Merritt, Carolyn                Bhat, Biliyar N.               Himson Industrial Ceramic Pvt.
Mikoda, James                   Bobee, Thomas G.               Hoffman, Raymond T.
Milano, Nicholas P.             Boyer, Ronald                  Hohenberg, Edward G.
Miller, Joanne                  Brincko, Andrew J.             Huettich, Noel J.
Mocarski, Stanislaw             Caldwell, Jr., Sargent         Huffman, Dennis D.
Moosbrugger, Charles J.         Campbell, Ronald               Hunt, Margaret
Nash, Guiru                     Celli, Marco                   Hurst, James J.
Nowak, Greg                     Cerne, John                    Ilavsky, Jan
Nye, Donald E.                  Chaney, Ben F.                 Jenkins, James F.
2010 Donors
                             Redman, James
                             Reece, Jeffrey P.
Jessen, Jr., Nicholas C.     Rense, Charles E.
Jezek, Rudolph J.            Richards, Bill
Jones, George C.             Rigney, David                         2010 Eisenman
Kaminsky, Kurtis J.          Robinson, John W.
Karp, Philip I.
                                                                   Materials Camp
                             Rosenbaum, Werner
Keiser, James R.             Rosenfield, Alan R.                   Student
Kelley, Nathan L.            Rua, Joseph M.
Kenik, Edward                RusanDePriamus, Tiberius              Thank you very
Kirkham, Kenneth K.          Sandrock, Gary D.                     much for making my
Kiser, Matthew T.            Sauve, J. E.                          experience at ASM
Knauer, Michael P.           Scattergood, Ronald O.                Materials Camp
Koch, Carl C.                Sciammarella, Federico M.             possible. I am 16 yrs.
Kosec, Ladislav              Scully, John R.                       old and I am going to
Kottke, William C.           Semcer, Frank J.                      be a senior at
Kuntz, Jason P.              Seren, Joseph J.                      Massachusetts
Lampman, Steve               Shimosato, Yoshikazu                  Academy of Math
Lauritzen, Carrie A.         Siebert, Oliver W.                    and Science at WPI. I
Lee, Richard                 Silva, Eugene A.                      had a lot of fun this
Lentz, Charles W.            Simmons, Louis Earl                   week while learning
Levy, Victor                 Singh, Narsingh B.
                                                                   a lot about materials
Lewis, Herbert I.            Siren, Nils T.
Liebchen, Karl H.
                                                                   science. I really
                             Smialek, James L.
Mabry, Mark R.                                                     enjoyed
                             Smith, Ellis J.
MacAulay, Lyle C.            Smith, Eugene L.
                                                                   metallography and
Machlin, Irving              Smith, James L.                       sand casting. Seeing
Mahanes, Harold P.           Snyder, Burton K.                     the microstructure
Mancilla, Sr., Macial Pina   Sobieski, Richard                     of the metallography
Martolini, Franco            Soboyejo, Wole O.                     samples that we
Matousek, Jan W.             Stinson, Jonathan S.                  prepared was
Maute, Kurt                  Stoller, Raymond J.                   amazing. Before I
Mayer, Jr., Robert           Stuart, Laura R.                      came to this camp, I
McBauer, Patrick A.          Stump, Richard B.                     knew I wanted to be
McDermott, Richard P.        Takahashi, Tohru                      an engineer, but I
McKee, Richard F.            Tamarin, Charles S.                   wasn’t sure what
McLaughlin, David            Tarleton Landis, Nancy                kind. Now I think I
McLean, Alexander            Tartaglia, John M.                    might be a materials
McRae, James A.              Taylor, Leslie                        engineer. I really
Metz, Jr., Kenneth L.        Threlkeld, Christopher R.             appreciate what you
Miki, Yasushi                Toh, Chin Hoi
                                                                   have given to this
Miranda, Gaspar R.           Toler, David
Ransome, Mark
                             Tramble, Madrid
Myers, John T.               Trojan, Paul
Nagata, Peter K.             Valyko, Donna J.
Nageswaran, Rama             VandeBrake, Ken                    White, Philip R.
Nash, Samuel K.              VanDenend, Gary                    White, William E.
Neumann, Joachim P.          VanTilburg, G. C.                  Whiteside, Glenn G.
Newman, Jesse J.             Vatalaro, James F.                 Whittenberger, J. Daniel
Niedringhaus, Philip         Veith, George C.                   Wilhelmi, George F.
Nolet, Teresa                Virkar, Anil V.                    Witt, Gary G.
NunezCobian, Arturo M.       Vittori, Stephen W.                Wu, Ming H.
Pechulis, Michael J.         Wang, Qigui                        Wynblatt, Paul P.
Pederson, Ralph              Warner, Terry                      Wyte, Michael
Perkins, Michael W.          Wave Current Precision Parts Ltd   Xiang, Helen Yu
Pfeifer, Michael J.          Weber, Richard G.                  Yarosik, Bernard S.
Piccione, Dominic            Weiss, Volker                      Yokota, Hideo
Pickett, Barbara J.          Welch, John J.                     Yolton, Fred C.
Pond, Jr., Robert B.                                            Zeis, Lawrence A.
Prichard, Paul D.
Pillars Society

