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					                     These easy, simple ideas will work wonders in
                  helping you be more organized and successful in
                  all your endeavors.        Even as you start
                  implementing a few of them, you will

                  immediately see results.

                     As a professional organizer, the author has
                  coached clients, instructed seminars and spoken
Organizing Tips   to many companies and organizations, and
                  recognizes that these tips work for everyone.

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                                                                SIMPLY ORGANIZE
                                                             Being organized is being in control, and
                                                             clearing the clutter is the first step in
                                                      gaining control. Piles of paper are eliminated if
            Table of Contents                         the papers have a specific place to go. Think of
                                                      your kitchen. Doesn’t all kitchenware have its
                                                      designated place?

                                                            Being organized is a learned skill. It is not
Simply Organize . . . . . . . . . . . .           4         something we are born with. Everyone
                                                      can do it, it just takes commitment to learn a few
The Telephone . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         6   simple techniques.

Finding More Time . . . . . . . . . .             7          Make a daily "to do" list. Number tasks by
                                                             priority - 1, 2 ,3, etc. Keep daily lists under
                                                      ten items. If you complete six, you have done
Meetings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    8   well.

Tackling Projects . . . . . . . . . . . .         9          Know your top three priorities for the day
                                                             before hitting your desk in the morning.
Dealing With Paper . . . . . . . . . .           10   These must be accomplished no matter what
                                                      arises unexpectedly to divert your attention.
A Follow-up System
                                                            Know what your next three priorities are.
  Remembers . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          11         Tackle these only after the first three are
Easy Filing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    12
                                                             Ask yourself, from time to time, if what
Launching a Home Office . . . . .                13          you are doing is urgent or important. If
                                                      neither, move on to something else.
About Us . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     15           Leave "busy work" until last or eliminate
                                                              it altogether. This is only filler after all
Ways To Promote Your Business                         priority tasks are completed.
  With This Booklet . . . . . . . . . 16
                                                            Establish systems and procedures for the
                                                            smooth function of your job or business.
                                                      What do you do? How do you do it? Then
                                                      follow these systems religiously. If they are not
                                                      working to your satisfaction, change them.

                                                             Scan the table of contents in magazines for
                                                             articles of interest. Tear out the article and
                                                      toss the magazine. Stacked magazines usually
                                                      are never read and interesting and important
                                                      information is lost.

      Collect articles you want to read from                Set specific times for specific tasks. A time
      magazines and newspapers in a folder                  to make and take phone calls; quiet time
marked "Reading." Take it with you wherever         for planning, writing, creating; and social time
you go. Read through it while waiting for           for interacting with fellow workers, staff, and for
appointments, planes or eating lunch alone.         meetings and appointments.

      Keep your briefcase, car keys and other             Eliminate clutter in your life - on your
      work related equipment in the same place            desk, in your files. If you can’t eliminate it
every night at home. This ends the morning          yourself, hire a professional organizer to help.
scramble to find them.
                                                         Delegate tasks to staff who can do them
        Have a copy of your family’s monthly             efficiently at a lower cost to the company.
        schedule at both your office and home.      Always give clear instructions and a deadline.
Make sure your spouse has one too. Doing so
will eliminate last minute discussions about who           Stick with a task until it is done. More
will transport the kids to appointments.                   time is wasted trying to pick up where
                                                    you left off yesterday.
       Enter   all    appointments,      business
       expenses, phone numbers and addresses               Set a specific time to close your office. If
in a day planner or electronic organizer. Include          you have a deadline, you will use the late
birthdays and doctor appointments.                  afternoon more efficiently.

