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					                                                                                FEBRUARY 2011

                                                                 SFI Builds on Grant Program Success —
       IN THIS ISSUE                                                 Invites Project Proposals for 2011
Four Named to SFI Expert Panel ... 2                      AFTER A YEAR OF TREMENDOUS ACHIEVEMENTS in 2010,           conservation-grant/index.php, and the deadline for
                                                          the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program        proposals is Tuesday, Feb. 15.
Maryland State Forester Named
to SFI Board .................................. 2         launched the second year of its Conservation and               “We have added a new category with five to seven
                                                          Community Partnerships Grant Program with a call for       smaller grants of up to $5,000 to support projects such
SFI: What Others are Saying .......... 2
                                                          proposals for 2011.                                        as forestry educational programs for children and proj-
Briefs ............................................ 3         In 2010, SFI Inc. awarded nine grants totaling         ects that support management of culturally important
State Forester Calls for Broader                          $307,500 with some multi-year projects that brought        lands,” says Allison Welde, SFI Director of Conservation
Support for Certification ..................... 3         the total commitment to $675,000 over three years.         Partnerships and Communications.
SFI Releases New On-line                                  Through the involvement of partners, these projects are        The Conservation and Community Partnerships
Certification Database .................... 3             expected to leverage additional resources and achieve a    Grants foster partnerships between organizations inter-
CONSERVATION GRANTS UPDATE:                               total value of almost $2.7 million.                        ested in improving forest management in the United
 SFI Conservation Partnerships                                “We anticipated far-reaching benefits because we       States and Canada and responsible procurement globally.
 Yield Impressive Results ............... 4               know first-hand how building conservation and              Applicants are asked to address topics such as improving
  Linking Bird Studies Canada                             community partnerships can lead to tangible, on-the-       wildlife habitat management, avoiding controversial
  and Industry................................... 4       ground results,” says SFI President and CEO Kathy          sources of fiber such as those resulting from illegal log-
 Grant Supports Work to Protect                           Abusow. “To say we are impressed with project out-         ging, and assisting local communities by supporting
 At-Risk Species ................................ 5       comes so far is an understatement.”                        activities such as low-income green building projects.
UPDATE ON USGBC, LEED AND                                     Up to $200,000 in new grants will be awarded this          For more information, contact Allison Welde. Read
FOREST CERTIFICATION                                      year. Information is posted at         more about 2010 achievements on page 4.
 Proposed benchmarks fail
 USGBC vote ................................. 5
  LEED Advised to Recognize Wood                              Ohio State Forests                                       SFI Participants Act to
  and Forest Certification Benefits .. 5
                                                               Certified to SFI                                         Benefit Trout Habitat
 Green Building Council Italia
 Promotes Forest Certification ....... 5                  OHIO’S 21 STATE FORESTS ARE THE FIRST in the state cer-
SFI Implementation Committees.. 6, 7                      tified to the SFI 2010-2014 Standard.
Trade Show Update ...................... 7                     “The Division of Forestry continues to set the
                                                          example for proper forest management,” says Sean
Are Campaigners Misleading                                Logan, Director of the Ohio Department of Natural
Consumers? .................................. 7
                                                          Resources. “This effort ensures that future generations
Webinar to Review Revised                                 will be able to enjoy Ohio’s diverse forest habitats and
PEFC COC .................................... 7
                                                          that these same forests will continue to provide an
New Certifications and                                    economic boost to the state.”
Program Statistics .......................... 8
                                                               “This is a milestone achievement for the Ohio
Orion Accredited for SFI CoC                              Division of Forestry,” says State Forester Dr. David
Certification ....................................... 8
                                                          Lytle. “Certification reflects the Division’s dedication
About SFI Inc. ................................. 8        to the sustainable management of Ohio’s 200,000
                                                                                                                       Members of the Maine SFI Implementation
                                                          acres (81,000 hectares) of state forest land.”
                                                                                                                       Committee are helping state agencies protect brook
 SAVE THE DATE                                                 Former Governor Ted Strickland had issued an exec-      trout habitat — see page 6 to read more about their
  2011 SFI ANNUAL                                         utive directive to the department’s Division of Forestry     work. This included a bridge building exercise
   CONFERENCE                                             to seek certification to the SFI and Forest Stewardship      sponsored by Louisiana Pacific in New Limerick,
                                                          Council programs. Close to three quarters of the more        Maine. The bridge mats were built and then installed
  SEPT. 13-15, 2011                                       than 180 million acres/73 million hectares certified to      in a stream on an active harvest operation.
      Burlington, Vermont
                                                          SFI across North America involve public lands.

