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Paul Iulo NYPD is an experienced security professional with years of experience under his belt. He has special expertise in account management, law enforcement, investigations and customer service.

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									Paul Iulo NYPD Is a
Successful Security
Paul Iulo NYPD is an experienced professional
in the security industry with many years of
work experience. He has also worked with the
New York Police Department for 17 years and
he retired from that department as a homicide
detective. At NYPD, Paul Iulo planned and
conducted investigations in a variety of cases
of homicide and grand larceny. He also worked
and interacted with county, state and federal
law enforcement agencies and protected high
level foreign and domestic dignitaries including
Presidents and members of royalty.
He was often awarded for his efforts and
praised by the department for carrying out his
duties with utter professionalism. Paul Iulo is
presently the Fire Safety Director/Security
Supervisor for Andrews International at
Steiner Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
He is responsible for various duties and
among these he offers direction and
supervision to employees as well as security
He also works on conducting successful fire
and evacuation drills along with maintaining
fire alarm systems and logs. He maintains all
logs associated Sky View Parc activities. He
responds to all fire and trouble alarms and
malfunctions and investigates all odors
including gas and smoke.
As a Security Manger, Paul Iulo NYPD
provides dedicated services and takes in
account all the duties and responsibilities
given to him. He has been involved in the
security operations of the Make-up show in
New York and helped plan and organize
security teams in Florida, Chicago and Berlin.
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