       Be continuously in control of where you
       are going and monitoring how you are                    THE TELEPHONE
getting there. Write down your weekly, monthly
and yearly goals, and review them often.
                                                            Stand up when talking on the phone. You
                                                            will sound more professional. It also helps
      Take the day planner or portable
                                                    resist the temptation to schmooze.
      electronic organizer with you wherever
you go. Make entries throughout the day.
                                                           List points to be covered before picking up
                                                           the phone for an important conversation.
       Record all notes and messages in your day
                                                    This saves time on follow up calls.
       planner or electronic organizer. Knowing
they are always in the same place makes
                                                           Avoid long, drawn out conversations with
retrieving the information easy and quick, and
                                                           a gabber by phoning during lunch.
nothing gets lost.
                                                    Chances are they are out and you can leave a
                                                    short message.
      Confirm appointments the day prior to
      your visit. You will remember the date
                                                           Control incoming phone calls by letting
but you can’t be sure the person you are visiting
                                                           others know the best times to call you.
does. This also builds good relationships.
                                                    This allows for focusing on tasks without
                                                    interruptions and eliminates the "Where was I
       Control    how    others    affect your
                                                    when the phone rang?"
       productivity. This includes the telephone,
interruptions and dealing with the crises and
                                                          Schedule blocks of time, usually one in the
unexpected events that inevitably arise every
                                                          morning and one in the afternoon, to make
                                                    and return phone calls. Now you control the
                                                    phone instead of it controlling you.

                        5                                                     6
S      FINDING MORE TIME                                      Tip in advance for valet parking. Your car
                                                              will be produced extra fast.
      Figure out what time of day you are most
                                                              Avoid duplicating information in a day
      productive. Use this time to accomplish
                                                              planner and electronic organizer. This is a
mentally demanding work. Do routine jobs
when your energy level is low.                         waste of time. Also there is always the worry
                                                       that something did not get transferred. Keep
       Block out quiet time for yourself every         only one calendar in either place.
       day to plan and to accomplish high
                                                              Take the work with you on business trips
priority tasks. Don’t allow interruptions from the
                                                              that you would have accomplished if not
phone or people. Be very firm about this.
                                                       traveling. The largest blocks of uninterrupted
                                                       time are waiting in airports and on an airplane.
       Delegate as many routine tasks as
                                                       Use this time wisely.
       possible. Use time wisely for tasks which
require your personal attention.
                                                              Store reference materials, technical
                                                              manuals, sample books, computer and
      Do two things at once. While waiting for
                                                       software manuals, telephone books, etc. in one
      a report to print out, return a phone call,
                                                       location.    Having this information at your
make an appointment.
                                                       fingertips can save considerable time and
       Set appointments at odd times, i.e. 11:20
       or 2:50. It conveys the impression that
                                                             Set short and long term goals. A goal is a
your schedule is extremely tight. Others will
respect your time.                                           dream with a deadline. Where do you
                                                       want to be a year, five years, ten years from now?
       Make use of the fast-forward button on