“Many of us have donated our time, talent and some of our treasure to the Foundation, and want to assure that the
profession will continue to grow.”

Donald R. Muzyka,
ASM Materials Education Foundation, Treasurer 2004 -2009
ASM President, 2002-2003

                 Anonymous (1)                                          Gordon and Ann Geiger
           Professor Jagdish Narayan                                      R. G. “Gil” Gilliland
         Dr. and Mrs. Aziz I. Asphahani                                       Diane Goldin
         Mr. and Mrs. John P. Nielsen                                   Dr. William W. Scott, Jr.
                  Riad I. Asfahani                               Maryella and Robert D. Halverstadt
             Andy and Jane Nydam                                             Roch J. Shipley
          Don and Marilyn Blickwede                                     Chuck and Diana Hayes
           Ron and Cheryl Parrington                                      Jack and Ene Simon
                Richard D. Brams                                  Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Hollander
           Mr. And Mrs. Greg Petrus                                        Edward E. Slowter
         Dr. and Mrs. Spencer H. Bush                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ashok Khare
           John and Nancy Pridgeon                                           Robert Sparks
               Wilford H. Couts Jr.                                       Mr. Fred Kisslinger
           Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Racheff                                      Tom and Jan Stoebe
               W. Raymond Cribb                                            William P. Koster
         Bhakta B. and Sushama Rath                                   Dr. and Mrs. Carl E. Swartz
              Mary and Ray Decker                                      Edward H. Kottcamp, Jr.
         Mr. and Mrs. William A. Reich                               R. C. Tucker, Jr., PhD, FASM
              Dr. Daniel P. Dennies                                   David and Barbara Krashes
               George A. Roberts                                              Julius L. Turk
       Mr. and Mrs. W. William Dyrkacz                                     Dr. George Krauss
            Alton D. and Julie Romig                               Mr. and Mrs. Kent R. Van Horn
     Mr. and Mrs. William Hunt Eisenman                  Dr. Christopher Viney and Dr. Lisa Gilliland-Viney
                    Karen Sabo                                            Warren H. Krogstad
         Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Focke                                      William D. Manly
            Dr. Frederick E. Schmidt                                 Dr. and Mrs. Donald Muzyka
   Lyle H. Schwartz and Celesta S. Jurkovich                         Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wert
ASM Chapter
Partners                                     ASM Northwestern Pennsylvania
                                                    ASM Albuquerque
“ASM Foundation programs
                                                        ASM Detroit
provide visibility for the local
                                                      ASM Oak Ridge
chapter, ASM International
                                                        ASM Akron
and the hosting lab (a
                                                 ASM Eastern New York
sustaining member).
                                                        ASM Peoria
The participating mentors
                                                       ASM Atlanta
enjoy the rewarding
                                                     ASM Edmonton
experience. It has
                                                    ASM Philadelphia
strengthened chapter ties
                                                        ASM Boston
with the local university.”
                                                       ASM Hartford
                                                    ASM Puget Sound
                                                       ASM Calgary
                                                       ASM Houston
                                                         ASM Pune
                                                   ASM Central Florida
                                                         ASM India
                                             ASM South Central Pennsylvania
                                                 ASM Chicago Regional
                                                    ASM Lehigh Valley
                                                  ASM Quad Cities USA
                                                      ASM Cincinnati
                                                     ASM Los Angeles
                                                      ASM Twin Tier
                                                      ASM Cleveland
                                             ASM Metro New York-New Jersey
                                                       ASM Warren
                                                      ASM Columbus
                                                     ASM Minnesota
                                                     ASM Worcester
                                                       ASM Dayton
                                              ASM Pittsburgh Golden Triangle
                                                   ASM West Michigan

