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					                                        GEORGE DE STEFANO
                                    Long Island City, New York 11109
        718 729-0243 • •

                                                   Writer • Editor
    Accomplished writer and editor with numerous, acclaimed, published works in books, newspapers,
    magazines, academic journals, and online. Broad subject area knowledge with an emphasis on culture,
    political and social issues, lifestyle and health. Possess direct experience in creating online publications and
    Internet marketing. Earned reputation for special insights into the public fascination with organized crime;
    served as a consultant and on-air commentator for documentaries about crime-themed movies and
    television shows and popular perceptions of Italian-Americans.
         Writing • Editing • Editorial Direction • Book Reviews • Feature Articles • Health Bulletins
         Educational Materials • Essays • Television Consulting & Commentary • Popular Culture
                  Italian-American Culture • Music Features & Reviews • Print & Online

NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & MENTAL HYGIENE – NEW YORK, NY                                   1999–PRESENT
DOHMH is a public agency whose mission is to protect and promote the health of all New Yorkers.
    Director of Publications, 2010–Present
    Plan, develop, and edit agency publications for dissemination to healthcare professionals and the general public.
    Ensure consistency of public health messaging across multiple platforms in collaboration with the Press Office,
    the Media and Marketing group, and the Digital Media office. Review and edit educational materials produced
    by Department grantees.
        Distribute publications throughout New York City and reprinted by public health departments across the
        United States.
        Conceived, wrote, and edited reports on various public health issues, including a report on New York‟s
        successful efforts to prevent non-communicable diseases, which Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented to a
        UN summit.
    Director, Media and Special Projects, 1999–2010
    Wrote and edited requests for proposals, policy analyses, brochures, fact sheets, and reports. Developed social
    marketing campaigns in collaboration with Department‟s media and marketing office.
Contribute articles, reviews, and essays to magazine, newspapers, journals, and websites. Deliver presentations at
national and international conferences. Serve as a consultant and appear as an on-screen commentator for PBS and
The History Channel documentaries.

Hunter College, School of Social Work                        M.S.W. in Community Organizing & Social Planning
King’s College                                                                                         B.A. in English

       Mac & PC
       Social Media
       SEO Best Practices
       Online Research
       Chicago Manual of Style
       AP Style Book

       Authors Guild, Member
       National Book Critics Circle, Member
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An Offer We Can’t Refuse: The Mafia in the Mind of America, Faber and Faber, Inc, London, 2006, Paperback,
       Received numerous positive reviews from such publications as The New York Times Review of Books, The
       Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Globe, Chicago Sun Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Cleveland Plain
       Dealer, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, The Buffalo News, and The Chicago Tribune.
“The Sopranos‟ Last Song,” June 25, 2007 (Interview with George De Stefano)
“Not Just Village People,” December 31, 2001
“Nativity Scene,” December 18, 2000
“A Day for Building Gay Rome,” September 18, 2000
“Ungood Fellas,” February 7, 2000
“Living La Vida Loca,” September 6, 1999
“The „Homosexual Exception‟,” November 2, 1998
“HIV as Retro Virus,” July 20, 1998
“Homo Economics,” May 5, 1997
“The Spirit and the Flesh: Sexual Diversity in American Indian Culture,” January 31, 1987
"Where Did Our Love Go? The Rise and Fall of the Motown Sound," August 16, 1986
“Divided Soul: the Life of Marvin Gaye,” October 5, 1985
“Remember Reggae?” January 26, 1985
“Marley as Messiah,” January 21, 1984
The Essential Sopranos Reader, Contributor, 2011, University of Kentucky Presses, contributed an essay to a
    collection of critical commentary on the HBO series, “The Sopranos.”
Mafia Movies: A Reader, Contributor, 2011, University of Toronto Press, contributed two essays to an anthology of
    film criticism focusing on American and European crime film genres.
Mediated Ethnicity, Contributor, 2011, University of the City of New York, contributed the essay, “Identity Crises,”
    on treatment of ethnicity, race, and sexuality in US cinema.
Is the Mafia Still a Force in America? Contributor, 2006, Greenhaven Press, contributed an essay, “The Mafia is
      Still a Force in Pop Culture,” to David M. Haugen‟s book published by Greenhaven.
American Voices: Culture and Community, Contributor, 2006, McGraw Hill, includes an essay, "UnGoodfellas,"
    which originally appeared in The Nation.
Writing in a Changing World: Writer's Guide with Handbook, Contributor, 2003, Longman, contributed an essay,
     Ungoodfellas and the Godfather Culture to a textbook published by Longman, UK.
Witness to Revolution: The Advocate reports on gay and lesbian politics, 1967-1999, Contributor, 2000 Chris Bull,
    ed. Alyson Press, contributed an article (originally appeared as an Advocate cover story), “The New York
    Times vs. Gay America.”
Reggae, Rastafarians, Revolution: Jamaican Music from Ska to Dub, Contributor, 1997, Music Sales Ltd.,
    contributed an essay, “Remember Reggae?”

