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					                      The Navy Yard News
               Special Green Issue: Dedicated to Sustainability
               #    #     #    #     #     #   #   #    #      #    #    #    #     #      #   #    #     #     Spring/Summer 2008

The Navy Yard Business
                                               Exelon Epuron Solar Energy
Profile:                                       Center at The Navy Yard
Changing World Technologies, Inc.
(CWT) operates a research and                  Epuron LLC, one of the world’s
development facility at The Navy Yard.         leading project development
The company’s patented Thermal                 and structured finance
Conversion Process (TCP) converts a            companies in the renewable
broad range of organic wastes —                energy sector, will finance and
including agricultural and food                develop the Exelon Epuron
processing waste, mixed plastics,              Solar Energy Center at The
rubbers and foams — into renewable             Navy Yard. The facility will
diesel fuels and other valuable co-            generate approximately 1.5
products.                                      million kilowatt hours of solar
                                               energy and solar renewable
CWT’s technology has been reviewed             energy credits annually. The
and validated by the Massachusetts             power will be purchased by
Institute of Technology (MIT), the U.S.        Exelon Generation Company as
Department of Energy (DOE), the                part of Epuron’s pre-existing 4+ megawatt power purchase agreement (PPA) with
American Plastics Council and the              the utility (the 3 megawatt facility is currently under construction in Bucks County,
Vehicle Recycling Partnership (VRP), a         PA).The aggregate project is the largest solar photovoltaic installation on the east
consortium of the big three U.S.               coast. In addition, the solar facility at The Navy Yard will be the largest photovoltaic
automobile manufacturers. CWT’s                facility to be built within a major US city.
work at The Navy Yard facility includes
processing sewage sludge for the City          The 1.4 megawatt solar energy center, located on a 7-acre former landfill in the
of Philadelphia and joint research with        Girard Point industrial area of The Navy Yard, will include more than 5,000
VRP. An upcoming project, in                   photovoltaic panels. Over the course of its 20-year operating life, this solar energy
conjunction with Gas Technology                facility at The Navy Yard will provide the following environmental benefits:
Institute and Desert Research Institute,
through a DOE grant, will focus on                      •   Produce nearly 56 million kilowatt hours of carbon-free electricity
applications to convert biomass into                    •   Offset approximately 100 thousand barrels of oil
alternative energy products and                         •   Equivalent to planting 300 acres of mature trees annually
renewable fuels.                                        •   Offset 40-50 million miles of cars being driven
                                                        •   Reduce carbon dioxide production by 45-50 million pounds
CWT’s operations at The Navy Yard
will continue to focus on                      “The Exelon Epuron Solar Center at
commercializing the company’s                  The Navy Yard is an important step
patented technologies to provide               towards a more economically diverse
                                                                                               Changing World Technologies, Inc.          1
improved solutions for waste handling          and sustainable Philadelphia,” said Mayor
                                                                                               Exelon Epuron Solar Energy Center

reduction and production of                    Michael A. Nutter. “I am pleased that
                                                                                               Greening Our Open Spaces and Roads         2
renewable energy.
                                                                                               The Navy Yard Welcomes
                                               my administration, in coordination with
                                               the state and PIDC, could bring this
                                                                                               One Crescent Drive                         3

For more information, please visit
                                                                                               The Navy’s Green Activities
                                               project here.”
                                                                                               How Can I Get Involved                     4
                                                                                               Philly Car Share
                                                                                               Urban Outfitter’s Restoration              5
                                                                                               The Navy Yard Businesses                   6
Greening our Open Spaces and Roads
PIDC’s 2004 master plan established a focus on sustainability
and the use of environmentally friendly materials for
development projects and site operations throughout The Navy
Yard. In compliance with the Philadelphia Water Department’s
low impact development initiatives,The Navy Yard is launching a
pilot program using innovative storm water management
systems in the construction of 11th street and the new diagonal
boulevard through the Corporate Center. Utilizing design
features to treat rain water before it enters the sewer system
will improve the quality of the water treatment process.The
sustainable mission includes drought tolerant, low maintenance
materials and plantings.

