Armed Security Is Often A Sound Idea For Business

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					Armed Security Is Often A Sound Idea For Business

Many enterprises, in present economic circumstances, want to find methods of decreasing operating
expense, applying their precious resources where they are most productive and raise revenues. At first
look it sometimes seems that allocating funds for protective services pays little return on investment.
Looking more closely, it can be seen that costly expenses will possibly be prevented by those services,
and armed security might be helpful in retaining and protecting company assets and preventing
production shutdowns in some instances.

The economic storm raging these past few years is showing little sign of abating. More likely these
conditions will worsen before they improve. Many large and small companies, are near failure because
of falling demand for goods and services they produce. Their consumers are themselves struggling to
pay bills and still have any discretionary funds.

Unemployment and declining pay rates reduces the number of eligible buyers. What money that are
receiving buys less when government causes inflation. When the cost of goods and services increases
consumer demands decrease. Providers of services and goods are further affected in their bottom lines.
It is a viscous circle that has been put into motion, without any apparent, easy, quick solution.

Companies are tempted to cut corners temporarily to keep prices affordable for their customers and
remain competitive for scarce revenue. In doing this they are gambling that they will be fortunate
enough to avoid damaging losses that could result at any moment.

One of the first consequences that will be noticed when doing away with protective services will be
learning that the savings are negated as insurance premiums go up. Substantial discounts are given
when professional protection officers are on site. Statistically, insurance providers know that losses
decrease significantly when they are.

Attempting to have employees perform some of these tasks and simultaneously do their customary
work causes neither to be accomplished with proficiency and efficiency. If employees are continually
distracted from their productive work and pulled away temporarily they have to start over again.
Production will take longer and defects and reworking requirements will increase.
Neglect of plant protection inevitably causes it to become an easy target for crimes of opportunity.
These range from employee theft of company equipment and supplies, to trespassers slipping into the
premises and stealing company property and employee property alike. The parking areas and grounds
will soon experience incidents of vandalism and theft.

Productive work is disrupted and personnel may potentially suffer injury or even death at the hands of
vengeful ex employees, separated spouses, and unwelcome suitors. Losses of key people, involvement
in police investigators, and having apprehensive employees all affect production rates and profits.

Retaining armed security may seem unnecessary most of the time, but serious threats and
circumstances sometimes require it. When there becomes a credible threat to the property and lives on
site the necessary tools must provided. Failure to have a visible deterrent can in a short time increase
the risk of confrontations and injuries to employees and the officers. Sound business judgement tells us
that prevention and deterrence of incidents is preferable to dealing with likely consequences. Liability
exposure should also be a consideration.

Source: Twin City Security -- Security Guard Company

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Description: Source: - Hiring armed security may seem extreme much of the time but some circumstance or threats may require it. In order to protect property and lives at a facility the necessary tools need to be provided.