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									                                                       Matthew Bye
                               Work Experience Self Placement with Crawford Healthcare Ltd
                                           Monday 11 to Friday 15 June 2012

                 Monday 11          Tuesday 12            Wednesday 13               Thursday 14                 Friday 15
                   June                June                    June                      June                       June
          Introduction with      Update with Alison      Update with Alison        Update with Alison        Update with Alison
09.00     Alison Whittaker           Whittaker              Whittaker                 Whittaker                 Whittaker
          (Office Manager)
                                    Freda Brown
10.00                            (Sales & Marketing     Christian Stephenson         Spencer Kerry               Ben Winter
                                      Secretary)       (Director of Research &     (Finance Director)        (Technical Director)
            Richard Anderson    Pauline Aitken & Loz        Development)
11.00             (CEO)        Sandbach – patch test
                                   and sales order

12 noon           Lunch                 Lunch                  Lunch                     Lunch                     Lunch
                               Pauline Aitken & Loz
13.00                          Sandbach – patch test                                                                TBA
                               and sales order                                    Christian Stephenson
14.00                          processing              Pauline Aitken & Loz      (Director of Research &             TBA
            Richard Anderson                           Sandbach – patch test          Development)         Informal chat with
15.00             (CEO)        Debbie Oates            and sales order                                     Richard Anderson
                               Clinical Training       processing                                          (CEO)
16.00                                                                                                               TBA

17.00                                    TBA                                                                        TBA

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