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        The island of Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas and lies west of the
island of New Providence and south of Bimini and the Berry Islands. It is approximately
2,300 sq. miles or 104 miles long and 40 miles wide.1 The population of Andros is
approximately 8,000 and is small compared to the size of the island.2 Much of the water
used in the island of New Providence and other islands in the Bahamas is barged in from
the island of Andros.

        The island of Andros has a rich history. Some of the residents of the island were
descendents of Seminole Indians and Seminole Blacks who settled in Red Bay, Andros
Island after migrating from Florida because of the oppression that they felt there. The
talent of the people of Red Bay which includes many of these Seminole descendents is
famous. Red Bay, Andros is known for its internationally renowned authentic basket
weaving and wood carvings some of which are now on display in the Smithsonian.3
Many of the people in Red Bay live off the land by farming their own food, fishing and
crabbing and following the traditions of their ancestors. In addition to the descendants of
the Seminoles, the Mennonites out of the United States have set up a farm where they
grow fruits and vegetables and make honey from the bees. The Mennonites also operate
a carpentry shop where they build furniture, etc. and a mechanic shop where they fix

        The island of Andros is not like any other island in the Bahamas. Visitors to the
island have a plethora of activities that they can enjoy. They can go bone-fishing, diving,
snorkeling, bird-watching, deep sea fishing, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, or go on
nature or eco-tours.

        Andros is a sports enthusiast’s paradise and is the ideal dream of the visitor who
wants to escape from everyday life to a bone-fishing, diving, and snorkeling paradise.
Andros is known as the “Bone-fishing Capital of the World.” The bone-fishing flats of
Andros are well known among the Fly Fishing aficionados and Anglers of the world and
are thought to be some of the best for fly fishing and angling. Andros is also great for
deep sea fishing. Fish like Wahoo, tuna, mahi-mahi, dolphin, marlin and snapper abound
off the coast of Andros.5

        In addition to the bone-fishing flats of Andros and the deep sea fishing
opportunities that abound on the island, there are many underwater attractions that attract
visitors to the island from all over the world. Visitors to Andros can dive in the beautiful
underwater world and swim through the underwater caves of the island. The cerulean
water off the island of Andros is the home of the third largest barrier reef in the world.
This reef is resplendent with coral, sponges and underwater wildlife. The waters off
Andros Island are also home to the Tongue of the Ocean (6,000 ft in depth and 100 miles
long) which is a very deep canyon in the ocean floor between the islands of New
Providence and Andros.6 The Andros Barrier Reef and the Tongue of the Ocean are
spectacular sites to visit for divers who want to explore a whole new world under the sea.

       Andros is an eco paradise for all of the eco enthusiasts who have already
discovered the natural eco system of the island. In addition to the natural underwater
eco-system Andros has blue holes, mangroves and marshlands all over the island. The

1 & Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia
2 Peter Douglas, Andros Tourist Office
3 Peter Douglas, Andros Tourist Office
4 Francia Oliver, former resident of Andros
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island has iguanas, wild boars, land crabs and a myriad of birds. Andros is also an ideal
island to enjoy bird-watching. Birds like flamingoes, hummingbirds, ibis, spoonbills, the
Bahama Parrot, Woodstars, “the West Indian Woodpecker, Loggerhead Kingbird,
LaSagre's Flycatcher, the Great Antillean Pewee, the Bahama Swallow, the Bahama
Mockingbird, The Red-legged Thrush, the Thick-billed Vireo, the Black-whiskered Vireo,
the Olive-capped Warbler, Kirtland Warbler, the Bahama Yellowthroat, the Black-
cowled Oriole, the Great Antillean Bullfinch, the Black-faced Grassquit, the Melodious
Grassquit, the Least Grebe, Olivaceous Cormorant, the Flamingo, the Bahama Pintail,
Osprey, Kestel, Sooty Tern, Roseate Tern, Noddy Tern, White Crowned Pigeon, Zenaida
Dove, White-bellied Dove, the Key West Quail Dove, the Great Lizard Cuckoo, the
Smooth-billed Ani and the Cuban Emerald Hummingbird” can be discovered in the
forests and near the mangroves in Andros.7

