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					NOAA Information Technology Review Board (NITRB)

 Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
               (AWIPS) Program

         AWIPS II Migration Status Update

                     March 8, 2011

          NWS Office of Science and Technology
                      Ronla Henry

• Purpose
• NWS’ Advanced Weather Interactive Processing
  (AWIPS) Impact
• AWIPS Tech Infusion
    – AWIPS II Migration Project Status
    – AWIPS II Risks
    – AWIPS II Extended Projects
•   IT Dashboard
•   Information Technology and Cyber Security
•   Summary


• Status review of the Advanced Weather Interactive
  Processing System (AWIPS) Program:
   – AWIPS II Migration
• Last review October 29, 2010
   – Findings and Issues
   – Action Items

                    NWS cornerstone system
        used to ingest, analyze, forecast, & disseminate
                    operational weather data,
         including time-sensitive, high-impact warnings
            to protect life and property ….. 24/7/365
                                        AWIPS Overview
                           Major Winter Storm: January 31 – February 2, 2011

•   WFOs Involved: 85
•   States Involved: 26
•   Watch, Warnings, Advisories Issued: 423
•   Weather Conditions:
      •   10-20+ inches of snow
      •   1 inch of ice
      •   Strong winds with extreme wind chill indexes
      •   Coastal flooding
      •   Sub-zero temperatures
      •   Strong thunderstorms, including tornado & downburst winds
      •   Low visibilities
• Impacts
      •   Record daily snowfall in KS, MO, & IL
      •   Closed highways with hundreds of vehicles stranded
      •   Power outages
      •   Airport & Public Transportation closures/delays
             • Nearly 13,000 flights canceled
      •   Super Bowl Activities
      •   Downed trees
      •   Roof/building collapses

                         AWIPS Tech Infusion
• Late 80s – Early 90s: AWIPS I developed
• 1997: AWIPS I deployed
• 2004: NWS review identified AWIPS software as major obstacle to
  meeting future mission requirements
   – Costly to maintain
   – Challenging to infuse new science and applications
• 2006: NWS executed contract option for AWIPS II-related projects

                                               Extend Unified
                                                                    AWIPS II
           Port Functionality   AWIPS II     Baseline & Continue    Extended
 AWIPS         to Flexible                       Functional
             Architecture       Migration       Improvement           and
                                                                   S&T Infusion

                                      AWIPS Tech Infusion
                                        Budget FY11-16

   Capability ($K)                  CY11            BY12             FY13             FY14             FY15             FY16

Tech Infusion Total                 $24,000        $24,364           $24,364          $24,364         $24,364*         $24,364*

AWIPS II Migration                   $5,600          $2,520

AWIPS II Extended                    $9,335          $8,910           $8,449            $8,274           $8,372           $8,347
AWIPS II Extended
– Phase 2                            $1,766          $5,801           $5,834            $5,948           $5,817           $5,774
Forecast Tools &
Apps                                 $3,625          $3,459           $6,323            $6,297           $6,241           $6,216
Forecast Verification
Development                          $1,280          $1,280           $1,280            $1,280           $1,280           $1,280
Government FTE                       $2,394          $2,394           $2,478            $2,565           $2,654           $2,747
*Note: Due to guidance from DOC the outyear (FY15 & F16) information is not included in the Exhibit 300 due the current state of
uncertainty regarding FY 2011 appropriations. Once funding has been clarified for FY 2011, amended profiles will be submitted to
reflect the update to outyear data within the Exhibit 300.                                                                         6
                                                        AWIPS II Migration
• Schedule:
  – Deployment 1QFY12: On Track
     • Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) Phase
          –Testing includes formal lab testing and stress testing
           by field forecasters
            »2 test periods successfully executed since
              October, 2010
            »3rd test period ongoing (February 28th – March 11th)
     • Installations:
          –AWIPS II successfully installed & running at two NWS
           Regional Headquarter sites per OT&E Plan
            »NWS Central Region HQ (February 9, 2011)
            »NWS Southern Region HQ (February 22, 2011)

                               2006                      2007                                 2008                    2009                       2010                        2011                         2012
                               FY6                       FY7                                  FY8                     FY9                        FY10                        FY11                         FY12
      Fiscal Year
                           Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3                                                                                         Q4   Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
      AWIPS II Migration      Plan TO1   Sys Anal TO2    Infra Dev TO3-6   App Mig Plan TO7

                                                                                                Migrate Apps TO8-10          Complete Mig TO11          Operational Test & Evaluation        Deploy Installs

