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					-AR Verb List

Acabar de – to have just finished                     Llevar – to carry, to wear
Admirar – to admire                                   Mandar – to send, to mail
Alquilar (un video, un apartamento) – to rent         Marcar – to dial, to mark
Amar – to love                                        Mirar – to watch, to look
Andar – to walk                                       Montar – to ride
Andar en patineta, bicicleta, motocicleta – to ride   Nadar – to swim
a skateboard, bike, motorcycle.                       Necesitar – to need
Apagar (la luz) – to turn off (the light)             Olvidar – to forget
Arreglar – to fix or arrange                          Pagar – to pay
Ayudar – to help                                      Pasar (tiempo, un rato) – to pass (to spend time)
Bajar – to descend, go down                           Pasear – to take a walk
Bailar – to dance                                     Patinar – to skate
Borrar – to erase                                     Practicar – to practice
Buscar – to look for                                  Preguntar – to ask a question
Cambiar – to change, exchange                         Preparar – to prepare
Caminar – to walk                                     Presentar – to introduce, to present
Cantar – to sing                                      Quedar – to be located
Celebrar – to celebrate                               Quitar – to take off, to remove
Cenar – to eat dinner                                 Regatear – to bargain, to haggle over
Cocinar – to cook                                     Regresar – to return a place or to go back
Comprar – to buy                                      Sacar – to take out, to get
Contestar – to answer                                 Secar – to dry
Cortar – to cut                                       Terminar – to finish, to end
Cuidar a … -- to take care of … (cuidar a los         Tocar – to play an instrument, to touch
                    niños – to babysit)               Tomar – to take, to drink
Decorar – to decorate                                 Trabajar – to work
Dejar – to leave behind (an object)                   Usar – to use
Descansar – to rest                                   Viajar – to travel
Desear – to want                                      Visitar – to visit
Dibujar – to draw
Doblar – to turn, to fold
Enseñar – to teach, to show
Entrar – to enter
Enviar – to send
Escuchar – to listen
Esperar – to wait
Esquiar – to ski
Estudiar – to study
Explicar – to explain
Ganar – to win, to earn
Gozar – to enjoy, to have fun
Gritar – to scream, to shout
Hablar – to speak
Invitar – to invite
Lavar – to wash
Levantar – to lift, to raise
Limpiar – to clean
Llamar – to call
Llegar – to arrive
                                                Funky Yo’s
-ER Verb List
                                                Conocer – to know a person, to be familiar with a
Aprender – to learn                             place or general subject.    Yo conozco
Beber – to drink                                Ver – to see Yo veo
Comer – to eat                                  Hacer – to do, to make Yo hago
Comprender – to understand, to comprehend       Salir – to leave, to go out Yo salgo
Correr – to run                                 Dar – to give Yo doy
Deber – to owe, should, ought                   Saber – to know facts, to know how to do
Leer – to read                                  something. Yo sé
Responder – to answer, to respond               poner – to put Yo pongo
Romper – to break
Sorprender – to surprise
Temer – to fear, to be afraid
Vender – to sell                                Patterns and Funky Yo’s

                                                Oír – to hear Yo oigo
                                                Venir (de) – to come (from) Yo vengo
                                                Decir – to tell, to say Yo digo
                                                Tener – to have Yo tengo
-IR Verb List

Abrir – to open
Asistir a – to attend                           Tener Phrases
Compartir – to share
Cubrir – to cover                               Tener sed – to be thirsty
Decidir – to decide                             Tener hambre – to be hungry
Describir – to describe                         Tener calor – to be hot
Descubrir – to discover                         Tener frío – to be cold
Discutir – to discuss                           Tener sueño – to be sleepy
Dividir – to divide                             Tener suerte – to be lucky
Escribir – to write                             Tener miedo – to be afraid
Existir – to exist                              Tener prisa – to be in a hurry
Partir – to leave, to depart                    Tener razón – to be right
Permitir – to allow, to permit                  (No) tener razón – to be wrong
Recibir – to receive                            Tener cuidado – to be careful
Subir – to climb, to go up, to ascend           Tener ganas de – to feel like doing something
Sufrir – to suffer                              Tener … años – to be … years old
Vivir – to live                                 Tener verguenza – to be ashamed
                                                Tener que … -- to have to …

Irregular Verbs
Cornerstone Verbs
                                                Hay que + infinitive – one has to (must) do
Estar – to be (where or how you are) Yo estoy
                                                Ir + a + infinitive – to be going to do something
Ir – to go Yo voy
                                                Ir + a + place -- to be going somewhere
Ser – to be (who, what, when you are) Yo soy
                                                Jugar a + sport – to play a sport
Tener – to have Yo tengo
                                                Saber + infinitive -- to know how to do