3C Lotus Panache Resale 9910007460 Noida by SusheelKumar10


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									3C Lotus Panache Resale in Noida Largest Green Residential Project. 3C
has brings a new residential project Lotus flamboyance at Sector 110 in
Noida. 3c Lotus Panache Noida offers 2 & 3 BHK apartments Noida has by
now shown its possible by its explore commercial sectors and shopping
mall. It is also a hub for famous film city. One can find here the tall
building, broad and clean roads, extensively spreading commercial sectors
etc. due to this more and more population interested in becoming a part
of it. As the real estate is in new heights here, it became easy to find the
real estate solution in Noida and industrial & commercial property agents.
Who can custody all the needs of buyer in the mind suggest the best
option obtainable at present time. As there are many plans in a row and
plenty of exiting projects are in hand for the improved offers, ask with the
agent can provide the many alternative about the upcoming scheme in
Noida. Some of the knowledgeable and accomplished real estate
contractors exist in Noida, can satisfy with the valuable armed forces for
the great endorsement of buyer Noida .
   Size-988 Tower-8 Unit-904,Size-988 Tower-8 Unit-706,Size-988 Tower-8 Unit-605,
    Size-988 Tower-8 Unit-1805,Size-988 Tower-8 Unit-1203, Size-988 Tower-8 Unit-
    1201,Size-988 Tower-8 Unit-1106,Size-988 Tower-8 Unit-002, Size-988 Tower-5
    Unit-406,Size-988 Tower-5 Unit-2502,Size-988 Tower-5 Unit-2001,Size-988 T-8
    Floor-4th,Size-988 T-8 Floor-4th N,Size-988 T-5 Unit-2201,Size-988 T-5 Floor-5th
    Unit-1804,Size-988 T-4 Unit-604,Size-988 T-4 Unit-1502,Size-1330 Tower-7 Unit-
    2301,Size-1330 Tower-7 Unit-1702,Size-1330 Tower-6 Unit-904,
   Size-1330 Tower-6 Unit-903, Size-1330 Tower-6 Unit-706, Size-1330 Tower-6 Unit-
    703,Size-1330 Tower-6 Unit-601,Size-1330 Tower-6 Unit-40X,Size-1330 Tower-6
    Unit-403,Size-1330 Tower-22 Unit-1804, Size-1330 Tower-22 Unit-1304, Size-1330
    Tower-21 Unit-403,Size-1330 Tower-21 Unit-403,Size-1330 Tower-21 Unit-
    1904,Size-1330 Tower-21 Unit-1904,Size-1330 Tower-21 Unit-1901, Size-1330
    Tower-21 Unit-1404,Size-1330 Tower-21 Unit-1302,Size-1330 Tower-20 Unit-
    602,Size-1130 Tower-7 Unit-1404,Size-1130 Tower-7 Unit-105,Size-1130 Tower-6
    Unit-806,Size-1130 Tower-6 Unit-2106,Size-1130 Tower-6 Unit-106,Size-1130
    Tower-4 Unit-705,Size-1130 Tower-4 Unit-705,Size-1130 Tower-3 Unit-605,Size-
    1130 Tower-21 Unit-1305,Size-1130 Tower-20
   Unit-2106,Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-905,Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-305,Size-1130
    Tower-2 Unit-205,Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-1805,Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-1706,Size-
    1130 Tower-2
   Unit-1406,Size-1130 Tower-2 Unit-1406,Size-1130 Tower-2 Floor-1005,Size-1130
    Tower-1 Unit-405,Size-1130 Tower-1 Unit-1506,Size-1130 Tower-1 Unit-1006, Size-
    1130 Tower-1
   Floor-20th,Size-1130 Tower-1 Floor-1106,Size-1130 T-XX Unit-9XX, Size-1130 T-4
    Unit-705, Size-1130T-4 Floor-19th,Size-1130 T-21 Floor-6th,Size-1130 T-2 Floor-
   3 C Lotus Panache is located at Sector 110 in Noida.
   Sector- 82 Approx. 1 km from the Noida ,Greater
    Noida Expressway.
   Connaught Place 30 Minutes
   Sector 18 Market
   10 Minutes Max Hospital
   15 Minutes DND Flyway
   15 Minutes Lotus Valley International School
   05 Minutes Sector 37
   12 Minutes Noida City Center
   Golf Course 10 Minutes
    Botanical Garden 05 Minutes.

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