                                                             Write your goals down. This increases
       your voice mail. Zap through anything
                                                             commitment. Identify a deadline date for
longer than a TV commercial.
                                                       accomplishing each goal. Work the tasks to reach
                                                       your goals into your to do list, one task at a
      Read e-mail only once. Then store it or
      print and file a hard copy only if
necessary. Consider deleting as with junk mail.
                                                               Allow 15 minutes at the end of each day to
       Fax from your computer. It saves paper                  plan for tomorrow and prepare your ’to
                                                       do’ list. Check your calendar, day planner or
       and time.
                                                       organizer and follow-up for pending business
                                                       and commitments. Know the priorities for
      Make computer templates of documents
                                                       tomorrow before you leave work today.
      you create regularly, i.e. letters, contracts,
expense reports, proposals, and then modify as
needed. Why start from scratch every time?                             MEETINGS
       Keep a travel bag at home stocked with
                                                             Have meetings only to decide something.
       toothpaste, toiletries and other personal
                                                             Then decide.
items for traveling. Prepare it in advance at your
leisure, so it is complete. When packing in a
                                                              Inform all attending your meetings how
hurry, you’ll know everything you need is there.
                                                              long they will run. No decent meeting,
                                                       unless it is a brainstorming session, should last
                                                       longer than an hour.
                         7                                                     8
      Begin meetings on time and don’t wait for           DEALING WITH PAPER
      latecomers. Respect the time of those
who have made it a point to be on time. They
                                                           Managing paperwork is the method for
have respected yours.
                                                           moving each piece of paper from the "in"
                                                    source (mail, follow-up files, briefcase) to its
       Find out the purpose and agenda of a
                                                    appropriate destination. This requires making a
       meeting you have been asked to attend.
                                                    decision on each piece of paper, and eliminates
Decide if this is the best use of your time and     paper shuffling.
whether your presence is essential. Do you
have hands-on knowledge of the topic, essential
                                                            Appropriate destination can be either the
input to contribute or the authority to make
                                                            waste basket, files, follow-up for future
decisions and take action?
                                                    action, project files, briefcase, pass it on to
                                                    others, or do it now pile. Caution: do it now
                                                    is only for tasks to take action on today. Papers
      TACKLING PROJECTS                             for action other than today are sent to one of the
                                                    other options.
       Break down large projects into several
       smaller tasks. Then it will not seem so             Saving unnecessary paper clutters files
overwhelming. Include these tasks one at a                 and office space. Make good use of the
time in your daily "to do" list until completed.    wastebasket. If another copy is easily available,
                                                    decide to toss yours.
       Determine the date to start a project in
       order to meet a deadline. Work back                 Pass on to others documents you cannot
from the due date when deciding this. Also                 take action on or that can be handled by
note the deadline date on your calendar.            your staff.      These include requests for
                                                    information outside your area of responsibility,
       Determine how long it will take to           routine tasks.
       complete the task and also if the final
work must be mailed. Allow for this when                   A follow-up file is for papers relating to
setting a start date.                                      tasks not yet completed. You can decide
                                                    when you want or need to retrieve each
      Give each task in your project a start date   document and file in follow-up accordingly.
      and deadline date. This keeps you on          This frees your mind and nothing is forgotten or
schedule for project completion.                    lost.

