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Heat Press Hotronix� AIR FUSION™ introduced by STAHLS’ International


The most technologically advanced air-operated heat press has shortly been introduced in the US for the international market.

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									Heat Press Hotronix® AIR FUSION™ introduced by STAHLS’ International

The most technologically advanced air-operated heat press has shortly
been introduced in the US for the international market.

Saint Clair Shores, MI, September 05, 2012 -- STAHLS' International
announces the debut of the heat press Hotronix & reg Air Fusion & trade.
The only auto-open, auto-swing heat press of its kind, the Air Fusion is
powered by an air compressor, and has patented, innovative fea-tures
designed to increase production for high volume and specialty decorators.

Exclusive Pressure Adjustment:
The patented Auto Adjust Pressure & trade; is just one of the many
features exclusive to this press. Up to four different pressure and time
settings can be programmed allowing the user to select the appropriate
application based on the requirements of the heat transfer material and
fabric of the garment, making it easier than ever to switch between
garments of different thickness such as T-shirts and hoodies.

The Air Fusion heat press is the only press with a lower platen that can
be freely "dressed" with no ob-structions: the open design makes it easy
to load garments onto the press and then rotate them from front to back
or side to side as graphics are applied. In addition, the Air Fusion
provides up to 50% more pressure than any other press on the market. It
is perfect for pre-treating and curing garments for direct-to-garment
printing. The pneumatic heat press compresses and flattens the fibers and
provides a smooth, even surface for the inks to adhere to. Finished
garments appear brighter and crisper than with any other heat press

Open Design:
Another exclusive feature to the Air Fusion heat press is the auto open,
swing away design which pro-vides a safe, heat free workspace while
providing a user-safe, two-hand operation. In addition, the ex-clusive
patented adjustable stand allows operators of any height to raise or
lower the heat press to their specific comfort level, creating the
perfect ergonomic working environment.

According to Ben Robinson, General Manager for STAHLS' Hotronix: "Out of
all of the presses and inno-vations we've designed, the Air Fusion heat
press is over the top! No other heat press in the world has as many
features as the Air Fusion. It's the most reliable and durable press ever
made. Designed to max-imize production and make garment decorating
easier, we think it's the ideal press for high volume dec-orators who
want to decrease manufacturing time and increase profits."

Heat Press With Latest Touch Screen Technology:
Another unique feature of the Air Fusion heat press is the touch screen
technology. One can digitally set the time, temperature, and pressure on
the display. It has dual time settings for two-step applications, preset
programs, an energy-saving sleep mode, and a production cycle counter. It
also offers the option to display measurements in Fahrenheit or
This heavy duty machine has a   cast-in tubular heating element every two
inches to ensure there are no   cold spots and a high-quality aluminum
framework. The "16 x 20" heat   platen is a sturdy & frac34; inch thick and
interchangeable lower platens   can be ordered for garments of different
standard and custom sizes.

Patented Hotronix heat press technology:
STAHLS' Hotronix & reg heat presses are the world's only all digital heat
presses and the most accurate and reliable presses manufactured. Robinson
adds, "STAHLS' Hotronix continues to set the standard. Hotronix brand
heat presses are patented and we protect these patents vigorously." This
machine is UL/ULC/CE RoHS compliant and is available in 110V or 220V
models. Warranties: premi-um warranty on the heating element, a five-year
warranty on the framework, a two-year warranty on the circuit board and a
one-year warranty on parts and labor.

STAHLS' International offers the entire line of Hotronix heat presses.
Please visit to see the complete line-
up. The Hotronix Air Fusion & trade is available for international
ordering immediately.

About Stahls’ International:
Stahls’ International was founded in 1981 in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.
Today they supply customers and distributors with heat printing products,
equipment and services in more than 100 countries worldwide, on four
continents. The company, a division of GroupeSTAHL, continues to grow and
expand by continually providing the latest in heat printing and digital
technologies and superior customer service to both new and existing
global markets.

Rinco Albert
STAHLS’ International
Ulrike André
20600 Stephens Street
St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

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