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									       List of EU-supported RTD Projects related to the Theme of
                           WP2000 AL II.1.3
The projects listed below are taken from the FP4 Programmes ACTS, TELEMATICS and
ESPRIT. For additional information on these programmes please look up the programme
websites (http://www.infowin.org/ACTS, http://www.cordis.lu/telematics, http://www.cordis.lu/esprit).

Further references:

   Projects funded under the FP4 ESPRIT Thematic Action Line “IT for Mobility” are listed
   on the website http://www.cordis.lu/esprit/src/itfmaprj.htm .

   The Commission has published a brochure on “Accelerating Electronic Commerce in
   Europe” covering eCommerce projects supported by these programmes, which can be
   downloaded at http://www.ispo.cec.be/ecommerce/books/aecebook.html .

   A listing of current IST projects in Key Action II may be downloaded at the website
   http://www.ispo.cec.be/istka2/activitiesreport.htm .

   A listing of current IST projects in Key Action IV developing underpinning technologies
   and systems for mobile and personal communication may be found at the website

   Factsheets of all current IST projects can be consulted                        at the website

AIMEDIA (EP 26983)
Personal Advertising on Interactive Media

AIMEDIA aims to develop a commercial integrated intelligent and secure framework for
highly targeted advertising. This will be applied and evaluated in two real world trials
involving homeshopping and in-shop kiosk. An "intelligent" module for datamining and
profiling customising will be developed. This will form a framework for intelligent and
mobile agents that will integrate security and privacy building blocks.

Contact Point
Catherine SIMON
Thomson-CSF Communications
Common Techniques and Technologies Unit
Rue du fosse Blanc 66
F-92231 Gennevilliers
Tel: +33 146 132 594 - Fax: +33 146 132 686
E-mail: Catherine.simon@tcc.thomson.fr

Thomson-CSF Communications, F - Ammirati Puris Lintas, UK – Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung, D - Isoft, F - J. Sainsbury Plc, UK - Otto
Versand, D - University College London, UK.

AMASE (AC 346)
Agent Based Mobile Access to Information Services
AMASE will investigate techniques for enhancing an existing agent platform to support
stationary and mobile agents for wireless mobile communication environment.
The project will focus on high degree of user mobility between various networks, devices and
physical location. Small and mobile devices for PC, personal digital assistants and GSM with
SMS transmit and receive capabilities.
The main goals are 1) to design, specify and implement the AMASE agent environment, 2) to
verify and demonstrate, with an agent-based application, the technical and economic
suitability of agent technology for commercial wireless mobile applications.

Contact Point
Eleutherios Athanassiou
Deutsche Telekom Berkom GmbH
Goslarer Ufer 35
D-10589 Berlin
Tel.: +49 030 3497 3518 - Fax: +49 030 3497 3519
E- mail: athanassiou@berkom.de
U R L : http://b5www.berkom.de/AMASE/

Deutsche Telekom Berkom GmbH, D - Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule
Aachen, D - Siemens AG, D - Centre de Recherche de Motorola-Paris, F - Sony International
(Europe) GmbH Stuttgart Technology Centre, D –Sema Group Telecoms, F - Space Hellas
S.A, EL - University College London, UK - Romanian Academy CARM, RO.

ASPeCT (AC 095)
Advanced Security for Personal Communications Technologies

The main objective of ASPECT is to study the feasibility and acceptability of new and
advanced security features for new telecommunications services in existing and future
personal communication networks, based on trials and demonstrations. Specifically, the issues
of performance, ease of integration and compatibility of new security systems in UMTS
(Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) are being addressed. This means
investigating, implementing and testing solutions in the following areas:
1) Migration of security features from existing mobile systems to UMTS;
2) Fraud detection and management in UMTS;
3) T rusted Third Parties (TTPs) for end-to-end security services in UMTS;
4) Capabilities of future User Identity Modules (UIMs);
5) Security and integrity of billing in UMTS;
6) Standardisation of UMTS security (ETSI liaison)

Contact point
V odafone Ltd
The Courtyard
2-4 London Road
UK-Newbury, Berkshire RG14 1JX

Vodafone Ltd, UK - Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, D - Haines Watts Consulting, UK -
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, B - Lernout & Hauspie, B - Panafon SA, E L - Royal
Holloway, Univ . of London, UK - Siemens AG, D - Siemens Atea, B.

