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									    Most homeowners use stains for decorative
  But you can also use these special products for protective
purposes After applying the colors on the flooring, let them dry for a
few hours (assuming you use quick drying products) and then apply
sealer The sealer will help protect the surface and give the outer
appearance a polished look But what happens when you fail to
protect the materials properly? Let's look at concrete and wood, one
at a time
Concrete itself is a very tough and durable material Under most
circumstances, it can last for many years with little or no
maintenance But problems arise when tiny hair line cracks start to
appear on the surface These cracks can be caused by temperature
changes or wear and tear (due to old age)
 When such tiny cracks appear, they often go unnoticed Dirt, grime
and other contaminants will then enter the flooring through these
cracks In time to come, the cracks will start to widen, causing
damage to the interiors of the flooring Sometimes, even air can help
accelerate the damage
 Air or moisture can expand within the cracks and damage the
concrete The only way to prevent this from happening is to fix the
cracks as early as possible When you apply stains and then sealer
on the flooring, you are actually repairing the cracks, whether you
know it or not The sealer adds an additional protective layer on the
concrete, thus prolonging its life span
Wood flooring is even more prone to damage Most woods tend to
rot after a period of time When the materials age, the layer of
lacquer on top, which also acts as a protective covering, erodes
away This leaves the wood exposed to external elements
 Plants, dirt, and grime may start to accumulate on the flooring Over
time, the surface loses its shine It's a clear sign to the homeowner
that something must be done to renew the appearance and the
protective layering The problem is, many homeowners tend to put off
applying stains and sealer because the process can be time
consuming and cumbersome
 If the house is a big one, the process could take days! Imagine
having to move the furniture from one room to another, just to work
on the flooring For each room, the wait could take up to 24 hours
So how long will the entire process take if there are many rooms in
the house?The key to this problem, is to use stains that are fast
 Modern concrete and wood stains like Beer stains dry in a matter of hours Once the colors dry,
you can quickly apply sealer using a special spraying tool After that,
your job is done, and you can move on to the next room
 You need to go through this only once, and your flooring will get a
completely new look And this new look can last for many years to
come, as it is well protected by the sealer

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