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Prepared for:
 Frank Acito
  AssociAte DeAn of AcADemic ProgrAms
   M.A. Venkataramanan
     chAir, KsB UnDergrADUAte ProgrAm
      Anne Auer
       Director of mArKeting AnD
          Diana Humphrey
           senior Director of DeveloPment AnD
            mAjor gifts
                                                                            I    Our overall goal is to develop a new area of
                                                                                 concentration in marketing that would carry
                                                                                 a special degree designation (similar to the
                                                                                 previous “Marketing/Advertising” degree).
                                                                                 The proposed plan is broader in scope (creativity instead of
                        A proposal for a new area                                advertising) and could be integrated into more classes and
                                                                                 serve a larger number of students.
                         of concentration in the
                        Kelley School of Business
                           Marketing Program.
                                                                            II   The recommendations in this report are considered
                                                                                 preliminary ideas (still in development) not final
                                                                                 solutions. Input is welcomed from all parties. For
                                                                                 example, throughout this report “X” is used to symbolize
                                                    Prepared by:
                                                                                 “creativity” but the program may ultimately have a more
                                                         X fAcUlty
                                                                                 descriptive title than Marketing X.
                                                  Robert E. Smith

                                                Laura M. Buchholz                We will first describe the major problems that exist and
                                                            X stUDents           then outline our plan for the new program that might
                                                        Fatima Hai               help reverse the drop in KSB majors choosing marketing.
                                                     Bennett Leader
                                                     Nicholas Mather
                                                    Kimberly Musgrave
                                                           Chelsea Pipp                                                                         
                                                            Matt Walker
                                                             Chase Weigt
    Problems Past
    Problems Present

    Essential Knowledge
    Curriculum Issues
    	    Classes	&	Topics               99

    	    Delivery                       100
    Identity & Community
         Lack of Identity

         Student Feedback
         Lack of Prestige                         Marketing
                                                                 has a
         Identity Program                         Majors..
                                                           . d o w n 3 5d e c l i n i n g
                                                                        %              share of
         Identity Program Components                                           in the la
                                                                                         st 8 yea
         Develop a Sense of Community                                                             rs.

         Promote Marketing Program
                                                  soMe 2007
    Marketing Career Management
                                                  cancelle    suMMer cla
         Career Services                                   d du          sses      have Bee
                                                                    e to low                n
         Marketing of Self                                                   enrollM
         Creative Job Events

    Applied Knowledge                         c   2007 fall e
                                                  (required c nrollMent in M344
                                                             lass) is
    The Marketing X Program might       101                           54% of cap
    look something like this                                                     aci        ty.

     currIculum Issues                                                              Course TopiC                                  Course Code Weeks
                                                                                                                                 *if cUrrently offereD

      overview                                                                      consUmer BehAvior
      Marketing classes need to be up-dated both in terms of                        BrAnD mAnAgement                                                       7.60
                                                                                    ADvertising cAmPAigns                                                  7.00
      content and delivery. Today, students have vast amounts of                    creAtivity AnD creAtive ProBlem solving                 m344           7.00
      information from multiple sources available to them. The old                  relAtionshiP mArKeting                                                 6.40
      “book-focused” pedagogy is declining in relevance and needs                   cUrrent toPics                                                         6.10
      to be augmented with topical information when appropriate.                    mArKeting strAtegy                                      m450           5.50
                                                                                    sAles                                                   m330           4.90
      We recommend that Marketing X classes differentiate                           internAtionAl mArKeting                                 m401           4.30
      themselves in both content and delivery.                                      fUtUre WorlD – “flAt” WorlD                                            3.40
                                                                                    retAiling                                               m419           3.40
      	                                                                             mArKeting commUnicAtions                                m344           3.20

    I c l a s s e s /t o p i c s
      Students would like to see a broader array of classes/topics available to
                                                                                    negotiAtion AnD conflict resolUtion
                                                                                                                                            m370           3.20
                                                                                    internet mArKeting AnD technology                                      2.80
      them. Students were asked: “If you could design your own marketing program    mArKet reseArch                                         m303           2.70
      how many weeks would you like to study each of the following topics.” Their   green mArKeting AnD the environment                                    2.30
      responses are shown below (note: data was collected in an elective consumer   sAles mAnAgement                                        m426           2.30
      behavior class).                                                              mArKeting ethics AnD Politics                                          2.20
        A. Results are based on 105 weeks of study (21 credit hours):               mAnAgement, AnAlysis AnD DisPlAy of mArKeting DAtA      m342           2.10
              (see oPPosite PAge)                                                   BUsiness to BUsiness mArKeting                          m407           1.80
        B. These results suggest that traditional class structures needs to be      DAtA BAse mArKeting                                     m343           1.40
              augmented with classes that cover more topics of interest to          BUsiness AnD society                                                   1.20
              today’s student.                                                      ADvAnceD internAtionAl mArKeting                                       0.90
                                                                                                                                                         105.00 WeeKs
                                                                                                                                                           = 21 creDits

                                  “sTudenTs Would like To see a broader array of                                                                                         
                                            Classes and TopiCs available To Them”
    currIculum Issues