                                                        PAGE ONE                    
                                                                                               Maryland State Forester Named to
           EXPERT PANEL                                                                                    SFI Board
                                                                                   MARYLAND STATE FORESTER STEVEN                                        SFI board will benefit from his enthusiasm,
   Four new members elected recently to the SFI                                    W. KOEHN, the newest member of the SFI                                experience and commitment to responsible
   External Review Panel bring a wealth of knowledge                               Board of Directors, says he welcomes the                              forest management, certification and
   and experience to the independent panel of experts.                             opportunity “to work with SFI to raise aware-                         green building.”
                                                                                   ness of the important role certification plays                           Koehn has been Director and State
   The new members are:                                                            to encourage sustainable management of                                Forester of the Maryland Department of
   • Bryan Burhans, President & CEO, The American                                  America’s forests.”                                                   Natural Resources, Forest Service, since
     Chestnut Foundation;                                                             Koehn, who is also Past President of the                           February 2001. He played a vital leadership
   • Lena L. Tucker, District Forester, Oregon                                     National Association of State Foresters, was                          role in the passage of the Maryland
     Department of Forestry;                                                       elected to the board’s social chamber in                              Sustainable Forestry Act of 2009, which
   • Valerie A. Luzadis, Professor, Department of                                  December. His office is responsible for                               recognizes that an important way to improve
     Forest and Natural Resource Management, State                                 Maryland’s 200,000-acre/81,000-hectare                                the health of Maryland's vast Chesapeake
     University of New York College of Environmental                                                                                                     Bay ecosystem is through healthy forests.
                                                                                   State Forest system, including the 60,000-
     Science and Forestry; and                                                                                                                           Last year, he won a Champion of Trees award
                                                                                   acre/24,000-hectare Chesapeake Forest, a
   • Robert S. Tomlinson, Assistant Director, Division
                                                                                   unique public and private partnership and                             from the non-profit Arbor Day Foundation
     of Forestry, Minnesota Department of Natural
                                                                                   Maryland’s first SFI-FSC dual-certified                               for advancing public forestry policy.
                                                                                   forest. The state aims to have all its state                             In other board changes, Robert A. (Bob)
                                                                                   forests certified by April 2011.                                      Luoto, who represents independent profes-
        “Bryan, Lena, Valerie and Bob are truly outstand-
                                                                                      “Steve is a highly motivated and innova-                           sional loggers and the American Loggers
   ing additions to our team,” says Panel Chair Michael
                                                                                   tive leader whose work in Maryland has                                Council, was elected chair. Larry Selzer,
   T. Goergen Jr., Executive Vice-President and CEO of
   the Society of American Foresters. “Their solid                                 received national recognition,” says SFI                              President and CEO of The Conservation
   expertise and talent means they can offer advice that                           President and CEO Kathy Abusow. “The                                  Fund, was named vice-chair.
   will keep the SFI program strong.”
        The External Review Panel provides diverse
   perspectives and expertise to the SFI program while
                                                                                                             SFI: What Others are Saying
   contributing to quality assurance and continuous                                THE SFI PROGRAM HAS PREPARED a                                        Dovetail Partners — and notes websites
   improvement. Panel members make sure SFI’s                                                                                                            where the original materials can be found.
                                                                                   two-page fact sheet listing the many
   public documents, including the annual progress                                                                                                       It is posted under fact sheets in the
                                                                                   reports and discussions showing the value
   report and data, are objective and credible; that the
                                                                                   of all credible third-party forest certifica-                         resources section of the SFI website
   program facilitates public input; and that emerging
                                                                                   tion programs, including SFI.                                         (
   issues and opportunities are identified.
                                                                                      The document includes quotes from                                  esources.php), and copies can be ordered
        Panel members offer a balance of technical skills
                                                                                   organizations such as the United Nations                              by emailing
   and organizational experience, with four to six
   members from each of the following categories —                                 Economic Commission for Europe, the
   environmental/conservation groups, professional/                                Canadian Council of Forest Ministers, the
   academic groups, and public agencies (local, state,                             National Association of State Foresters and
   provincial, tribal or federal governments).
        The External Review Panel has been part of the
   SFI program since it began, and became an
   independent organization with its own charter and
   member selection in 1997.