Contact and Contactless Environments Yielding a Citizen Pass Integrating Urban
Services and Financial Operations

CALYPSO will deliver an operational system allowing contact and contact-less operation for
payment, ticketing, information, identification & security functions, within multiservice-
multioperator environments. The Citizen Pass provides access to different information
services, through a display screen, such as: real time passenger information, commercial
information (advertising). The Citizen Pass also offers security assistance through a Call
function on the Pass for use in risky areas like underground car parks or metro stations,
payment functions (involving shops, retail points, etc.), ticketing (involving public transport,
mu-seums, etc.), vending (involving operators of services and sales of goods, etc.), clearing
(involving financial operators), planning (involving public authorities and administrations),
... systems (involving suppliers of hardware and software solutions and information systems).

Contact Point
102 Esplanade de la Commune de Paris
F-93167 Noisy le Grand CEDEX
Tel: +33-1-4303.9501 - Fax: +33-1-4815.2233
E-mail: pva@ratp.fr
E-mail: sbu@ratp.fr

R AT P Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, F - Société Nationale des Chemins de fer
Français, F - Groupement d’Intérêt Economique Carte Bancaire, F - La Poste, F - GTM -
Développement et Services, F - Relais H, F - ASK, F - CEA Division LETI, F - INNOVA
TRON, F - CLUB, F - Azienda Servici per la Mobilità, I - Azienda del Consorzio Trasporti V
eneziano, I - Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia, I - IBM, I - Operadores de T ransporte de
Lisboa, P –Sociedade InterBancaria de Seviços, P - Instituto de Engenharie de Sistemas e
Computadores, P - Landkreis Konstanz, D - Deutsche Spaarkassen und Giroverband e. V., D -
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft - EPS, D - T ransport & Communications Assessment Centre, D -
Région de Bruxelles Capitale, B.

COCLICO (EP 23246)
Contact/Contactless Interoperable Microcontroller based Smart Card System

The objective of the COCLICO project is to develop an interoperable contact/contactless
Smart Card System based on a single-chip secure microprocessor Smart Card.

The main results expected from this project are a single-chip microprocessor Smart
Card component for contact and contactless operation and its ROMed (« masked »)
microcode, the COCLICO interface chip for contactless operation integrated in a
suitable Card Reader subsystem, and the required manufacturing technology for the
antenna and the Smart Card assembly with a process compatible with mass production
and low unit price.

Contact Point :
Mr. Olivier Trebucq
GEMPLUS Developpement
34, rue Guynemer
F-92447 Issy-les-Moulineaux
Tel : +33-1-46482032, Fax : +33-1-46482003
e-mail : Olivier.Trebucq@gemplus.com

Participants :

COSMOS (EP 27021)
Construction Site Mobile Operations Support

COSMOS aims at the developement of a workflow application for managing a construction
site's business processes, both between the construction site and company's headquarters, and
within the site itself. This application will be integrated with other advanced groupware
components (such as document management, white board and video conference tools), in
order to provide a complete groupware environment. A suitable communication infrastructure
will be proposed comprising wireless LANs within the construction sites, and satellite links
for the interconnection of the company's headquarters with the various construction sites. At
areas where the satellite coverage is inefficient wireless terrestrial links could be used. In
addition COSMOS will provide an appropriate middleware platform, to integrate the wireless
technologies and the satellite infrastructure, making their use transparent to the IP based
applications. The incorporation of Mobile IP functionality which also be investigated.