In addition to the 10 acres of parks that currently exist at The
Navy Yard, League Island Park, a 2.5 acre park planned between
11th and 12th Streets on Constitution Avenue will also utilize
sustainable innovation in its green spaces. An expansive storm
water collection system designed as a constructed wetland with
native grasses will edge the central mounded lawn oval. A
footbridge will lead pedestrians from the perimeter walking
paths to the “island”. Decorative wood pilings have been
incorporated as lighting features and remnants of pier slabs will
provide opportunities for seating. Recycled shells from the
Delaware River will be ground and utilized as a soft paving

The project team includes Wells Appel, landscape architects,
and KS Engineers, P.C. of Philadelphia.

                                THE NAVY YARD WELCOMES

   Light-Pod is a leading optical and electronics design                 Yuasa Battery Inc. is the leading provider of
   engineering firm strategically focused to manufacture                 batteries for the power sports industry in North
   advanced energy efficient solid state lighting systems for            America. At The Navy Yard,Yuasa Battery Inc., in
   mission critical environments. Light-Pod was selected by the          collaboration with GS Yuasa Power Supply Ltd., is
   Navy to develop replacement lighting fixtures for the next            developing and establishing Dispatchable
   generation destroyer class ships. In early 2008, Light-Pod            Distributed Energy Storage systems designed as
   introduced the Illuminator series lighting fixture which has          Alternative Energy solutions for the Electricity
   completed and passed electronic military qualification for            Industry. The Destiny ESM (™ pending) units can
   Navy shipboard use.The core development team of Light-                function as a stand alone load leveling resource or
   Pod combines the experience of over 50 years of design in             integrate with solar panels to provide significant
   the lighting marketplace.Today they provide application               energy load shifting thereby greatly maximizing the
   based lighting products as well as advanced engineering               efficiency of solar or other renewable energy
   design services for the military and commercial markets.              initiatives.
   Light-Pod’s cost effective energy efficient design and
   production capabilities set industry standards for high
                                                                         For additional information about Yuasa Battery Inc.,
   performance and reliability.
                                                                         please contact Corbin Whittington at
   For more information about Light-Pod and the Illuminator
   series lighting fixture, please visit
                          Light-Pod and Yuasa Battery Inc., the two newest Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ)
                          companies at The Navy Yard, have located in the Building 100 Innovation Center.
One Crescent Drive Makes History
As the first speculative building constructed                                                Compared to a typical office building, One
under the master plan and paving the trail                                                   Crescent Drive saves over 30% on utility
for a new commercial sub-market, it was                                                      costs equating to over $65,000 per year.
critical that One Crescent Drive set a high
standard for Navy Yard development.                                                          Green practices were also incorporated
Sustainability was a critical element in                                                     into the construction process as over 30%
helping to set that standard so Liberty                                                      of the materials used in construction
Property Trust and Synterra Partners                                                         contained recycled content; over 95% of
committed to developing One Crescent                                                         construction waste was kept out of landfills;
Drive according to L.E.E.D. (Leadership in                                                   air pollution caused by traditional concrete
Energy & Environmental Design) standards,                                                    curing methods was reduced by 40%; and
a “green” building rating system created by                                                  over 40% of the materials used in
the United States Green Building Council                                                     construction were manufactured and/or
to set a measurable standard for sustainable                                                 extracted within 500 miles of the site. In
and environmentally responsible design.                                                      addition, One Crescent Drive implements a
                                                                                             green house-keeping program and its
The building utilizes a number of energy                                                     building systems are constantly monitoring
and water saving features including a four-                                                  carbon dioxide levels and adjusting the
story atrium which maximizes natural light;                                                  amount of fresh air intake in the building as
exterior sun shades and a white roof, both                                                   needed. One Crescent Drive’s High
of which reduce heat gain; and state-of-the-                                                 Performance, Green design exemplifies The
art heating and cooling systems.                One Crescent Drive achieved a L.E.E.D.-CS    Navy Yard’s commitment to sustainability.
                                                Platinum certification, making it first
                                                developer-owned Platinum L.E.E.D.-CS         For more information, please visit:
                                                building in the world.             