      II d e loldemodel of using 1 weeks to “survey” a functional
               iv ry   	

        area of marketing (research, consumer behavior, advertising,
        etc.) will be minimized. Instead, classes will cover the
        major theoretical models (limited to the most useful and
        applicable) and then ask students to apply the models to
        real world marketing problems.
        A. Performance-Based Learning.                                                   C. Co-production of Classes with Students.
        Many students believe that too much of the marketing program consists of         Modern students have been brought up using the internet and
        learning jargon or memorizing facts from a book (or PowerPoint slides) for       tend to relate to content from an interactive and participatory
        exams. They believe that much of marketing cannot be learned from reading        perspective. They desire to be included in developing both the
        a book and they would like to see more elaborate types of learning take place.   organization and delivery of class content.
        This would include any of the following:
          1. Real world business projects:                                               D. Projects Integrated Across Classes.	
             a) Service learning,                                                        Students should have real world projects that are coordinated across
             b) Work with Anne Auer on Kelley PR projects,                               required and elective marketing classes.
             c) Work with Diana Humphrey on client service/event planning projects,
             d) Website design projects,                                                 E. Organization.
             e) Work/Study program.                                                        1. Redundancy among classes needs to be eliminated,
          2. Action-based learning:                                                        2. More synthesis and applications among class concepts and projects.
             a) Skill set development through practice (e.g. presentation skills),       		
             b) Competitions,
                                                                                         F. Workshops.
             c) Business acting workshops.
                                                                                         Students are interested in the following workshop topics:
          3. Computer simulations/games.
                                                                                            1. Marketing career planning
          4. Cases, mini cases, and case competitions.
                                                                                            2. Creative resume production
            “Modern students relate to content froM an                                      3. Effective interview techniques
             interactive and participatory perspective.”                                    4. Business networking,
        B. Incorporation of Technology.                                                     5. Relationship marketing,
          1. Less reliance on in-class lectures and more use of internet,                   6. Professionalism and professional growth,
         2. Podcast to augment or reinforce lectures,                                      7. Effective study techniques.                                         
          3. Posting questions in ONCOURSE before class.
     IdentIty And communIty
       I lack of identity
         The marketing major at Kelley does not have a
                                                                                    III l a c k o f p r e s t i g e
                                                                                         Marketing majors have lost status in Kelley due to:
         sense of identity at the undergraduate level.                                    1. Being associated with low-paying sales and retail jobs,
         This is true for:                                                                2. Lack of course development and innovation,
           1. Faculty that teach in the program,                                          3. Busy-work in some classes,
           2. Students who major or minor in marketing,                                   4. Lack of perceived rigor in some classes,
           3. Administration at the department level.                                     5. Less quantitative than other majors.

      II s t u d e n t f e e d B a c k
         Students were asked to respond to the following statements:
                                                                                    IV i d e n t i t y p r o g r a M
                                                                                         The UG marketing program should stand for something. We need a “brand
         (strongly DisAgree = -3, strongly Agree = +3)                                   image” that represents us and is attractive to our major constituencies. We
            1. The Marketing Department should develop more meaningful                   propose that a major part of the image should be “creativity in marketing.”
                  relationships with their students                                      We recommend this for the following reasons:
                  Mean = +2.40                                                             1. The marketing department has a required creativity in marketing class,
            2. The Marketing Department should have a distinct identity and                2. The marketing department has faculty that are researching the area of
                  stand for something                                                            creativity in marketing and product innovation,
                  Mean = +2.20                                                             3. The marketing department has a significant number of students who
            3. Marketing majors should promote the marketing department and                      want a more creative program,
                  its programs to relevant segments (i.e., recruiters, graduates,          4. The proposed Marketing X Program would solidify this image and
                  direct admits, business majors, etc.)                                          represent a significant PR opportunity.
                  Mean = +2.00
            4. Each class of marketing majors should be “branded” and have its
                  own identity
                  Mean = +1.80                                                          “Marketing Majors have lost status in the
            5. Marketing Club is out-dated and needs to be redesigned
                  Mean = +1.20                                                                kelley school of Business”
10                                                                                                                                                                     11
     IdentIty And communIty