Contact Point
Valentino CAVALLI
Omega Generation Srl
Via Murri 39
I-40137 Bologna
Tel: +39 51 306644 - Fax: +39 51 390310
URL: http://www.omega.it/cosmos
Email: cavalli@omega.it

Omega Generation Srl., I - Intracom Sa, Hellenic Telecommunications and Electronics
Industry, EL - Dassault Electronique S.A., F - Nds Limited, UK - Philips Spa Philips
Research Monza, I - BNL Multiservizi, I - GMD-IPSI, D - University of Paisley, UK –
Coopsette, I – Aktor, GR.

ELCANO (EP 25297)
Intelligent Environment for Customer Services through Machine Remote Control

The objective of ELCANO is to develop an innovative customer support system that enables
a significant decrease in machine unavailability caused by inefficiencies in the customer
support process, and a reduction of set-up and maintenance fees.
The project focuses on a specific part of the product life cycle, i.e. from installation to
maintenance and after-sales technical support. Through an innovative adaptation and
integration of existing products and technologies like Internet, GSM communications,
multimedia and intelligent agents, ELCANO will develop a distributed system. Part of it will
run at the machine tool manufacturer site, the other will run at the customer site. This should
permit the creation of an effective and closer customer support relationship. The distributed
control system will allow the manufacturer of machinery to provide both customers and
technical support departments with a series of services that previously were either unavailable
or available only at high costs and with long response times. These services will include
machine monitoring, local and remote malfunction diagnosis, set-up support, repair support,
and on-line technical information support.
Contact point:

Danobat Group / IDEKO Technological Center
Poligono Industrial de Arriaga Apdo 28
E-20870 Elgoibar Gipuzkoa
Tel: +34 943 748000, Fax: +34 943 743804
email: jminguez@ideko.es
website: http://www.ideko.es/eng/proyec/ELCANO/contest.htm

Participants: Danobat, E – Txt Ingenieria, I – Ikerlan, E – O-Tech, F – Epsilon, GR – Fidia, I
– Grau, DE – Hindle Gears, UK

HERMES (HC 1021)
Telematic Healthcare - Remoteness and Mobility Factors in Common European

HERMES will develop a telemedicine services platform based on the implementation of
quality assured telemedicine services in order to overcome the fact of “islands of
telemedicine” not compatible with each other.
HERMES provides realisations of an agreed “European Specification” for quality assured
telemedicine services delivered to the point of need. This is being achieved through a user-
driven process of harmonisation utilising agreed medical and technical standards and accepted
methods for the development, construction and quality assurance aspects of a platform for
both services and technologies.
HERMES is focusing on the airline and tourist scenarioto support the mobile European
citizen. The initial applications shall cover urgent response activities on a 24-hours basis,
using telematics. So HERMES will create services for teleconsultation.

Contact Point
University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh Healthcare Telematics Centre
27 Chalmers Street
UK-Edinburgh EH3 9EW
Tel: +44 131 536 4209 - Fax: +44 131 536 4521
E-mail: boddyk@telemedicine.clh.ed.ac.uk

University of Edinburgh / Edinburgh Healthcare Telematics Centre, UK -HealthSkills, UK -
Heriot W att University , UK - DLR, D - Klinikum Remscheid GmbH, D - Werum GmbH, D
- INESC, P - Secretaria Regional Dos Assuntos Socias, P - University of Athens,Department
of Medical Physics, EL –Technognosis S.A., EL - Intrasoft S.A., EL - Huntleigh Health Care
Ltd., UK –University of Oxford, UK - Health Data Management Partners, B.

MATES (EP 20598)
Multimedia Assisted Distributed Tele-Engineering Services

MATES aims to establish a distributed work environment, which enables know-ledge and
development intensive projects to be performed efficiently, independently of the physical
location of its participants. The purpose of such engi-neering environments is to assist people
involved in the product creation process in the specification, design, manufacture and
maintenance of a pro-duct.
A global approach should not only consider the engineering activities in the product creation
process, but also the communication and data exchange needs. The results will be used in an
interactive remote maintenance support system as well as in an engineering environment for
distributed locations including working from home and mobile teleworking.

