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									                       NEW BOOKS LIST
                        May - July 2009
                                Top Titles
Fic ALI   Ali, Monica, 1967-        In the kitchen /
Fic AMI   Amidon, Stephen           Security /
Fic AND   Anderson, Kevin J.        The edge of the world /
Fic BAG   Bagshawe, Louise          Passion /
Fic BAR   Barclay, Linwood.         Fear the worst :
Fic BER   Berry, Anne               The hungry ghosts /
Fic BOU   Bourne, Sam,              The final reckoning /
Fic BOW   Bowen, Rhys               In a gilded cage /
Fic BOY   Boyden, Joseph            Through black spruce /
Fic BOY   Boyne, John,              The house of special purpose /
Fic BRE   Brennan, Allison          Sudden death /
Fic BUS   Busfield, Andrea          Born under a million shadows /
Fic CAM   Campbell, Karen,          After the fire /
Fic CAR   Carbin, Debbie.           Three men and a maybe /
Fic CHA   Challis, Sarah            Love and other secrets /
Fic CHI   Child, Lee.               Gone tomorrow /
Fic CLA   Clark, Cassandra          The red velvet turnshoe /
Fic COE   Coelho, Paulo             The winner stands alone /
Fic CON   Connolly, John,           The lovers /
Fic CON   Connelly, Michael,        The scarecrow : a novel /
Fic COO   Cooper, Glenn.            Library of the dead /
Fic CUS   Cussler, Clive.           Medusa : a novel from the NUMA files /
Fic DEA   Deaver, Jeffery.          Roadside crosses /
Fic DEA   Deas, Stephen,            The Adamantine Palace /
Fic DRA   Drake, Nick,              Tutankhamun : the book of shadows /
Fic DUN   Duncan, Glen,             A day and a night and a day /
Fic DUN   Dunant, Sarah.            Sacred hearts /
Fic EVA   Evanovich, Janet.         Finger lickin' fifteen /
Fic FIE   Fielding, Joy             Still life : a novel /
Fic FLY   Flynn, Gillian,           Dark places /
Fic FRA   Fraser, Anthea            Thicker than water /
Fic GAL   Gale, Patrick,            The whole day through /
Fic Gar   Gardner, Lisa             The neighbor /
Fic GRA   Gray, Alex                Glasgow kiss /
Fic GRA   Grahame-Smith, Seth       Pride and prejudice and zombies
Fic GRE   Gregory, Susanna,         A vein of deceit /
Fic GRE   Green, Hilary,            The final act /
Fic GRE   Green, Simon R.,          The spy who haunted me /
Fic GRE   Green, Jane,              Dune road /
Fic GRI   Grimshaw, Charlotte       Singularity /
Fic GRI   Grippando, James,         Intent to kill : a novel of suspense /
Fic HAR   Harris, Charlaine.        Dead and gone /
Fic HAR   Hart, John,               The last child /
Fic HAY   Hayder, Mo                Ritual /
Fic HEA   Heard, Barry,             Tag /
Fic HEL   Heller, Mandasue.         Snatched /
Fic HIL   Hilton, Matt              Dead men's dust /
Fic HIL   Hilderbrand, Elin         The castaways : a novel /
Fic HOW   Howard, Sandra,           A matter of loyalty /
Fic HUG   Hughes, Declan,           All the dead voices /
Fic HUM   Hume, M. K.               King Arthur : dragon's child /
Fic HUN      Hunter, Seth               The tide of war /
Fic KEN      Kent, Christobel           A time of mourning /
Fic KHO      Khoury, Raymond            The sign /
Fic KIN      Kingsbury, Karen.          Take two /
Fic KIR      Kirkpatrick, Russell.      Beyond the wall of time /
Fic KLE      Kleypas, Lisa              Smooth talking stranger /
Fic KNO NZ   Knox, Elizabeth.           The angel's cut /
Fic KOO      Koontz, Dean R.            Relentless : a novel /
Fic LES      Lescroart, John T.         A plague of secrets : a novel /
Fic LIP      Lippman, Laura,            Another thing to fall /
Fic LOK      Lokko, Lesley Naa Norle.   Rich girl, poor girl /
Fic LUS      Lustbader, Eric            Robert Ludlum's The Bourne deception :
Fic MAN      Manning, Sarra             Unsticky /
Fic McKI     McKinley, Tamara           Legacy /
Fic MEL      Melikan, R. A.             The counterfeit guest /
Fic MIL      Milne, Kevin Alan          The nine lessons :
Fic MIT      Mitchell, Dreda Say.       Geezer girls /
Fic MOS      Mostert, Natasha.          The keeper /
Fic MOS      Mosley, Walter.            The long fall /