        Andros is home to the International Field Studies Organization field station and
the Atlantic Undersea Testing and Evaluation Centre (AUTEC). The International Field
Studies Organization is a “public non-profit scientific and educational organization
established in 1970.”8 The Forfar Research Field Station which is a part of the
International Field Studies Organization is a field training facility for High-school and
college students who are conducting field research in education and the sciences.9
“Andros provides an outstanding environmental setting for a weeklong (or longer)
program. Studies such as marine biology, archeology, oceanography, botany,
ornithology, ecology, tropical studies, etc. can be covered in a broad overview or broken
into individual topics.”10 Andros is also home for the Atlantic Undersea Testing and
Evaluation Centre (AUTEC) which conducts extensive underwater testing for the US
Navy antisubmarine research programs.11 Because of its natural eco-system and
geological makeup Andros is also known to have the potential to be great as a carbon
sink. Carbon sinks absorb CO2 out of the atmosphere. Scientists are researching
Andros’ potential as a carbon sink now.12

1. Why Did Stopover Visitors Come to Andros?

    o    68% of stopover visitors came to Andros for a vacation;
    o    12% of them came to Andros for other reasons;
    o    6% of them came on a business trip;
    o    4% came to visit friends and relatives;
    o    3% came to attend a wedding.

7 &
11 Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia
12 Peter Douglas, Andros Tourist Office
2. What Influenced Stopover Visitors to Visit Andros?

                         ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS

                                    Bahamas         Nassau/P.I.   Grand Bahama   Andros
Beaches                                60.2%          59.2%          62.6%        44.9%
Climate                                51.4%          52.7%          47.7%        42.2%
Sports                                 10.0%           7.6%          9.5%         40.2%
Rest and Relaxation                    41.1%          40.3%          43.0%        36.2%
Friendly People                        25.2%          24.0%          25.1%        33.2%
Easy to Get to                         22.1%          22.7%          20.9%        22.7%
Other                                   7.5%           7.2%          6.2%         18.2%
Exotic Islands                         13.6%          12.4%          13.4%        16.2%
Hotel Facilities                       25.5%          30.2%          12.7%        15.1%
Never Been Here Before                 21.8%          21.6%          26.8%        13.6%
Safety of Islands                      17.3%          17.3%          14.8%        13.4%
Friend recommended Bah.                10.7%          10.6%          9.5%         8.9%
Had Friends in Bah.                     8.3%           7.3%          6.9%         8.6%
Good Package Deals                     16.3%          15.8%          26.6%        8.4%
Best Value for Money                    9.9%           8.9%          18.4%        7.9%
Bahamas Website                         2.7%           2.4%          3.5%         3.8%
Casinos                                 9.4%          12.5%          6.3%         0.2%
Source: Tour Operator and M edia Exit Survey 2010

    o Almost half (45%) of the stopover visitors to Andros were influenced to visit
      the Bahamas because of the beaches;
    o Four in ten stopovers were influenced to visit by the climate (42%) and the
      sporting attractions (40.2%) available on the island;
    o More than one-third (36%) of stopovers were influenced to visit Andros
      because of the rest and relaxation that they expected to enjoy there;
    o One in three (33%) of them were influenced to visit Andros by the friendly
      people there.

3. What Activities Did Visitors Intend to Do While in Andros?

    o Most of the stopover visitors to Andros intended to enjoy the beaches (62%)
      and rest and relax (51%);
    o Sporting activities in Andros were of particular interest to visitors to the
      island. Approximately four in ten stopovers to Andros wanted to go
      snorkeling (44%) or bone-fishing (39%). Approximately three in ten
      stopovers intended to go diving (31%). One in ten intended to go sailing
    o 8% of them intended to go bird-watching before they came to the island.
                      ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS

                                         Bahamas    Nassau/P.I.   Grand Bahama   Andros
Enjoy Beaches                              83.0%      82.9%          84.3%        62.3%
Rest and Relax                             73.5%      74.8%          72.6%        50.6%
Go Snorkeling                              33.3%      30.6%          32.8%        44.2%
Go Bonefishing                              4.1%       2.4%          3.1%         39.3%
Go Diving                                   8.5%       6.7%          8.4%         30.7%
Go on Island Tour                          16.3%      14.9%          21.1%        13.6%
Shop                                       36.2%      38.3%          47.4%        12.5%
Go Sailing                                  7.8%       6.1%          7.3%         10.3%
Go Birdwatching                             2.7%       2.2%          3.3%          7.5%
Go Deep Sea Fishing                         5.9%       4.7%          6.1%          5.4%
Other Activities                            4.4%       4.2%          4.7%          2.3%
Go to Casinos                              21.9%      27.4%          20.9%         1.6%
Go Golfing                                  4.6%       4.3%          4.1%          0.4%
Non Response                                5.2%       5.2%          6.5%          2.3%
Source: Tour Operator and M edia Exit Survey 2010