Contact Point
Franz-Josef STEWING
Siemens-Nixdorf Informationssysteme A G
Fürstenallee 11
D-33094 Paderborn
Tel: +49 5251 606100 - Fax: +49 5251 606066
E-mail: stewing@c-lab.de
URL: http://mates.cdt.luth.se

SNI, D - Dassault Electronique, F - Philips, NL - Telefonica I+D, E – University of
Lulea/CDT, S - UPM/DIT, E.

MATISSE 2000 (IA 1109)
Metropolitan Area Tourist Information Support System for Europe 2000

MATISSE 2000 will act as a counter weight (against competitive measures that non-
European regions are taking) through the development of ITC technologies using innovative
telematic and integrated services. The project aims to act as a tool for informing tourists of
issues before they arrive at their destination (like traffic and parking information or cultural
events) while taking away the negative impact that tourists have on the areas that they visit
leaving local re-sidents with traffic problems and shortage of resources.
MATISSE 2000 will examine the possibilities of using ITC to help tourists, SMEs working in
the tourist sector and public administrations, providing unrestricted access to integrated
services through voice, data, fax and mobile communication.
Investigation will concern the usage of smart-cards, standard service access and payment
systems, electronic offer and provision of innovative services.

Contact Point
Azienda Consorziale T.R.A.M. di Rimini
V iale Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, 38
I-47900 Rimini
Tel: +39 - 541 - 390444 - Fax: +39 - 541 - 390826
E-mail: m.baldacci@tram.it
E-mail: g.favilli@finsiel.it

Azienda Consorziale T.R.A.M. (Trasporti Riuniti Area Metropolitana) di Rimini, I - Telecom
Italia SpA, I - Finsiel - Consulenza e Applicazioni Informatiche SpA, I - Telepolis
Antwerpen, B - Corfu Municipality Development Enterprise AN.E.D.K., EL.

MEMO (AC 054)
Multimedia Environment for Mobiles
The main objective of MEMO is to develop a generic architecture for the provision of
interactive multimedia services to mobile and portable terminals. The system will provide an
asymmetrical bi-directional link combining a broadband downlink (based on DAB) and a low
bitrate interactive link (based on GSM).Based on the experience with two generations of
prototypes, user requirements studies and evaluation of user trials, MEMO will develop a ge-
neralised service model and both hardware and software platforms to implement a wide
variety of interactive datacasting services where mobility is the key issue.

Contact Point
Corporate Research and Development
Robert-Bosch-Str. 200
D-31139 Hildesheim
Tel: +49 5121 49 4999 - Fax: +49 5121 49 4970
E-mail: Wolfgang.Klingenberg@fr.bosch.de

Bosch, D - Anitra, D - CCETT, F - CSTB, F - Deutsche Telekom, D - EDIXIA, F - Ericsson
Radio, S - ETH, CH - Integro, F - King's College, UK - Le Monde, F - LUTCHI, UK - Napier
University, UK - OTH SI, F - RAI, I - SAEC, F - T D F, F - Teracom, S - UCL, UK -
University of Nottingham, UK - WDR, D.

MIAMI (AC 338)
Mobile Intelligent Agents for Managing the Information Infrastructure

The emerging Open European/Global Information Infrastructure is characterised by its
increasing distribution, its dynamic nature, and the complexity of its resources. Managing
such an environment requires increased intelligence in management solutions and the
mobility of such solutions. MIAMI has the following objectives 1) to create a unified Mobile
Intelligent Agent (MIA) frame-work by validating, refining, and enhancing the OMG MASIF
(Object Management Group Mobile Agent System Interoperability Facilities Specification)
standards according to the requirements for an Open European Information Infrastructure
(EII), 2) To develop mobile agent solutions for the management of the Open EII and
validating them via a set of Pan-European trials in the context of network and service
management, and Advanced Communication and Information (ACI) services, 3) To create a
reference implementation of the unified MIA framework in order to evaluate the service
solutions in a Pan-European environment, 4) To produce recommendations for the
introduction of the MASIF in future products and for the development of MIA-based

