September 2009
                                                                 Volume 34, Issue 4

the bell-o-gram   Area III of the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers

                  PASSING THE BATON
                        TO NEW LEADERS                  p. 5



                          BELLS ARE “BUCKETS OF JOY” p. 14

                     Westminster Ringers
                        A Maryland Handbell Ensemble

            Mark your calendars now for these upcoming events:

 Sea so n ’ s G reetin g s by Specia l D elivery
          An even in g o f sea so n a l m u sic a n d m em o ries
                  Saturday, December 12th 7:30 p.m.
               Scott Center at Carroll Community College
             1601 Washington Rd., Westminster, MD 21157
            Tickets will be available in November at Coffey Music or
          Carroll Arts Center, Westminster, or by calling 410-848-5482

                          Discount with advance purchase!

                        Ringer’s Workshop
                  Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009                    8:30 am – 4:30 pm
           Westminster Baptist Church,                      Westminster, MD
        Guest Clinician: Cathy Moklebust                    For full or partial choirs
                  Save money! Fees increase after Sept. 12.

    Young Ringer’s Workshop – New Format!
  Saturday, Mar. 20, 2010              9:30 am - Set-up; rehearsals, classes begin
           Westminster, MD             4:00 pm - Music sharing
   Clinician: Larry Henning            For full or partial choirs and individuals
               No required repertoire. Register early for the greatest savings.
                  Thinking of forming a new young ringers handbell choir?
                   Introduce potential ringers through the Level 1 track.
                           Little or no experience necessary!

        For more information about any of the above workshops/events,
       and additional concert dates, please visit our website or contact:

Debbie Henning     737 Holland Lane, Westminster, MD 21158    410-848-5482
             The Westminster Ringers, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

                  We’re looking forward to seeing you!
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                                                           It’s Time
                                                             To Talk
                                             ...Give Us A Ring.
                                               “Mickey” Johnson • 3020 Lizzie Melton Road • Chester, SC 29706
                                               803-789-RING (7464) • 800-691-RING • Fax: 803-753-9582
                                               North & South Carolina

                                               Al Paul • 1450 Springhouse Road • Allentown, PA 18104
                                               610-398-9338 • 800-676-9038 •
                                               Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Southeastern
                                               New York, and the Virginia Peninsula (handbells only)

                                               Sam Holland • 801 Lakewater Drive • Richmond,VA 23229
                                               804-740-8760 • Fax: 804-741-7587 •
                                               Virginia, except the Western Tip; Southern Maryland;Washington, DC;
                                               & part of West Virginia

                                               Frank Marshall • 403 Chatsworth Court • Franklin,TN 37064
                                               615-790-2883 • 800-382-9865 • Fax: 978-231-8036
                                               Eastern Arkansas,Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, Northern
                                               Alabama, & the Western Tip of Virginia

                                                           Schulmerich Bells
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                                                           MelodyChime® and MelodyWave® Instruments
                                                           Carillon Hill • PO Box 903 • Sellersville, PA • 18960-0903 • USA
                                                           215/257-2771 • 800/772-3557 • Fax: 215/257-1910
     Area III                       Appointed                                 COMMUNITY CHOIRS
Board of Directors                Administrators                               LEAD BY EXAMPLE
CHAIR                          DELAWARE CHAIR                                  by Charm Peterman, Area Chair
Charm Peterman (2009)          Judy Moore
113 Melvins End             Have you played any handbell music written in the 1960s?
Yorktown, VA 23693                                               1970s? 1980s? Since Area III was formed 50 years ago,
757-766-8658                   MARYLAND CHAIR                    handbell music has greatly evolved: from practically nothing             John Rudy                         published to thousands of arrangements, transcriptions and
                                       original compositions. Another huge change is the evolution
CHAIR-ELECT                                                      of the community handbell choir, an opportunity to perform
Linda Simms (2011)             METRO DC CHAIR                    increasingly more challenging music in a concert venue.
205 Carnoustie Road            Rob Kobus                         More than 20 community ensembles are in Area III alone!
Dover, DE 19904      
302-677-0187                                                     Reaching out to handbell ringers in Area III, events are              NORTH CAROLINA CHAIR              scheduled annually for continuing education, musical and
                               Karen Strausser                   technical classes, reconnecting with friends from other
TREASURER                            places, meeting and making new friends, networking,
J. Stanley Schmidt (2009)                                        ringing, working with colleagues to learn from one
303 Redland Blvd. #204         VIRGINIA CHAIR                    another, and taking this art form to the next level.
Rockville, MD 20850            Ned Davis
301-519-8905                          This June at Bravissimo! Sarah Hazel from the                                         Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble (PHE) facilitated a class on
                               CHIME LOAN PROGRAM                community outreach. The topics were relevant to all
Ken Bissell (2011)             Elaine Myers                      handbell choirs: Why does the ensemble exist? What
5416 Sequoia Farms Drive                 purpose or mission is being served? What are the goals in
Centreville, VA 20120                                            rehearsals and the purposes of performances? Who is the
703-751-2151                   EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH              community they serve, and what are the needs there?          Linda Simms
                                      One of the many outreach suggestions was to offer
Nick Hanson (2011)                                               assistance to music teachers to start or support ringing
7735 Inversham Drive #228
                               EVENT COORDINATOR                 programs at local schools. Do ensembles stay in their
Falls Church, VA 22042
                               Debbie Henning                    geographic area, or do they also tour? Many discussed
                                    presenting concerts in schools, libraries, historical
                                                                 societies, nursing homes, civic events and other community
Melissa Nobile (2011)          EVENT REGISTRAR                   venues. Several spoke of collaborative concerts with other
10230 Stillhouse Road          Roger LeGassie                    choirs. Many discussed fundraising not for themselves, but
Delaplane, VA 20144                     to give back to the community by supporting local charities
540-364-3699                                                     and organizations. PHE has most recently donated two          HISTORIAN                         octaves of chimes for local educational development to the
                               Missy Cernigliaro                 Rockville Learning Groups in Honeybrook, PA; and in
Edmund F. Tompkins (2009)               2005-2006, raised significant funds for refurbishing bells
4291 Canewood Lane                                               severely damaged in Hurricane Katrina at First UMC in
Indian Trail, NC 28079         MENTOR COORDINATOR                Slidell, LA.     Many community groups are hosting
704-821-8392                   Ingrid Bowers                     workshops (and websites!) to stimulate enthusiasm, bring                   in new ringers of all ages, and increase understanding of
                                                                 the amazing capabilities of ringers and musicality!
Kathleen L. Wissinger (2009)   MEMBERSHIP
1050 Cemetery Road             Fran Hoadley                      As the new ringing season begins for many, do you have an
McGaheysville, VA 22840            overview of the year, a vision of what you would like to be
540-289-6973                                                     doing with your bell choir(s)? Are there local opportunities              SECRETARY TO THE BOARD            for you to reach out into the community and share this very
                               Lynn Bogovich                     special instrument and the joy it brings? What can you do
ON THE WEB                        to support local organizations or charities? Begin the
National AGEHR Website                                           ringing year by polling those in your ensemble(s) to see                  SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE             what they would suggest and support. You’ll surely
                               Edmund F. Tompkins, Chair         discover that sharing our ringing gifts with others is a vital
Area III Website                       element of who we are!
                               VIDEO LIBRARIAN                   May all in our ringing community have great joy, wonderful
Area III Webmaster                                               music, exuberant spirit and a bountiful satisfaction that
                               C. Milton Rodgers
Stephen Nash                      comes from sharing the instrument you love with others!
                          TWO GREATS QUOTED                       BY   TWO OTHER GREATS!