1 2009-2010 Forest Products Annual Market Review Page 121
2 National Association of State Foresters policy paper on forest certification
3 Forest Certification: A Status Report March 2010
4 Canadian Council of Forest Ministers Statement on Forest Certification Standards in Canada

                                                                                                           PAGE TWO
                  BRIEFS                                  State Forester Calls for Broader Support
                                                                      for Certification
2011 International Year of Forests
The United Nations General Assembly has declared         AS FAR AS ALABAMA STATE                             Alabama’s forests are owned by more
2011 International Year of Forests (       FORESTER LINDA CASEY is con-                        than 440,000 non-industrial private
events/iyof2011) to raise awareness on sustainable       cerned, one of the best ways to improve             landowners.”
management, conservation and sustainable devel-          forest management is to support third-                  Casey, who is a member of the SFI
opment of all types of forests. At the SFI annual        party certification programs like SFI.              External Review Panel, was reacting to
conference, Benjamin Singer, Forest Affairs Officer,        In a guest blog posted on the SFI Good           recent reports critical of the SFI program.
UN Forum on Forests Secretariat, talked about plans      for Forests blog (,          “Groups like ForestEthics might claim to
for the year-long celebration, and the opportunity to    Casey says SFI certification is one of the          care about our forests but their tactics
highlight success stories and innovative solutions       reasons why the implementation rate for             suggest otherwise,” she says. “Negative,
that showcase the theme Celebrating Forests for          best management practices stands at 97              misleading reports do nothing to improve
People. SFI will be involved in a number of activities   percent in Alabama.                                 forest management — and risk driving
to recognize the year, including a celebration in           “Close to 2.4 million acres of Alabama’s         consumers to markets beyond our borders
Washington this spring with other national organiza-     forests are certified to the SFI Standard,          ... Encouraging consumers to buy products
tions to raise political awareness about the impor-      and I see the benefits almost every day,”           certified to all credible programs, which
tance of forests and forest products. If you have        she says. “And SFI’s reach goes far beyond          definitely includes SFI, is one of the best
suggestions about possible events or opportunities,                                                          ways to make a difference in the forest and
                                                         certified lands – it addresses the reality that
please contact Nadine Block.                                                                                 in the marketplace.”
                                                         80 percent of our 22.7 million acres of

                                                                            SFI Releases New On-line
                                                                              Certification Database
                                                         THE NEW ON-LINE SFI CERTIFICATION                   time when there is growing demand for
                                                         DATABASE at                green building and responsible paper
                                                         sfi-forest-products/index.php helps buyers          purchasing, and less than 10 percent of the
                                                         find wood or paper products from products           world’s forests are certified.”
                                                         with content from certified forests and/or             Buyers can search for SFI-certified wood,
                                                         certified sourcing.                                 paper, print or packaging products, as well
                                                             “The SFI Certification Database offers a        as find information about SFI-certified
                                                         one-stop shop to find wood or paper prod-           forests, organizations with SFI certificates,
                                                         ucts from certified forests or certified sourcing   certificate details and which independent
                                                         that can be used by anyone – from building          certification body conducted the certifica-
                                                         professionals to graphic designers, from            tion. The database includes all certificates
                                                         printers to procurement specialists,” says          for the SFI forest management, chain-of-
                                                         Rachel Dierolf, SFI Manager, Statistics and         custody and certified sourcing standards as
Graphic Communications Backs Certification               Labeling. “This is especially important at a        well as chain-of-custody certification to the
Graphic Communications (www.graphiccommunica-                                                                                 PEFC schemes in the, one of the world’s largest independent                                                                            United States and Canada.
paper and print brokers, has announced its contin-
ued commitment to SFI and PEFC certification
schemes. The Ohio-based company, which has
offices in the United States, United Kingdom,
Belgium and Mexico, was the first of its kind to be
triple chain-of-custody certified to SFI, PEFC and
FSC. “Paper consumers are increasingly demanding
products certified to the highest standards to show
their commitment to protecting our forests,” says
Graphic Communications President Matt Dawley.
“Our SFI and PEFC certifications provide that
verification. Users want to know that the paper fiber
is legally logged from known origins that are not
controversial, endangered or in violation of local or
federal regulations.”

