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missioner Sosa's response and announcement of dControversial Miami-Dade Bike Lane Ordinance Vote Deferred by District 6 Commissioner Sosa


Controversial Bike Lane Vote deferred today by Miami-Dade Commissioner Rebecca Sosa. This matter would have jeapordized bike lane development.

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									                                                                                       Grant Stern <>

FW: District 6 Feedback
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District6 <>                                                              Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 2:19 PM

 I would like to thank the cycling community for expressing their opinions and concerns about this item that is of
 importance to all the residents of Miami-Dade, as many of us rely or know of someone who relies on bicycles
 as a means of transport and/or recreation. My intent in sponsoring this resolution was not to prevent bike
 lanes from being created. On the contrary, I support and embrace establishing bike lanes Countywide. I acted
 out of concern for the safety of cyclists, particularly on SW 57 AVE from SW 8 ST to SW 24 ST, where
 customers of businesses along this stretch of road back their cars directly onto SW 57 AVE. I am concerned
 that this would create an unsafe environment for cyclists. Additionally, I sought greater cooperation between
 FDOT, Miami-Dade County, and Municipalities to make sure we create an atmosphere where bike lanes
 continue to be encouraged while ensuring safety.

 In light of your concerns, I am requesting this item be temporarily deferred to ensure nothing in this item will
 negatively impact the cycling community. Your opinions are always welcome.

 Commissioner Rebeca Sosa
 Miami-Dade County, District 6

 1000 SW 57 Avenue, Suite 201
 Miami, FL 33144
 Office: 305-267-6377
 Fax: 305-267-6366

 From: Email [mailto:Email]
 Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2012 12:57 PM
 To: District6
 Subject: District 6 Feedback

 Subject: Bike Lanes

 Comments: A change of language is needed in Miami-Dade Legislative Item #121569. Please do not support any resolution that
 would allow FDOT and the municipalities to get even more slack on bicycle network safety, connectivity, and accessibility.

 Name: Gran Stern

 Address: 1750 N. Bayshore Drive Apt 4214 Miami, Fl. 33132

 E-mail Address:

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