                                                                      It is just as crucial to the workings of Area III that the team
    “EVER      ONWARD, EVER UPWARD!”                                  communicate effectively, embrace change, and work toward a
            Charm Peterman, outgoing Area Chair                       common goal. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a
                                                                      beginning.         Keeping      together      is    progress.
C.S. Lewis is the one who said “ever onward, ever upward!,”           Working together is success.”
and it seems so appropriate now, as there are such exciting
times ahead for Area III.                                             Now that many of us are “coming together” to work for Area
                                                                      III, we must reflect upon where we have been these past 50
As Area III approaches the celebration of its 50 years, our           years and plan for the future. I believe we can accomplish
success continues to build upon those members who                     this by working together. This includes working with you!
love and dedicate themselves to a vision, share that vision,
and reach out with the unique opportunities that only                 If there are new directors in your hometown, reach out to
handbells can provide. To all who have given of their time for        them and offer to help. Locate those bell sets that are hidden
Area III, many thanks for your countless hours and joyful             in storage closets, and encourage someone to revitalize a
spirits!                                                              handbell program. Invite a church or school choir to join
                                                                      your for a morning of sharing. Send the names of new
As the end of my term as Area Chair approaches, I wish to share       directors to me so that I can contact and assist them as well.
once again how very honored and humbled I am to be involved
as this great tradition continues, and have worked with an            Whatever you do to help promote the art of handbells will
exceptional board! Your elected board has worked diligently           make a difference in the lives of others. Think of what
to restructure our administrative management, utilizing the           handbells have done for you, and consider how you can affect
Carver Policy Governance model. A new governance document             others the same way by reaching out to help.
has been created, as well as revisions of elected and appointed
job descriptions and operating procedures. These tasks were           We have another great year planned, so I hope to meet many
all accomplished while the board worked to plan, present and          of you at one of our fabulous events! Keep checking our
promote wonderful festivals and seminars!                             website for updates as we add even more events to assist you!

As the new board begins their term in October, Lynn
Bogovich, Nancy Ritter, Kathie Metz and Fran Underwood will
join Linda Simms, Ken Bissell, Melissa Nobile and Nick
Hanson. They will work with the state chairs and appointed
                                                                                 CONGRATULATIONS TO
positions, supporting the Guild’s mission statement of                         THE NEW AREA III BOARD!
uniting people through a musical art!
                                                                        Effective October 1, the new Area III Board is:
Thank you for supporting AGEHR and Area III with your
membership and attendance at events. I look forward to                                      Chair      Linda Simms
seeing you at the newest event this November for youth and                            Chair-Elect      Lynn Bogovich
children, discoveRING in Richmond!
                                                                                       Treasurer       Nancy Ritter
Editor’s note: Please see page 19 for more information on                     At-Large Directors       Ken Bissell
discoveRING.                                                                                           Nick Hanson
                                                                                                       Melissa Nobile
                                                                                                       Kathie Metz
   “WORKING           TOGETHER IS SUCCESS”                                                             Fran Underwood
              Linda Simms, incoming Area Chair
                                                                       Congratulations to the winners! The slate of candidates
It is my pleasure to serve Area III for the next two years as          was very strong, and we had a voter return of 25% of our
your Area Chair. Many of us claim that ringing in a handbell           membership. All of the positions were filled by close
choir is “the ultimate in teamwork.” I have used that phrase           margins, which shows that the nominating committee
to explain my work with handbells, and I have certainly heard          presented a very strong slate!
it repeated among some of my handbell colleagues. We know
how crucial teamwork is to the success of our handbell                 We cannot thank enough those who ran, and for those who
groups.                                                                are not on the new board, there are many opportunities to
                                                                       continue sharing your talents and contributing to Area
You have elected four new board members who will join me               III. Linda Simms will be in touch with all who ran: the
(and three other returning members) in October. They bring             future is exciting and she is looking forward to moving
talents and skills to their leadership roles, sharing my vision        “ever onward, ever upward!” To our new members,
and passion for the work that needs to be done.                        welcome aboard as you join those already on the board —
                                                                       there are exciting times ahead!

