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Internationally Engaged

 Member of the G7, OECD and founding
  member of the United Nations

 Member of Commonwealth and

 Ranked among the top countries in the
  world on the UN Human Development
              Canadian Education
Among OECD Countries*

 Highest level of post-secondary

 Largest expansion of post-secondary
  education in last 20 years

 Among the top three countries in
  investment in universities and annual
  spending per student

* OECD Education at a Glance 2006
Where are we?
         Spectacular natural scenery!

         85,000 residents

         Caring and comfortable

         Close to Vancouver, Victoria
                   British Columbia
 Among Canada’s fastest growing
 Host to the 2010 Winter Olympic
 Designated Canada’s ‘Asia-Pacific
 Financial Services, Mining,
  Petrochemicals, Advanced
  Technology (Bio-medical, fuel cells,
  alternative energy), Forestry, Tourism
     Malaspina University-College

 Established in 1969
 10,000 students
 900 international students
 Friendly and supportive
 A leader in Post-Secondary
  Education in Canada

 New Centre for International
 New Library
 New School of Management
 New Sciences Centre ($30 Mil.
             Community Facilities

 Within a five minute walk
    • Nanaimo Aquatic Centre (Olympic sized swimming pool, wave pool, waterslides
    • Nanaimo Ice Rinks (skating and ice hockey)
    • Malaspina playing fields (soccer, baseball, track and field)

 Within a five minute bus ride (30 minute walk)
    • Downtown with harbour-front walkway and parks
    • Downtown shops, entertainment and restaurants
 English-as-a-Second Language (ESL)
 Bachelor Degrees, Diplomas and
 University Transfer Programs
 Post Degree (Business, GIS,
 MBA/MScIB Dual Degree
                      ESL Programs

 University Preparation
 English Communication
 Six Start Dates
 Combined with Recreational and
  Cultural Activities
 Student Centered
              Bachelor Degree Programs
Bachelor of Business Administration       (BBA)
   Accounting, Economics, Marketing, E-management,
   Finance, Human Resources Management, International
   Business, Management
Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM)
Bachelor of Arts (BA Majors and Minors)
   Anthropology, Child and Youth Care, Creative Writing,
   Criminology, Economics, English, Geography, Global
   Studies, History, Liberal Studies, Media Studies, Physical
   Education, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology,
   Women’s Studies
Bachelor of Science (BSc Majors and Minors)
   Computer Science, Biology, Psychology, Geography, Math,
   Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics (Trans), Kinesiology
   (Trans), Engineering (Trans)
      Bachelor Degree Programs (con’t)
Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts (BFA/BMus)
   (Visual Arts, Theater, Jazz & Classical Music)
Bachelor of Science Fisheries and Aquaculture (BSc)
Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection
Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Planned for 2007 and 2008
 Bachelor of Arts: Graphic Design, Interior Design,
   Film Studies
 Bachelor of Tourism Management – Major in
 Bachelor of Science – Major in Marine Science,
   Environmental Chemistry
Undergraduate Student Research

  2006 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
   of Canada (NSERC) – 3 student recipients

  ‘Best Presentation’ Western Canadian Universities
   Undergraduate Chemistry Research Conference (2005)

  Advanced Environmental Research Laboratory (AERL),
   Centre For Shellfish Research, Centre for Coastal Health,
   Recreation and Tourism Research Institute, Centre for
   Digital Humanities Innovation, Alexandro Malaspina
   Research Centre, International Centre for Sturgeon
    Diploma & Certificate Programs
 Graphic Arts, Interior Design,
  Visual Arts

 Early Childhood Education

 Fisheries and Aquaculture

 Forestry Resources

 Horticulture and Horticulture
Diploma & Certificate Programs
               Hospitality Management

               Culinary Arts

               Recreation and Sport

               Digital Media Technologies

               IT & Applied Systems

               Advanced Diploma in GIS
Graduate Business Programs
             Post Degree Diploma in Business
              (PDDB), Marketing, Finance or

             Master of Business Administration
              (MBA) Master of Science in
              International Business (MScIB) 14 –
              16 months

                  For more information on these
                  programs, please go to:
              Post Degree Diploma in
                 Business Studies
Eight month program starting in September
•   Marketing - Buyer Behaviour, Financial Accounting, Business Statistics, Principles of
    Management, Advertising and Promotion, Professional Selling, Channels of
    Distribution, Marketing Research, International Marketing
•   Finance - Financial Accounting, Intro to Finance, Credit Management, Investment
    Funds, Business Statistics I, Corporate Finance, Security Analysis, International
    Business, Professional Selling
•   Management and Leadership - Principles of Management, Organization Behaviour,
    Negotiations, Financial Accounting,, Introduction to Marketing, Human Resource
    Management, International Business, Management Information System, International
    Marketing, Entre/Intrapreneurship

 Can be used as qualification for MBA/MScIB
           MBA/MScIB Dual Degree
                           2 Degrees Smarter!