Fic MUR      Murphy, Clodagh.           The disengagement ring /
Fic NIC NZ   Nicholson, Anne Maria      Pliny's warning /
Fic NOL      Noli, Camilla              Still waters /
Fic NOR      North, Freya               Secrets /
Fic ORF      Orford, Margie             Like clockwork /
Fic PAT      Patterson, James           Swimsuit : a novel /
Fic PEA      Pears, Iain                Stone's fall /
Fic PEL      Pelecanos, George P.       The way home /
Fic PRE      Preston, Douglas J.        Cemetery dance /
Fic RAM      Ramsay, Caro               Singing to the dead /
Fic ROB      Roberts, Nora.             Black Hills /
Fic ROB      Roberts, Nora.             Black Hills /
Fic SAN      Sandford, John,            Wicked prey /
Fic SCH      Scholes, Katherine         The hunter's wife /
Fic SEV      Severin, Timothy           Sea robber
Fic SIL      Silva, Daniel, 1           The defector /
Fic STE      Steel, Danielle.           Matters of the heart /
Fic TAY      Taylor, Abbie              Emma's baby /
Fic TAY      Taylor, D. J.              Ask Alice
Fic THO      Thor, Brad.                The apostle : a thriller /
Fic THO NZ   Thomas, Carol              The sea between /
Fic WAT      Waters, Sarah,             The little stranger /
Fic WEI      Weisberger, Lauren,        Chasing Harry Winston /
Fic WEL      Wells, Dan                 I am not a serial killer /
Fic WOO      Woodsmall, Cindy           When the soul mends : a novel /
Fic ZAF      Ruiz Zafón, Carlos,        The angel's game /

                              Adult Free Fiction
Fic BAN      Banks, Russell,            The sweet hereafter : a novel /
Fic BAN      Banks, Russell,            Cloudsplitter : a novel /
Fic BIN      Binchy, Chris              Open-handed /
Fic BOW      Bowen, Rhys                In Dublin's fair city
Fic BOW      Bowen, Rhys                Oh Danny boy /
Fic CHA      Chapman, Janet             Moonlight warrior /
Fic COO      Cookson, Catherine         The black candle /
Fic DAV NZ   Davies, M. Ross            Clan dragon /
Fic DOH      Doherty, P. C.             The poison maiden /
Fic DON          Donati, Sara,               Into the wilderness /
Fic EIS          Eisner, Will                The Contract with God trilogy : life on Dropsie Avenue /
Fic ESS NZ                                   Essential New Zealand short stories /
Fic FEE          Feehan, Christine           Dangerous tides /
Fic FEE          Feehan, Christine           Safe harbour /
Fic FEE          Feehan, Christine           Turbulent sea /
Fic FEE          Feehan, Christine           Oceans of fire /
Fic FEE          Feehan, Christine           Magic in the wind /
Fic FRA          Frank, Jacquelyn.           Noah /
Fic FRA          Frank, Jacquelyn.           Jacob /
Fic FRA          Frank, Jacquelyn.           Elijah /
Fic GLE          Gleason, Colleen            As shadows fade : the Gardella vampire chronicles /
Fic GOO          Goodman, Allegra.           Intuition : a novel /
Fic HAM          Hamid, Mohsin,              The reluctant fundamentalist /
Fic KAR          Karasik, Paul,              City of glass
Fic MEA          Mead, Richelle              Succubus dreams /
Fic MEA          Mead, Richelle              Succubus nights /
Fic MEA          Mead, Richelle              Storm born /
Fic MON          Monk, Devon                 Magic in the blood /
Fic MOO          Moore, Alan,                Watchmen
Fic MOR          Morgan, C. E.,              All the living /
Fic PER          Pérez-Reverte, Arturo       The man in the yellow doublet /
Fic REY          Reynolds, Alastair,         Zima blue and other stories /
Fic ROO          Rooney, Jennie,             Inside the whale /
Fic SHA          Shaw, Patricia,             The opal seekers /
Fic SHO          Showalter, Gena             The darkest night /
Fic SMI          Smith, Wilbur A.            Warlock /
Fic STE          Steinbeck, John,            The grapes of wrath
Fic STG          St. Giles, Jennifer         Bride of the wolf /
Fic STO          Stockwin, Julian            Seaflower /
Fic WIL          Williams, Tad.              River of blue fire /
Fic WOO          Woodsmall, Cindy            When the heart cries : a novel /

