Pielstick and Mirrlees Engines are Age Old Revolution by lasley


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									Information on mirrlees engines and pielstick parts
Pielstick and Mirrlees Engines are Age Old

 Mirrlees engines were the most astonishing discoveries made like the diesel engine, and
  these were the third generation of diesel engines which came into the market and were
  commercially successful. The engines were amongst the front runners to incorporate
  compressors to the crank shaft’s end. The German makers later on fitted the compressors
  to the connecting rods through a specially designed linkage. Though Mirrlees is not as
  popular as diesel or petrol engines, these have played substantial role in the 19th and 20th
  century and during the Second World War too. The engines produced high horse power
  output than other engines of their times.

 Mirrlees engines came in wide variety of combinations and had capacities to run heavy
  motor operated ships and several other land vehicles in the 19th and 20th century. The
  engine had good output than the original diesel engine which was out there in the
  market. If you are interested to know about the development and history of Mirrlees, it
  would indeed be a good idea to search through information on the internet and the
  automotive engineering library. You will get plenty of information about the original
  third generation diesel engines from Mirrlees as well as the modification.
 Pielstic engines are also one of the great advancements in the field of diesel engine
  history. Pielstick is French diesel manufacturing company strategically satiated in the
  Villepinte in France. The engine manufacturing company is not only designing and
  developing the engines but also pielstick parts. There are all types of engine parts
  manufactured and sold in the open market. Pielstick engines and its parts have been
  designed, manufactured and produced under different names

 Pielstick engines have been/are produced by many licensees and hence are known by
  many different names, and some of the popular ones include:

 Colt-Pielstick — Fairbanks Morse — United States
 Crossley-Pielstick — Rolls-Royce — United Kingdom (sold under the Crossley name)
 Doosan-Pielstick — Doosan Heavy Industries Construction Co (DHICO) — Republic of
 Hyundai-Pielstick — Hyundai Heavy Industries — Republic of Korea
 Kirloskar-Pielstick — Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. — India
 Lindholmen-Pielstick — Lindholmen Motor AB — Sweden
 Pielstick — Shaanxi Diesel Engine Works — China
 Wärtsilä-Pielstick — Wärtsilä Turku Factory — Finland

 These respective companies are manufacturing the engines and spare parts as well and
  you will be having the best options to choose. It would indeed be a good idea to look for
  the information on the spares as only then you get the best of the deals. Check it out on
  internet to get the hang of the Pielstick spares and give the real difference to your liking.

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