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              PRICE LIST
                                                                        1993 -         P O Box 5443,
                                                                   Sixteen years in    42 Christie Cres,
                                                                    the business       Nelspruit, 1200
             Tel: 013 755 2408                                                         South Africa
             Fax: 013 752 4890             Email: brollie@timberco.co.za

                                                                                      Our Team:
                               STANDARD 2.1M WALL HEIGHT                     Brollie,Marilda,Pieter, Roy.

                                                    VERANDA            1.2M WIDE
                                                                                       YOUR CHOICE
                                                     LENGTH            VERANDA

1.8 x 1.8m       R 4,310.00               ND 1         1.8m           R 1,530.00
1.8 x 2.4m       R 5,020.00               ND 1         1.8m           R 1,530.00
2.4 x 2.4m       R 5,630.00               ND 1         2.4m           R 1,870.00
2.4 x 3.0m       R 6,500.00               ND 1         2.4m           R 1,870.00
3.0 x 3.0m       R 7,470.00               ND 1         3.0m           R 2,240.00
3.0 x 3.6m       R 8,490.00               ND 1         3.6m           R 2,550.00
3.0 x 4.5m       R 10,080.00              ND 1         4.5m           R 3,170.00
3.6 x 3.6m       R 9,590.00               ND 1         3.6m           R 2,550.00
3.6 x 4.8m       R 12,100.00              ND 2         4.8m           R 3,320.00
2.4 x 5.1m       R 9,670.00               ND 1         5.1m           R 3,570.00
3.6 x 6.0m       R 14,100.00              ND 2         6.0m           R 4,050.00
3.6 x 7.2m       R 16,140.00              ND 2         7.2m           R 4,720.00

                  Other size                               YOUR TOTAL

                      Vat at 14% is included in the prices. We
                      apply termite poison under the unit and
                      coat the outside walls with two coats of
                                 weather sealant.
                               Please note that for construction
                               reasons, the side walls are 10cm
                                    shorter than specified.
                       Carry forward your Wendy total from the opposite page

                                    Optional Extras                                  Price      Unit     Qty              Total
                 Reflecta Foil Roof Insulation                                       R 70.00
Roof & Ceiling

                 Ceiling with sisolation                                             R 160.00    sqm
                 Convert Econogalv roof sheets to coloured Chromodek                 R 70.00     sqm

                 Door:Meranti panel door with 2 lever lock, external             R 1,456.00     each
                 Door: Hollow core door with 2 lever lock, unpainted, internal    R 600.00      each

                 Door: Pine Patio Sliding door                                   R 3,450.00     each
                 Door: Wendy Style with barrel bolt                               R 300.00      each
                 Door: Convert a Wendy door to a Wendy Stable Door                R 160.00      each
                 Wall: Internal wall lining with 16/64 T&G Pine                   R 390.00      run m

                 Wall: Internal wall lining with 12.5mm Dry Wall Boards           R 360.00      run m
                 Wall: Wendy Partition Wall                                       R 410.00      run m
                 Post and Bearer Stilted Base with one set steps                  R 160.00       sqm
                 Tuckshop Serving Flap                                               R 380.00   each

                 K/pine Shelving - 300mm wide with frame                             R 120.00   run m
                 Waxoil                                                              R 100.00    5Lt

                     ND 1 PINE WINDOW                     475 x 810                  R 350.00   each
                     ND 2 PINE WINDOW                     920 x 810                  R 620.00   each

                     ND 3 PINE WINDOW                     1360 x 810                 R 870.00   each

                       SALESPERSON                                                    DATE
                                                             Important Information!
                            Warranty on Wendy Houses - five years subject to terms and conditions of sale and annual
                                                           maintenance by Wendy Lane.
                            For construction reasons, the side walls are 10cm shorter than specified. (sizes are outside
                                                     We do accept VISA and MASTERCARD.
                        Before purchasing one of our units, please be sure you understand our terms and conditions of sale.

                                               Please note the Standard Wendy House includes:
                           * 2.1m Wall height * Corrugated iron roof cover * Vertical tongue and groove wall cladding *
                           Wooden floor * One Wendy style door with one barrel bolt for closing * One window per size
                                     * Note that the veranda is an optional extra to any standard size building.
                                                    Prices subject to change without prior notice.

                                                               Dog Kennels
                             Timber structure complete with timber floor. Walls are coated on the outside. Fibre board
                             roof cover, painted with roof paint. Built to stand outside and keep your pet warm and dry!
  MINI  (Jack Russel size)                                    550 x 600 x 450 high                R 460.00                each
  SMALL       (Staffi size)                                   750 x 750 x 600 high                R 690.00                each
  MEDIUM (Labrador size)                                     750 x 1000 x 700 high                R 780.00                each
  LARGE    (Alsatian size)                                   750 x 1200 x 800 high               R 1,040.00               each
 X-LARGE (Great Dane size)                                  1000 x 1500 x 1000 high              R 1,400.00               each
                            Kennels are cash and carry prices. Delivery in Nelspruit / White River area can be arranged
                                    for a nominal R100.00. Roofs are removable for transporting and cleaning

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