Contact Point
Research Institute for Open Communication Systems
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31
D-10589 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 34 63 7171 - Fax: +49 30 34 63 8171
E-mail: covaci@fokus.gmd.de

GMD-German National Research Centre for Information Technology, D –Alcatel Alsthom
Recherche, F - Alcatel Bell, B - Algosystems SA, EL – Centre de Recherche Informatique de
Montréal, CA - France Télécom CNET, F –Hitachi Ltd., JAP - Imperial College of Science,
UK - University College London, UK - The University of Surrey, UK.

Home/Ambulatory Health Care Services Based on Mobile Communications

The objective of the project is to develop the concept of home/ambulatory tele-care,
integrating a large diversity of services that can be categorised as the following: telealarm
services; telemonitoring services; access to health/social related information;
interconnectivity with social and health care information systems and home environmental
remote control. Three demonstration systems will be set up, each requiring a set of
home/ambulatory care services designed to cope with specific needs. One is concerned with
teleassistance for highly vulnerable users. In another one, home/telecare will be integrated in
an existing community health and social system, providing support for the elderly, people
with mental handicaps and people with physical disabilities. The third demonstration deals
with the issue of providing ef ficient care to chronically ill patients, using respiratory patients
as an example. The objectives of the project include the definition of products and their
exploitation in the market.

Contact Point
Rafael LAMAS
Fundación Airtel Móvil
A vda de Europa 1
Parque Empresarial “La Moraleja”
E-Alcobendas (Madrid)
Tel: +34 1 657 76 29 - Fax: + 34 1 657 5370
E-mail: rayuso@arrakis.es

Airtel Móvil S.A, E - Cruz Roja Española, E - South & East Belfast & Social Services Trust,
UK - PMH Electronics LTD, UK - Corporación Sanitori Clinic, E - Universidad Politécnica
de Madrid, E - Prodimed, SA, E - Telecel, P – Unidad de Diagnostic y T ractament S.A, E.

Mobile Media and Entertainment Services

The project objective is to demonstrate the technical feasibility and business viability of a
wireless media highway for the distribution of advanced multimedia products. The project
will contribute significantly to the understanding of users' perception of the value of wireless
multimedia services and identify how commercial exploitation of the services using third
generation systems can be accelerated.
MOMENTS should as well create new enabling technologies, in particular for the
presentation of visual material, and assess by qualitative and quantitative means the feasibility
and velocity of electronic money transfers during the trials.

Contact Point
Jukka SALO
Nokia Telecomunnications Oy
P.O.Box 315
FIN-00045 Helsinki
Tel: +358 9 5116 3159 - Fax: +358 9 5116 3168
Mobile: +358 40 546 1392
E-mail: jukka.salo@ntc.nokia.com
Nokia Telecommunications Oy, FIN - Bertelsmann AG, D – Citicorp Kartenservice GmbH, D
- DataNord Multimedia SrL, I - E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH, D - Gemplus, F - Omnitel Pronto
Italia S.p.A, I - Orange PCS Ltd, UK - Reuters AG, D - ZGDV (Computer Graphics Center),
Subcontractor of Nokia, D.

Mobile Intelligent Agents in Accounting, Charging and Personal Mobility Support

The main objectives of MONTAGE are to 1) exploit agent technology to support efficient (in
terms of both cost and performance) service provision to fixed and mobile users in
competitive telecommunications environments, 2) demon-strate the usefulness and
applicability of agent technology in handling the complexities of service provision,
accounting and charging , by means of personal mobility trials involving real users, services,
and multi-provider telecommunications networks, 3) assess the trade-offs (regarding system
complexity, perfor -mance, ease of use, etc.) for all the stakeholders involved in building and
using agents and agent-based services.

