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									                                         MCNEESE STATE UNIVERSITY
                                   STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION
                                       2012-2013 freShGA APPLICATION
                                       LEWIS/EASTMAN ADMINISTRATION

The focus of freShGA is to not only build the leadership skills of McNeese State’s future leaders, but to
foster friendships and memories that will last well beyond freshman year. Since freShGA is a new
program, incoming participants have a unique opportunity to become the first freShGAers and leave
their mark in a way that will be remembered for many years to come. freShGA is a completely student
run organization, comprised of 25-30 freshmen . The first semester will be spent developing personal
communication and leadership skills as well as learning about and becoming involved in other
organizations on campus. The direction freShGA takes during the second semester is up to the
freshmen, whether it be raising money for community charities, planning new events, or just making a
difference on campus and will culminate with an event planned and orchestrated completely by the
participates. freShGA will also maintain a strong relationship with McNeese State University’s Student
Government Association (SGA), so it provides an excellent platform to get involved with SGA and
become a leader on campus.
     Completed applications are due Friday, September 21st at 5:00pm to the SGA office or via
        email to:
            o Josiah Eastman (sgavicepresident@mcneese.edu)
            o Maci Wilcox (sgasecretary@mcneese.edu)
            o Taylor Beard (msu-tbeard@student.mcneese.edu)
     Those applicants chosen for Round 2 of the application process may be asked to participate in a
        group interview. Group interviews will be conducted Monday, September 24th through
        Wednesday, Sept. 26th in the SGA office (in the Old Ranch). At the end of this application,
        please indicate your availability for this week.
     If you are selected to advance in the interview process, you will be notified via email by Sunday,
        Sept. 23rd, of your group interview time. Dress for group interviews is business casual.
Please ensure that the following are included in your application:
        - A picture of yourself
        - Part 1 answers
        - Part 2 answers
        - Part 3 answers
        - Group interview availability
Part 1: Tell Us About Yourself!



        Phone #:

        (Residence Hall/Room if living on campus)

        McNeese E-mail Address:

        T-Shirt Size:

Part 2: Quick Questions!

       1. Why did you apply to be on freShGA?
       2. What activities were you involved with in high school? Which meant the most to you?
       3. What other activities/involvements interest you at McNeese?
       4. Identify your 3 greatest strengths and your 3 greatest weaknesses.
Part 3: Not-so-quick Questions!

        Answer ONE of the following:
              1. Describe a situation in which you worked as part of a team. What role did you take
              on? What did you like and dislike about teamwork?

                 2. Where would you like to see yourself in 4 years (or however long it takes to
                 graduate)? What do you see yourself accomplishing at McNeese?

        Answer ONE of the following:
              1. What you want your freshman year to be like, who you want to meet, or what you
                 want to accomplish?

                 2. Tell us a story. True or fake, funny or serious, entertain us!

Interview Availability:
Date/Time        6:00pm   6:30pm    7:00pm    7:30pm   8:00pm    8:30pm   9:00pm
Mon. Sept
Tues. Sept
Wed. Sept

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