“Dr. John: Insides Out,” April 27, 2012
“All Over the Map: GlobalFEST 2012 - New York,” January 18, 2012
Enrico Rava: “Encounters with an Extraordinary „Tribe,‟” November 30, 2011
GEORGE DE STEFANO                                718 729-0243                                       PAGE 3 OF 3

“Between the Groove Series: Rockin‟ Chair Blues,” April 7, 2011– May 23, 2011
“Dances with Spiders: Italian Roots Music, With Bite, Comes to North America,” September 1, 2011
“Mambo Siciliano: 'Latinista' Roy Paci and His Band Bring Their Global Sound to America,” October 3, 2010
“Carmen Consoli: From Sicily, With Love and Rage,” May 6, 2010

“On Roberto Saviano, Italy's Anti-Mafia Struggle, and Italian-American Anti-Defamation Activism,” January 6,
“The Poetry of Politics: Italian Leftist Leader Nichi Vendola Envisions „a Different Italy‟,‟‟ November 19, 2010
“Tano da morire: Singing, Dancing, Shooting,” February 11, 2010
“Roots, Re-Imagined: The Sicilian Jazz Project,” January 25, 2010
“Sicily Rocks 'Bruccolino',” October 15, 2009
“Another Sicily,” March 25, 2009
“What Makes a Citizen?” May 12, 2009
“Passion and Politics: Marco Bellocchio‟s New film Reconstructs a Piece of Italian history,” October 1, 2009

Vincio Capossela: Marinai, Profeti e Balene; 2012
Antonio Castrignanó:Mara la Fatia; 2011
Les Amazones de Guinée:Wamato;
Keletigui et ses Tambourinis:The Syliphone Years; 2009
Various Artists: Authenticité: The Syliphone Years, Guinea's Orchestres Nationaux and Federaux, 1965-1980;
    Bokoor Beats: Vintage Afrobeat, Afro-Rock and Highlife from Ghana; 2008
Levon Helm: Electric Dirt; 2010
Various Artists: Golden Afrique: Vol. 2: 1956-1982; Rumba Congolaise and Early Soukous
Vol. 3, 1939-1988;
    Jive, Jit, Jazz and Other Musical Styles from South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia; 2007
Various Artists: Colonial Dance Bands
Kenya, Tanganyika, Portuguese East Africa, Northern Rhodesia,
    Belgian Congo, 1950 and 1952; Bulawayo Jazz
Southern Rhodesia, 1950, 51, 52; 2006

    The Italian Americans, Consultant & On-screen Commentator, 2012-2014
    Consultant to the producers of this four-part documentary series, to be broadcast on the Public Broadcasting
    System (PBS) in 2014. Interviewed on camera about published book, An Offer We Can’t Refuse: The Mafia in
    the Mind of America and Italian American history and culture.

    The Godfather Legacy, On-screen Commentator, 2012
    Featured commentator in a History Channel documentary on the enduring popularity of the “Godfather” films.

    Beyond Wiseguys: Italian Americans & the Movies, Consultant & On-screen Commentator, 2008
    Featured prominently in PBS TV documentary about cinematic and other pop culture portrayals of Italians and
    Italian Americans. Broadcast in New York Spring 2008 and subsequently in all other major PBS markets.

Description: George De Stefano is an accomplished writer and editor with numerous, acclaimed, published works in books, newspapers, magazines, academic journals, and online. George has a broad subject area knowledge with an emphasis on culture, political and social issues, lifestyle and health.