        CALLING ALL COMMUNITY                                                      SPRING FESTIVALS
      AND PROFESSIONAL ENSEMBLES!                                      ARE      JUST AROUND THE CORNER!
If you are the director or are on the Board of a community           What would March and April be without the Area III Spring
or professional ensemble, we are looking for you! As part            Festivals?! Next year's festivals will take on a new format: to
of the 50th anniversary celebration of Area III, we are              help celebrate Area III's 50th anniversary, we will honor
putting together a booklet about our Area III community              our former Area III Chairs by using their expertise in
and professional ensembles.                                          leading our three festivals.

Please e-mail your contact information to Event                      All ringers will spend time with many former chairs as they
Coordinator Debbie Henning, (                    conduct their favorite pieces and teach classes. Because
and she will let you know the information that is needed.            everyone will attend classes at the same time, Area III will
Thanks in advance for sharing your ensemble with Area III!           offer pre-registration for classes. Everyone MUST select
                                                                     their classes at the time they register for the festival.

                                                                     Brochures will be mailed and also available online. Log on
                                                                     to to find the brochure for the
                       Handbell Music for All Occasions              festival that you would like to attend.
                           Dottie Tweedie, Director                  Ocean City Festival
                 the              (804) 357-9810                     Ocean City, MD • March 12 - 13, 2010
           Jam es                 Ken Bissell, Donna Ervin, Michael Helman,
                                                                     Paul McKlveen, Charm Peterman,
          River            Email:
                               11001 Continental Road
                                                                     Ann Y. Schmidt, David Tiller, Frances Vaughan

         Ringers                   Quinton, VA 23141
                         a community handbell ensemble serving
                                                                      Event Chair: Ann Rollins (

                                metro Richmond, VA                   Blue Ridge Festival
          Concerts, weddings, entertainment, workshops               Flat Rock, NC • April 23 - 24, 2010
                                                                     Mark Gourley, Debbie Rice
                                                                      Event Chair: Karen Strausser (
                                                                     Hampton Festival
Are you an experienced director?                                     Hampton, VA • April 30 - May 1, 2010
  • Do you have knowledge and experience that you can                Gordon Bettenbaugh, Ken Bissell, Nancy Cappel,
    share with new handbell directors in our area?                   Donna Ervin, Mark Gourley, Herbert Maynard,
  • Would your choir enjoy meeting and assisting new                 Charm Peterman, David Tiller
    ringers at an Area III festival?
                                                                      Event Chair: Nick Hanson (
  • To be a mentor, sign up on your Area III festival
    registration form!
                                                                     Area III is designing a special shirt to celebrate our 50th
                                                                     anniversary, and you can order shirts when you register for
Are you a new director?                                              the events. Look for details in the online brochure. Make
  •   Would you like an experienced director to talk to?             sure that you register early for these exciting festivals, and
  •   Need someone to answer your questions?                         come receive an anniversary present at the event. See
  •   Does your choir need a workshop on bell technique?             pages 11 and 12 for repertoire. We’ll see you there!
  •   To request a mentor, sign up on your Area III festival
      registration form!

Are you planning to attend an
Area III festival for the first time?
  • Would your choir enjoy meeting another choir?
  • Area III ringers and directors can answer your                                      A Community Handbell Ensemble
    questions about classes and/or tell you and your
    ringers what to expect at the event!                                          Concert, Festivals, and Workshops
  • To request a mentor, sign up on your Area III festival
    registration form!                                                    PO Box 64591, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23467
                For more information, contact                                      Voice Mail 757-456-1312
           Ingrid Bowers at                        
                 or your state chair (see p. 4).
                                          REGISTRATION NOW OPEN
                                          March 12, 2010 • Ocean City, Maryland
Next year, BRAVISSIMO!, the community/professional event
                                                                           BRAVISSIMO!           2010 REPERTOIRE
sponsored by Area III, will have a change in format: full or
partial choirs as well as individuals will come together on the        An American Tapestry: Jazz Rag by Arnold Sherman
morning & afternoon of Friday, March 12, 2010 to rehearse                         Level 3, AGEHR (AG37006)
                                                                            Conductor’s score and instrumental parts, AG302363
under the direction of former Area III Chair Michael Helman.
Rehearsal will run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Lunch and an                   Carnivale by Michael J. Glasgow
anniversary shirt are included in your registration.)                          Level 5, Red River Music (RRG5015)
This ensemble will then provide the opening concert to the                        Farandole by William Griffin
Spring Festival in Ocean City, MD. What a way to celebrate the                 Level 5, Beckenhorst Press (HB228)
50th Anniversary of Area III: a fantastic concert by BRAVISSIMO!
                                                                          Meditations of the Heart by Michael Helman
BRAVISSIMO! participants will also have the option to attend                 Level 4-, Beckenhorst Press (HB253)
the Ocean City Spring Festival. See the brochure on at www., for more details and options.        For more                          Pat-A-Pan by Fred Gramann
information, please contact Event Coordinator, Debbie                              Level 3+, AGEHR (AG57012J)
Henning at or 410-848-5482.

                  THE FOURTEENTH ANNUAL

                HANDBELL FESTIVAL

             SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2009
                   6100 SARDIS ROAD

                   Bill Alexander
                     GUEST CONDUCTOR

MASTERS IN THIS HALL                          arr. Dan R. Edwards
                                        Choristers Guild CGB 510
RISE UP, SHEPHERDS, AND FOLLOW               arr. Kevin McChesney
                                              Beckenhorst HB 178
FOLLOW THE STAR                                  Kemp-Thompson
                                        Choristers Guild CGB 450
SHALL WE GATHER AT THE RIVER              arr. Margaret R. Tucker
                                        Choristers Guild CGB 298
FIESTA CON COMPANILLAS                           Carol Lynn Mizell
                                                AGEHR AG 35279
                                                AGEHR AG 23029

                  For information, contact

                   Nadja Sefcik-Earl
      704-522-1149 e-mail:
What ’ s Shakin ’