                                     Adult Non Fiction
      Call No.              Author                                      Title
006.5 BIE        Biersdorfer, J. D.          iPod : the missing manual /
070.92 SAN       Sanghera, Sathnam,          The boy with the topknot : a memoir of love, secrets and lies..
133.9 McCA       McCall, Elizabeth Kaye      The Tao of horses : exploring how horses guide us…
150 BRA          Brafman, Ori                Sway : the irresistible pull of irrational behaviour /
153.4 DEB        de Bono, Edward             Think! : before it's too late /
155.93 RIP       Ripley, Amanda              The unthinkable : who survives when disaster strikes and why /
158 McGR         McGraw, Phillip C.          Real life : preparing for the 7 most challenging days of your life /
158.1 CAR        Carlson, Richard,           Don't sweat the small stuff... and it's all small stuff :
158.1 DYE        Dyer, Wayne W.              Excuses begone! : how to change lifelong…
158.5 URY        Ury, William                Getting past no : negotiating in difficult situations /
305.3 VIN        Vincent, Norah              Self-made man : my year disguised as a man /
305.4 KIN        Kindersley, Tania,          Backwards in high heels : the impossible art of being female /
362.29 SAN       Sandor, Richard S.          Thinking simply about addiction : a handbook for recovery /
364.106 GLE      Glenny, Misha               McMafia : crime without frontiers /
370.92 FIF                                   Fifty modern thinkers on education : from Piaget to the present day /
371.1 BRA        Brandon, Ruth               Other people's daughters : the lives and times of the governess /
371.821 IRW NZ   Irwin, Michael              Educating boys : helping Kiwi boys to succeed at school /
371.9144 DAV     Davis, Ronald D.            The gift of dyslexia : why some of the brightest people can't read…
372.19 WEA .                                 Weaving Te Whariki : Aotearoa New Zealand's early childhood...
374.012 FAC NZ                               Facing the challenge : foundation learning for adults in Aotearoa…
382 SIR          Sirkin, Harold L.           Globality : competing with everyone from everywhere…
387.155 BEA NZ    Beaglehole, Helen.         Always the sound of the sea : the daily lives of…
391.5 HOO .       Hooker, Mereheeni.         Makawe : gaining an understanding of tikanga for hair /
394.2614 MAT.     Moore, Piripi.             Matariki : te whetu o te tau : Aotearoa Pacific New Year /
499.4 BIG .       Biggs, Bruce,              Let's learn Maori : a guide to the study of the Maori language /
582.993 CRO NZ    Crowe, Andrew,             Which native forest plant? : a simple guide to the identification,
599.757 BOU       Bourke, Anthony.           A lion called Christian /
612.8 DOI         Doidge, Norman             The brain that changes itself : stories of personal…
613.711 ACK NZ    Ackland, Jon               Precision training : training programmes for 27…
616.85225 GUN     Gunn, Anthony,             Fix your phobia in 90 minutes /
621.436 DIE                                  Diesel maintenance, tune-up & engine management.
629.222 LON       Long, Brian,               Subaru Imprezia : the road car and WRC story /
629.222 MOR       Morr, Tom,                 The joy of Jeep /
629.244 ELL       Ellery, Max.               TRANF transmission repair book Ford 1960-2001:
629.25 KLU        Kluczyk, Barry.            How to rebuild any automotive engine /
629.2504 HON      Siu, Jason.                How to rebuild Honda B-series engines /
629.26 GAN        Ganahl, Pat.               How to paint your car on a budget /
629.26 PAR        Parks, Dennis,             How to plate, polish, and chrome /