4. When Did the Stopover Visitors to Andros Make Their Reservations?

                               STOPOVER VISITORS

                                  All Bah. Nassau/P.I. Grand Bah.                 Andros
Same Week of Travel                  7%        7%         9%                       6%
Same Month of Travel                18%       18%         16%                      16%
1 to 3 Months Before Travel         46%       46%         45%                      43%
4 to 7 Months Before Travel         20%       20%         18%                      27%
8 to 12 Months Before Travel         5%        5%         6%                       7%
More than 12 months Before Travel    1%        0%         3%                       0%
Non-Response                         4%        4%         4%                       2%
Source: Tour Operator and M edia Exit Survey 2010

    o Stopover visitors to Andros primarily booked their reservations anywhere
      from the same month of travel to seven months in advance of travel.
      Approximately four in ten (43%) of them booked their reservations one to
      three months before travel.
5. Did Stopovers Use an Online Service to Book Their Reservations to Andros?
   o Approximately seven in ten (70%) stopover visitors to Andros used an online
      service to book some or all of their reservations.

   a) Which Online Services Were Used Most by Stopover Visitors to Andros?

                           ANDROS ISLAND
           Some online services listed for Andros were also used by visitors to book their reservations
           for Nassau because of the fact that some stopovers visited both destinations during their visit.
           (Source: Immigration Cards and T our Media Exit Survey, 2010)

6. Did Stopover Visitors to Andros Use a Tour Operator/Travel Agent to Book
   Any of Their Reservations?

                                   ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS
                                     USE OF TRAVEL AGENT

                                     All Bah.          Nassau/P.I.            Grand Bahama              Andros
 Used Travel Agent                    33%                 34%                     34%                         27%
 Did Not Use Travel Agent             64%                 63%                     63%                         70%
 Source: Tour Operator and Media Exit Surveys 2010

   o Approximately three in ten (27%) stopover visitors used a travel agent to
     book some or all of their reservations to Andros.

   o Some stopovers to Andros who used tour operators/travel agents used the
     following: AUTEC (a Research facility), IFS, American Express Travel,
     Majestic Tours, Frontiers Travel and Liberty Travel.

7. What Electronic Media Did Stopover Visitors to Andros Use Most When
   Planning Their Vacation?
   o Approximately eight in ten (82%) stopover visitors used the Internet as the
      electronic media most frequently used when planning their vacation.
8. What Were the Favorite TV Stations Watched by Stopovers to Andros?

                       ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS

                     Bahamas                             Andros
      1   NBC                                CNN
      2   ABC                                NBC
      3   ESPN                               DISC (Discovery Channel)
      4   CNN                                ESPN
      5   CBS                                ABC
      6   FOX                                HBO
      7   HBO                                FOX
      8   DISC (Discovery Channel)           FOXN
      9   HGTV (Home & Garden Network)       HIST(History Channel)
     10   FOOD (Food Network)                CBS
     11   FOXN                               MSNBC
     12   LIFE (Lifetime)                    FOOD (Food Network)
     13   TNT                                NGEO (National Geographic Channel
     14   USA                                PBS (Public Broadcasting Station)
     15   HIST(History Channel)              HGTV (Home & Garden Network)
   Source: Tour Operator and Media Exit Survey 2010

9. What Time Were Stopover Visitors Most Likely to Watch Television?

   o Stopover visitors to Andros were most likely to watch television between the
     hours of 6 pm to 10:59 pm at night. The hours of 8:00 pm to 8:59 pm were of
     course prime time and one in three (51%) of stopovers watched television
     during that time.

10. Did Stopover Visitors Use Print Media When They Were Planning Their
    o Approximately three in ten (27%) stopover visitors to Andros used print
       media when they were planning their vacations. Of the stopover visitors to
       Andros who used print media to plan their vacations, approximately three in
       ten (28%) used newspapers and approximately eight in ten (83%) used
11. Use of Newspapers

                      ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS

                          Bahamas                    Andros
          1 USA Today                      New York Times
          2 New York Times                 USA Today
          3 Wall Street Journal            Wall Street Journal
          4 Daily News                     Washington Post
          5 Washington Post                Boston Globe
          6 New York Post                  Other
          7 Other                          New York Post
          8 Toronto Star                   Local
          9 Globe & Mail                   Miami Herald
         10 Boston Globe                   Globe & Mail
         11 Miami Herald                   Denver Post
         12 Times                          Atlanta Journal Constitution
         13 Local                          Times
         14 New York Daily News            Financial Times
         15 Newsday                        Daily News
         16 Atlanta Journal Constitution   St. Petersburg Times

   o Although only 27% of stopover visitors to Andros used print media when
     planning their vacations, nearly two in three (66%) stopovers read
     newspapers for their personal enjoyment and edification.

