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					                                 Eating Smart for
                                 Morning Exercise
                                      EATING BEFORE A WORKOUT PERFORMS
                                           TWO IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS:
                                Your muscles receive a supply of needed energy for your workout
                                Your body and brain get fuel and nutrients needed for daily living

1. You’ll burn more calories because you’ll be drawing fuel from both carbohydrate and fat stores.
2. You’ll have the endurance to lengthen your work out. Fueling up ahead of time will prevent you from feeling dizzy, shaky or
out of energy.
3. You’ll perform better. Stocking up on food delays that familiar burning feeling in your muscles.
4. Your body needs fuel to keep your heart and brain going even when you’re not working out so you need to eat every 3 to 5
    hours especially when maintaining a regular fitness routine.

                         WHAT, WHEN, AND HOW MUCH
   NO TIME TO EAT BEFORE YOU                                           ONLY 10 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR
    WORKOUT? TRY THESE TIPS:                                                    WORKOUT?
Consume high-carbohydrate foods that are low in fat and               Here are some small, easy-to-digest meals to try right be-
have a moderate amount of protein. The following are                  fore your workout:
choices that are digested easily:                                                     A meal replacement drink
Bread                    Pasta                 Fruit                                  A glass of sports drink
Cereal                   Energy bars            Milk                                  A small fruit flavored yogurt
Cheese                   Peanut Butter           Yogurt                               A packet of energy gel

*Meal Example: a whole grain bagel topped with tomato
slices and reduced-fat cheese, or breakfast cereal and fruit
with low-fat or fat free milk or soy milk.

                         Eat 400 to 800 calories in your
                         pre-workout meal. This should
                         fuel your exercising body without
                         making you fell sluggish or full.

                         Drink at least 10 ounces of water
                         or sports drink 2 hours before
                         your morning exercise. This
                         helps offset sweat losses during
                         your workout and gives your
                         kidneys time to rid your body of
                         excess fluid.
                       A NIGHT-TIME AND MORNING EATING PLAN.

                                            DINNER:                                                                  BREAKFAST:

                                    Fuel up with a large high-                                             Try to get in at least 100 calories.
                                    carbohydrate dinner to fully stock the                                 You’ll have an easier time with
                                    fuel tanks in your muscles for the                                     stomach jostling if you make your
                                    next morning’s exercise.                                               calories liquid.

                                    For example try pasta with tomato                                      Try a sports drink, a meal in a can
                                    sauce, a salad, and some bread or a                                    (such as Carnation Instant Breakfast),
                                    veggie stir-fry with rice.                                             a glass of orange juice, chocolate milk
                                                                                                           or a packet of energy gel.

                                          MEAL PLAN FOR                                  TIPS FOR EATING
                                            MORNING                                            AFTER
                                           EXERCISERS                                     YOU EXERCISE
                                                                                    You want to refuel your muscles
 Pre-workout fueling:                                                               with carbohydrates, protein & fat after your workout.
 One high carbohydrate energy bar
 10 ounces of water                                                                 To achieve this try these suggestions:

 Breakfast:                                                                         ∗    Sprinkle almonds or walnuts on cereal for a dose of
 Whole grain bagel spread with cream cheese,                                             healthy fats & protein
 sprinkled with raisins and walnuts                                                 ∗    Spread peanut butter on a slice of whole-grain in addition
 Orange                                                                                  to cereal
 Milk or soy milk                                                                   ∗    Try eggs in the morning!
                                                                                    ∗    Add vegetarian sausage links to your egg breakfast
 Morning snack:                                                                     ∗    Try cottage cheese or yogurt topped with fresh or canned
 Cheese stick                                                                            fruit & a handful of nuts
 Whole wheat crackers                                                               ∗    Try cooked rice or oatmeal with raisins and soy nuts driz-
                                                                                         zled with honey
 Lunch:                                                                             ∗    A slice of leftover veggie pizza and a piece of fruit
 Minestrone / vegetable bean soup
 Whole wheat bread with trans-free margarine                                        Think outside of the breakfast box in order to help sequester
 Baby carrots                                                                                    ravenous hunger later in the day!

 Snack:                                                                             * EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, SO EXPERIMENT WITH
 Trail mix or pretzels                                                              THESE SUGGESTIONS.
 Vegetable or 100% fruit juice

 Dinner:                                                                                          For more information
 Lean meat                                                                                   on nutrition & meal planning:
 Steamed/cooked vegetables                                                              Office of Health Education & Promotion
 Rice, polenta or baked potato
 Salad greens with light dressing                                                                  UNH Health Services
Adapted from Eat Smart, Play Hard by Liz Applegate, Ph.D., 2001.                    
Created by Jennifer Williams, Dietetic Intern, November 2004, UNH Health Services

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