Contact Point
Development Programmes Department
19.5 km Markopoulou A ve.
EL-19002 Peania
Tel: +30 1 6860406 - Fax: +30 1 6860312
E-mail: dpre@intranet.gr

Intracom S.A., EL - Institute of Computer Science-Foundation for Research and Technology
Hellas, EL - National Technical University of Athens, EL – NEC Europe Ltd., D - University
of Helsinki, FIN - VTT Information Technology, FIN.

NOTE (EP 27002)
Nomadic Teleworking Business Environment

The NOTE project targets the market of the nomadic executives by providing the total turn-
key solution for virtual office presence. It is intended for people who need quick access to
information, without the luxurity of their office, but with the required functionality for
carrying out their everyday tasks. NOTE intends to implement an intelligent computing
system that will enable the nomadic user to access network services and productivity
applications (usually found in his personal home base computing environment), using an
intuitive and extensible user interface. This "intelligent briefcase" - as we prefer to call this
system - relies on a mixture of technologies to provide the nomadic user with the required
mobility functions in order to be able to effectively operate even in non-standard office

Contact Point
Rigobert Foka,
Thomson CSF Communications
160, Boulevard de Valmy
BP82, 92704 COLOMBES Cedex
Tel: 33 141 30 34 25
Fax : 33 1 41 30 35 60

Thomson CSF - F, Lucent - NL, Archetypon - GR, Intrasoft - L, Solinet - D, National
Technical University of Athens/ICCS – GR

Application Support Services for Distributed Mobile Multimedia

OnTheMove defines a Mobile Application Support Environment (MASE) pro-viding support
for applications running on mobile devices. This architecture includes a mobile application
programming interface, Mobile API, that hides the heterogeneity of underlying networks and
user equipment as well as the mobility related functions as such.The OnTheMove architecture
is based on the la-test research and OnTheMove is the only project in ACTS demonstrating
UMTS-based middleware for client server systems. Thus users service profiles are trialed,
with a potential use in mobile electronic commerce.

Contact Point
Eckhard GEULEN
Ericsson Eurolab Deutschland GmbH
D-52134 Herzogenrath
Tel: +49 - 2407 - 575-389 - Fax: +49 - 2407 - 575-400
E-mail: Eckhard.Geulen@eed.ericsson.se

Ericsson Radio Systems AB, S - Bonnier Business Press, S - BT, UK – Burda New Media, D
- Centre for Wireless Communications, SIN - DeTeMobilNet, D - Ericsson Eurolab
Deutschland GmbH, D - IBM France, F - IONA Ltd, IRL -KTH, S - RWTH Aachen - I4, D -
SICS, S - Siemens AG, D - Sony Europe Gmbh, D - Tecsi, F .

PASSION (EP 26753)
Portable Assistant For Interacting Operators Networks

PASSION will develop and validate a complete remote maintenance management system to
enhance mobility of in-the-field maintenance operators. This platform will be based on a
portable assistant appliance which will provide remote access to interactive multimedia and
maintenance support services. The portable device will be used by the operators to support
them during different kind of interventions (maintenance, collecting of data, planning,
reporting, etc.) and aims at enhancing the way they are doing their daily jobs.

Contact Point
Alcatel Cit Sa
Route De Nozay
F-91460 Marcoussis
Tel: +33 169631586 - Fax: +33 169631812
E-mail: mautref@aar.alcatel-alsthom.fr

Alcatel Cit Sa, F - Softeco-Sismat Spa, I - Registro Italiano Navale Ente, I - Datalde
Sa, E - Sistemas Expertos Sa, E - CRS4, I - HFRG University College Cork, IRL -
Robotiker, E - Matla Terminals, E.