                                                                                                                                                        March, 2011
                                                                      # of Open DR’s


    21 ay
    18 n
     16 l
     30 l
    13 ul
    27 ug
    10 g
    24 ep

                                        Forecaster Initial Tests
     22 ct
      5- t

    19 v
    17 ec
    31 ec
    14 c
    28 n
    11 n
    25 b
    11 b
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Software Readiness

    25 ar


                                                                                                                                                                                                         AWIPS II Migration Status

     22 r
     6- r
    20 a y
    17 n
                                                                                                                                                    On Track Resolving High Impact Discrepancy Reports

                                                                                                   Acceptable Upper Control Limit

     15 l
                      Test Periods
                     System OT&E

     29 l
                                                   AWIPS Risk Management
                                                     High Impact Risks

                                                                              Trend   Rank                                  Risk
       80 - 100%
       Very High

       60 - 80%


                   4                                                                   1     M          ID #1
 K                                                                                                      AWIPS II Performance in critical areas does
                                                                                                        not meet or exceed AWIPS I
       40 - 60%

                                            1          2
 L                 3      6                                                            2     M          ID #2
                                                       3                                                Regions cannot port critical local applications
 II                                                                                                     to AWIPS II before deployment
 H                                          4          5
       20 -40%

                                                                                       3     M          ID #3

 O                 2
                                                                                                        AWIPS II Training not completed by
 O                                                                                                      deployment
       Very Low
        0 -20%

 D                                                                                     4     M          ID #4
                   1                                                                                    Raytheon cannot resolve all critical AWIPS II
                                                                                                        Software Discrepancy Reports (DR’s) before
                          1           2            3           4        5
                                   Consequences                                        5     M          ID #5
                                                                                                        AWIPS II System Stability inadequate for
                         1          2           3              4       5
Cost                   No Incr   No Incr   +10%            +20%      >20%              6     M          ID #6
                                                           incr                                         NWS/AWIPS IT Infrastructure Latency/Sizing
                                                                                                        insufficient for GOES-R sectorized products
Schedule               No Slip   1 month   1 Qtr           2 Qtr     >2Qtr

Criticality              L x C Trend                           Approach
 Critical                                                      M – Mitigate
                              Decreasing (Improving)           W – Watch
  Med                         Increasing (Worsening)           A – Accept
  Low                         Unchanged                        R - Research                                                                           9
                                                          AWIPS Risk Management

 Risk         Description                                                             Mitigation Strategy                                                     Status


Technical   ID #1                  3              3           • Select and measure critical AWIPS I benchmark against                 • Identified 50 AWIPS I benchmark performance tests
            AWIPS II                                            operational AWIPS I release Include server side, GUI and                with corresponding AWIPS II tests developed.
            Performance in                                      side-by-side approaches.                                              • Conducted 16 Forecaster Initial Test (FIT) sessions.
            critical areas does                               • Develop AWIPS II equivalent tests for the AWIPS I                     • Corrected & passed numerous performance DR’s.
            not meet or exceed                                  benchmarks.                                                           • Dedicated 2 full time senior Raytheon developers to
            AWIPS I                                           • Run tests, measure and analyze results, identify deficiencies           Performance and Stability DR’s.
                                                                and document as software Discrepancy Reports (DR’s).                  • Continue to see improvements in system
                                                              • Correct DR’s.                                                           performance.

Schedule    ID #2                  3              3           •   Provide “Ready-to-Migrate” list of local applications.              • Migrated initial critical 13 local applications
            Regions cannot                                    •   Provide Raytheon supported migration hardware platform.             • Deployed robust migration hardware platform
            port critical local                               •   Hire additional contractor support.                                 • Established test strategy for AWIPS II including local
            applications before                               •   Provide information to manage, track, and report local                apps
            deployment                                            application migration progress.                                     • Placed high priority on critical local apps migration
                                                              •   Identify and fix “blocking” DRs.                                      activities
                                                              •   Validate list of critical local apps, develop options to increase   • Provided HQ developer assistance, as needed.
                                                                  migration rate.
                                                              •   Employ just-in-time/by-site approach to ensure efficient
                                                              •   Test AWIPS II integrated with local apps, including unit test,
                                                                  integration test, and stress test.

