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Marketing to the Modern Wine Consumer by mmeisner


See how a modern wine consumer goes about the process of finding a winery, visiting it, and becoming a customer. Learn how the different areas - acquisition, development, retention - work together to create brand ambassadors and help sell more wine direct to consumers.

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									Using technology to sell wine direct-to-consumer
A day in the life of the modern wine consumer.

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The state of the industry
Consumer direct wine sales set to expand at a rapid rate

  The most profitable way to sell wine, especially for smaller production wineries, is direct to the
  consumer. How is your business working to expand your this sales channel?

Direct-to-Consumer profitability
Small production wineries stand to gain most

Trends in the direct-to-consumer wine market:
   In 2010, direct-to-consumer sales accounted for $3.4 billion dollars.
   Consistent 10% growth over past twelve months.
   DTC sales growing at more than 2x the overall industry growth rate.
   Consumers are buying increased volume of wine at higher prices in 2012.
   For small producers (>5,000 cases), selling a small margin of cases directly to
    consumers can have a huge influence on their bottom line.
Evolution of a Customer

               • Search engine                                             marketing
               • Word of mouth
                                                           Reservations                Wine club
 Discovery     • Advertisement

               • Visits your website           CRM                                                 eCommerce
               • Visits your tasting room
 Engagement                                                                 360°
                                                                           view of
               • Purchases wine online                                    customer
               • Buys wine in tasting room   Allocations                                            Mobile

 Acquisition   • Joins wine club

               • Email communication                         media

               • Newsletter promotions                                      Tasting
  Loyalty      • Special events                                              room

            Can customers find you?

Reports suggest 80% of people find websites from search engines. Are you one of the sites being found?

                                                             Local search results show nearby
                                                             business matching your search term.

                                                                Paid advertisements related to
                                                                your search term.

                                                                Organic search results display
                                                                below the local listings.

             Word of mouth

How do people find you?
Wine crosses over into so many
lifestyles, and there are plenty of
ways to attract new customers and
gain brand exposure, including:
     Wine, food, travel forums
     Existing customers
     Referrals from local
     Social media channels
     Friends and family
     Special events                  Use Twitter to monitor discussions
     Wine publications and blogs     relevant to your winery or location,
                                      and engage directly with people
                                      looking for advice. Encourage user
                                      reviews on sites like TripAdvisor.

             Is your website engaging?

                                         1.   Product announcement – Bring
                                              attention to new wines, and
                                              promote them to the visitor.
                                         2.   Newsletter signup – Capture
                                              visitor emails, and offer an
                                         3.   Wine club – Offer signup and
                                              special deal with clear call to
                                         4.   Social media – Integrate your
                                              social media profiles with your
                                         5.   Shop online – Provide visitors
                                              quick and easy way to buy your
                                         6.   Visit us – Easily locate the
                                              winery, make reservations, or
                                              find directions.
                                         7.   Blog – Include fresh and
                                              informative content about your
                                         8.   My account – Ability to access
                                              user profile information, apply

The rise of mobile
Mobile websites bring visitors to your business and create sales

                                                 Mobile website benefits

                                                    80% of local searches happen on
     $31 billion                                    mobile phones.
             In 2016

                                                    61% of mobile visitors call that
                                                    business and 59% visit the

   Up from $10 billion                              Mobile commerce is growing
            In 2012                                 rapidly and will become a
                                                    dominant sales channel.

             Building relationships
             in the tasting room
Every visitor in your tasting room is a potential
customer, and should be treated as such. When
they enjoy their experience, they’re more likely to
purchase wine, join your wine club, and share that
experience with friends.
 Collect email wherever possible
 Encourage “check ins” via FourSquare,
 Promote reviews of your business (Yelp,
  TripAdvisor) and wines (Cellartracker)
 Communicate benefits and incentives that
  club members receive
 Convey your winery’s
 Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale

              One customer, one database

Whether a customer buys wine in your tasting room, or on your website, their information flows to one central location.
You’ll benefit from less maintenance and enjoy increased marketing potential by instantly accessing purchase history.
Ways you benefit:
 Full purchase history in one system
 Segmenting customers for marketing
 Customer can access their profile online                                Website
 Winery can access customer information from anywhere
 One central customer record shared across
   multiple systems


                                                     Wine club                                Tasting

              Building brand ambassadors

Once the visitor purchases wine, or joins your wine club, they become a customer. You have their personal information
and wine preferences to use to further the relationship and re-engage the customer after they leave the tasting room. The
RMS system captures and saves customer information and allows cashiers to easily recall this data and deliver a better
customer experience.
When you have a customer’s contact information, you can connect with them and use that information to build loyalty
and create ambassadors. Those customers will continue to buy wine from you, and will share their experience with family
and friends.

Build loyalty through:
                                          “…there is a lot of unfulfilled potential, particularly in getting
 Email campaigns
                                             users who are comfortable buying in one direct channel to
 Wine club collateral                       reach across and buy using other direct mechanisms.”
 Loyalty rewards                         – Richard Halstead, Wine Intelligence
 Events
 Promotions & incentives
 Brand awareness
 Social media channels

Customer relationship management

Discover what’s possible

Our system delivers the best possible
solution for managing your direct-to-
consumer channel and helping you to
expand this important sales channel.

 Save time and money
 Understand your customers
 Sell more wine

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