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									   References in resume play a vital role in proving
     your suitability for the job. They are generally
   categorized in two categories: Professional and
  personal. Both these are important when applying
 for any job position. References in your resume will
     help employers to know your work efficiency.
   Remember that these references for resume are
 provided by the immediate seniors at the job or the
 people holding reputed position in the society. You
  cannot mention the reference from every person.

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References in the resume are required to explain your work efficiency and
ability It tells your potential employer how you are at your work and how
efficiently you complete your assigned tasks These details can be provided
either by your colleague or your immediate senior who has monitored your
work or supervised your activities Hence, references cannot be provided by
any individual
Now we discuss about the two categories of references Professional
References When you are applying for any position, employer may ask you for
professional reference These references are provided by the individuals those
have worked with you or monitored your work and those who can assure your
ability They have to tell your potential employer about your punctuality,
honesty, work ethics and other virtues
 They are generally asked if you are applying for the technical jobs For such
references, you must include the full name of the person, designation in the
company, name of the company, address and contact number of the company
Also provide e-mail address of the company Personal References Personal
references are required to attest the quality of the person's overall
 It can be given by any religious leader who is the contact person at any charity
event that you volunteered, or any other such person who can provide
attestation for your character It can also be provided by the landlord where
you have stayed for long time or by the teacher whose class you have taken
Personal references play a significant role when you are looking for the
position that requires trust Not everyone can provide personal references
 These have to be provided by the people those are respected in resume
builder the society Mention the full name of the person providing reference,
title of the person, complete address and contact number Mention the e-mail
address if available There are few things that you must keep in mind before
you are listing the references in your resume
 Before including the names of the people, make sure to inform them and tell
them the type of job profile you are applying for People you list as reference
should give a positive feedback about you If the person is uninformed, he may
not know why the employer is calling him and may tell vague things about you
Hence, it is necessary to inform the individual before including his/her name as
 You can provide these references along with resume or write it on the
separate paper and carry it with you at the time of the personal interview
Present them when asked by the employer Sometimes you may not need
them until you are called back for the second interview When listing the
references, contact 3-5 people from your professional field and personal field
and see if they can give any positive remark about you
 Categorize them into professional and personal references Also mention the
details of how you know the person and for how long
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