                                                                       PAGE THREE
                                           Conservation Grants Update
THE SFI CONSERVATION AND COMMUNITY                     silvicultural practices on wildlife habitat, and                                 between species at risk and habitat in the
PARTNERSHIPS GRANT projects are deliver-               the findings are being shared with forest                                        Southeast, Pacific Northwest and Great
ing wide-ranging results across North America          landowners on the university’s website                                           Lakes regions.
— and they are not yet a year old.                     (                                                • Forest Trends and the World Resources
    “One of the best ways to keep our forests        • The South Coast Conservation Program                                             Institute will develop resources to help U.S.
strong and healthy is to give those who care           created on-line fact sheets (                                    organizations navigate legality in the global
about them a chance to work together,” says            biodiversity/factsheets/) to help land man-                                      supply chain and avoid illegal sources of fiber.
Charles Tattersall (Tat) Smith Jr., Professor,         agers identify and protect species at risk on                                  • The American Chestnut Foundation will
Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, and a      British Columbia’s south Pacific Coast, and                                      plant the first blight-resistant American
member of the SFI Board of Directors. “One of          the     British    Columbia       Ministry     of                                chestnuts in the southeastern United States,
the real strengths of the SFI program is its will-     Environment worked with the organization to                                      with a web-based database to monitor and
ingness to provide opportunities for diverse           review 1,200 grizzly bear habitats to assist with                                assess the test plantings.
groups to collaborate so they can broaden our          ecosystem management.                                                          • The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
knowledge and make a difference.”                    • The Ruffed Grouse Society sponsored two                                          will achieve habitat gains for birds and wildlife
    Achievements and upcoming deliverables             Wisconsin Coverts workshops where 49                                             dependent on younger forests, with access to
from the 2010 SFI Grant Recipients include:            private forest landowners learned how to                                         as much as 175 million acres/71 million
• Bird Studies Canada harnessed 37,000                 manage their lands to better support wildlife,                                   hectares of certified forests.
  volunteer hours to collect data to improve           and pledged to pass the knowledge on to hun-
  management of forest habitats for endan-             dreds of others.                                                                  More information about conservation grant
  gered bird species.                                • The National Council for Air and Stream                                        projects is posted at
• Wildlife management students at Clemson              Improvement examined the relationship                                          vation-grant/index.php.
  University evaluated the effects of select

                                LINKING BIRD STUDIES CANADA AND INDUSTRY
BIRD STUDIES CANADA’S PETE DAVIDSON                  deliver the Breeding Bird Atlas projects in the                                 more, contact Pete Davidson at pdavidson@
is finding that the stronger partnerships with       Maritimes, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and                              
SFI program participants made possible by an         British Columbia, including seven SFI program                                      Through the conservation grant program,
SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships          participants — NewPage, Port Hawkesbury                                         Bird Studies Canada will receive $240,000 for
Grant are a great way to collect information         Corporation, Bowater Mersey Paper Company                                       three years to provide scientific data and
about bird species in some of Canada’s more          Ltd., Abitibi-Bowater, J.D. Irving Ltd., Acadian                                web-tools that SFI program participants can
remote regions.                                      Timber and Louisiana-Pacific Corp.                                              use to improve forest habitat management
    “Forest companies not only operate in                Bird Studies Canada is keen to work with                                    beyond regulatory compliance for the conser-
remote areas that are tough for us to reach with     more SFI program participants as the project                                    vation of bird biodiversity and species at risk
volunteers, but they are keen to support our         develops — if you are interested in learning                                    across Canada.
work because they need this kind of data,” says
                                                                                              PHOTO BY J.D. IRVING LIMITED

                                                                                                                                                                                            PHOTO BY CHRISTOPHER DI CORRADO
Davidson, Manager of Bird Studies Canada’s
British Columbia Program. “As a result, we were
able to collect rigorous data in areas that had
seldom, or in some cases never, been surveyed
by ornithologists. We are not only generating
valuable new information but there are more
representative samples.”
    The data collection provides information on
where birds are found, their abundance and
breeding status, which is crucial to know for the
most effective direct conservation efforts. The
next step is to engage more SFI program partic-
ipants in the project, and integrate this informa-
tion into their forest management plans.
    Bird Studies Canada partners with
Environment Canada and more than 100
provincial government agencies, NGOs,
industries, foundations, environmental con-          J.D. Irving Limited employee records                                    John Woods conducts point count for BC Breeding Bird
sultancies and thousands of volunteers to            forest habitat data                                                     Atlas 2010

                                                                     PAGE FOUR
NATURESERVE HAS COMPLETED                                 “Imperiled species and communities                 marginal, or unsuitable for each imperiled
THE FIRST STEP of an SFI Conservation                 could be conserved in a more cost-effective            species/community. It also characterized
and Community Partnerships Grant project              manner if we find they are associated with             associations with finer-scale habitat attributes
led by the National Council for Air and               generalized habitat types that landowners,             such as special habitat elements (e.g., tree
Stream Improvement (NCASI) to determine               land managers and resource workers can eas-            cavities, logs) and soil characteristics.
whether a habitat-based approach can be               ily recognize,” says Ben Wigley, NCASI                    This information was entered into a
used to protect at-risk imperiled species and         Manager of Sustainable Forestry Research.              searchable database so reports can be devel-
communities.                                          “We are currently developing plans for a field         oped to identify potential occurrences of
   In collaboration with NCASI and                    test to validate the NatureServe findings.”            imperiled species/communities. It will help
Weyerhaeuser Company, NatureServe exam-                   For each of the three regions, NatureServe         program participants meet SFI Standard
ined the extent to which globally imperiled           established lists of globally imperiled species        requirements around the protection of
and critically imperiled species and commu-           and communities of conservation concern to             imperiled species and communities. For
nities are associated with generalized habitat        the forest products industry, documented               more information, contact Ben Wigley of
types in three U.S. regions — the Southeast,          occurrences by county, and characterized the           NCASI at or Milo Pyne of
Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes.                    generalized habitat types as optimal, suitable,        NatureServe at