14-16 month program with two start dates
 Malaspina University-College MBA and University of Hertfordshire MScIB from one
 Guaranteed internship included
 No GMAT, no work experience required
 Graduates from any degree may apply
 Global learning environment
 Eligible to work in Canada part-time while studying and full-time after graduation
            On-line Programs
 Internet Production (iPro)

 Technical Communication Certificate

 UNIGIS - Geographic Information Systems Post
  Graduate Certificate program

 Event Management
        International Student Services
 ESL Learning Centre
 International Student
 Homestay Manager
 Peer Helpers
 International Student
  Services Mailing List
 International Activities
Student Life and

 Live with a Canadian family
 Three meals/day seven
  days/week included
 English Immersion
 Learn Canadian/Western
  Customs and Culture
 Peerstay Option (student
  responsible for own meals)
Student Residences
            Single rooms with
             semi-private bathrooms
            Apartment-style housing
            Furnished
            Shared lounge, kitchen and
            Semi–private washrooms
            Outdoor beach volleyball
             and basketball courts
 Homestay ($600/month) - live with a Canadian family

 Peerstay ($425/month) - students responsible for own food

 On-campus Residences - single rooms and apartments ($350 –

 Off-campus Accommodations
   • apartment
   • shared arrangements
 Students can work part-time on or off campus

 Students can work up to two years full-time off campus after

 Coop Program (Study and Work) – Tourism, Recreation,
  Hospitality, Fisheries and Aquaculture
 Career Centre located on campus to help students find work
             Dates and Deadlines
 ESL classes start at the beginning and middle of each semester.
  Students can apply any time.

 Academic programs: All start in September. Most also have
  start options in January and May. Apply minimum of six weeks
  before the start of classes.

 MBA/MScIB – Two start options:
   • Non-business grads - July or October start. Application deadline: May 30 or
     August 30
   • Business grads - September or January start. Application deadline: June 30
     or October 30
English Language Program
  7 weeks $2,200 (Cdn)
  14 weeks $4,300 (Cdn)

Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programs
  $4,850 (Cdn) per semester

Post Degree Diploma in Business
  $12,250 - complete program (30 credits)

  $4,850 - Management Foundation Program (Pre-MBA)
  $28,000 - MBA/MScIB (includes textbooks and internship placement)
The Future Is Knowledge!!!
                Group Programs

 Custom designed programs
  for groups of 10 or more

 English language classes

 Recreational and cultural

 Homestay
                                   Sample Schedule
Week 1   Sunday        Monday         Tuesday          Wednesday   Thursday    Friday      Saturday

am       ARRIVAL at    Orientation,   ESL Class        ESL Class   ESL Class   ESL Class   Optional day
         Malaspina     ESL class                                                           trip to
         University-                                                                       Victoria
pm       College       Nanaimo &      Computer         Swimming    Computer    Free time
                       area tour      Class                        Class
Week 2   Sunday        Monday         Tuesday          Wednesday   Thursday    Friday      Saturday

am       Free time     ESL Class      ESL Class        ESL Class   ESL Class   ESL Class   Optional day
         with host                                                                         trip to
pm       families      Rock           Computer         Canoeing    Computer    Free time   Vancouver
                       Climbing       Class                        Class
Week 3   Sunday        Monday         Tuesday          Wednesday   Thursday    Friday      Saturday

am       Free time     ESL Class      ESL Class        ESL Class   ESL Class   ESL Class   DEPARTUR
         with host                                                                         E
pm       families      Hiking or      Computer         Canadian    Computer    Free time
                       sports         Class            Cooking     Class
eve                    Free time with host families.                           Farewell
Contact Information
Malaspina University-College
       900 Fifth Street
    Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5

        Phone: 250 740-6316
         Fax: 250 740-6471
"I like studying at
Malaspina because there
are students here from all
over the world, and I have
made friends that come
from different countries. I
enjoy the teachers and
teaching, and I am never
bored here. Nanaimo is a
friendly city that has a
nice climate."
Wendy (Wei-Fang) Hsu, of
Taiwan, is completing her grade
     The Right Choice for a
     High School Education
                                            "I love the small classes
                                            and the beautiful
 Frequent start dates – 5 times per year
                                            campus. The teachers
 Small classes                             are always there to help
                                            you and explain things,
 Quality instruction                       even outside of class
 High technology
                                            Evgueni Verkhotourov,
 Affordable tuition                        of Russia, graduated in
                                            2000 and is now
 Homestay program and supportive
                                            enrolled in the Business
  community                                 Management program at
                                            Malaspina University-

The B.C. Secondary School
 Curriculum and Graduation

The British Columbia Grade 10, 11 and 12
 academic program prepares students for
 entrance to post-secondary courses and        Start Dates:
Students may be eligible to receive course    •November
 credits for work completed in their home      •February
 country.                                      •April

Summer term
• 2 to 8 weeks
• July and August
• Study English and enjoy a
  variety of recreational activities
• Tuition fees will vary, depending
  on the length of study
• 14 – 17 years old

     Contact Information
Malaspina International High School
           900 Fifth Street
        Nanaimo, BC V9R 5S5
       Phone:   250 740-6317
       Fax:     250 740-6470

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