      When                         What                               Where                           Who
    October 8-11              Distinctly Bronze           New Bern Convention Center             David Davidson
                                    East                        New Bern, NC
                          Contact the National Office at 800-878-5459 or visit

   November 6-7                 Capital Area                    State Fairgrounds                   Bill Payn
                              Handbell Festival                    Raleigh, NC
                           Contact Marilyn Reese at 919-846-6406 or

  November 13-14             discoveRING Youth Greater Richmond Convention Center                 Nancy Cappel
                             & Children’s Festival        Richmond, VA                          Frances Vaughan
                         Contact Laura Shelton at 703-435-4290 or

    November 14                Mid-Carolinas              Sardis Presbyterian Church              Bill Alexander
                              Handbell Festival                  Charlotte, NC
                         Contact Nadja Sefcik-Earl at 704-522-1149 or

   March 12, 2010                Bravissimo!      Roland E. Powell Convention Center             Michael Helman
                             (at Spring Festival)           Ocean City, MD
                         Contact Debbie Henning at 410-848-5482 or

 March 12-13, 2010                  Area III         Roland E. Powell Convention Center           Former Chairs
                                Spring Festival                Ocean City, MD                       of Area III
                           Contact Ann Rollins at 703-333-5260 or

   March 20, 2010              Young Ringer’s                      venue TBD                   Westminster Ringers
                                 Workshop                        Westminster, MD
                          Contact Christine Eigel at 443-379-0836 or

  April 23-24, 2010               Blue Ridge             Bonclarken Conference Center              Debbie Rice
                                   Festival                      Flat Rock, NC
                          Contact Karen Strausser at 336-785-3503 or

April 30 - May 1, 2010              Area III          Hampton Roads Convention Center             Former Chairs
                                Spring Festival                Hampton, VA                          of Area III
                         Contact Nick Hanson at 703-207-8626 or

 August 27-28, 2010                Area III                         venue TBD                   Monica McGowan
                              Directors Seminar                      city TBA
                         Contact Debbie Henning at 410-848-5482 or

November 19-20, 2010               Area III    Greater Richmond Convention Center                Kath Wissinger
                             discoveRING Youth            Richmond, VA
                         Contact Debbie Henning at 410-848-5482 or

    North Carolina United Methodist Handbell Festival
                                            March 5th & 6th , 2010
                                 Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC

                                        Tim Waugh, Guest Conductor

Massed Repertoire:
  Proclamation of Praise               Michael Mazzatenta    (L3)        AGEHR AG35241
   Festal Dance                             Tim Waugh        (L3) Choristers Guild CGB521
  Jesus Loves Me                     Arr. Michael J. Glasgow (L2+)                Red River
     (Handbell Score: RRBL5055 Full Score: RRFS5055 Keyboard Score: RRBP5055)
  For the Beauty of the Earth           Arr. J. D. Frizzell   (L2+)       AGEHR AG35286
  Were You There            Joel Raney/Arr. Arnold Sherman   (L2+)               Agape 2468
Optional Bronze Selection:
  Exultate                                Josh Bauder          (L4)           AGEHR AG35269

                  Registration Information:
        (Or go to: and click on FUM Musicians under the Resources tab)
              Contact: Mark Gourley 910-483-0121
  The Chairs Take the Stage

                                                          at next year’s spring festivals

In celebration of Area III’s 50th anniversary next year, all three spring festivals will be unique experiences: each will honor
former Area III Chairs as the guest conductors. In addition, different repertoire will be used at each festival. We are
providing repertoire now, as we know that many of you begin assigning and practicing spring festival repertoire as early as
the fall (especially you die-hards who will have all of your holiday music learned by the end of the summer!).

We look forward to exciting anniversary celebrations at these festivals, “bookended” by our 2009 and 2010 events for youth
(see “discoveRING” article on page 19). Please choose the festival(s) you’d like to attend, and “save the dates.” More
information is coming your way in the fall; and as always, will have the most current information, too!

                                                 2010 Area III Blue Ridge Festival
                                                          Flat Rock, NC
                                                        April 23 - 24, 2010
                                               Former Chair Conductor: Debbie Rice
                                                                Massed Repertoire
                                               Festive Bell Flourish
                                                 Lee G. Barrow                    I Wonder As I Wander
                                                 AGEHR 35268                          Fred Gramann
                                                   3-5 Octaves                        Schirmer 3924
                                                       L2+                             3-5 Octaves
                                                   Gift of Grace
                                                Arnold B. Sherman                      Light of Peace
                                                   Agape 2231                      V. Bigham & D. Hakes
                                                   3-5 Octaves                     From The Top 20178
                                                         L3                             3-6 Octaves

                                                          When In Our Music God Is Glorified
                                                                 Arnold B. Sherman
                                                                    Agape 2414
                                                                    3-6 Octaves

honoring former chairs…                                                      ...a year-long celebration
  2010 Area III Ocean City Festival                               2010 Area III Hampton Festival
                Ocean City, MD                                                   Hampton, VA
               March 12 - 13, 2010                                           April 30 - May 1, 2010

Massed Repertoire            Former Chair Conductor Massed Repertoire                       Former Chair Conductor
 Creation Will Be at Peace                Ann Y. Schmidt      Blessed Assurance                              Donna Ervin
 Anna Laura Page                                              Cynthia Dobrinski
 Alfred 12392                                                 Lake State HB90018
 3-5 octaves (opt. keyboard, voices, chimes), L3              3-5 octaves, not graded

 In the Bleak Midwinter                        Dave Tiller    The Blessing                                    Ken Bissell
 Karen Buckwalter                                             Paul McKlveen
 Shawnee/Flammer HP5317                                       Lake State HB95039
 3-5 octaves (opt. chimes, C instrument), L3                  3-5 octaves (opt. chimes), not graded

 Ring Out Ye Bells of Hope                Ann Y. Schmidt      First Noel                              Gordon Bettenbaugh
 Karen Buckwalter                                             Cynthia Dobrinski
 Shawnee/Flammer HP5409                                       Agape 2337
 3-5 octaves (opt. organ), not graded                         3-5 octaves, L2+