                              Proposed benchmarks fail USGBC vote
THE FAILURE OF THE U.S. GREEN                         environmental benefits of wood and have an
BUILDING Council’s forest certification bench-        inclusive approach to forest certification              LEED ADVISED TO RECOGNIZE WOOD AND FOREST
mark to pass the member ballot process marks a            SFI Inc. will continue work with governments        CERTIFICATION BENEFITS
new opportunity to find a better and more work-       across North America at the municipal, state,
able way for LEED to recognize the benefits of        provincial and federal level to promote green           THE SFI PROGRAM reinforced the benefits of wood and
certified wood products.                              building choices. Current and former governors          inclusion of other credible forest certification stan-
    “The council should realize it is time to stop    from Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Georgia, Maine,          dards as an excellent choice for any new construction
the endless debate and bring in a workable solu-      Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana,              or renovation in comments it submitted as part of the
tion,” says SFI President and CEO Kathy Abusow.       Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia and Washington               first public comment period for the next version of the
    She says SFI is encouraging USGBC to work         have written to the USGBC, encouraging it to            LEED rating system, which is projected to be in place
with all stakeholders, including forest conserva-     recognize all credible forest management certifi-       by November 2012.
tion and forest certification experts, small family   cation schemes.                                              SFI submitted comments on the seven credits
forest landowners, social and environmental               They include Governors Bob Riley of                 related to forest certification. It recommended that
interest groups, government agencies, and             Alabama and Sonny Perdue of Georgia who sent            USGBC give one point for the use of wood products
designers and builders. “We hope for a swift end      letters shortly before leaving their positions due      based on wood’s superior environmental attributes, and
to this issue so we can support one another in        to term limits. Governor Riley said USGBC               a second point for products certified to any credible
promoting green building and recognizing the          should “cease discriminating against domestical-        certification program. It suggested USGBC use criteria
value of wood and all credible forest certification   ly produced wood building products”, adding             set out by the National Association of State Foresters
standards as a proof point of responsible             that the differences between certification              (
forestry,” she says.                                  programs “do not detract from the basic sustain-        tion.pdf) to determine what constitutes a credible
    Until then, the building community can            ability principles found in each system.”               certification program. For a copy of SFI’s submission,
either give up the one point for the LEED                 The letters are on the SFI website and a sum-       contact Jason Metnick.
certified wood credit so it can use SFI-certified     mary of all letters sent to the council from leaders         Comments and recommendations will be
products and demonstrate pride and support for        across the United States and Canada is posted at        reviewed by USGBC staff and LEED committees in the
North American forests, communities, and jobs,    next several months, and a second comment period
or turn to other green building programs                  Contact Jason Metnick for more information          for LEED 2012 is expected to begin in July 2011.
available in North America that promote the           about LEED and certification.

       Green Building Council Italia Promotes Forest Certification
ITALY’S GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL                        Building Council Italia promotes a culture of
has signed a protocol agreement with PEFC             sustainability in building at the national level.
Italy to promote the benefits of forest certifi-         Green building rating systems around the
cation and the use of certified wood products         world recognize certified wood as an excellent
in the building sector.                               choice for green building. On Jan. 1, 2010, the
    The agreement notes that the organizations        Green Building Council of Australia began
share common goals — PEFC Italy promotes              giving equal consideration in its Green Star
sustainability across the wood supply chain           Timber Credit to the Forest Stewardship
with a focus on local resources and sustain-          Council and forest certification standards
able construction practices, and Green                accepted by PEFC, which include SFI.