                                               Material Advantage Chapters
                                               Penn State University Chapter
                                   Missouri University of Science and Technology Chapter
                                           University of Texas Arlington Chapter
                                    500 Awards
                            Science & Engineering Fairs

American Samoa         Guam               Peru
Argentina              Hungary            Philippines
Australia              India              Portugal
Belarus                Ireland            Puerto Rico
Brazil                 Israel             Mexico
Canada                 Italy              Russia
Chile                  Japan              Singapore
China                  Jordan             South Africa
Chinese Taipei         Kazakhstan         South Korea
Costa Rica             Kyrgyzstan         Sweden
Czech Republic         Malaysia           Turkey
Denmark                Nigeria            Ukraine
District of Columbia   Norway             United Kingdom
Egypt                  Northern Ireland   United States
Georgia Republic       Pakistan           Virgin Islands

         2010 “Starter Kit” Grant Program
         (Fully funded by a donation from Battelle)
    Grants of up to $3,300 are available to Ohio teachers
        who attended a Materials Camp and plan to
    implement a Materials Science class in their schools.
                                                ACTION IN EDUCATION COMMITTEE
Dr. Carl J. Czajkowski                                                Dr. Padma Kodali
Chair and Board Liaison                                               Caterpillar Incorporated
Division Head Detector Development                                    Dr. Sarah L. Lewis
Brookhaven National Laboratory                                        Advanced Materials Engineer
Nonproliferation and Natl Security Dept                               Starfire Systems
Mr. Kevin J. Bockenstedt
Vice Chair                                                            Dr. Daniel J. Lewis
Quality Manager - Richburg                                            Assistant Professor
ATI-Allvac                                                            Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Dr. Pranesh Aswath                                                    Dr. Xiaodong Liu
Professor, University of Texas Arlington                              Caterpillar Incorporated
Dr. Christopher C. Berndt, FASM                                       Dr. Julio G. Maldonado
IRIS Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences                   Senior Materials Engineer
Swinburne University of Technology, AUSTRALIA                         Chevron Energy Technology Company
Dr. Srikanth Bontha                                                   Ms. Carolyn L. Merritt
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department                Consultant
Temple University                                                     Prof. Gregory B. Olson, FASM
Dr. Dianne Chong, FASM                                                Northwestern University
Director - Materials & Process Technology                             Mr. Ronald J. Parrington
The Boeing Company - Commercial Airplanes                             Member and Board Liaison
Dr. James Dean Cotton, FASM                                           President, IMR Test Labs Incorporated
Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company                                  Prof. Vilupanur A. Ravi, P.E., FASM
Dr. Daniel P. Dennies, FASM                                           Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Technical Fellow, Boeing Company                                      California State Polytechnic University
Ms. Janice L. Edwards                                                 Dr. Naresh N. Thadhani, FASM
Consultant, J.E. Consulting                                           School of Materials Science and Engineering
Dr. Patrick D. Ferro, P.E.                                            Georgia Institute of Technology
Assistant Professor, Gonzaga University                               Prof. Srinath Viswanathan, FASM
Dr. Kip O. Findley                                                    Associate and FEF Key Professor
Department of Metallurgical and Mat. Eng.                             Dept. of Metallurgical and Materials Eng.
Colorado School of Mines                                              The University of Alabama
Mr. Robert L. Hanlin                                                  Dr. James W. Watson
Senior Staff Engineer (Retired)                                       NUCOR Steel
Honeywell                                                             Mr. Theodore R. Wilken
Dr. Robin Forbes Jones                                                Manager of Engineering Services
Director of Process Development                                       Bodycote Materials Testing Incorporated
ATI Allvac                                                            Mrs. Pergentina L. Deatherage
Dr. Marian S. Kennedy                                                 Staff Liaison
Assistant Professor                                                   Administrator, Foundation Programs
Clemson University                                                    ASM Materials Education Foundation
       “Living in a Material World” – K-12 Teacher Grants Program
                              2010 Winners
Provides support and incentive for K-12 teachers to develop and implement science-teaching
Program started in 2001
10 grants at $500 each annually

Jewelry Making With Lost Wax Casting (Using Vacuum Casting)
   Giselle McDonald, Spring Hill High School, Kansas