 Triumphant Celebration                   Paul McKlveen       Laudamus                                      Mark Gourley
 Paul McKlveen                                                Arnold Sherman
 GIA G-7095                                                   Lorenz 20/1309L
 3-5 octaves, L3                                              3-5 octaves, L3

 Variations on MADRID                    Michael Helman       Song of Gladness                              Mark Gourley
 Michael Helman                                               Arnold Sherman
 AGEHR AG35169                                                Red River HB0064
 3-5 octaves, L3                                              2-6 octaves and chimes, L2+

 Bronze Selection                                             Bronze Selection
 Dance Before the Lord                   Michael Helman       Dorian Dance                               Charm Peterman
 Michael Helman                                               Michael Joy
 Alfred 23777                                                 Jeffers JHS9365
 3-5 octaves, L4                                              3-6 octaves, L4+

 Genesis Repertoire                                           Genesis Repertoire
 I’ve Got the Joy                        Charm Peterman       Lead Me to Calvary                              Dave Tiller
 Valerie Stephenson                                           Cynthia Dobrinski
 Choristers Guild B579                                        Agape 1685
 3-5 octaves (bells or chimes, opt. percussion), L2           3-5 octaves, L1

 Praise Unfolding                       Charm Peterman        Hyfrydol                                   Herbert Maynard
 Sandra Eithun                                                Kath Wissinger
 Choristers Guild B523                                        Lorenz 20/1434L
 3-5 octaves, L1                                              2-3 octaves (bells or chimes), L1+

 Processional Jubilee                          Ken Bissell    Processional and March                          Dave Tiller
 Anna Laura Page                                              Paul McKlveen
 Choristers Guild B374                                        Composers CP7002
 2-3 octaves (bells or chimes), L1                            3-5 octaves (bells or chimes), L1

 A Simple Celebration                          Ken Bissell    Simple Pizzicato                           Herbert Maynard
 Kevin McChesney                                              Derek Hakes
 AGEHR AG3073                                                 From the Top 20193
 3 octaves, L1+                                               3-5 octaves, L1

 Advanced Genesis Selection                                   Advanced Genesis Selection
 Canon of Grace                                Ken Bissell    Jesus, Lover of My Soul                         Dave Tiller
 Linda Lamb                                                   Karen Roth
 Alfred 19009                                                 Jeffers JHS9370
 2-3 octaves, L2                                              3-5 octaves, L2+

                                                                                 UPCOMING AREA III CONCERTS

                                                                                          August 29, 2009
                                                                                  St. Matthew’s United Methodist
                                                                                        Annandale, Virginia

                                                                                           August 30, 2009
                                                                                  Reveille United Methodist Church
                                                                                          Richmond, Virginia
                        THE 21ST ANNUAL                                                 September 11, 2009
  CAPITAL AREA HANDBELL FESTIVAL                                                           Dunn Center
                                                                                    Rocky Mount, North Carolina

         SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2009                                                    September 13, 2009
                                                                                  Morganton Municipal Auditorium
   Kerr Scott Building, North Carolina State Fairgrounds                            Morganton, North Carolina
                  Raleigh, North Carolina

        Guest Conductor – Dr. William Payn                                      BEGINNING RINGERS WORKSHOP

                           Repertoire:                                              Saturday, October 3, 2009
     God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen – arr. by Cynthia Dobrinski                        Raleigh, North Carolina
      How Can I Keep from Singing? – arr. by Arnold Sherman                           Clinician: Greig Ashurst
               Joy to the World – arr. by Lloyd Larson
        Light of Peace – Veronica Bigham and Derek Hakes                           This workshop is for youth and
        With Heart and Soul and Voice – arr. by Jason Krug                          adults who have never rung
                          Optional Bronze:                                        handbells or who have less than a
                   Bread of Angels – William Payn                                    year of ringing experience.

For more information, see the Capital Area Handbell Festival website:               READ & RING WORKSHOP
                                    FOR ADVANCED RINGERS
                                                                                    Sunday, November 8, 2009

         HOLIDAY CONCERTS                                                                 1:00 – 5:00 pm
                                                                                      Raleigh, North Carolina

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19TH – 3:00 PM & 7:30 PM                                         If you’ve ever thought about
                                                                                     auditioning for The Raleigh
        SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20TH – 3:00 PM                                          Ringers, this workshop is for you!
                                                                                   Ring advanced literature using
  With Special Guest, The Sanderson Sandpipers                                   The Raleigh Ringers equipment, in
                                                                                   their new building, under the
Meymandi Concert Hall – Raleigh, North Carolina                                        direction of David Harris.
                Tickets will be available at the Progress Energy Center Box
                Office and all Ticketmaster outlets beginning September
                1st. “Early Bird” tickets will be available September 1st to     For complete information on all
                November 30th from the Raleigh Ringers.                          upcoming concerts and events,
                                                                                     please visit our website.
                This project is funded in part by the City of Raleigh based
                on recommendations of the Raleigh Arts Commission.             

