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									                                                                 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx
                                                                       xx-xxx Warsaw
                                                           Tel. no.: (048 22) xxx-xxx
                                                           Mobile: (048) xxx-xxx-xxx

                                                     Warsaw 12.02.2005

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am interested in working for xxxxxxxx and would like to apply for the position of
jewellery designer.

I possess appropriate university education and I have attended training courses as well
as relevant jeweller’s practice. When designing jewellery, I use jewellery design
computer software such as Matrix 5.4 and Rhinoceros 4.0, which I own.

I would be grateful for an opportunity to present my design portfolio during a meeting.

I am young, disposable and happy to work as a team member. I learn with ease and
regard working for such a reputable Company as yours as an opportunity to apply and
develop my skills and expertise.

Kind regards,

Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx
                                Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data:
                 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx
                 xxxxxxxxxx. ; xx-xxx Warsaw
                 Tel. no.: (048 22) xxx-xx-xx
                 Mobile: (048) xxx-xxx-xxx

Date and place of birth: 28.11.1974, Warsaw

Marital Status: bachelor

                       1. Two-year post-graduate studies at Design Faculty of the
                          University of Art and Design in Łódź in the field of
                          jewellery design. Graduated on 10.10. 2002.

                       2. Undergraduate professional studies at J. Giedroyc
                          Communication and Social Media University in Warsaw in
                          the subject of European Integration – the title of bachelor.
                          Graduated on 11.11.2000.

                       3. Supplementary MA studies at J. Giedroyc Communication
                          and Social Media University in Warsaw – the title of MA
                          in Political Sciences. Graduated on 09.09.1998.

Training Courses:
               1) Training course on jewellery design with the use of the software
                  programme “Matrix 5.4”.

                 2) Two training courses organized by the Roman Urbaniak
                    Gemmological Centre GemUR, German Gemmological Training
                    Centre and Association of Jewellery Valuers:
                        Diamond Valuer - KD¹
                        Diamond Valuer - KD²

Skills:          Knowledge of the operating systems Microsoft Windows XP and
                 Vista, Microsoft MS Office, Corel Draw Graphics Suite X3
                 programme and Paint Shop X as well as Matrix 5.4 and Rhinoceros
                 4.0 jewellery design programmes.

                - knowledge of foreign languages:
                 Italian – good
                 English – good
                 German – intensive studies

                - Driving Licence cat. B and C

Apprenticeship: one year in a jewellery shop.

Interests:      - composing music with the help of Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 4.0 and
                Cubase SX software programmes
                - sound engineering course at Estrada Studio.

Personality traits:
                 Hard-working, loyal, conscientious willingness to expand knowledge

I hereby give consent for my personal data included in the job offer to be processed by
your company for the purposes of recruitment under the Personal Data Protection Act
of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws 1997, nr 133, item 833 with further amendments).

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