                                                                        PAGE FIVE
                                              SFI IMPLEMENTATION COMMITTEES
Project Learning Tree Honors Florida SIC                      Maine SIC Helps Enhance Trout Habitat
The Florida SFI Implementation Committee has been          THE MAINE SFI IMPLEMENTATION                       SFI-certified landowners involved in the
named Project Learning Tree’s 2010 Florida Business        COMMITTEE is supporting state agency               project, says: “When we were asked by the
Partner of the Year for important contributions to the     efforts to protect brook trout habitat by          Maine Forest Service to help out with this
work of the environmental education program.               installing coarse woody debris at two sites        trout project, we felt that the project would
     Nancy Peterson, Coordinator of Florida Project        and holding workshops so foresters and log-        be beneficial to everyone. These partnerships
Learning Tree (, says SFI support    gers can learn how to enhance trout habitat        work well because each group can offer
has had a significant impact on PLT’s ability to train     through the management of forests alongside        resources that the other might not have avail-
Florida teachers about forests and associated indus-       waterways such as streams and lakes.               able. By working together a lot can be gained
tries. “The SFI Implementation Committee sponsored             The project, led by the Maine Forest Service   for a good cause.”
651 educators who participated in 30 PLT teacher train-    and Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and           Kanoti says Maine’s healthy native brook
ing workshops – and in the last year these educators       Wildlife and funded by the U.S. Forest Service,    trout population is largely due to the fact
taught PLT curriculum to 55,000 students,” she says.“It    will also allow the state forest service to        much of the state is forested — and the forests
also co-sponsored two state-wide PLT conferences.”         expand its temporary forest bridge loaner          that produce excellent water quality and
     Peterson, Associate Director for Research and                                                            habitat conditions for trout also sustain
                                                           program in cooperation with the Maine SFI
Services at the University of Florida, says PLT draws on                                                      Maine’s forest products industry. He says the
                                                           Implementation Committee. In 15 workshops
the SFI certification program to make its Forests of the                                                      forest service is in discussions with other SFI
                                                           around the state, participants learned how to
World curriculum more relevant and meaningful. “We                                                            program participants to implement further
                                                           build temporary skidder bridges that in some
make sure everyone, even the youngest students, know                                                          projects on their lands.
                                                           cases eliminated the need for permanent cross-
they should look for the SFI label when making a pur-
                                                           ings, reducing the impact
chasing decision,” she says.
                                                           on fish.
     Project Learning Tree ( is a national
non-profit multi-disciplinary environmental education          “The Maine Forest
program of the American Forest Foundation.                 Service has worked cooper-
                                                           atively with Maine SFI and
                                                           Maine forest landowners
                                                           for many years on many
                                                           fronts, refining techniques
                                                           for course woody debris
                                                           trout habitat enhancement
                                                           and gaining greater accept-
                                                           ance of this practice is just
                                                           the latest chapter in our
                                                           ongoing partnership,” says
                                                           Keith     Kanoti,      Water
                                                           Resources Forester with the
                                                           Maine Forest Service.
                                                               Jason Castonguay, Forest
Kathy Brooks, wood procurement region manager at           Manager        for     Orion
Buckeye Florida, accepted the award on behalf of the SFI   Timberlands, one of the
Implementation Committee.

                                              SFI Strengthens BMP in Maine
MAINE IS THE LATEST STATE to credit SFI                       Donald Mansius, Acting Director of the          quality. Keeping forests as forests and in active
for helping it achieve high implementation                 Maine Forest Service, thanked the Maine SFI        management helps maintain this vital resource
rates of best management practices to protect              Implementation Committee and key partners          for the current and future generations.”
water quality.                                             involved in BMP training, development and              Keith Kanoti, Maine Forest Service Water
   A study by the Maine Forest Service of                  presentation. Recent reports in Texas, South       Resources Forester, says the occurrence of
500 randomly selected harvest sites found                  Carolina and Tennessee showed consistent           sediment entering streams and other water
that between 2005 and 2009, loggers used                   improvement in BMPs, largely as a result of        bodies at harvest sites decreased from 17 per-
BMP at 84 percent of timber harvest sites                  logger training through the SFI program.           cent of the sites in 2005 to 10 percent in 2009.
to prevent sediment from entering water                       “Clean water is one of Maine’s most impor-      “The current trend is we’re getting better, we’re
bodies. The report can be found at                         tant forest products,” Mansius says. “Well-        seeing improvement,” he says. “Most loggers                   managed forests such as those found in Maine       are using some BMPs.”
p_annual_rpt/bmp_rpt_05_to_09.pdf.                         do an outstanding job of protecting water

                                                                             PAGE SIX
Building Community Partnerships
                                                                                               Meeting with Suppliers
Thanks to the work of close to 1,000 members of SFI
Implementation Committees, the SFI program responds to local
needs and issues across North America — including training for
the people who work in our forests.
     SFI is the only forest certification program in North America
with community-based committees that work with local conser-
vation groups, government agencies, forestry and professional
associations, landowner groups and many others in landowner
outreach and community involvement activities. Since 1995,
more than 123,000 resource and logging professionals have
been trained in responsible forestry through the SFI program or
its recognition of other programs.
     Through SFI Implementation Committees, program
participants work with local organizations and individuals,
providing leadership and sharing best practices to improve               James Norris of Gilman Building Products represented SFI at the Institute for Supply Management
forest management on both certified and uncertified lands. A             Sustainability and Social Responsibility Conference in Orlando, FL, on Nov. 4. Norris, who is a member of the
map on the SFI website (                 Georgia SFI Implementation Committee, said he came away with a greater appreciation of the value of
provides links to committee websites. If your local committee            forest certification for supply management professionals. “Markets are so complex and there are so many
does not have a website and you would like to learn more or              choices,” he said. “I enjoyed having a chance to talk to delegates about the fact the SFI label is a great way
find out how to join, email                         to identify paper and wood products from responsible sources.”