   David M. Harris, Director                                                   Phone/Fax: 866-637-7464
   8516 Sleepy Creek Drive                                                       Email:
      Raleigh, NC 27613                                                    
                                                       by Kath Wissinger
The Salvation Army is iconic for its red bucket and tinkling                  wears the red apron at the bucket and does not ring.
bell during the winter holidays. Plan now to join in the                      You might post a sign presenting your group as well.
cause next season by ringing handbells at a bucket
to increase giving. Last year my teen ensemble,                             7. Expect to be recorded and photographed. With so
Spectrum, rang at a Salvation Army bucket in front of a                       many people capable of recording pictures and even
WalMart. Here are some ideas to consider:                                     video on cell phones and cameras, there may well be an
                                                                              audience at times.
 1. Contact the bucket organizer at your local Salvation                    8. Celebrate! We all went out to dinner afterwards. It was
   Army now to determine optimal ringing spots and                            a nice cap on our ringing year.
   dates/times for your group, and confirm these dates by
   early November. Go to your selected spot a week or                    Sharing your special talents with an organization noted for
   two before your date, at the scheduled ringing time,                  its bell ringing is a perfect fit for the season. Plan ahead to
   and look at lighting (both natural and electric), space               ring at a bucket this December.
   for your group and traffic flow. We found the exterior
   lighting sufficient for seeing our scores once it got dark.
   This year, we’re signed up for the vestible in Kroger, so
   the weather will be less of a factor.
 2. Prepare Christmas music and plan to play each piece
   more than a few times. We found that even the simplest
   familiar pieces were well received. Collections of
   Christmas pieces make it easy to move from one piece
   to the next. Some of the 12-bell collections allow
   smaller groups to participate. Play pieces in “loops,”
   repeated a few times with no stopping. Spectrum
   played four-in-hand quartets, which had great interest.
 3. Prepare for the weather; feet and hands are especially
   vulnerable. We had special hoodies made up for last
   year's youth festival, so we layered under those. Hand
   warmer packets and a place to warm up (literally!) may             Teen handbell ensemble Spectrum from Massanutten Presbyterian Church
                                                                      (Penn Laird, VA) rings at the WalMart Salvation Army bucket in 2008
   be necessary. We slipped into the entry vestibule to               (pictured l to r): Jane Haines, Austin Reed, Rachel Atkins, Marcus Sensabaugh.
   warm up in between sets. Oh, and don't block the
   bucket when you ring or take breaks! If you have an
   outside venue, you may have to decide if the weather is
   not conducive to ringing (extremely cold weather might
                                                                        THANK YOU, AREA III COMPOSERS!
                                                                                                 from Linda Simms
   harm your bells; check with your manufacturer).
 4. Try to ring continually. If you have enough ringers,              Signed copies of Area III composers' pieces were included in
   switch out parts to give ringers a break. Folks don't give         the silent auction held at AGEHR National Seminar in
   as much when you're not ringing. We had one person                 Tucson, AZ in July. This silent auction supports the National
   play the first measure of Carol of the Bells (just 3               Endowment Fund, which allows AGEHR to continue
   bells) whenever we took a break. That tiny motif was               encouraging innovation and supporting creative projects for
   recognizable and seemed to please passers-by.                      the future of handbell and handchime ringing.
   Remember, the usual bells at the bucket aren’t ringing
   any sort of melody, so don’t worry about monotony.                 I appealed (no pun intended) to our Area III composers, and
                                                                      would like to thank them for their generosity. Thank you to
 5. Memorizing music would be ideal, but if this isn't                the following composers for their donations of music:
   feasible, make sure music is secured by clips for the
   wind, and that stands are steady. Page turns with gloves               Brian Childers
   and bells is challenging, even between pieces. We                    Michael J. Glasgow
   opted for a collection with two-page pieces (no page
                                                                         Michael R. Keller
   turns). I've heard of entire bell choirs with tables and
   pads ringing in indoor venues; this would be an                        David R. Kent
   opportunity to invite other local bell choirs to                        Linda Lamb
   participate in a whole day of ringing.                                 Ann C. Pearce
 6. Have information about your group available. Some                   Greg Underwood
   people will want to ask about the bells and the group,               Nancy L. VanZant
   so an extra person who can field the questions and                     Kath Wissinger
   hand out information is helpful, perhaps one who

THANKS         FOREVERYTHING,                                          OLD TUNE, NEW IDEAS
       AND     GOOD LUCK!                                                  AND ENERGY!
       by Rob Kobus, Metro DC Chair                                   by Karen Strausser, North Carolina Chair

As my term as the Metro DC Chair comes to a
close, I’d like to thank everyone. On this                           (sung to the tune of On Top of Old Smoky)
journey, I have had the pleasure to meet
many of you, my fellow members and colleagues, from which            One hot summer morning, a hard-working group
new friendships and relationships have developed. It’s been          decided to “spring clean.” They prayed on the stoop.
a fun time, but moving forward, I plan to focus my efforts in
                                                                     “Lord give us the patience to go through Your house.”
new directions.                                                      They started their cleaning all quiet as a mouse.
As the AGEHR continues to grow, I hope that Area III will            They cleaned up the attic and Sunday School rooms,
continue to be a leader in the art of handbell ringing and           using their cleaners and dust rags and brooms.
handbell education. To the board which I have served, I
                                                                     They'd worked hard all morning, but they didn't mind.
wish you all the best of luck and success as you begin the           They got to a dark room not sure what they'd find.
next two years, a critical time in our area’s growth. Thank
you for the support and mentoring throughout this                    There in the darkness, all covered with dust,
experience.                                                          stood several black cases all sealed shut with rust.

Please help Rob and the     rest of Area III welcome our             Some “dub-ya-dee-forty” to loosen the locks.
incoming state chairs:                                               They cases soon opened; they stood there in shock.
            Delaware        Lydia Hazeltine                          Three octaves of handbells, all shiny and bright.
            Maryland        Cheryl Nkeba                             The youth were excited: “What a glorious sight!”
             Metro DC       Carol Smiley
       North Carolina       Marilyn Reese                            This small group decided to give them a try.
                                                                     They practiced and practiced, and time just flew by.
You’ll hear more about these folks in the November issue.            The day finally got here; the kids filled with fear.
We’d also like to thank Ned Davis for staying on as                  “Deep breath - now smile, just ring with good cheer.”
Virginia state chair!
                                                                     They rang one, then two songs, then three songs, then four.
                                                                     “Oh what a blessing, will you ring just one more?”
                                                                     Like a choir of angels, they played this last one,
                                                                     “To God be the Glory, great things He has done.”
                                                                     Is this your church, school or community group? Have your
                                                                     bells been sitting around gathering dust? Do you know of
                                                                     bells that are not being used? Consider making this an
                                                                     outreach project this year. Locate bells that are not being
                                                                     used, and try to connect them with a group wanting to play
                                                                     them. Need ideas for outreach? Consider creating an after-
                                                                     school ringing group at an underprivileged school. Locate a
                                                                     retirement community with musicians needing an
                                                                     outlet. Talk with your family services agency and see if there
                                                                     is a special-needs group that wants to make a joyful noise.
                                                                     The possibilities are endless and the bells are out there!