629.26 PAU        Paul, Eddie.               Sheet metal fabrication : techniques and tips…
629.277 INC                                  In-car entertainment : sport compact.
629.287 TOY REF                              Hilux /4 Runner, 1979 - 1997 : LN - Diesel engines - Models,
630.2 PET         Petherick, Tom             Sufficient : a modern guide to sustainable living /
633.52 STE .      Scheele, Sue,              Harakeke : the Rene Orchiston collection /
635.0922 MUS      Musgrave, Toby             The head gardeners : forgotten heroes of horticulture /
640.41 NIS NZ     Nissen, Wendyl.            Domestic goddess on a budget
641.5 CHR NZ      Christensen-Yule, Lesley   The New Zealand chef /
641.5 HOL NZ      Holst, Simon.              Kiwi favourites : New Zealand's most popular recipes /
641.5636 DAN      Daniel, Adrian.            The gate easy vegetarian cookbook /
641.5636 SHE      Sheasby, Anne.             Low-fat no-fat vegetarian /
641.5884 LEW      Lewis, Sara.               Slow cooker /
641.815 LEW       Lewis, Sara.               Bread machine easy : 70 delicious recipes…
643.7 CAS         Cassell, Julian            DIY : know-how with show-how /
646.404 DRU       Drudi, Elisabetta          Wrap & drape fashion : history, design & drawing /
646.7042 KRU      Krupp, Charla              How not to look old : fast and effortless ways…
649.1 SUL NZ      Sullivan, Karen.           You want to do what? : instant answers to Kiwi parenting…
649.132 BID       Biddulph, Steve.           Raising boys : why boys are different and …
650.1 KIY         Kiyosaki, Robert T.,       Rich brother, rich sister : two different paths to God…
666.157 NOA       Noakes, Keith              The fibreglass manual : a practical guide to the use…
702.8 CYR         Cyr, Gabe,                 New directions in altered books /
709.04 THO        Thompson, Don              The $12 million stuffed shark : the curious economics…
745.593 PEA NZ    Pearce, Vinnie             Digital scrapbooking : the definitive New Zealand ideas…
746.41 PEN .      Pendergrast, Mick,         Maori fibre techniques : a resource book for Maori fibre arts
747.7 NOR         Norman, Libby              Creating children's rooms /
782.42 McLE .                                Songs of a kaumatua /
796.5 GRY         Grylls, Bear.              Born survivor: survival techniques from the most….
796.7 WAN         Wan, Calvin,               Calvin Wan's drifting performance handbook /
796.72 MAR NZ     Marshall, Terry            Looking back : the motorsport photography of Terry Marshall /
796.72 MAT NZ     Matheson, John,            Scott Dixon : a tribute to the Indy 500 legend /
796.75 DAV        Davison, Stephen.          Hard roads : the essence of road racing /
796.75 SWA NZ     Swanson, K. M.             Flying Kiwis : -- a quest for speed /
796.756 DIR                                  Dirt rider's motocross riding tips /
796.756 MIL       Milan, Garth,              Freestyle motocross 2 : air sickness
796.758 BAL       Bales, Donnie,             Pro motocross and off-road riding techniques /
798.23 REV NZ     Revell, Genevieve.         Down, across & up : an epic kiwi adventure…
798.46 BIS NZ     Bisman, Ron,               Cardigan Bay : the horse that won a million dollars
799.1 BES .       Best, Elsdon,              Fishing methods and devices of the Maori /
808.066 BRO       Brown, Ralph,              Making business writing easy : what effective…
823.8 MAS NZ      Mason, Andrew,             Vital Writing 2 ; New Zealand Stories & Poems 1990-91
914.95 PEN        Penrose, Lana              To hellas and back /
915.104 GIL       Gilman, Susan Jane.        Undress me in the Temple of Heaven /