         Trade Shows                                                              Are Campaigners Misleading
    The SFI program was represented at a number of                                       Consumers?
             recent trade shows, including:
                                                               SUSTAINABILITY ADVISOR PHIL RIEBEL                             ences between certification schemes in
      Unisource Chicago Paper Show, Nov 2                      recently posted two blogs on RISI question-                    Canada, Finland and the UK, and did not
                                                               ing whether environmental activists are                        identify any as “destructive and inferior” nor
                                                               misleading the public when it comes to                         did it identify any as “much better”.
                                                               certification and recycling.                                       Competition has been healthy and
    GovGreen, Washington, DC, Nov 30-Dec 1                         “There are many elements to consider in                    improved all certification programs, Riebel
                                                               the design and production of sustainable                       says, and this in turn supports responsible
                                                               paper,” Riebel writes. “Pressuring the market-                 forest management as well as price and sup-
                                                               place to use certain fiber types when it doesn't               ply stability. And since 75 percent of certified
                                                               make sense may not benefit the environment                     forests in North America and 65 percent
    GreenBuild (USGBC), Chicago, Nov. 17-19
                                                               or the economy.”                                               worldwide are certified to standards other
                                                                   In his first blog, Riebel, an advisor to the               than FSC, an approach that recognizes all
                                                               forest, paper and print sector, says recycled                  forest certification standards is more likely to
                                                               fiber is a key element of sustainable paper                    benefit communities in the United States
   Design City 2010 (Part of Print World 2010),                procurement but there are a lot of other eco-                  and Canada.
               Toronto, Nov. 20-22                             nomic and environmental factors to consider.                       The blogs are posted at
                                                                   His second blog challenges claims that                     blogs/Are-environmental-campaigns-mis-
                                                               certain certification standards, such as FSC,                  leading-the-public-1335.html (part 1) and
                                                               are more protective of the environment at a          
                                                               global scale. He cites a 2005 international                    campaigns-misleading-the-public-Part-
 Institute for Supply Management Sustainability
                                                               study that looked at on-the-ground differ-                     II.html (Part 2).
       and Social Responsibility Conference,
                Orlando, FL, Nov. 4
                                                                             WEBINAR TO REVIEW REVISED PEFC COC

                                                                     Last November, PEFC standards were revised for sustainable forest management, chain of
   International Builders Show, Orlando, Florida                     custody, standard setting, group certification, and logo usage. PEFC International will hold a
                     Jan 12-15                                       webinar on Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 11 a.m. EST so technical staff can review the revised PEFC
                                                                     chain of custody standard with SFI program participants and PEFC chain-of-custody certificate
                                                                     holders. Contact Rachel Dierolf for more information about the webinar. Visit the PEFC International
                                                                     website at for more information about the revised standards.

                                                                                 PAGE SEVEN
                                                                       NEW SFI CERTIFICATIONS (EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 31, 2010)
 SFI INC. CONTACTS:                                                    More than 2,500 individuals and organizations are meeting SFI requirements and/or working with the
• KATHY ABUSOW,                                                        program to strengthen forest practices and fiber sourcing. They include forest products companies, industrial
                                                                       and family forest owners, conservation groups, universities, public agencies, manufacturers, retailers,
  202-596-3453 (United States)                                         printers, resource professionals and many others who share a passion for responsible forest management.
  613-722-8734 (Canada)                                                You can find lists of all SFI program participants and certifications on the SFI website under resources.
  President & CEO                                          NEW SFI CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY CERTIFICATIONS