      Keep all information on a project in one            Files are permanent storage for
      place. This can be a file folder or a               documents you may wish to retrieve at
separate directory or file on your computer.        some later time. All action is completed, and
                                                    these papers become resource and information
       Make a separate file for the paperwork       materials.
       on each current project and insert them
in a vertical file holder close to your work area          Treat e-mail the same as you would treat
for quick accessibility. Color code folders for            paper documents. Make hard copies only
easy insertion in your filing system when the       if they relate directly to your work or business.
project is complete.                                Before copying, ask yourself why you need it
                                                    and where you will keep it.

                        9                                                   10
        Clear off your desk at the end of each day                 EASY FILING
        and process all paper. Some will go into
your follow-up system, some to files and some
                                                             Have a simple, but complete filing system.
into project folders. Tomorrow morning you can
                                                             One that has meaning to you. Files are
start fresh.
                                                     reference material and records. The reason for
                                                     filing is to allow easy access to information.

     A FOLLOW-UP SYSTEM                                      Always alphabetize. No matter the basic
         REMEMBERS                                           structure of the filing system, everything
                                                     within that structure must be alphabetized. The
                                                     obvious reason is to save time when looking for
        Keep on top of all business which has not
                                                     a file.
        been completed, with a follow-up system.
It will remind you of everything you need to take
                                                            Always color code. This is for easy, quick
action on other than today.         This can be
                                                            identification. Give each category, such as
appointments or meetings entered on a calendar
as well as support documents in a follow-up file.    for customers, products, human resources, etc., a
                                                     different color.
       There are two parts to a follow-up system.
                                                           Choose either manila type file folders,
       One is your calendar, day planner or
                                                           Pendaflex folders or a combination. Color
electronic organizer. The other is a method for
                                                     code by file folder or tab color. Both styles allow
storing papers and documents.
                                                     a wide variety of colors and color combinations.
       Use a follow-up system for papers which
                                                           Apply color coding even for a few files.
       will be needed at some future time. You
may use an Every Day File & Sorter, numbered               As the number of files grow, the color
1-31, or file folders numbered 1-31, which           system will make it easier to determine where a
represent the days of the month.                     new file will go. New colors can be added as
                                                     needed for new categories.
       Make the decision on which day each
                                                           Duplicating a document for filing in two
       document is required and file it on that
date in your system. Be sure to check your                 different places only creates more paper.
follow-up folders every day.                         Rarely will the situation arise that requires the
                                                     same document in more than one category.
       Store documents you are collecting for a
       future     meeting,   appointment      or             Place the most recent documents in the
presentation. Also reminders of due dates for                front of the file folder. This way you
reports, short-term and long-term projects. And      know that the most current information is on top.
                                                     When purging files, the oldest documents will be
letters you have written and are awaiting a
response, and travel documents for a                 in the back.
forthcoming trip.
                                                            Determining where a document should be
       Use a follow-up system for planning and              filed sometimes can be tricky. Always ask
       for future business. Everything you are       yourself, "Where would I look for this if I need
                                                     it?" Never ask, "Where should I put this?" Big
not doing today will be in this system.

                        11                                                   12
        Establish separate files for legal and tax           Keep only the items used every day on the
        documents rarely if ever referred to.                desk. These include the telephone, pencil
These may be placed in storage away from the          holder, and other items such as a calculator and
active, every day files.                              stapler. An exception would be personal photos
                                                      to help brighten your day.
       Label computer disks so you don’t have to
       load each one to find out what is on it.             Store other less used items in a drawer or
Always color code to coincide with paper files              on a shelf. Items used often can be close at
for quick identification.                             hand and items used infrequently located further
                                                      from your work space.
        File each document as you finish with it or
        file all at the end of the day. Do not let           Place the computer monitor on a surface
filing pile up. The amount of time spent each day            lower than the desktop. Correct eye level
filing will be small, and will take only a few        is the top edge of the screen. Anything higher
minutes.                                              can cause neck and back fatigue with prolonged
                                                      computer use.
       Staple together documents on the same
       subject with the most current information             Avoid positioning the computer monitor
on top. Do not use paper clips, they can come                directly opposite a window as light will
apart or catch other papers in a file.                cause reflections on the screen. With the monitor
                                                      in front of a window, background light can cause
        Mark a discard date if you know when a        eyestrain.
        document will become obsolete. At some
later time you will know that it can be discarded             Adjust the desk chair so that your arms
without even having to take the time to read it.              rest comfortably on the work surface. If
                                                      bending over the desk in order to write, the chair
                                                      is too high. If your arm is level with your chest
LAUNCHING A HOME OFFICE                               when writing, the chair is too low.

                                                             Position the computer so that a turn of
      Commit a specific area for your home
                                                             your chair puts your desk work surface
      office. It may be part of a room which is
                                                      and computer within easy reach. This also
used infrequently and out of the mainstream of
                                                      applies to other equipment used regularly.
family activities. No matter the size, the space
must be quiet and all yours.
                                                             Keep a small journal or notebook and pen
       Think up when furnishing a home office.               in the car for recording business mileage.
                                                      Each day enter beginning mileage, businesses
       Installing sturdy shelves over a desk area
                                                      visited, and end mileage. At the end of each
makes use of valuable wall space. Wall mounted
                                                      month total the business miles and record for tax
lighting and tiered accessory storage pieces are
also useful.
                                                            Set regular work hours. Depending upon
        Avoid working on a glass or glossy white
                                                            the nature of your business and family
        desktop as they reflect light and result in
                                                      obligations, decide what works for you. Then
eye fatigue. A white paper desk pad will absorb
                                                      commit to it.
light, reducing glare. A medium colored work
surface with a dull finish is the best.

                       13                                                    14
               ABOUT US
                                                         WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR
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