915.99 LON                                   Philippines.
916.7 HEN         Henderson, Annette E,      Wild spirit /
917.5044 DAR      Darlington, Terry          Narrow dog to Indian River /
919.3 KER NZ                                 The New Zealand camping guide. North Island.
919.8 THA         Thayer, Helen              Polar dream /
920.5 DUN         Duncan, Susan              The house at Salvation Creek /
920.9362 JAM NZ   Jamieson-Hastings, Liz     Still standing : from debutante to detox /
920.9362 THO NZ   Thompson, Ann,             Say sorry : a harrowing childhood in Catholic…
922.8 COO NZ      Beale, Fleur.              Sins of the father : the long shadow of a religious cult …
926.16 DAV NZ     Davison, Sean,             Before we say goodbye /
927.8 WAT         Watson, Russell,           Finding my voice : my story /
928 BUR           Burroughs, Augusten.       A wolf at the table : a memoir /
972.8205 WHI      White, Rowland             Phoenix squadron : HMS Ark Royal, Britain's last
993.122 VAI NZ    Vaile, E. Earle            Some interesting occurrences in early Auckland City…
994.3803 WAR      Warren, Raymond John.      Wildflower : the Barbara Crawford Thompson story /

                                        Large Print
365.45 LP GHA     Ghahramani, Zarah          My life as a traitor
796.334 LP HAL    Hall, David                Manchester's finest how the Munich air disaster…
823.914 LP KIN    Kington, Miles.            How shall I tell the dog?
904 LP OLI        Oliver, Neil.              Amazing tales for making men out of boys
909.83 LP MOR                                More from our own correspondent
910.4 LP PAL      Palin, Michael.            New Europe
910.4 LP SIM      Simpson, John,             Not quite world's end a traveller's tales /
914 LP COL        Coltrane, Robbie.          B-road Britain
914.531 LP BID    Bidisha                    Venetian masters under the skin of the city of love /
914.6754 LP NIC   Nicholas, Anna,            Cat on a hot tiled roof mayhem in Mayfair and Mallorca /
918.4404 LP GHI   Ghinsberg, Yossi           Lost in the jungle a harrowing true story…
927.9 WHI LP      Whitfield, June            And June Whitfield /
927.914 LP NOR    Norden, Denis              Clips from a life
927.914 WHI       Apanowicz, Kathryn,        Richard by Kathryn the life of Richard Whiteley /
928 LP HEY        Hodge, Jane Aiken,         The private world of Georgette Heyer
940.481 LP ART    Arthur, Max,               Lest we forget forgotten voices from 1914-1945 /
LP AND            Anderson, James,           The affair of the mutilated mink
LP ARM            Armstrong, David, -        A kind of acquaintance
LP BAN            Bannister, Jo              Fathers and sins
LP BAR            Barker, Raffaella,         Poppyland
LP BAR            Barr, Emily.               The sisterhood
LP BEL            Bell, Josephine,           Death on the reserve
LP BEN            Bennett, Maggie            The unchanging heart
LP BER            Berenson, Alex             The ghost agent
LP BER            Berg, Elizabeth            Home safe a novel /
LP BIS            Bishop, Curtis Kent,       By way of Wyoming /
LP BLA            Blake, Jessica.            Blue horizons
LP BOW            Bowling, Harry             Paragon Place
LP BOW            Bowling, Harry             Gaslight in Page Street
LP BRA            Brandreth, Gyles,          Oscar Wilde and the ring of death
LP BRA            Bradshaw, Gillian,         Dark north
LP BRE            Brennan, Allison           Killing fear a novel of suspense /
LP BRE            Brennan, Allison           Tempting evil a novel of suspense /
LP BRO            Brookmyre, Christopher,    A snowball in hell