              The Navy’s Green Activities at The Navy Yard
    While the large ships anchored in the reserve basin and in the Delaware River provide us with a daily reminder of the Navy’s
    presence, the vastness of the Navy’s activity is relatively unknown to most Navy Yard employees. The Navy Yard is home to
    more the 2,700 Navy civilian employees working among several units. These Navy units perform functions ranging from fleet
    management to the development of state-of-the-art systems for the Navy ships of the future. Spending over $500 million on
    research and development from their Navy Yard operations, the Navy has focused significant resources on sustainable
    environmentally friendly systems.
    Some of the Navy’s green activities include:
    Naval Surface Warfare Center, This organization provides the Navy with their environmental quality engineering
         Carderock Division – Ship technical capacity to meet their operational and readiness objectives.This core
      Systems Engineering Station technical capability supports unbiased qualification testing and evaluation of
                   (NSWCCD-SSES) innovative naval environmental systems and commercial technologies for the U.S.
                                                     Navy, Army, and Coast Guard, the Military Sealift Command, as well as
                                                     commercial vessels.

                              Fuel Cell Lab          This state-of-the-art laboratory is devoted to testing and evaluating fuel cell
                                                     power plants for naval surface and undersea applications. In addition to Navy
                                                     work, this lab is used by private industry and academia.

              ISE Pollution Abatement                 This laboratory, which is uniquely outfitted to stimulate shipboard pollution
                                                     abatement systems, provides the capability to test fleet configurations to ensure
                                                     that effective pollution abatement systems are deployed and maintained. The
              Engineering Laboratory
                                                     facility contains fully operational oil/water separators, including a newly developed
                                                     high – flow oil/water separator system recently approved for fleet wide
    Urban Outfitters’
    Restoration: Green
    Building Strategies
           Sustainable design isn’t always about whiz-bang technology. At Urban Outfitters Inc.
           corporate campus at The Navy Yard, sustainable design was achieved through the renewal
           and restoration of five turn-of-the-century industrial warehouses. By carefully and
           thoughtfully restoring each building to its original character, Urban Outfitters’ implemented a
           series of “green” building strategies:
              • By uncovering and restoring original windows and skylights, natural sunlight now floods
                every workstation.The daylight not only reduces energy consumption but also improves
                employee morale and productivity.
              • In restoring the original rail lines and past circulation patterns inherent in the landscape,
                Urban connected the inside with the outside and provided comfortable and inviting
                spaces for employees to spend time outside.
              • Construction debris and waste was often recycled on-site. Glass was crushed and
                reused in flooring. Concrete and rock were reused in smaller pieces as decorative
                elements at the base of columns and beams.
              • Found objects were saved and reused - most notable wood beams are now the treads
                of main staircases and original wood flooring is used as furnishings.

           On the high-tech side, the buildings’ have improved thermal comfort with new HVAC
           systems and increased ventilation. When lights are turned on, they are connected to timers
           to further reduce energy use. Urban also uses an innovative storm water collection system
           to protect the neighboring river.

           Urban Outfitters worked with the architecture firm Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. and
           the landscape design firm D.I.R.T. Studio on the adaptive reuse of its five buildings at The
           Navy Yard.

                                                                                                                     Photographs by Lara Swimmer/ESTO

Coming Soon... The Navy Yard is Getting Even Greener

Liberty Property Trust/Synterra L.P. is        Tasty Baking Company is pursuing LEED®           Liberty Property Trust/Synterra L.P.
developing Three Crescent Drive, and           certification for its 350,000 square foot        will incorporate innovative rain
is pursuing LEED® Gold Certification.          baking facility, making it the world’s first     gardens into the road design of The
                                               LEED certified commercial bakery.                Navy Yard’s Corporate Center.
                        How Can I Get Involved?
                            Clean Air Council is a non-profit, member-supported environmental organization based in
                            Center City, Philadelphia. The Council has had countless successes, including helping to pass the
                            City of Philadelphia’s mandatory recycling law, the first of its kind in the nation, and implement
                            the Commonwealth’s automobile emissions inspection program. More recently, the Council
                            secured funding for and helped develop significant wind energy resources in Pennsylvania, led a
                            coalition to pass the City’s smoking ban, and worked with SEPTA to secure a significant new
                            commitment to purchase 400 new diesel-electric hybrid buses, which will replace the dirtiest of
                            the vehicles still in SEPTA’s fleet.