12. Use of Magazines

   o Although only 27% of stopover visitors to Andros used print media when
     planning their vacations approximately seven in ten (73%) of them read
     magazines for their enjoyment or personal edification.
                         ISLANDS OF THE BAHAMAS

                          Bahamas                      Andros
         1   People                           Fly Fishing
         2   Better Homes & Gardens           National Geographic (Explorer)
         3   In Style                         Bon Appetit
         4   Cosmopolitan (Cosmo)             Better Homes & Gardens
         5   Glamour                          Time Magazine
         6   Good Housekeeping                Conde Nast Travel
         7   Men's Health                     Food & Wine
         8   Food & Wine                      New Yorker
         9   National Geographic (Explorer)   Economist
        10   O (Oprah)                        Men's Health
        11   Bon Appetit                      Salt Water Fisherman
        12   Sports Illustrated               Travel and Leisure
        13   Conde Nast Travel                Gourmet
        14   Time Magazine                    Southern Living
        15   Reader's Digest                  Sports Illustrated
        16   Business Week                    Architectural Digest
        17   In Touch/In Touch Weekly         Scuba
        18   Architectural Digest             In Style
        19   US/US Weekly                     People
        20   Newsweek                         Newsweek

13. What Were the Top Compliments & Complaints Given by Visitors to
                                ANDROS ISLAND
                             TOP 6 COMPLIMENTS
                            General             44%
                            People              28%
                            Sports               5%
                            Beaches              4%
                            Weather/Climate      4%
                            Scenery/Sightseeing  3%
                            No. of Comments      118

   o The top compliments about Andros included general things, the people,
     sporting activities available, beaches, climate and scenery.
   o Stopovers to Andros did not give many complaints about the island (only 19
     received). Approximately two in ten complaints received about Andros from
     stopover visitors were about the airlines flying into the island (21%) and
     litter (17%). Negative complaints about the beaches included litter on the
14. How Did Stopover Visitors Rate Their Product Experiences?


                                 Much Better or Better Not as Good or Worse
                                   The                    The
              Rating Area         Bah.       Andros      Bah.       Andros
       Hotel Rooms                   38%          35%         10%        7%
       Food in Hotels                37%          54%         13%        5%
       Hotel Service                 44%          53%         11%        3%
       Value for Money in Hotels     26%          33%         15%        7%
       Easy to Get to                41%          37%          6%        6%
       Beaches                       62%          45%          4%        6%
       Climate                       49%          39%         11%      12%
       Attitude of People            64%          73%          7%        2%
       Food in Restaurants           44%          31%         10%        2%
       Restaurant Service            43%          29%         12%        3%
       Overall Value for Money       32%          36%         19%        7%
       Bahamas Overall               59%          64%          5%        1%
       Source: Research & Statistics Dept., Ministry of T ourism

   o Approximately six in ten (64%) stopover visitors thought that Andros overall
     was much better or better than they had expected it to be.
   o More than half the stopovers rated the food in the hotels (54%) and the hotel
     service (53%) as much better or better than expected.
   o Attitude of the people in Andros received the highest ratings of the product
     experiences. Approximately seven in ten (73%) stopovers thought that the
     attitude of the people was much better or better than they had expected it to

15. How Did Stopover Visitors to Andros Get There?

   o Most (68%) stopover visitors to Andros travelled to Andros via a commercial
   o 21% of stopovers travelled to the island destination via a private plane and
     3% by a yacht/private boat.

16. Where Did Visitors to Andros Stay While There?

   o Nearly half (49%) of stopovers to Andros stayed in a hotel, 13% with friends
     and relatives, 12% on a private boat/yacht, 5% in their own property, 5% in
     other accommodations and 4% in an apt/villa.