LP BRO            Brown, Dale,               Rogue forces
LP BRO            Brownrigg, Sylvia          Morality tale a novel /
LP BRO   Brownley, James         A picture of guilt
LP BRO   Broadrick, Annette      Married or not? /
LP CAL   Callison, Brian         Trapp's secret war
LP CAR   Carr, Margaret,         Disputed love
LP CAR   Carnegie, Jo            Country pursuits
LP CAR   Carter, Charlotte       In search of home /
LP CHI   Child, Lee.             Gone tomorrow
LP CLA   Clark, Mary Higgins.    Just take my heart
LP COB   Coben, Harlan,          Long lost /
LP CON   Connelly, Michael       The scarecrow : a novel
LP CON   Connor, Beverly,        Dead guilty
LP COO   Cook, Gloria            Out of shadows /
LP COO   Cooper, Natasha,        No more victims /
LP COY   Coyle, Cleo             French pressed /
LP CUN   Cunningham, Eugene,     Quick triggers [text (large print)] /
LP CUS   Cussler, Clive.         Medusa [text (large print)]/
LP DAR   Darcy, Lilian.          The children's doctor and the single mum /
LP DEV   Deveraux, Jude          Lavender morning
LP DEV   Devlin, Denyse,         If not now
LP DOH   Doherty, P. C.          Queen of the night
LP DOU   Douglas, Louise         The love of my life
LP DOY   Doyle, Rose             The story of Joe Brown /
LP DRA   Drayson, Nicholas       A guide to the birds of East Africa
LP DRY   Dryden, Alex            Red to black
LP DUF   Duffy, Margaret         Cobweb
LP DUV   DuVall, Nell.           Train to yesterday
LP EDG   Edgar, Janet.           The Inn at Shadow Lake
LP ELL   Ellis, Julie,           Somers v. Somers
LP ENR   Enright, Anne,          Taking pictures
LP ERN   Ernenwein, Leslie       Mystery raider
LP EVA   Evanovich, Janet.       Finger lickin' fifteen /
LP EVA   Evans, Harriet,         The love of her life
LP FAI   Fairbanks, Nancy,       Turkey flambé /
LP FAR   Farrell, Cliff          Ride the wild trail
LP FAR   Farrell, Cliff          The lean rider /
LP FER   Ferguson, Harry         Operation Kronstadt
LP FIE   Fielding, Liz           Wedded in a whirlwind
LP FLU   Fluke, Joanne,          Carrot cake murder
LP FLY   Flynn, Katie.           Such sweet sorrow
LP GAR   Garner, Helen,          The spare room
LP GLA   Glazer, Melissa.        A murderous glaze
LP GOO   Goodman, Carol          The sonnet lover
LP GOR   Gordimer, Nadine        Beethoven was one-sixteenth black
LP GRA   Grant, Linda,           The clothes on their backs
LP GRE   Greeley, Andrew M.,     Irish tweed a Nuala Anne McGrail novel /
LP GRE   Gregson, Julia          East of the sun
LP HAG   Hage, Rawi              De Niro's game /
LP HAI   Haig, Matt, 1975-       The possession of Mr Cave
LP HAK   Hake, Cathy Marie       In his will [text (large print)] /
LP HAK   Hake, Kelly Eileen.     Through His grace
LP HAN   Hanif, Mohammed         A case of exploding mangoes
LP HAR   Harrison, Kate          The secret shopper's revenge
LP HEL   Heley, Veronica         Sue for mercy
LP HUR   Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew   We know
LP HUR   Hurley, Graham.         The chop /
LP ISO   Ison, Graham.           Working girl
LP ISO     Ison, Grahm                Whispering grass [text (large print)]
LP JAC     Jackson, Lisa              Malice /
LP JAN     Jance, Judith A.           Without due process /
LP JOH     Johnson, Jennifer.         By his hand
LP JOH     Johansen, Iris.            Deadlock /
LP JON     Jones, Lloyd, 1            Here at the end of the world we learn to dance /
LP JON     Jones, Nerys Ann,          Godiva
LP KEA     Keating, H. R. F.          Rules, regs and rotten eggs
LP KEL     Kellerman, Jesse           The brutal art
LP KEL     Kelly, Cathy               Letter from Chicago /
LP KIN     Kinsella, Sophie.          Remember me?