      V identity prograM coMponents
           A. Highlight Creativity in:
                                                                                           VI d e v e l o p a s e n s e o f c o M M u n i t y           	 				
                                                                                                  A. X – Club (a more creative version of Marketing Club),
             1. UG Teaching content,                                                              B. Develop “Marketing X Space” – modeled after “Face Book” allowing
             2. UG Teaching methods,                                                                      marketing majors to post their professional identities and
             3. Students (X – Day),                                                                       experiences in the marketing program (current students) and
             4. Recruiters (X – Interviews),                                                              marketing careers (alumni),
             5. “Marketing X” designation on degree.                                              C. Have a creatively designed physical space (Area X) set aside for
           B. Have each class of seniors develop an image/theme/focus for their class:                    marketing majors (sample design plan),
             1. Each class could select a major business issue (e.g., globalization) or           D. Have a display case to show creative work and promote events,
                  social cause (e.g., green business) and then study it and develop               E. Host one major event each semester to tie in with senior class theme,
                  marketing ideas and programs for it in the MX classes,                          F. X - Student advisory board.
             2. This could be integrated into the program as class assignments, etc.,
             3. Themed speakers -- especially recent grads.
           C. Programs
                                                                                          VII p r o M o t e M a r k e t i n g p r o g r a M
                                                                                                Use X – Class projects to market X – Program to:
             1. Themed workshops (e.g., buzz marketing, viral marketing, etc.),                  A. Direct admits,
             2. Creativity competitions styled after “The Apprentice,”                           B. Business majors,
             3. Link with other schools on campus (e.g., fine arts),                             C. Marketing majors,
             4. Business “acting” workshops,                                                     D. Non-Business majors,
             5. Creative writing workshops,                                                      E. Up-Scale Employers,
             6. Develop marques and logos for Marketing X.                                       F. Graduates,
                                                                                                 G. Others.

12                                                                                                                                                                           1
     cAreer mAnAgement
      I career services
       This is important to business students but UCS is not serving marketing
                                                                                      II M a r k e t i n g o f s e l f
                                                                                         Well trained marketing majors should be able to “sell themselves.” In
       majors well:                                                                      addition, few companies that hire creative talent (e.g., ad agencies) recruit
         A. Current students do not have a good sense of the different types of          on college campuses for undergraduates making reliance on UCS risky.
                marketing positions,                                                     Marketing majors should take a series of classes/workshops where basic
         B. Current students are not educated in marketing career paths that             marketing concepts are applied to selling themselves.
                lead to upper level, higher quality, higher paying jobs,                  A. Include “Marketing Career Management” (MX320) as a component of
         C. Career services seems oriented toward finance, accounting, and                the program (which X - Students take for credit instead of X420 or X220).
                operation majors, and offers mostly “low-level” sales and                 B. This class would include the following topics:
                retailing jobs,                                                              1. Finding intrinsic career paths
         D. Career services is not seen as very helpful or instrumental to getting           2. Setting career goals
                a good marketing position,                                                   3. Creative resume production
         E. Many students have major dissatisfaction with UCS and the classes                4. Effective interview techniques
                (X420 and X220) they are required to take.                                   5. Business networking
                                                                                             6. Professionalism and professional growth
                                                                                             7. Internships

                “Well trained Marketing Majors                                       III c r e a t i v e j o B s e v e n t s
               should Be aBle to sell Themselves”
                                                                                           A. Host “Creative Marketing Career Fair” for up-scale entry level positions,
                                                                                           B. Internet posting for creative marketing jobs,
                                                                                           C. Develop a creative jobs network using alumni in creative jobs,
1                                                                                         D. Have creative job blogs from recent marketing graduates.                  1
                                                                        6. MX-401 – International Marketing
                                                                        A) BAsic content – 8 WeeKs,
                                                                        B) inciPient trenDs – 2 WeeKs,
                                                                        c) integrAtive Project – 5 WeeKs.

                                                                        7. MX-405 – Consumer Psychology
                                                                        A) consUmer Psychology – 10 WeeKs,
                                                                        B) relAtionshiP mArKeting Project – 5 WeeKs.

           the mArketIng X                                              8. MX-415 – Advertising Strategy and Campaigns
                                                                        A) ADvertising PrinciPles – 9 WeeKs,

      ProgrAm mIght look                                                B) ADvertising cAmPAign – 6 WeeKs.

      somethIng lIke thIs:                                              9. MX-450 – Brand Strategy
                                                                        A) BrAnD theory – 3 WeeKs,
                                                                        B) BUilDing BrAnDs – 5 WeeKs,
     1. M-244 (Sophomore class) – team taught                           c) BrAnD strAtegy Project – 7 WeeKs.
     A) PrePAre stUDents for i-core,
     B) creAte interest in mArKeting ProgrAm,
                                                                        10. MX-490 – Future Marketing
     c) creAte interest in mArKeting cAreers.
                                                                        A) trenD forecAsting – 2 WeeKs,
                                                                        B) the WorlD is flAt – 2 WeeKs,
     2. MX 320 – Marketing Career Management                            c) green BUsiness – 2 WeeKs,
     A) finDing intrinsic cAreer PAths AnD setting cAreer goAls
                                                                        D) green mArKeting – 2 WeeKs,
     B) creAtive resUme ProDUction AnD effective intervieW techniqUes
                                                                        e) mArKeting ethics – 2 WeeKs,
     c) BUsiness netWorKing, ProfessionAlism AnD ProfessionAl groWth
                                                                        f) mArKeting AnD technology – 2 WeeKs,
                                                                        g) fUtUre mArKeting Project – 3 WeeKs.
     3. M-370 – X-Section(s):
     A) inclUDes creAtive elements to cAse.

     4. MX-303 – Marketing Research
     A) BAsic content,
     B) integrAtive Project

     5. MX-344 – Creativity and Communications
1   A) sKills DeveloPment – 5 WeeKs,                                                                                    1
     B) integrAtive Design Project – 10 WeeKs.

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