                                                                       Ainsworth Engineered Canada LP; Alpha-Omega Graphics and Print Media Services Inc.; Business Ink Co.; Capital
• JENNIFER FARANT, 613-722-8734                                        Corrugated & Carton; Command Web Offset; Compte's Inc.; Crownhill Packaging Ltd.; CRT, Custom Products Inc.; Forest
  Executive Assistant to Kathy Abusow                                  City Trading Group LLC; Hitchcock Printing; Itek Graphics; Menasha Packaging Company LLC - Display Philadelphia; Mid                                       South Packaging LLC; Multi Packaging Solutions - Lakeshore Affiliate; North Cascades Forest Products; Quad Graphics Inc.;
                                                                       Serenity Packaging Corporation; Special Editions Inc.; Specialty Wood Products; Strategic Content Imaging; Streeter Printing
• RICK CANTRELL, 864-653-7224                                          & Graphics Inc.; Structural Roof Systems Inc.; The Mid-York Press Inc.; Wright Business Graphics
  Vice President & COO                                                  NEW SFI PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS
                                                                        Ethan Allen Operations; Ohio Department of Natural Resources; Enviva LP; Thompson Hardwoods Inc.;
                                                                        Beasley Timber Management LLC;Norfolk Southern Railway Company - Brosnan Forest
  +46 070 289 1012 (Europe)                                             NEW SFI CERTIFIED SOURCING CERTIFICATES
                                                                        (INCLUDES SFI REQUIREMENTS: SECTION 2 – SFI 2010-2014 STANDARD, OBJECTIVES 8-20, AND SFI
  Vice President, Market Affairs
                                                                        REQUIREMENTS: SECTION 4 – RULES FOR USE OF SFI ON-PRODUCT LABELS)
                                                                        Lacorr Packaging; Mystic Ltd. DBA Sheets Unlimited LLC; Useful Products Inc.; Welch Packaging Group
• JASON METNICK, 602-374-6539
  Senior Director, Market Access                                        NEW SFI FOREST MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATIONS
  and Label Use                                                         Ainsworth Engineered Canada LP; F.H. Stoltze Land & Lumber Co.; Pyramid Lumber
                                                                       CURRENT PROGRAM STATISTICS (AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2010)
• NADINE BLOCK, 202-596-3456
  Senior Director, Government Outreach                                 SFI PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS:                                                                                235                                          AREA THIRD-PARTY CERTIFIED TO THE SFI 2005-2009
                                                                       STANDARD OR SFI 2010-2014 STANDARD:                         181.1 MILLION ACRES/73.3 MILLION HECTARES
• ALLISON WELDE, 202-596-3452                                          CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY CERTIFICATES:                                                                           964
  Director, Conservation Partnerships                                  CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY CERTIFIED LOCATIONS (A company with multiple facilities, such as a
  and Communications                                                   paper merchant or printer, has the option of including more than one facility under its certificate.): 2,342                                         CERTIFIED SOURCING CERTIFICATE ISSUED TO PRIMARY PRODUCERS CERTIFIED TO
                                                                       SECTION 2 - SFI 2010-2014 FIBER SOURCING OBJECTIVES 8-20:                                                 81
                                                                       CERTIFIED SOURCING CERTIFICATE ISSUED TO SECONDARY PRODUCERS CERTIFIED TO
• SUE MCMILLAN, 250-508-8323                                           SECTION 4 - SFI CERTIFIED SOURCING LABEL USE REQUIREMENTS:                                                79
  Director, Marketing                                                  PEFC ANNEX 4 (U.S.) CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY CERTIFICATIONS:                                                     347

• DANNY KARCH, 514-629-7405
  National Director, Green Building
                                                                                ORION ACCREDITED FOR SFI COC CERTIFICATION
                                                                      Orion Registrar Inc. ( has become the ninth certification body accredited for
• AMY DOTY, 202-596-3458                                              SFI and PEFC chain-of-custody certification. Orion Registrar, a quality and environmental systems
  Manager, Community Outreach                                         registrar headquartered in the Denver, Colorado area, has partners and associates located through-                                             out the United States and the world. Orion is internationally accredited by the United State's ANAB,
• JULIA HERSHBERGER, 202-596-3450                                     and the Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA). Each of these accreditations is recognized through-
  Office Manager                                                      out the world for Quality and Environmental Programs. In addition, all of our auditors are qualified to                                    the International Registrar of Certified Auditors (IRCA) or the RABQSA requirements.

The SFI program is endorsed by the
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest
Certification schemes (PEFC), an international                                  SFI Inc. is an independent 501c(3) non-profit charitable organization, and is solely responsible
umbrella organization recognizing rigorous                                      for maintaining, overseeing and improving the internationally recognized Sustainable Forestry
                                                               ABOUT SFI INC.

forest certification programs. PEFC and its      PEFC/29-1-1
endorsed standards are accepted by govern-
                                                                                Initiative (SFI) program ( Across North America, more than 180 million
ments around the world.                                                         acres/73 million hectares are certified to the SFI forest management standard, making it the
                                                                                largest single standard in the world. SFI chain-of-custody certification tells buyers how much
• RACHEL DIEROLF, 613-274-0124
                                                                                of the fiber in a product is from certified forests, certified sourcing and/or post-consumer
  Secretary, PEFC US Governing Body
  Manager, Statistics and Labeling                                              recycled content. The SFI program’s unique fiber sourcing requirements promote responsible                                                 forest management on all suppliers’ lands. SFI Inc. is governed by a three-chamber board of
                                                                                directors representing environmental, social and economic sectors equally.

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