LP KIN     King, Stephen,             Duma key
LP KIR     Kirkwood, Gwen             Call of the heather
LP KNI     Knight, Alanna.            Destroying angel
LP KOO     Koontz, Dean R.            Relentless : a novel /
LP KOO     Koomson, Dorothy           Goodnight, beautiful
LP LAP     La Plante, Lynda.          Clean cut
LP LAU     Laurens, Stephanie         Scandal's bride
LP LEO     Leonard, Elmore,           Road dogs
LP LIP     Lippman, Laura,            Another thing to fall
LP MAC     MacBride, Stuart.          Sawbones /
LP MAC     Macomber, Debbie.          Summer on Blossom Street
LP MacAL   MacAlister, Katie          Playing with fire : a novel of the silver dragons /
LP MacBR   MacBride, Stuart.          Flesh house
LP MAT     Matthews, Carole.          The chocolate lovers' diet
LP McAR    McArthur, Fiona            The midwife's baby /
LP McCA    McCall Smith, Alexander,   The world according to Bertie
LP McCA    McCall Smith, Alexander,   Tea time for the traditionally built /
LP McPH    McPherson, Catriona,       Bury her deep
LP MEL     Melikan, R. A.             The blackstone key
LP MON     Montefiore, Sebag,         Sashenka Part two : Moscow 1939 /
LP MON     Montefiore, Sebag,         Sashenka Part one : St Petersburg, 1916 /
LP MOO     Mooney, Chris              The secret friend
LP MOR     Mortimer, John,            The anti-social behaviour of Horace Rumpole
LP MUR     Murray, Tamela Hancock     Vera's turn for love secrets
LP NAD     Nadel, Barbara             Ashes to ashes
LP NEM     Némirovsky, Irène,         Le bal, and, Snow in autumn
LP NIC     Nichols, Mary.             In love and war
LP NIC     Nicoll, Andrew             The good mayor
LP ONE     O'Neill, Heather           Lullabies for little criminals
LP ONE     O'Neill, Gilda.            Secrets of the heart
LP PAI     Paisley, Janet,            White rose rebel
LP PAP     Pappano, Marilyn.          Forbidden stranger
LP PAR                                Paris noir capital crime fiction /
LP PAR     Parks, Adele               Happy families /
LP PAT     Patterson, James,          Swimsuit a novel /
LP PEE     Peel, Wallis               Republic /
LP PEE     Peel, Wallis               Spirit of defiance /
LP PER     Persons, Terri,            Blind rage [text (large print)] /
LP PRE     Preston, John,             The dig
LP PRO     Pronzini, Bill             Schemers a nameless detective novel /
LP QUI     Quick, Amanda.             The perfect poison /
LP REA     Read, Miss.                Return to Thrush Green
LP REA     Read, Miss.                Gossip from Thrush Green
LP REI     Reich, Christopher,        Rules of deception
LP REI     Reichs, Kerry              The best day of someone else's life
LP RIC        Rickards, John              Burial ground
LP RIM        Rimmer, Christine           Valentine's secret child /
LP ROB        Roberts, Barrie,            Sherlock Holmes and the American Angels
LP ROB        Robins, Denise,             You have chosen /
LP ROB        Roberts, Nora.              Vision in white
LP ROB        Robb, J. D.,                Immortal in death
LP ROB        Roberts, Nora.              Black Hills
LP ROB        Roberts, Alison,            Her four year baby secret
LP ROS        Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor     The cheater /
LP RUS        Russell, Craig,             The carnival master
LP RUS        Russell, Sean               Under enemy colours
LP SAL        Sala, Sharon.               Cut throat
LP SAN        Sansom, Ian                 The delegates' choice
LP SAN        Sandford, John,             Wicked prey
LP SCO        Scottoline, Lisa            Look again /
LP SOM        Somerville, Rowan.          The end of sleep
LP STE        Steel, Danielle.            Matters of the heart [text (large print)] /
LP STE        Stewart, Mariah             Last words
LP STE        Stewart, Sally,             The enchanter's wand /
LP TAN        Tannahill, Reay             Having the decorators in
LP TAY        Taylor, Jennifer            Marrying the runaway bride /
LP THO        Thompson, Kate,             Star gazing /
LP THO        Thompson, Flora             Over to Candleford /
LP WAY        Way, Margaret.              Bride at Briar's Ridge /
LP WIL        Wilde, Hilary               Temptations of the moon
LP WIN        Winspear, Jacqueline        Among the mad a Maisie Dobbs novel /
LP WIN        Winton, Tim                 Breath

                                   Adult DVD's
910.452 WHA   The Wahine disaster [DVD]
DVD AUS       Australia [DVD].
