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Scaffolding Training - Scaffold Training Courses


Suspended scaffolds are work platforms that hang up from overhead underpin constructions on roofs or building holds over. Suspended scaffolds must follow with the New York City (NYC) Construction Codes. All individuals working on suspended scaffolds must accomplished scaffold-specific training. Additionally, an assigned foreman, licensed rigger or licensed sign hanger must be on site at all times to manage scaffold functioning.

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									Scaffolding Training - Scaffold Training Courses

Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA), part of the U.S. Department of Labor, set
standards of safety. In 1969, Congress passed the Law on Construction Safety to reduce accidents
and injuries in construction. As a result, OSHA requires employers to train their employees working
on scaffolds.

Recognizing Hazards: Scaffolding Training
Employees working on scaffolds must be trained to recognize and prevent the risks of the three types
of scaffolds, electrical hazards, fall hazards and the risk of falling objects. The scaffolding OSHA
eTools presents a series of pictures of electrical hazards, fall protection systems and protection
systems against falling objects. According to eTools, the risk of personal injury scaffold 4500 and 50
deaths per year.

Scaffold Training Courses - Erecting and Disassembling
Employees who assemble and disassemble scaffolding must be trained in appropriate methods of
construction, operation, repair, inspection, maintenance, dismantling and removal of suspended
scaffolding and support. These employees are also trained to recognize and prevent electrical
hazards, fall hazards and risks of falling objects.
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