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JFK killer?


JFK killers?

More Info
									      Name of suspect/s                     Evidence to prove the theory
Mafia (Jack Ruby)            Telephone calls and documents were found linking to JFK
                              between Jack and the Mafia just months before the
                             Judging from the Warren Commission, the FBI were trying to
                              cover up Jack Ruby’s link with organised crime
                             He killed the supposed “killer,” so was Ruby trying to cover up
                              the fact that he had in fact killed JFK?
                             He had a bad criminal record, and a shady past...
                             He died just in time to avoid the convenient?

CIA                          JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam, which the CIA were
                              making lots of money out of, so this angered the CIA
                             They didn’t have much power in JFK’s time as president, which
                              they didn’t like
                             The viewed Kennedy as a threat to National security.
                             JFK betrayed the CIA at the bay of pigs by not delivering the
                              promised air support
                             Kennedy fired Allen Dulles as head of the CIA and his chief
                              deputy Charles Cabell
                              Kennedy also said he would smash the CIA into a thousand
CASTRO                       He was called an enemy of the Cuban Revolution.
                             He sent the CIA to fight the Cubans
                             Kennedy wanted Castro dead – he was dangerous to America
                             On the 22nd November 1963 – THE VERY DAY KENNEDY WAS
                              KILLED – the CIA were planning to kill Castro with a poisonous
                              fountain pen. Is there a link?
Lee Harvey Oswald            Oswald tried to kill Major Walker in the past, and the rifle that
                              was found on the scene of the Major Walker incident matched
                              the one found in the Texas Book Depository.
                             He had two identity card with him – one real, one fake
                             He worked in the book depository
                             When Oswald saw the patrol car he panicked and changed
                             This made a man called Tippit suspicious, who began
                              questioning Oswald, only to then be shot by him!

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