                                             FELLOWSHIP           OF THE       BELLS
                                                   by Ned Davis, Virginia Chair

                   Whew! The bell year was finally over and            dinner once a month before the rehearsal or an occasional
                   summer has now come and gone! It is                 night out at a restaurant. If you have a church group,
                   already time to start thinking about getting        fellowship on a spiritual level. At each rehearsal, let a
                   started again. Before you do, how about             different person bring a brief devotional and word of prayer.
                   grabbing a cup of coffee, sitting down and          This is an ideal time for you, as director, to help focus the
reflecting on last year? It probably was very busy and had a           group on the need for unity, fellowship and sharing of a
few problems, but overall, in retrospect, things went pretty           common goal. Ministry opportunities away from your
well and a lot was accomplished, right? Although at times              church can develop a group’s fellowship by touring for a
things can get frustrating, the people you work with really            weekend or a couple of days. Focus on special days, such as
are a wonderful group of dedicated folks who enjoy working             birthdays, anniversaries, etc., or celebrate the ringer of the
together. Sound like your group? I’ve had many like that. I            month, or even have “secret pals” within the group.
think that when you get down to it, everyone enjoys playing            Anything to draw the group closer together as a unit will
bells, but more importantly, they enjoy each other and the             translate into greater musicianship and ministry.           All
fellowship they have.                                                  members of a group, regardless of skill level or how long
                                                                       they have been ringing bells, must come to realize that they
Fellowship is an interesting word. Someone said that                   are an important and integral part of that group.
“fellowship is two people rowing together in one boat.” In
order for the boat to go forward they have to row together,            As you plan for the next year, find the best music possible,
going in the same direction, and having a unity of purpose.            plan the best training sessions and rehearsals you can for the
What a great application for handbells! Beautiful music is             group, and be diligent in scheduling performance
the culmination of unity and fellowship. As you consider               opportunities that will be fulfilling — and don’t forget to
what to do this fall, one of the best things is actually               plan just as hard for the fellowship opportunities! Your
encourage more fellowship in your group. In handbells,                 group will bond in a special way that will greatly affect their
fellowship is a symbiotic relationship where the performance           musicianship, their dedication, their enthusiasm and their
of the whole group is significantly greater than the sum of            enjoyment (not to mention yours!). Have a great fall!
the parts (individuals) when they enjoy working together.
Have you ever had a group that seemed to excel beyond
what should have been humanly possible? Most likely it was
because of the sense of unity and purpose and the fellowship
they experienced. The musical excellence was really a
byproduct of fellowship. Several weeks ago, The 5 Browns
gave a concert here. These five siblings, who play five pianos
simultaneously, received rave reviews. The comment was
made that they didn’t even look at each other, seeming to
“sense” when to begin as well as how to interpret the music.
I suppose that is the ultimate in fellowship!

Fellowship entails a number of things: unity, companionship,
communication, camaraderie, common goals, hard work, fun
and, ultimately, fulfillment. Unity, however, is a key
ingredient for fellowship. In the Old Testament, Amos 3:3
asks, “Can two walk together unless they be agreed?” This
puts things into perspective. If members of the group do not
agree on the tempo, key, dynamics and a plethora of other
elements, music is the last thing they would play. The same
is true on a personal level. Interpersonal problems in a
group will compromise the group’s ability to perform its
best. Of course we’ll form stronger friendships with some
than others, but music is built on unity: unity of sound, unity
of rhythm, unity of performance and yes, unity of
personalities when playing in a group, especially handbells.

How can you accomplish this with your group? Glad you
asked! There are many ways to get your group to fellowship!
Have some refreshments at the beginning or end of rehearsal
on a regular basis, or maybe just make a “date” after
rehearsal for anyone who wants to meet for coffee or snacks.
Schedule a “game night” at someone’s home and invite
spouses and significant others to attend. Have a “potluck”

           THE STATE OF                                                      AREA III EXTENDS
          “BELL-AWARE”                                                        ITS SYMPATHY
       by Judy Moore, Delaware Chair                                          to John Rudy, Maryland Chair

Delaware will have district chairs for the first                        John’s mother recently passed away, and
time. We have three counties in the state,                              we ask that you join us in keeping John
and often find ourselves in our own little                              and his family in your thoughts and
worlds, so we are trying to find ways to encourage member               prayers during this difficult time.
communication by finding our local bell enthusiasts. District
chairs will be able to communicate bell-awareness within a
smaller geographic area, to really get something happening
closer to home. We’ve seen a decline in the numbers of
membership renewals for economic reasons, job-related
issues, church and school budgets, and such. So, let’s use
our fall kick-off time by sharing bell-awareness!

Preparing for the bell choir in which you ring:
Start off with a bell polishing party. Good food, good
fellowship and re-commitment to rehearsals, personal goal
setting, bell schedules and caring for each other. Plus, you
start off the fall with a beautiful set of shiny bells!

Establish commitment to the schedules and try to work in
some time off when there is a majority of planned absences.
Ringers should share the director’s burden of finding
substitutes. In all fairness to creating a finer ensemble, there
needs to be a commitment to rehearsals. Missed sessions
should be made-up to ensure parts are marked and that your
absence will not hold the group back a week.

Set goals for individual technique improvement. Your
directors should involve this challenge in each rehearsal.
Help them keep you honed in the bell techniques by
challenging yourself each week. If there is an area where
you consistently have problems, rehearsal is the place to
work on them. Keep an open mind — other ringers may
have just the technique that will help solve the problem.
Come prepared to work hard – it may be your only exercise
class that week! Warm-up stretches are a great way to begin.

