Three Things You Can Do to Synergize Your PPC and SEO Campaigns

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					 Three Things You Can Do to Synergize Your PPC and SEO Campaigns

Search engine optimization and pay per click advertising have been traditionally viewed as
mutually exclusive internet marketing tactics that can work without each other. In the same
way, a PPC marketing company is usually separate from an SEO firm.

So, what happens if you combine these two powerful internet marketing tools? The answer:
success. Unfortunately, only a few businesses are doing this synergy, mainly from the retail
and commercial aviation sectors. There can be many reasons, but it can be as simple as
many businesses don’t know how to do it. There are three things you can do to start a
collaborative relationship between your SEO and PPC strategies.

Illustrate the Benefits of Having Both Internet Marketing Initiatives versus Just One

While search optimization is all about generating organic clicks it still entails money to carry
out a campaign especially if you are going to hire an SEO firm to do so. You need the
resources to develop content and then implement tactics to get you high rankings. Of
course, PPC initiatives always involve a certain amount of money.

As such, the first hurdle that a marketer needs to overcome is to convince his or her CFO to
invest in both initiatives simultaneously. The first step to synergize PPC and organic search
efforts is to craft a convincing business case that the additional investment is all worth it in
terms of empirical and concrete ROI projections.

Consistently Reinvent Your Keyword Strategy and Measure Success

Listen closely to what Google Analytics is telling you and build your organic search and paid
search campaigns based on new keywords. Every PPC marketing company knows that
innovation is a vital element for paid marketing success just like how an SEO company
knows that the keywords or search terms that are bringing in the traffic today may not be the
same tomorrow. Being change agile is a necessity considering the dynamic and highly
evolving nature of the online marketing landscape.

In connection to this, you have to consistently measure success and per dollar ROI. This is
really the single way to remain competitive in search engine marketing.

Cope with the Ever Changing Shift in Technology

When the internet was invented several decades back, no one predicted how it will change
and shape how people live their lives and here we are, living at the help of technological

Where there were bulky equipment before are slim and extremely portable gadgets, all are
channels that you need to be present in to get maximum returns. Ask your partner SEO firm
to do a mobile strategy for you and get a PPC marketing company to do a search term
research on how mobile consumers look for products while they are on the move. At the end
of the day, you have to be accessible whenever, wherever. Not being able to do so may
mean a great deal of lost opportunities as well as thousands of dollars in profits going to
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Description: Pay-per-Click advertising and SEO campaigns are separate effective marketing tools online businesses use to enhance the benefits they get. Therefore, learning how to properly collaborate these two strategies will definitely deliver them to their success.