                            There are two major ways in which Navy Yard employers can get involved with the Council’s
                            programs, helping to improve air quality and public health, both for their employees and for the
                            community at large:

                            Promoting Sustainable Transportation Alternatives
                            The Council’s Mobility Alternatives Program promotes transportation alternatives, such as
                            public transportation and car/van pooling, as a way for businesses to boost benefits packages,
                            employee morale, and their bottom line. In turn, employees can save time and money on their
                            commute. For more information on the Mobility Alternatives Program, visit
                  , or contact Tim Kelly at Clean Air Council at
                            215-567-4004 ext. 110 or at

                            Purchasing Wind Energy
                            In the Philadelphia-area, businesses can conveniently purchase wind energy directly through
                            PECO. Entities as large as the Philadelphia International Airport and as small as the
                            Philadelphia Print Shop have recently made significant purchases of wind energy. To find out
                            more about how your company can purchase wind energy through PECO, contact Thurman
                            Brendlinger at Clean Air Council at 215-567-4004 ext. 104 or at, or

Interested in bringing PhillyCarShare to The Navy Yard?
For more information or to join, visit or call Gerald Furgione at 215-730-0988, ext. 107. Enter
promo code “Navy Yard” when signing up and receive $100 of driving credit for your business. Offer expires 6/30/08.
The Navy Yard Businesses
                                          Geo-Centers, Inc.                           PNC Bank
                                          General Dynamics Corporation                Port of Philadelphia & Camden
                                          George Young Company                        Potomac Navy Yard, LLC
                                          Gibbs & Cox, Inc.                           Printcrafters, Inc.
                                          Hargrove, Inc.                              Q.E.D. Systems, Inc.
                                          Healthmark Incorporated                     Quaker Electrical & Mechanical
                                          International Cruise Terminal               Contractors, Inc.
                                          iofy corporation                            Rebellion Pictures, LLC
                                          Iroko Pharmaceuticals LLC                   Resource America, Inc.
                                          Jamie Record Company                        Rhoads Industries
                                          K-Sea Transportation                        River Associates
Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, Inc.          Landmar Enterprises, Inc.                   Rotem Company
American Shipping Corporation             Life Cycle Engineering                      Sautter’s Café
AMSEC                                     Light Pod                                   Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.
Anthropologie                             Living Naturally, LLC                       Smart Genetics
AppTec Laboratory Services                Lockheed Martin                             Steven L. Gershman, Esquire
Barthco International, Inc.               Lopez McHugh, LLP                           Stonehenge Advisors, Inc.
Ben Franklin Technology Partners          McAllister Towing of Philadelphia, Inc.     Tasty Baking Company
Canadian Pacific Railway                  McKean Defense Group                        Team Clean
Changing World Technologies               MetroKids Publications                      Terrain
Chapel of the Four Chaplains              Menasha Packaging Company, LLC              Torcon Incorporated
Collegiate Consortium for Workforce and   MinusNine Technologies                      Thackray Crane Rental, Inc.
Economic Development                      Moran Towing of Pennsylvania                Unique Industries
Connolly Consulting                       Mothers Work, Inc.                          Urban Outfitters, Inc.
Cushman and Wakefield of PA, Inc.         Nason Construction, Inc.                    U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
DiNic’s of Snyder Ave., Inc.              NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corp.               U.S. Navy
Duke Energy Generation                    Northrop Grumman Systems Corp.              Vericom Technologies
DVIRC                                     P&A Associates                              VITETTA
EDO Corporation                           Penn State Great Valley                     Yuasa Battery Inc.
EG&G                                      Pennsylvania Horticultural Society          WHYY, Inc.
Excel Welding                             PennShip Services, LLC                      Wilmington Steel Processing Co.
Free People                               Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp.   Y Carbon Inc.
Freedom Sciences, LLC                     Philadelphia Shipyard Development Corp.

                                                              215-THE-YARD •
                                                              1413 Langley Avenue • Philadelphia PA 19112
                                                              Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation

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