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types of decorative spheres From a diameter of 1 inch to 7 inches but it can

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									     The article is devoted to luxurious interior
     decoration items - decorative spheres.

  There are people who are fond of designing their homes with ornaments,
vases, and decorative spheres These decors, specially the spheres can be
centerpieces or highlights that can make a certain area appear more lively and
pleasant It can add light, beauty, and dimension to an area where it is placed
The decorative spheres can stand alone on shelves or tables Arranging them
in groups or staggered with other objects can add interest There are various
types of decorative spheres From a diameter of 1 inch to 7 inches but it can
be larger depending on the requirement as it is customizable
 There are some spheres that are oval or circular which can be used to fill
containers such as vases or bowls While there are also some which were
created with flat surfaces to enable it to stand on http://www.dhshardware.com
a shelf, table, or any surface horizontally With infinite colors and designs,
decorative spheres can be porcelain or ceramic, wood, glass, metal, and other
available materials that can be molded into a ball Glass spheres are
breakable but can also become heavy These types of fragile products should
not be placed on areas where it could be knocked to avoid breakage This
goes the same with ceramic spheres
 Wood spheres on the other hand are more laid back and of course, the usual
colors are black and brown Some are carved with designs while others are
made glossy through varnishing to create a more sophisticated look Metal
spheres are made of course with materials such as twisted copper wires and
pure metal These are heavier than any other decorative spheres There are
also more expensive spheres which are made of semi-precious stones These
are more natural and exude elegance
 Usually placed on top of a stand, these make the place much more powerful
Over a hundred years back, there is a superstition that spheres are known to
be “witch balls” that send off the negative energy and evil spirits; especially
those made with semi-precious stones It is through capturing them through
the interior of the sphere It is said that those unwanted spirits become
mesmerized by the reflections and colors thus getting them caught inside it
and therefore protecting the place or home Whether the superstition is true or
not, still, decorative spheres are beautiful addition to a place It is in fact one of
the most popular items in decorating a home
 The types of decorative spheres mentioned above should be properly taken
into consideration when buying one for home or office It is because the
location where such decors shall be placed as this would greatly help in
extending the life of your décor Decorative spheres are available in stores
and gift shops It can be bought individually or as a group From the cheapest
to the most expensive ones, spheres will truly make you home not only away
from the so-called “bad spirits” but also a beautiful accentuated area
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