DVD BEC       Becoming Jane [DVD]
DVD BES NZ    The best of country calendar [DVD]. 2008
DVD BIG       The big Lebowski [DVD] /
DVD BUC       The bucket list [DVD]
DVD BUR       Burying Brian [DVD] : [the entire six-part mini-series].
DVD CAP       Capote [DVD]
DVD CAS       The Castle [DVD] /
DVD CHA       Charlie Wilson's war [DVD].
DVD CIR       Circle of friends [DVD].
DVD COL       The color purple [DVD].
DVD EDU       Educating Rita [DVD]
DVD EDW       Edward Scissorhands.[DVD].
DVD EMP       Empire of the sun [DVD]
DVD EVA       Evan almighty [DVD]
DVD FLI       Flicka [DVD]
DVD FLI       Flight of the conchords. [DVD] The complete first season.
DVD FOR       A fortunate life [DVD].
DVD FOU       Four weddings and a funeral [DVD]
DVD FRE       Freedom writers [DVD]
DVD GET       Get Smart [DVD]
DVD GHO       Ghost [DVD].
DVD GRE       Grease [DVD]
DVD HAN       Hancock [DVD]
DVD HOR       Dr. Seuss' Horton hears a Who [DVD] /
DVD LAS       The last of the Mohicans [DVD]
DVD MYB       My best friend's wedding [DVD] /
DVD MYS       Mystic river [DVD]
DVD NOC       No country for old men [DVD].
DVD OBR       O brother, where art thou? [DVD]
DVD PRE       Pretty woman [DVD].
DVD PRI       The adventures of Priscilla queen of the desert [DVD] /
DVD RAY       Ray [DVD]. /
DVD REA       Rear window [DVD] Vertigo /
DVD ROD       Nights in Rodanthe [DVD].
DVD SEC       Secondhand lions [DVD] /
DVD SHA       Sharpe's challenge [DVD]
DVD SIL       The silent one [DVD]
DVD SIS       The sisterhood of the traveling pants [DVD] /
DVD SIX       The sixth sense [DVD] /
DVD STA       Stardust [DVD]
DVD TEN       10 items or less [DVD]
DVD TER 1     Terminator [DVD] /
DVD TER 2     Terminator 2 [DVD] : Judgement day
DVD TER 3     Terminator 3 [DVD] : rise of the machines /
DVD THR       3:10 to Yuma [DVD] /
DVD TWE       27 dresses [DVD].
DVD TWI       Twilight [DVD].
DVD WAL       Wallace & Gromit. [DVD] A matter of loaf and death
DVD WIZ       The Wizard of Oz [DVD]
DVD XME       X-men [DVD]
DVD YOU       Young @ Heart [DVD].

                                Children's DVD's
DVD J DIN     Dinosaur [DVD]
DVD J DRS     Dr. Seuss' Horton hears a Who! [DVD]
DVD J MAD 2   Madagascar [DVD] : Escape 2 Africa
DVD J RAT     Ratatouille [DVD].
DVD J SPO     The SpongeBob SquarePants movie [DVD].
DVD J TAR     Tarzan [DVD] /
DVD J THO     Thomas & friends.[DVD] Series five
DVD J THO     Thomas & friends [DVD] Series one
DVD J THO     Thomas & friends [DVD] Series two
DVD ONE       101 dalmations [DVD].
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