Schedule    ID #3                  2              3           • Prioritize needed documentation.                                      • Authorized overtime for Raytheon developers to
            AWIPS II Training                                 • Ensure dedicated resources to develop documentation and                 work on training preparation related tasks.
            not completed by                                    training materials.                                                   • Added additional Raytheon resources
            deployment                                        • Look at strategies to shorten timeline by adding staff (e.g.,         • Established communication between Raytheon
                                                                NWSH, Raytheon).                                                        documentation specialists, Raytheon developers,
                                                              • Develop effective progress metrics to track and report.                 and NWS Training Division staff.
                                                              • Partition training/documentation tasks: what can start now            • Established an agreed upon method to track
                                                                and what must wait for DR closures.                                     progress.

                                       AWIPS Risk Management

  Risk          Description                                                                 Mitigation Strategy                                               Status


Schedule    ID #4                      2                3              • Structure contract to focus on DR corrections by prime           • Changed contract type to allow NOAA/NWS
            Raytheon cannot                                            contractor                                                         more direct control of work flow and priorities.
            resolve all high impact                                    • Establish metrics monitor weekly                                 • Embed NWS SME onsite with Raytheon
            Discrepancy Reports                                        • Establish working relationship between NWS Subject Matters       developers to assist with prioritization.
            (DR’s) before                                              Experts and contract developers                                    • Increased technical interchange meetings
            deployment                                                 • Investigate impact of increasing resources to work off DRs       between NOAA/NWS SMEs and Raytheon.
                                                                                                                                          • Focused best developers on risk functional
                                                                                                                                          areas (e.g., D2D, Hydro, GFE, MPE, Decision
                                                                                                                                          • Defined expectation as to when DRs should
                                                                                                                                          be corrected (e.g., updated “bin” chart)

Technical   ID #5                      2                3              • Requirement is to meet or exceed existing AWIPS operational      • 16 Forecaster Initial Test (FIT) sessions
            AWIPS II System                                            availability of 99.5%                                              have been conducted to help evaluate system
            Stability inadequate for                                   • Work Stability hand-in-hand with performance                     stability and to identify stability problems.
            deployment                                                 • Run tests, measure and analyze results, identify deficiencies    • System monitored by Raytheon system
                                                                       and document as software Discrepancy Reports (DR’s).               engineers and developers in real time during
                                                                       • Correct DR’s. Prioritize DR’s appropriately, monitor progress,   forecaster scenario testing at FIT’s.
                                                                       adjust Raytheon resources as necessary.                            • Numerous stability DR’s have been written
                                                                       •Re-run tests and repeat above steps until availability            at the FIT’s, corrected and re-tested and
                                                                       requirement is met.                                                passed at subsequent FIT’s.
                                                                                                                                          • Two full time senior Raytheon developers
                                                                                                                                          dedicated to high priority performance and
                                                                                                                                          stability DR’s, Highest priority DR’s are
                                                                                                                                          scheduled for inclusion in next available
                                                                                                                                          release, so they can be tested asap and can
                                                                                                                                          iterate further, if necessary.
                                                                                                                                          • AWIPS II software installed at NWS Central
                                                                                                                                          Region HQ
                                                                                                                                          • Monitor AWIPS II installs at NWS regional

                                     AWIPS Risk Management

  Risk                Description                                                             Mitigation Strategy                                         Status

  Cost     ID #6                                   3            2              • Establish routine Senior Management-level              • User System readiness study/analysis just
           NWS/AWIPS IT Infrastructure                                         meetings between the GSP and NWS to review               completed. Preliminary results used to
           Latency/Sizing insufficient for GOES-                               status.                                                  develop the FY12-FY16 NWS IT
           R sectorized products                                               • NWS active involvement in the AWIPS IPT, chaired       Infrastructure budget submission which
                                                                               by the GSP, where issues are worked                      includes funding to increase the bandwidth
                                                                               • Initiate user system readiness study/analysis to       and processing of GOES-R products.
                                                                               determine the required bandwidth and processing          • GOES-R Ground Segment CCB approved
                                                                               requirements.                                            NWS recommended modifications to
                                                                               • Work with the GSP to modify Appendix E to              Appendix E product set which reduces
                                                                               establish a reasonable product set that meets            overall product volume.
                                                                               operational requirements.                                • AWIPS Contractor has just been put on
                                                                               • GSP contractor to work with NWS AWIPS                  contract with the requisite NDAs signed so
                                                                               Contractor to develop the ICD to support interface       that interaction with the GSP contractor on
                                                                               critical design.                                         ICD development can begin.
                                                                               • Explore other measures that will reduce required       • GS Contractor is considering data
                                                                               bandwidth to include data streaming and data             streaming to improve latency and required
                                                                               compression.                                             bandwidth. If implemented, data streaming
                                                                                                                                        would impact operations of NCF, SBN, and
                                                                               • Consider prioritizing transmission of CMI bands only   local AWIPS terminals requiring further
                                                                               if unable to develop satisfactory technical solution     NWS assessment.
                                                                               (Feb 2012).
                                                                                                                                        • NWS working closely with GSP through
                                                                               • Consider off-setting GOES East and GOES West           the AWIPS IPT to address other technical
                                                                               transmission times (e.g., by one minute) to spread out   issues as they arise.
                                                                               the spikes in data transmission volume.