Personal Mobile Traveller and Traffic Information Service

The objective of PROMISE is to provide travellers with easy access to a multi-modal travel
and traf fic information service during their whole journey. The consortium will create a
mobile multi-modal traveller information system for Europe-wide deployment. It has a strong
industrial core of telecom operators, car manufacturers, equipment suppliers, service
providers, and public authori -ties.
The aim is to have simple and self-explanatory terminal interaction. The functionality is to be
based on multimedia telematics, which will use text and graphics to present their information.
Billing and accounting techniques will be integrated in the architecture. The industrial
partners intend to exploit the results by manufacturing terminals incorporating the services
into their telecommunication infrastructure, and offering services on a commercial basis.
Contribution to Electronic Commerce: Implement and demonstrate information services for
travellers used before and during the trip through portable devices.

Contact Point
Nokia Mobile Phones Ltd
Hatanpään valtatie 34 A
PO BOX 429
FIN-33721 Tampere
Tel: +358 10 505 1 - Fax: +358 10 505 7595
E-mail: tommi.ojala@nokia.com

Nokia Mobile Phones Ltd, FIN - Ab Volvo Technolgogical Development, S – And Software
Bv, NL - Bayerische Motoren Werke, D - British Telecommunications Plc, UK - Centre
Commun d'Etudes de Télédif fusion et Télécommunications, F - Dutch PTT, NL - European
Geographic Technologies Bv, NL - European Road Information Centre 2000 Eesv, NL -
Europolitan, S - Finnish National Road Administration, FIN - France Telecom Expertel, F -
IBM Deutschland Informationssysteme GmbH, D - Kt-Datacenter, FIN – Laboratoires
d'Electronique Philips, F - Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens, F – Régies Nationale
des Usines Renault, F - Rijkswaterstaat Transport Research Center, N L - Swedish National
Road Administration, S - Telecom Finland Oy, FIN – TNO Technisch Physische Dienstd,

Smart Card and Agent enabled Reliable Access

SCARAB focuses on the synergy between smart card and agent technology in an open,
distributed and secure service architecture. The project has the following main objectives: 1)
To evaluate, position and demonstrate the use of smart cards as a universal token for seamless
access to a multitude of telecommunication services in an open service architecture, 2) To
verify the requirements for secure service access and information exchange through a
distributed access control model, 3) To identify the implications of agent based software
development on mobility, security and reliability in and across heterogeneous network
environments, 4) To identify , define and demonstrate the potential of the synergy between
smart cards and agents for reducing the complexity and diversity of user interfaces as
implemented on a multitude of telecommunication terminals.

Contact Point
Michel Van ACKERE
Corporate Research Center
Alcatel Bell NV
Francis-Wellesplein 1
B-2018 Antwerpen
Tel: +32 3 240 82 16 - Fax: +32 3 240 99 32
E-mail: ackerem@btmaa.bel.alcatel.be

Alcatel Bell NV, B - Alcatel Business Systems, F - Centro Studi e Laboratori
Telecommunicazioni SPA (CSELT), I - GMV SA, E - Politecnico di Torino, I –KPN
Research Netherlands, NL - Schlumberger Industries SA, F – Universidad Politecnica de
Madrid (UPM), E - Universität Gesamthochschule Siegen, D.

SIROCCO (EP 26996)
Mobility enhancement with interoperable smart card applications using Combicards

The SIROCCO project aims at developing an integrated electronic ticketing, payment and
information access application based on state of the art information technology such as
contactless smart cards, which enhance the physical mobility of the users and supports a new
business model for the co-operation of banking institutions and transport operators.
A large scale trial of the system took place in Barcelona in 1998.

Contact Point
Carlos TRIAY
5, avenue de Verdun
F-94204 Ivry-sur-Seine
Tel: +33-(0)1-45-15-24-72 - Fax: +33-(0)1-45-15-24-60
E-mail: triay@arttic.fr
URL: http://www.arttic.com/projects/SIROCCO/

Sistema 4B, E - Gemplus, F - Almex Metric, UK - Banco Sabadell, E – Dassault A T, F -
Ferrocarrils de la generalitat/Direccion general de transports, E.

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