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					TI and android beyond mobile

              Milano, February 15, 2012

       Massimo Martelli –
               Field Application Engineer - TI
TI’s Android Positioning
Largest portfolio of Embedded Processors
                                                     TI Embedded Processors
    Microcontrollers (MCUs)                       ARM®-based Processors                   Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

                                                             ARM9/ARM      Application-
 16-bit ultra-           32-bit           32-bit ARM         Cortex-A8       specific       Low-power
                                                                                                             fixed/    Multi-core
 low power             real-time         Cortex™-M3             MPUs       processors       fixed-point
                         MCUs                                                                              floating-     DSPs
    MCUs                                    MCUs              (supports     (supports          DSPs
                                                                                                          point DSPs
                                                                HLOS)         HLOS)
                                                                 Android SDK
                        C2000™                                             DaVinci™                                     C64xx
                                                                              Video                                     C66xx
   MSP430™              Delfino™           Stellaris®          Sitara™                       C5000™        C6000™
                        Piccolo™                                            OMAP™

             TI MCU
                                          Cortex M3            ARM 9 /
                                                              Cortex A8
                                                                              ARM 9 /                     TI DSP
                                                                             Cortex A8                    No ARM
                                                               NO DSP
MPUs – Microprocessors; HLOS - High-Level Operating System
ARM device positioning

 OMAP         Smart Phones, MIDs, etc

                     Davinci™ - DM

 Davinci      Video Centric Devices

                     Sitara™ - AM
               ARM Only Applications
 Sitara       Industrial, Instrumentation, medical

 Stellaris   Low Power MCU Applications
TI Android market view
                                                              The Android architecture is
                                                              flexible enough that it is getting
                                                              used in unconventional products
                                                              like Rugged PDA, Medical UI,
                                                              Industrial devices etc
Android architecture is   Semi - traditional
intended to solve the
software issues for
mobile devices
  Very traditional

                                Android architecture is readily
                                applied into Semi-traditional
                                                                              Sitara ™
                                devices like MID, Video Conf                 Integra™
                                apps, etc

Introducing TI Android DevKit

 Explain Android Stack and TI’s responsibility
 What TI adds in Android
 Development and release model
Where & how TI operate in Android Stack ?
                                            - Android provides
                                            Std. phone apps
System wide tasks                           - Android Market
for TI include                              provides more apps

- Validation /
System testing
- Benchmarking                              - TI will enable &
                                            support framework’s
- Get Android CTS                           based on customer
- Design solution                           needs
to customer
problems (NDK,
apps, etc)
                                            Our “TI” main FOCUS
- Collaterals                               - Implement HAL
                                            - Port Linux Device
- OOB                                       Drivers
- Package and                                - Integrate SGX
                                            drivers, Flash
release TI DevKit                           libraries, etc
                                            - Provide Boot
                                            loader, docs, tests
Android™ on –
            • Rowboat ( – a community
              portal for Android on TI ARM ® Cortex™-A8
               – A completely free, open-source project for all
                 customers, developers, and third parties
                    • Supported by TI Development team
               – Android base port and graphics support available for TI
                 EVMs and Community boards (Beagleboard and
                 Beaglebone now) on rowboat.
               – Includes: Code (binary and source), WiKi, How-to’s,
                 links, IRC, FAQs, and more

            • TI Android Development Kit
               – Derived from rowboat to aid customers development
                 and out of the box experience.
                    • Stable periodic snapshots (approx. every 6 months)
                      available on
                    • Tested by TI quality assurance team
                    • Include product specific documentation
Sitara™Android DevKit Roadmap
 Version                    Now                                  1Q12                                        2Q12
  Device &       Device        Dev Platform            Device           Dev Platform             Device               Dev Platform
 Supported       AM37x        AM/DM37 EVM              AM37x            AM/DM37 EVM              AM37x               AM/DM37 EVM
                                Beagle XM                                 Beagle XM                                    Beagle XM
                OMAP3          OMAP35xEVM              OMAP3            OMAP35xEVM               OMAP3                OMAP35xEVM
                                Beagle C4                                Beagle C4                                     Beagle C4
                 AM35x          AM3517EVM              AM35x                AM3517EVM            AM35x                 AM3517EVM
                 AM33x          AM33x EVM              AM33x                AM33x EVM            AM33x                 AM33x EVM
                                Beagle Bone                                 Beagle Bone                                Beagle Bone