17. Which Stopover Visitors to Andros Tended to Stay the Longest (2010)?
   o   On average, stopovers from the Middle East stayed the longest, 32 nights;
   o   Stopovers from Canada stayed an average of 14.9 nights;
   o   Stopover visitors from Europe stayed an average of 12.1 nights;
   o   Stopovers from the Caribbean an average of 10.1 nights;
   o Stopover visitors from the United States stayed 9.2 nights and those from
     Latin America stayed an average of 5.8 nights.

18. What Were the Busiest Months for Stopover Visitors to Andros?

   o Stopover visitors to Andros come all year round. The months of March to
     July are normally the busiest months for stopovers to visit the island. The
     peak month however is normally March.

19. What Were the Slowest Months for Stopover Visitors to Andros?

   o The slowest month for stopover visitors to visit Andros was September.

20. How Many Stopover Visitors Did Andros Receive and Where Did They
    Come From (2010)?

   o In total, Andros received 7,431 stopover visitors.

      United States: 90% (6,666) of the stopover visitors came from the United
      States. Stopovers to Andros from the United States primarily came from the
      states of Florida (42%), New York (5%), Georgia (4%), Texas (4%), California
      (3%), Ohio (3%), and Virginia (3%).

      Canada: 4% (304) of the stopover visitors came from Canada. Stopovers to
      Andros from Canada primarily came from the Canadian Provinces of Ontario
      (50% of them), Alberta (13%), British Columbia (10%) and Quebec (5%).

      Europe: 4% (289) of the stopover visitors came from Europe. Stopovers to
      Andros from Europe primarily came from the UK (47% of them), France
      (14%), Germany (6%), Italy (6%) and Switzerland (5%).

      Latin America: 1% (44) of the stopover visitors came from Latin America.
      Stopover Visitors to Andros from Latin America primarily came from
      Argentina (30%), Brazil (18%), Mexico (9% of them), Panama (9%),
      Colombia (9%) and Ecuador (9%).
                                                                        Andros               All Bah.
Vacation                                                                  68%                 73%
Other                                                                     12%                 2%
Business                                                                   6%                 5%
Visiting friends and relatives                                             4%                 5%
Beaches                                                                   45%                 60%
Climate                                                                   42%                 51%
Sports                                                                    40%                 10%
Rest and Relaxation                                                       36%                 41%
Enjoy Beaches                                                             62%                 83%
Rest and Relax                                                            51%                 74%
Go Snorkeling                                                             44%                 33%
Go Bonefishing                                                            39%                 4%
Go Diving                                                                 31%                 9%
Go Sailing                                                                10%                 8%
Go Birdwatching                                                            8%                 3%
Go Deep Sea Fishing                                                        5%                 6%
LIKELY RETURN IN 1-5 YEARS                                                93%                 86%
LIKELY RECOMMEND TO FRIENDS/REL                                           98%                 92%
USED ONLINE SERVICE                                                       70%                 74%
USED TRAVEL AGENT                                                         27%                 33%
25 - 54 years old                                                         49%                 54%
55 years old or older                                                     33%                 20%
Male                                                                      57%                 48%
Female                                                                    39%                 49%
White                                                                     92%                 80%
Black                                                                      1%                 7%
Hispanic                                                                   2%                 4%
Mixed Race/Mixed Heritage                                                  2%                 3%
Asian/Pacific Islander                                                     1%                 3%
American Indian/Alaska Native                                              0%                 0%
Other                                                                      0%                 1%
College Graduate or Above                                                 73%                 66%
$25,001 to $50,000                                                         7%                 8%
$50,001 to $75,000                                                        10%                 11%
$75,001 or more                                                           57%                 56%
First Time Visitor                                                        34%                 40%
Repeat Visitor                                                            66%                 59%
One                                                                       17%                 15%
Two                                                                       34%                 41%
Three or more                                                             46%                 38%
One                                                                       16%                 13%
Two                                                                       43%                 38%
Three-Four                                                                33%                 34%
USA                                                                      90%                  80%
Canada                                                                    4%                   9%
Europe                                                                    4%                   6%
Other Countries                                                           2%                   6%
AVERAGE LENGTH OF STAY                                                  9.6 nts.             6.7 nts.
*Information on age, sex and avg. length of stay were obtained from immigration card data.
*Source:Tour Operator & M edia Exit Study 2010. Some rounding may have occurred
Information in this brochure is based on the Tour Operator & Media Exit Survey
2010, Immigration Card.

Research and Statistics Department
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
P.O. Box N-3701
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: 242-302-2000 and

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