                                                           AWIPS II Extended Projects
• Extend AWIPS II architecture to entire weather enterprise
           – Consolidate all major forecast systems into a single, unified baseline
           – Robust data access, “smart push/pull” capabilities
           – Enterprise collaboration capabilities with industry standard format--
             emergency managers, other government agencies

                                 FY8                        FY9                                  FY10                                    FY11                                          FY12                                       FY13                                            FY14                                     FY15                              FY16
Fiscal Year                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Status
                         Q1   Q2       Q3     Q4     Q1    Q2     Q3      Q4       Q1         Q2         Q3        Q4      Q1        Q2         Q3          Q4           Q1      Q2           Q3        Q4         Q1         Q2        Q3           Q4          Q1           Q2         Q3       Q4        Q1         Q2         Q3     Q4      Q1      Q2     Q3   Q4
                              Analysis/Plan                            NAWIPS S/W Migration                              preOTE
NAWIPS Migration
                                                                                                                    NCEP H/W               OTE to Centers            Deploy               Installs

                                              ConOPS Dev                   Tech Reqmts                                             Design & Development                           OTE     Deploy            Installs
AWIPS II Extended:
Thin Client                                                                        Exploratory Dev

AWIPS II Extended:                                                                                                                                                       Development                                   Installs
                                                                                                                                                                                              OTE      Deploy
WES Integration
                                                                               Exploratory Development

                                                                  ConOPS & Reqmts IOC
AWIPS II Extended:
Data Delivery                                                                                   Hi-Lvl Arch          IOC Hi_Lvl Design                               IOC Design/Devel                              OTE       Deploy           Installs

                                                                                                                                                                                                            FOC Tech Reqmts                 FOC Design            Development            OTE     Deploy         Installs

                                                                  ConOPS Development

                                                                                         Exploratory Development

AWIPS II Extended:
                                                                                              Reqmts, Phase 1                                         Develop, Phase 1                  OTE            Deploy          Installs
                                                                                                                                                                                              Reqmts, Phase 2                                        OTE        Deploy            Installs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Phase 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Reqmts, Phase 3                                            OTE      Deploy          Installs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Phase 3

                                                                                                                             Info Gen. Exp Dev/Reqs                                     Dev Phase 1                                     OTE         Deploy             Installs
AWIPS II Extended:
Information Generation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dev Phase 2                     OTE     Deploy         Installs

                                                                                                                                                                          Exploratory Dev/Reqs                                    Dev IOC                                     OTE       Deploy       Installs
AWIPS II Extended:
Visualization                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dev FOC                       OTE   Deploy    Installs

                                   AWIPS O&M
                                Scope & IT Footprint
• Network Control Facility (NCF) operations
   – 24/7 Helpdesk, trouble shooting, repair, hw/sw
     installation support, continuous monitoring, and
     security patching
   – AWIPS Communications
      • Satellite Broadcasting Network (SBN) – 10Mbps
        satellite broadcast network
         – Primary and backup Master Ground Station plus 167 site ground
      • WAN - Private VPN over NOAANet
      • LAN – IPv6 ready; Managed by AWIPS NCF
• Hardware Maintenance & Refresh
   – 172 systems at 150 sites; over 3500 servers and
     workstations; hundreds of routers, firewalls, storage
     arrays and network switches
• Software Maintenance and Support
   – 8 million lines of code under CM control (AWIPS I)
• Configuration Management (CM)
   – AWIPS Configuration Control Board reviews and authorizes all Requests for Change to
     the AWIPS IT enterprise                                                               14
                                AWIPS O&M
                               Budget FY11-16