 OS Version      Android Gingerbread (2.3.4)          Android Gingerbread (2.3.4)           AM335x and AM37x: Android Ice Cream
                Linux Kernel 3.1 AM33x; 2.6.37    Linux Kernel 3.2 AM33x; 2.6.37 other     Sandwich (4.0); Gingerbread (2.3.4) others
                        other devices                           devices                      Linux Kernel 3.2 AM33x; 2.6.37 others
New Features   Connectivity: Ethernet            AM335x only: NAND UBIFS, Fast boot,      Ice Cream Sandwich support for AM37x and
               WLAN, BT (AM37x EVM)              Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor,     AM335x
                                                 Temp sensor, Vibrator, LCD backlight
                                                 control, USB, RTC, Power Management
               Peripherals: LCD, DVI, S-video,                                            AM37x only: NAND UBIFS, Fast boot,
               USB, NAND, MMC/SD, UART                                                    Accelerometer, LCD backlight control, USB,
               Sensor control (AM33x)                                                     RTC, Power Management
               PCIe, SATA, HDMI (AM38x)
               Framework: OpenGL 3D SGX
               acceleration, Flash 10.2, Power
               Tools: Fast boot, ADB, CCS
               Camera, RowboPERF, Browser,
               Media player

  DevKit           Gingerbread (available)                      End March                     End April AM37x; End May AM335x
 Schedule                                                                                     Rowboat releases starting late 1Q
DaVinci™ Android™ Dev Kit Roadmap*
 Release Version                  Now                              Now                              2012 2Q
  Device & Platform      Device      Dev Platform         Device         Dev Platform         Device        Dev Platform
                         DM37x       DM3730 EVM           DM37x          DM3730 EVM          DM37x          DM3730 EVM

                                                         DM816x         TMDXEVM8168          DM816x        TMDXEVM8168

                                                         DM814x         TMDXEVM8148          DM814x        TMDXEVM8148

     OS Version         Android Gingerbread (2.3)        Android Gingerbread (2.3.4)     Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0)
                           Linux Kernel 2.6.32               Linux Kernel 2.6.37                Linux Kernel 2.6.37

    New Features
                              DVSDK 4.01                Video accelerated on HDVICP-2      Updated Android release with
                                                                                                video accelerated
                       Power management in ADK       Accelerated multimedia at up to 720P on HDVICP-2 at 1080P resolution
                                                       resolution on DM3730 and 1080P
                                                      resolution on DM81xx for: H.264-

                          Audio codecs on ARM

      Schedule        DM3730 Dev Kit Available Now        DM3730 and DM81xx on           Schedules pending completion of
                                                                   internal evaluations in late 1Q12
* The roadmap comprehends Android releases that have been committed into the Android Open Source Project repositories.
  The Android Dev Kit is developed and supported on the specified EVM platform.
TI DevKits include:

• Documentation (User’s Guide, Release notes, Developer Guide)
• Performance and Validation Result (CTS Report, Performance Res.)
• TI Android Sources
• Debug & Development Tools (CCS 5, Android SDK & NDK, Eclipse
  plugins and Utilities)
• Pre-Built Images
• Application Notes (Porting guide, Boot time opt, memory analysis)
• Crypto Software
TI Support for Android:

• Wiki:

• Forum on kernel and DevKit:
TI Gingerbread Quick Tour … Home Screen

                                      Quick Tips


                                      App Launcher

Quick Tour … Browser, Apps, Performance
Quick Tour … Gallery / Media Playback
    Enjoy MPEG4/H.264 720P Video
Hardware (DSP) Accelerated decoding on DM3730
 Support MPEG4 ASP and H.264 MP/HP 720P decoding on DM3730
                    Go Wireless….
                                              Obtain IP address
WL1271 on AM37x


Get connected

                  COMING UP – WIFI direct !

Debugging Android with CCSv5
•   CCSv5:
     –   Eclipse-based (supports all eclipse plugin)
     –   advanced embedded debug (Linux Aware Debug, Hardware Debugging, Simulation, Profiling, etc from TI)
•   Eclipse ADT (Android Development Tools) plugin is supplied by Google

•   CCSv5 + ADT - debug Java (Android SDK), C/C++ (Android NDK), Linux Kernel, DSP, etc
Quick Links
    DevKit download:



                 Android Community for TI devices:

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