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									Niche Marketing With Website Landing Pages
What is niche marketing?
Niche marketing is one of the most popular and most effective marketing styles used by affiliate
marketers. Niche marketing entails discovering a niche or segment of the market, discovering a need
within that market, finding a service or product that addresses that need, and marketing that service
or product specifically towards a particular demographic. One of the best ways to do niche market
online is with landing pages.
What is a Landing Page?
A landing page is a web page that has been tailored and themed to be relevant to the visitor of that
page. If designed properly, this page will be the first page that your visitors sees, whether by clicking
on a link in your ad, seeing the link in a postcard, by Search Engine Optimization or other advertising
medium. Landing pages work by serving as the gateway to your website and help to streamline the
decision making process for your customers. A landing page is the point where a potential customer
decides to commit, either by buying your product or service or by contacting you for more information.
It directs a "niche" product to a "niche" client. A good landing page should interest your website
visitors enough to read your message and respond to your call to action, instead of hitting the back
button and taking their business somewhere else.
At this point, you may be asking, "why should I go through the trouble of directing my potential
customers to landing pages instead of directly to my website's homepage?" Imagine yourself in your
website visitor's shoes. You click on a link that is advertising iPods at 50 percent off and then you find
yourself on a large and confusing website that loaded with all kinds of mp3 players and accessories.
Where's the iPods at 50 percent off? Instead of going through all of the mp3 players on the site to find
the half-off iPods, you'd most likely lose interest and navigate to a different website or you may simply
close the browser window altogether. Now-- Imagine clicking on a link in that same ad, and it brings
you to a page that's all about discounted iPods, with information on the product you're interested in--
And a big "Buy Now" button on it. As you can see there are clearly benefits to having landing pages
on your website to help direct visitors to where they need to go, without distraction, to find exactly
what they're looking for.
Another great advantage in using landing pages for your niche marketing campaign is that it's the
equivalent of casting many fishing lines in the water in order to catch more fish. With properly search
engine optimized web pages that are themed toward a certain topic and or geographic location, you
can increase your website traffic exponentially. A page themed one hundred percent to discount
iPods is going to do better than a page that has a bunch of mp3 players on them. A page that is all
about one subject matter is going to have more of a fighting chance than a page that is unfocused
when it comes to someone looking for that subject matter online.
Search engine spiders like to come back to your website to find fresh content. If, after a while, they
come back and there's nothing new on your site-- Your website can be considered stale and
uneventful, thus giving the spider reason to only come back every once in a while in the hopes to find
something new and interesting. By adding new landing pages to your website to attract new
customers, you'll also be providing search engine spiders with new information to find and index.
When creating your landing pages you want to make sure that the information on them is unique,
useful and interesting to not just your web visitor, but also search engine spiders. When the spiders
start finding new information being regularly added to your website, they'll come back more often.
Doing this will help spiders find and index new pages or updates more quickly.
The benefits of landing pages are many. Landing pages help you get more customers who are
looking for the particular product or service that you're offering. Landing pages interest your potential
customers long enough to respond to your page's call to action, without presenting all the distractions
of a website homepage. Landing pages also provide fresh content for search engines to spider, thus
giving them reason to come back more often looking for fresh content.
Your website should never be a fire and forget method of advertising. The reasons to continuously
add fresh new pages to your website are many and landing pages are an excellent way to do that
while niche marketing in today's fast paced web environment.

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