  Capability ($K)    CY11       BY12      FY13      FY14      FY15      FY16

O&M Total            $38,930    $39,846   $39,846   $39,846   $39,846   $39,846

NCF & Baseline S/W
Testing              $19,286    $18,963   $19,193   $19,389   $19,557   $19,330
S/W Maintenance &
Support               $5,145     $5,026    $4,925    $4,813    $4,730    $4,675
H/W Sustaining
Engineering           $6,688     $7,890    $7,461    $7,074    $6,682    $6,643

IT Security           $2,581     $2,737    $2,879    $3,019    $3,158    $3,304

Government FTE        $5,230     $5,230    $5,388    $5,551    $5,719    $5,894

                   IT Dashboard

9.8 out of 10   9.3 out of 10

               AWIPS Information Technology and
                  Cyber Security Information

•   Authorization to Operate (ATO)
     – Received ATO January 2011
     – Continuous Monitoring last submitted January 2011
     – Planning for A&A update for AWIPS II prior to field deployment (May 2011)
•   Future AWIPS-related procurement will be Homeland Security Presidential
    Directive 12 (HSPD-12) compliant
•   Source Code Reviews are conducted prior to any new Operational Build
    software releases and deployment
     – AWIPS is working with Prime Contractor to review methods and tools to enhance code
•   IT Security Training:
     – Compliance with Commerce Interim Technical Requirements (CITR)-006: Information
       System Security Training for Significant Roles (v5.0)
        • IT Security Officer is in compliance
        • System Owner (SO) & Authorizing Official (AO) has taken security training

         AWIPS Information Technology and
          Cyber Security Information (cont.)

•   Approach and Strategies
    – Rigorous Network Security
        • AWIPS IP address space not advertised to Internet
        • Well defined and controlled system boundary
             – Only firewalled connections are allowed to any “Internet Advertised” IP networks
    – Configuration and Change Management in place; includes IT security reviews
    – Continuity of Operations/ Critical Infrastructure Protection (COOP/CIP) systems
      in place last tested July 2010
        • Backup Master Ground Station (MGS) facility in Fairmont, WV activated
        • Backup Network Control Facility (NCF) in Fairmont, WV activated
    – Routine vulnerability scanning
        • Red Hat errata and patches; require integration/testing before deployment
    – AWIPS Host Level Security (Defense in Depth)
    – Confidentiality: Low; Integrity: High; Availability: High


•   AWIPS II migration on track
     – On schedule for deployment (Q1FY12) and on budget
     – AWIPS II successfully deployed at two operational sites and three? Government
       test beds to support operational testing

•   All major risks being tracked and successfully mitigated

                          CITRB: October, 2010
                            Findings & Issues
•   Findings:
     – Length of time that had passed between presentations:
          • Last AWIPS Presentation: July 2008
     – Need for better cost estimating and requirements gathering infrastructure
        (methodology) within the Department of Commerce.

•   Issue:
      – Concerns about contractor performance
      – As of October 2010
           • Project schedule has been re-baselined with a scheduled deployment in Q1FY12
           • Contract has been modified to allow for greater government discretion and
             contractor accountability

                         CITRB: October, 2010
                             Action Items
1. Describe the contractor's overall roll in the Risk Management Process. Is there one
   consolidated AWIPS Risk register? Does the contractor publish and manage a separate
   Risk register? Responsible Party: NOAA/NWS/OST; Target Due Date: December 15, 2010.
   Status: Complete
    • Bi-weekly coordination meetings
    • Contractor prepared a status report on all major projects including risks, issues,
       challenges and opportunities
    • High risk items entered into a consolidated risk register
    • NWS & Contractor uses the consolidated risk register to report to management chains
    • High risk items reviewed at weekly joint Program Manager to Program Manager
       coordination meetings

                          CITRB: October, 2010
                              Action Items
2. Describe the management strategies and triggers in place to ensure the project maintains
   the current momentum, progress and achieves schedule. Responsible Party:
   NOAA/NWS/OST; Target Due Date: December 15, 2010. Status: Complete
     • Stakeholders review technical and schedule progress at bi-weekly coordination
     • Use of incremental check points to measure and validate project progress
         • Measure the number of open AWIPS II Discrepancy Reports (DRs) against the
             planned number of open DRs on a weekly basis.
     • Milestones tracked per their original dates

                         CITRB: October, 2010
                             Action Items
3. Coordinate a meeting with the CITRB's executive leadership to begin discussing ways of
   improving cost estimation and requirements generation capabilities within the Commerce
   Department Responsible Party: J. C. Duh (NOAA) Target Due Date: December 15, 2010.
   Status: Complete
    • JC Duh has accepted a position with NASA Headquarters
         • Willing to meet and/or talk with CITRB members based on his availability