Preparing for the bell choir which is nearby:
Find out the ringing schedule for each choir and see if there                    Comprehensive Quality Care
may be a possibility of doubling up for an anthem – one                            For American Handbells
week at one church the next at the other church.                                     At Affordable Rates
Make plans to attend a festival, or a reading session. There
may be a way to take the concert pieces “home” and present                  Located in the Lynchburg, Virginia Area
a mini-festival, so the people closer to home can experience
it. In our small state, three churches got together with the                    For a Listing of Services Offered
festival pieces, played 1 or 2 anthems separately, and voila! a
                                                                                     And Rates Please Visit
concert emerged with 250 in the audience! (By the way, we
called it the BEL festival because the churches were Bethel,         
Epworth and Long Neck!)

Share bell repertoire with local churches, or lend music to a
school music teacher to start a class on handchimes. Then                David R. (Randy) Kent          Phone: 434.525.5191
take your bell choir to the school and let the students play
their piece on the handbells. It may just be the impetus for a           Forest, VA 24551                    Cell: 434.665.6880
new school group to begin.
Preparing for local Delaware towns to get a dose of bell-
awareness: that’s the best part, sharing your passion!
 “Mickey” Johnson Regional Independent Sales Representative               “Mickey” Johnson Collegiate Apparel® Representative

Complete Care and Maintenance of your Handbells

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 “Mickey” Johnson, Inc. Serving the Carolinas                     Phone: 803/789-7464 • Fax: 803/753-9582
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  
    
 
 
 
 
                                                  YOUTH MASSED REPERTOIRE                                CHILDREN’S REPERTOIRE
                                                Ding Dong Merrily On High (Lamb)                    I'm Gonna Let it Shine (Angerman)
                                                Alfred 23160 (Level 2)                              Alfred Publishing 16461
                                                3-5 octaves bells, 5 chimes (C4-G4)                 2-3 octaves bells or chimes (Level 1)
KICKS OFF AREA III’S 50TH                       A Grand Celebration (Hakes)                         Praise to the Lord the Almighty (Lamb)
                                                AGEHR AG35271 (Level 2)                             GIA G-6350
ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION                         3-5 octaves bells, 2-5 octaves chimes               2-3 octaves bells (Level 1)
We hope that you’ve had a wonderful             Sing Away Sadness (Harmon)                          GIA G-6730
summer! Area III is celebrating our 50th        AGEHR AG23031 (Level 2+)                            4-5 octaves bells (Level 1)
anniversary this year, beginning with           2-3 octaves bells and chimes
discoveRING! November 13 & 14. The                      or                                          What Child is This (Hakes)
                                                AGEHR AG35284 (Level 3)                             Alfred Publishing 27062
information for the discoveRING! event          3-5 octaves bells, 2-3 octaves chimes               2-3 octaves bells or chimes Level 1
for youth and children is available online at Former Area III Chair                                                              Sing Away Sadness (Harmon)
                                                    YOUTH TINS REPERTOIRE                           AGEHR AG23031 or AG35284
Nancy Cappel will direct the youth, and
                                                Fanfare Festiva (Werner)                                 FOR THIS PIECE, PREPARE
former Area III Chair Frances Vaughan will      Choristers Guild CGB526 (Level 2+)
direct the children.                                                                                  THE VOCAL PART ONLY. (You may
                                                2-3 octaves bells                                      purchase one copy and teach by rote.)

If you have youth or children's handbell        Ring Little Bells (Hollander)
                                                Alfred 27060 (Level 1+)                                   GET THE FULL SCOOP AT
choirs, they will have lots of fun with the
                                                2-3 octaves bells                                
music, classes and activities! Registration
can now be done online as well as through
“snail mail.” Bright yellow postcards went       YOUTH COPPERS REPERTOIRE
out in May to let you know the information      Oh, How Joyfully (Moklebust)
was available online.          To save a        Choristers Guild CGB550 (Level 2+)
considerable amount on printing and             3-5 octaves bells, optional percussion
mailing, brochures for this event are not       Beach Spring Stomp (Jeffrey Honoré)
being mailed, so please visit our website to    Concordia 97-7133 (Level 3+)
retrieve the information!                       3-5 octaves bells

                                                Greetings to Area III

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              AREA III WELCOMES
               25 NEW MEMBERS
                      (April - June 2009)

          Total membership as of June 2009 is 788
          Fran Hoadley, Area III Membership Chair
         828-685-1478 •

Karen Allen, Mechanicsville
Kathryn Gilbert, Gambrills
Teri Gregory, Gambrills
Mary Beth Holly, Crofton
Kathy McKinley, Williamsport                                               Advertising in The Bell-O-Gram is an
Ubi Sumis Ringers, Baltimore
                                                                          awesome way to reach more than 1000
METRO DC (5)                                                             readers, all with an interest in handbells!
Lauren Blitz, Fairfax, VA
Diane Haines, Germantown, MD
Kim Sinae, Laurel, MD                                                   The readership is alerted via e-mail when
Peoples Congregational Church, Washington, DC
Riverdale Presbyterian Church, University Park, MD                      the magazine is published to the Internet
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Yvonne Holbrook, Pfafftown                                                opportunities for high-resolution, full-
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Cub Creek Baptist Church, Wilkesboro
First Baptist Church of Mooresville, Mooresville
Maiden Middle School, Maiden                                             Next issue begins a new publishing year,
New Jerusalem Lutheran Church, Hickory
                                                                            and with it, new opportunities for
VIRGINIA (6)                                                              advertising. It’s an ideal time to take
Greenville UMC, Greenville
Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church, Richmond                                   advantage of a full-year booking
The Mill Mountain Ringers, Roanoke                                        discount of 20%, with your full-color
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Salem High School, Virginia Beach                                          ads linked directly to your website!
Ware Academy, Gloucester

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           please contact the National Office
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