Teaching Methods in British and American Culture by malj


									TESOL Culture and
        Week 13

  Lecturer: Glenda Little
• As you watch the episode of “Friends” the
  first time, please take note of any cultural
  aspects that are presented in the episode.

• You will be discussing what you noticed in
  groups after you watch, so please make
  sure to take notes.
Group Discussion Questions
• What cultural aspects that are presented
  in this episode of Friends?
• How would Koreans of the same age behave in
  these situations?
• What do you think causes these probable
  difference in behaviour and ways of thinking
  between the characters in the TV show and
  Korean people? (Where do these differences
  come from?  Dimensions of culture, value
  types, cultural communication patterns, etc)
• Are there any situations in this episode that
  would likely NOT occur in Korea? Why?
• Are there any examples where the culture in the
  TV show and Korean culture are quite similar?
     Conversation Analysis
• While you watch the following portions of
  the same “Friends” episode, please take
  note of the different Gricean Maxims that
  are being used and which are being
             Gricean Maxims
• Please make a similar chart as below and make
  note of which maxims the characters follow (⇃)
  or break (X).

            Truthfulness Clarity   Quantity   Relevance
  Conversational Implicature
• As you watch the following portions of the
  same “Friends” episode again, please
  take note of when the characters use
  conversational implicature.

• What is said?
• What is meant?
           Final Project
Week 15 & 16
(Note: we will decide on when each group will
  present at the end of this class)

20-25 minute group presentation based on an
 analysis of a TV show (5-6 minutes from
 ONE episode) in regards to the cultural
 issues and pragmatics presented in the
• Analyze and present a section of Friends
  (or other English TV show of your choice)

• This should only be only 5-6 minutes long:
  – ONE 5-6 minute segment
  – TWO 3 minute segments
  – THREE 2 minute segments
•   Your analysis should be based on TWO

1. Culture
2. Pragmatics
• What cultural issues are present in the
• How do the Friends characters behave and
  respond to the situation(s)?
• Would this situation(s) exist in Korean culture?
• How would Koreans of a similar age behave in
  the same situation(s)?
• Are there any examples where the Friends
  culture and Korean culture are similar?
• Analyze the language used in the segment and
  focus on the language in use (pragmatics).
• Areas to explore are examples of:
• Ellipses
• hedging
• Goffman’s Communication Theory (8 universal
• conversational implicature
• Grice’s 4 Conversation Maxims  Do the
  characters follow them? Do they break them?
Please read the article:
Culture in Second Language Teaching

Please answer the following questions:
1. Why is it important to culture in language
2. Which instructional strategy do you like
   best? Why?

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