4. Provide a status update to the CITRB on progress and status of AWIPS. Responsible
   Party: NOAA/NWS/OST; Target Due Date: March 1, 2011. Status: Complete

5. Reconvene AWIPS for another CITRB briefing within six-months-April 2011 timeframe .
   Responsible Party: DOC (OS-OCIO) Target Due Date: Send out CITRB notice-March 2011
    • April CITRB Presentation

              NOAA Information Technology Review Board
                                    NITRB REVIEW                                                                                     NITRB Exhibit 300 Funding Chart

                                                                                                            Capability ($K)                         FY11       FY12      FY13      FY14     FY15         FY16
NOAA GOAL                                 Weather & Water
                                                                                            Funding (DME)                                           24,000     24,364    24,364   24,364    24,364       24,364
NOAA PROGRAM                              Local Forecast & Warnings
                                          Science & Technology                              Funding (SS)                                            38,930     39,846    39,846   39,846    39,846       39,846

EXHIBIT 300                               006-48-01-12-01-3101-00                           Totals                                                  62,930     64,210    64,210   64,210    64,210       64,210

REQUIREMENT                               AWIPS collects, communicates, processes,          Network Control Facility & Baseline Software            19,286     18,963    19,193   19,389    19,557       19,330
                                          displays, and analyzes hydro-meteorological
                                          data that is fundamental to conducting the        Software Maintenance & Support                           5,145      5,026     4,925    4,813     4,730        4,675
                                          NWS mission. The system shall integrates
                                          and displays all hydro-meteorological data at     Hardware Sustaining Engineering                          6,688      7,890     7,461    7,074     6,682        6,643
                                          NWS field offices.                                Information Technology Security                          2,581      2,737     2,879    3,019     3,158        3,304

TME FRAME (Total Years)                   10 year contract                                  AWIPS II Migration                                       5,600      2,520

TOTAL COST ($M)                           $301M Contract Value                              AWIPS II Extended                                        9,335      8,910     8,449    8,274     8,372        8,347

TYPE OF ACQUISITION                       Competitive                                       AWIPS II Extended –Phase 2                               1,766      5,801     5,834    5,948     5,817        5,774

                                                                                            Forecast Tools & Apps                                    3,625      3,459     6,323    6,297     6,241        6,216
PROJECT MANAGER                           Timothy Hopkins
                                                                                            Forecast Verification System Development                 1,280      1,280     1,280    1,280     1,280        1,280
CONTRACTING OFFICER                       Edward F. Tennant
                                                                                            Sub-Totals                                              55,306     56,586    56,344   56,094    55,837       55,569
COTRs                                     Beraq Azeem; Walter Scott
                                                                                            Government FTE Costs                                     7,624      7,624     7,866    8,116     8,373        8,641
                            IT SECURITY, EVMS & PBC
                                                                                            Grand Totals                                            62,930     64,210    64,210   64,210    64,210       64,210
                                                                                                                                                 MILESTONE & RISKS
• Certification and Accreditation (C&A)                        NOAA8107
  Number                                                                                   MILESTONE

                                                                                           AWIPS II                                                                               2Q FY06            1Q FY12
• Year of C&A Approval (MM/YY)                                   01/2011
                                                                                           AWIPS II Extended: NAWIPS Migration                                                    1Q FY08            1Q FY12
• C&A IT Security Category (High,                   Confidentiality: Low Integrity: High
                                                                                           AWIPS Extended: Thin Client                                                            4Q FY08            3Q FY12
  Medium/Low)                                               Availability: High
                                                                                           AWIPS II Extended: Collaboration                                                       4Q FY08            1Q FY16
EVMS                                                               Yes
                                                                                           AWIPS II Extended: Data Delivery                                                       4Q FY08            4Q FY14

PERFORMANCE BASED CONTRACTING                                      Yes                     RISKS

                                                                                           • Raytheon cannot resolve all Discrepancy Reports (DR’s) in a timely manner

                                                                                           • Training not completed in a timely manner

                                                                                           • Regions cannot port critical local apps before deployment

       AWIPS Overview
Enterprise Architecture Context

                AWIPS Program Management
                                           OST Director
                                            (Don Berchoff)

                                           PPD Director
                                         (Steve Lord, Acting)

