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					        Bicycle light LED has many advantages and
      disadvantages. The advantages supersede the
    disadvantage hence the reason for its super high
      popularity. The bicycle light LED is the highest
   technology of bicycle lighting. There are many light
 source, the tungsten filament lamp, halogen lamp, the
   High Intensity Discharge (HID) and the bicycle light
    LED (Light-emitting diode).The filament lamps are
   superseded with LED which has high frequency. It
saves energy and can be easily regulated. The bicycle
    light LED is advantageous as it is less expensive,
 produce a high input light, and its batteries are longer
   lasting. It saves energy das it produces the red tail
 light. Unlike the other power source which combine a
    white light source with a red filter, the bicycle LED
    emits only red light, hence through this conserves
energy. You have the ability to dim the light or turn it off
       instantaneously. If it well maintained, and not
overheated, it has a lifespan is of about 50000 hours of
   operation. Due to its many advantages, the bicycle
   LED is slowly taking over the lighting of all bicycle.

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The bicycle LED has few disadvantages It has limited light output per single
LED hence sometimes produces little light They are used frequently and they
require a constant power source hence they are quite expensive to
 The use of bicycle LED in some places has been burned The bicycle LED is
common bicycle lighting for many years Normally they had only red or yellow
bicycle LED
 Recently there has been introduction of a different LED called the white LED
Just like all the other it satisfies the requirement for the market It is very
sensitive though to overheating an overdriving
 Through this above ways, you shorten the lifespan of you light hence you
should try to avoid it They have another LED that is of low power This helps
in conserving the energy of the battery
 This kind of lighting is only applicable for well lit streets otherwise it produces
very little light It produces a single beam of light that is not collimated to form a
bright beam Through using the high power you can solve this issue as it
produces a very bright beam of light
 They have their own optics hence very good to use It is possible to buy a
halogen rechargeable system or a dynamo for your LED
 They help the bicycle fixies bikes light LED to produce a lot of light at a very
low speed of about 3km/hr
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