Eggy Breaky Cart
   Darlene Pitman, Mesa View Middle School, California

Chemistry is REAL
  Winnie Asher, Hartford High School, Arkansas

Olympiad Fun
   Linda Spring, Midvale Elementary, Ohio

Polymers in the Real World
   Diana Hoehn, Dearborn Center for Math, Michigan

Glass Fabrication
   Rachel Badanoski, Southfield High School, Michigan

Polymers to Composites
   Monica Wright, Bath Middle School, Maine

Molded Materials for a Green Energy Future: Plastics – “Blowing in the Wind”
  Mary Hartman, Old Mill Middle School South, Maryland

The Wonder of Glass
  Ann Nash, Manzano Day School, New Mexico

Materials in Our Lives
  Sandra Eslick, Rocky Comfort School, Missouri
                           Air Products, Inc.              Diane Goldin
                       Doug Allan, FASM, and the
                                                   Maryella and Bob Halverstadt
Eisenman ASM             Dave Fallen Memorial
Materials Camp         John and Marian Andrews     William Hunt Eisenman Estate

                          Wendy Asphahani                William P. Koster
Permanently Endowed
                        Buehler and Employees           William D. Manly
Student Scholarships
DONORS                    Mary Hegler Carus              Mary P. Muzyka
                                                   Northwest Pennsylvania ASM
                         Mary and Ray Decker
                                                       Chapter and Friends
                       William and Mary Dyrkacz      Jeanne and Richard Pitler

                          Elwood Group, Inc.         John and Nancy Pridgeon

                                                        George A. Roberts
                       Engineering Systems, Inc.
                        and Professional Staff         R. P. Simmons Family
                       2010 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients
William Park Woodside Founder’s Scholarship                        Lucille & Charles A. Wert Scholarship

                  Garth Scannell                                                  Natasha Rajan
           Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                                      University of Alberta
                                 George A. Roberts Scholarships

    Eric Cole           Kenneth DeVoe            Michael Fank                Rachel Ferebee         Farrah Moldover
  The Ohio State        Washington State           University of         Rensselaer Polytechnic      Drexel University
    University             University           Wisconsin-Madison              Institute
                                         Outstanding Scholars

         Kathryn Czaja
     University of Connecticut                   Victoria Miller                           Teneil Ryno
                                              University of Michigan        South Dakota School of Mines and Tech.
       Edward J. Dulis Scholarship                                     John M. Haniak Scholarship

                     Josiah Cornett                                                     Helen Ye
                   University of Michigan                                       Carnegie Mellon University

                        2010 Arthur E. Focke LeaderShape Award Recipients

       Emily J. Kuster                        Michael D. Lefler                           Michael J. Loy
    Iowa State University                     University of Utah                       Harvey Mudd College
      Student Chapter Grants
          2010 Winners
       Georgia Institute of Technology                2010 Undergraduate Design Competition
       Iowa State University                                    Program Winners
       Lehigh University                            First Place: University of Alabama at Birmingham
       University of Connecticut                    “Iron Melting Cupola Furnace & Heat Recuperating System”
       University of Illinois                       Second Place: Northwestern University
       Washington State University                  “FSW Aluminum Alloy”

               View winning projects online at
                                                    Third Place: University of Florida
                    “Space Race: Materials Selection for the
                                                    NASA Lunar Rover Vehicle Conical Wheel”

                                                  Read abstracts of the winning projects at

                                       2010 National Merit Scholar
                                             Robert Morgan
“My interest in materials science and engineering began before I even knew what the field was called. I did my
first experimental materials research during the summer after kindergarten. I made bricks, molding them in
flower pots and drying them in the sun. I tried different …materials…seeing what effect each one had on the
strength of the final product…. I am excited to have the opportunity to keep following my interest at Caltech,
and I am so very grateful to the ASM Materials Education Foundation for this support.”
     Robert Morgan
     Masconomet Regional High School, Topsfield, MA
                                 2010 George A. Roberts Award
                                            Edouard Duval

Edouard Duval is a French business executive and member of the Duval family that founded the Aubert &
Duval specialty metals company in France in the early 1900’s. Mr. Duval received his Bachelor of
Economics and his MBA degrees from the Lille School of Economics in France. He currently is the
commercial leader of the company, which is an important source of vacuum melted and other specialty
alloys, and high technology forgings for jet aircraft, jet engines, large gas turbines for power generation
and other critical applications. Mr Duval has multiple business titles due to his special relationship with
Eramet which now owns Aubert & Duval. Eramet is a diversified French materials company with major
businesses in manganese, nickel and high performance metals and components.