         Contracting Officer
           (Edward F. Tennant)

                                       Program Manager
                                            (Tim Hopkins)

              COTR                 Deputy Program Manager                      Engineering Support
           (Beraq Azeem)                                                  OST/System Engineering Center
                                            (Ronla Henry)
            (Walter Scott)
                                      Operations Manager
                                              (Jim Lane)

  Raytheon Program                Government Development                    Integrated Work Teams
  Management Staff                     Organizations                        • NWS Office of Science &
                                 • OST/System Engineering Center              Technology
• Program Manager:
                                 • OST/Meteorological Development           • NWS Office of Operational
  Andy Nappi
• Deputy Program Manager:          Laboratory
                                 • Office of Hydrologic Development         • NWS Office of Climate, Weather,
  Andre Tarro
                                 • National Centers for Environmental         and Water
• Mission Assurance Manager:
                                   Prediction (NCEP) Central Operations     • NWS Office of Hydrologic
  James Washington
                                 • Office of Oceanic & Atmospheric            Development
• Quality Assurance Manager:
                                   Research/Global Systems Division         • NWS National Centers for
  Randy Ashby
                                                                              Environmental Prediction
                                                                            • NWS Regions

                 AWIPS Acquisition Management
• Prime Contractor: Raytheon Technical Services Company, LLC
• Contract Structure:
   – Contract Type: Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Firm Fixed Price for O&M
   – Awarded: August 2005
   – Performance-based contract employing Service Level Agreements for five base years plus five one-
     year award terms which the Contractor may earn
• Base Contract: O&M support of AWIPS
   – 24/7 Network Control Facility
   – Satellite Broadcast Network
   – Software Integration and Test
   – Sustaining engineering and hardware refresh
• Option 1: Product Improvement
   – Issued: March 2006
   – Includes AWIPS II, AWIPS II Extended, and AWIPS II Extended Phase 2
• Option 2: Software Maintenance and Support
   – Issued: January 2006
   – Transfer of software maintenance from Government organizations to the Contractor
• Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan
   – Contains detailed objective service level agreements
   – Monitored monthly, assessed every 6 months by Government team
   – Determines Incentive dollars and award term points earned by the Contractor
           • Contractor earned 3 out of 5 award term years to date
                  AWIPS Risk Management

• Risk Management Plan
• Risk Inventory
   – Risks and mitigations are identified at weekly meetings jointly with
     program team, contractor team, and stakeholders
   – Maintain integrated program risk registry
   – Mitigation actions are approved and tracked by the PM
• Management Reviews
   – High impact risks and mitigation status are reviewed at weekly and
     monthly NWS Program Reviews
   – AWIPS Program provides monthly status of key issues and risks to
     NWS AA and DOC DUS
• Qualitative Risk Analysis
   – Risk probability (or Likelihood) estimated
   – Risk Impact (or Severity), cost, schedule and technology estimated

                       Schedule Software Maintenance &
                           Sustaining Engineering
                 Fiscal Year                FY9                                    FY10                                    CY11                                BY12                           FY13                                    FY14                        FY15                                 FY16
                               Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
     S/W Maintenance
                                                                                AWIPS I DR Fixes
AWIPS I                        OB9.2 Dev & Test               Deploy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          AWIPS II O&M Releases
AWIPS II                                                                                                                                              Deploy
                                                                                                                                AWIPS II O&M Rel Dev & Test

 Sustaining Engineering
                                                                                Op                                                                                                          Op                                                                                                       Op
LX Workstation                                     Implementation
                                                                                               Installs                                                             Implementation
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Installs                                                         Implementation

                                                                                           Op                                                                                                                                                 Op
DX1 DX2                                                                Implementation
                                                                                                          Installs                                                                                           Implementation

                                                                                           Op                                                                                                                                                 Op
DX3 DX4                                        Implementation
                                                                                                          Installs                                                                                           Implementation

Pre-processors                           Op Test                 Installs                                                Implementation           Op Test              Installs                                                                                 Implementation             Op Test              Installs

                                                              Op                                                                                                                                      Op
LDAD Firewall                     Implementation
                                                                            Installs                                                                                       Implementation

                                                                                                                                           Op                                                                                                                                    Op
LDAD Servers                                                                                                  Implementation
                                                                                                                                                         Installs                                                                                        Implementation

                                                                                                                                Op                                                                                                            Op
Text Workstations                                                                                     Implementation
                                                                                                                                              Installs                                                       Implementation