In 1993, Mr. Duval was awarded ASM Distinguished Life Membership: “for appreciation, support of and
dedication to the principals of research, basic knowledge and quality in achieving technical excellence in
the materials field”. Since that time Mr. Duval has made a special trip from France each year to attend the
ASM International annual events. During the past three years he has established a fund with the ASM
Foundation which will be dedicated to his father the late Jean Duval, a metallurgist and former President
of Aubert & Duval.

Because of Mr. Duval’s leadership and support, in 2009, two French “high school” students, two French
teachers and two French engineers attended the Eisenman Materials Camp at ASM Headquarters. Also,
largely due to Mr. Duval’s leadership and support, in 2010 the ASM Foundation, in conjunction with
Aubert & Duval held our first Materials Camp in Clermont Ferrand, France, which is in the vicinity of the
main specialty alloy plant of Aubert & Duval. At Mr. Duval’s request two American high school students
attended the Materials Camp in France. Mr. Duval, in addition to supporting technical education, has a
passion for continuing to improve long term French/American relations and to get young people to
experience the concept and impact of globalization.

                2010 Kishor M. Kulkarni High School Teacher of the Year

                                          Debbie Goodwin
“Discovering material science with Mrs. Goodwin’s help gave me a passion and a goal for my future. I will
be attending Iowa State University in the fall and majoring in material science and engineering.”
                                         Kate Lindley
                                         Graduate, Chillicothe High School
                2010 ASM Foundation Pacesetter Award

Sandia National Laboratories, a multi-program, national security laboratory, is a
strong supporter of programs that bolster education programs in science,
technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Sandia works closely with school
districts throughout the Albuquerque and Livermore areas, sponsoring programs
that challenge middle school and high school students to gain an interest and
appreciation of STEM subjects and, further to pursue careers in those areas.
Sandia and Lockheed Martin Corporation have been the sole and original sponsors
of the New Mexico-based, ASM Materials Camp for teachers since its inception in
2003. Sandia scientists volunteer their time during the week-long residence camp to
provide teachers with innovative, exciting, and fun methods for teaching materials
science in the classroom.

Sandia’s leadership views the education of our youth
in STEM subjects as a vital component to maintaining
a strong and free nation. Sandia and Lockheed will
continue their commitment to reach out to students
and teachers in science-related disciplines that
strengthen the national laboratories and help to
maintain our national security.

Sandia National Laboratories is managed and
operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned
subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation, for the
U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear
Security Administration. Sandia has its main facilities
in Albuquerque, NM, and Livermore, CA, and has
                                                          Dr. Alton D. Romig, Jr. accepting
major research and development responsibilities in         the 2010 Pacesetter Award on
national security, energy and environmental                   behalf of Sandia National
technologies, and economic competitiveness.                         Laboratories
                                                         2010 Income & Expenses

Revenue                                                                                       REVENUE
Contributions    $      329,595           42%
Investment                                                                                                                 $456,882
Earnings         $      456,882           58%                      $500,000
                 $      786,476          100%                                                 $329,595

Educational                                                        $200,000
Programs         $      573,575           51%
Administrative   $      372,347           33%                      $100,000
Fundraising &
Recognition      $      136,997          12%                            $-
                                                                                       Contributions         Investment Earnings
Governance       $       36,666           3%
                 $    1,119,585         100%


                                                           $500,000                                $372,347



                                                                         Educational     Administrative    Fundraising &   Governance
                                                                          Programs                          Recognition

                                                 2010 Investment Committee
                       Dr. Alton D. Romig, Jr., FASM,                                           Dr. Richard K. Pitler, FASM
                                    Chair                                                         Immediate Past Chair
                       Sandia National Laboratories                                       Allegheny Ludlum Corporation (Retired)
             Dr. Aziz I. Asphahani, FASM                      Mr. Robert J. Fulton                                Dr. Mark Smith, FASM
          Carus Chemical Company (Retired)               Hoeganaes Corporation (Retired)                       Sandia National Laboratories

           Prof. Christopher Berndt, FASM                   Dr. Frederick J. Lisy, FASM                           Mr. Stanley C. Theobald
          Swinburne University of Technology              Orbital Research, Incorporated                            ASM International

             Mr. David J. Fitzgerald, FASM                 Dr. Donald R. Muzyka, FASM                         Dr. Roch J. Shipley, P.E., FASM
            Precision Surfaces International            Special Metals Corporation (Retired)              Professional Analysis & Consulting, Inc.

                                                                Mr. Tracy Putnam
        Charles R. Hayes, CFRE
          Executive Director

       Pergentina L. Deatherage
  Administrator, Foundation Programs

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