                                                                                                      Op                                                                                                                Op
Power Vault                                                            Implementation
                                                                                                                     Installs                                                               Implementation

                                                                                                                         Op                                                                                                                                                                          Op
Printers                                                                                   Implementation
                                                                                                                                Installs                                                                                                                                  Implementation

WFO NAS                        Op Test             Installs                                                                                                                                 Implementation

RFC NAS                        Op Test             Installs                                                                                                                                 Implementation

                                                                       Op                                                                                                                                    Op
River Ensemble Processor                 Implementation
                                                                                           Installs                                                                                  Implementation

MPLS2/NOAAnet                     Implementation

SBN Expansion                                                                                         Implementation            Installs

                               AWIPS Tech Infusion
• AWIPS II Migration: Migrate current AWIPS functionalities to a “Service Oriented
  Architecture” (SOA)
   –   Improve maintainability and stability via streamlined, extensible software
   –   Reduce time to transition from 18 months to 9 months
   –   Reduce software development time for new products by 50%
   –   Increase software release frequency from 2 to 4 per year

• AWIPS II Extended: Implement on-going pre-planned, major infrastructure enhancements
   – Extend AWIPS II architecture to the entire NWS weather enterprise
         • Enables more seamless product suite among NWS operational centers, e.g., National Centers,
         • Improves efficiencies in developing new capabilities that can be used across the NWS weather
   – Implement system-wide infrastructure enhancements
         • Smart Push/Pull technologies to enable AWIPS to handle increased data volumes associated
           with major agency initiatives, e.g., GOES-R, Higher resolution models, etc.
         • Real-time collaboration among NWS operators and between NWS operators and partners, e.g.,
           Emergency Managers to support improved product consistency, quality and decision assistance
         • Streamlined information generation dissemination and access for partners to support decision
         • Improve data visualization to support situational awareness and decision assistance
                         AWIPS Tech Infusion
• Extended, Phase 2: Implement additional infrastructure enhancements to address
  existing and emerging NWS mission requirements
   – Ingest numerous new and enhanced datasets, advanced decision assistance systems
   – Improve system robustness to support more agile infusion of new science and
     technology into the system and to improve collaborative development across the
     hydrometeorological community

• Forecast Tools & Applications: Infuse new science and applications to improve
  forecast accuracy and consistency

• Forecast Verification: Collaboration with NOAA OAR to develop real-time, net-
  enabled verification systems to monitor and improve the forecast process.

                                  Extended Phase 2 & Forecast Tools
 • Advance AWIPS II baseline functions to improve forecast accuracy and
          – Infuse new data streams from GOES-R, JPSS, high-resolution models,
            uncertainty forecast, etc.
          – Infuse new science and applications
                                              FY11                                           FY12                                   FY13                                   FY14                               FY15                              FY16
Fiscal Year
                                  Q1      Q2        Q3            Q4       Q1          Q2       Q3          Q4       Q1        Q2          Q3        Q4      Q1       Q2        Q3      Q4      Q1       Q2      Q3         Q4      Q1      Q2     Q3   Q4
                                                                    Design &
Automating Testing                                 Reqmts

                                                                    Design &
Developer Support                                  Reqmts

Improvements to Radar Dual
                                                                                         Design &
Polarization Algorithms and                                               Reqmts
                                                                                                            OTE     Deploy          Installs

                                       Exploratory Development
Ingest and Display of new NPP
Products                                                                        Design &
                                                                 Reqmts                         OTE        Deploy

                                                                     Reqmts,             Design &
                                                                                                            OTE     Deploy          Installs
Improve Enterprise Wide Backup                                       Phase 1            Development
Capabilities                                                                                               Reqmt       Design &
                                                                                                                                           OTE      Deploy
                                                                                                            Ph, 2     Development

                                                                           Exploratory Development
Ingest and Display of new GOES-
R Products                                                                                                              Reqmts,                                    Design &
                                                                                                                                                                                                OTE     Deploy
                                                                                                                        Phase I                                   Development
                                                                                                      Reqmts,          Design &
                                                                                                                                           OTE      Deploy     Installs
                                                                                                      Phase 1         Development
                                                                                                                                               Reqmts,        Design &
Forecast Uncertainty Generation                                                                                                                Phase 2       Development
                                                                                                                                                                                OTE    Deploy     Installs

                                                                                                                                                                                  Reqmts,        Design &
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 OTE       Deploy    Installs
                                                                                                                                                                                  Phase 3       Development

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