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   e                                                                 2012TITLES

Business Networking                 No B.S. Grassroots               Maverick Startup
and Sex                             Marketing
                                                                     978-1599184-357	       $19.95
                                                                     Yanik Silver

                                                                     eBook:	978-1-61308-172-3
Dr. Ivan Misner, Hazel              Dan S. Kennedy and

                                    978-1599184-395	       $17.95    Entrepreneurs	learn	the	secrets	
M. Walker, and                      Jeff Slutsky

978-1599184-241                     eBook:	978-1-61308-170-9         to	turning	their	big	idea	into	
Frank D. Raffele Jr.

eBook:	978-1-61308-168-6            Empowers	entrepreneurs		to	      significant	profits—without	
$21.95                              take	marketing	to	the	street	    taking	on	debt,		investors,	or	
12,000+	surveyed	business	          resulting	in	higher	customer	    writing	a	business	plan
professionals	help	deliver	a	       retention,	greater	referrals,	
new	edge	for	entrepreneurs—         and	a	thriving	business	
the	power	to	effectively	talk	
business	and	network	with	
the	opposite	sex

Million Dollar Web                 Start Your Own Personal           Start Your Own Travel
Presence                           Training Business (3rd Ed.)       Business and More
                                                                     (2nd Ed.)
978-1599184-340	       $21.95
Chad Barr and Alan Weiss           Entrepreneur Press and

eBook:	978-1-61308-171-6           978-1599184-265	      $19.95
                                   Ciree Linsenman                   Entrepreneur Press and

Empowers	entrepreneurs	to	         eBook:	978-1-61308-175-4          978-1599184-333	      $19.95
                                                                     Rich Mintzer

leverage	technology	to	dramati-    Presents	fresh	client	markets,	   eBook:	978-1-61308-169-3
cally	elevate	their	brand—and	     new	workout	trends,	and	the	      Details	how	to	succeed	as	an	
ultimately,	drive	more	revenue	    latest	marketing	musts,	includ-   independent	travel	or	specialty	
and	grow	their	business            ing	a	new	section	on	social	      tour	professional	unmatched	by	
                                   media                             online	discount	travel	sites	

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   e                                                                   2012TITLES

  Start Your Own Self-Pub-          Start Your Own Vending            Start Your Own Restau-
  lishing Business (3rd Ed.)        Business (3rd Ed.)                rant and More (4th Ed.)
  Entrepreneur Press and            Entrepreneur Press and            Entrepreneur Press and

                                                                      978--599184-432	          $19.95
                                                                      Jacquelyn Lynn
  978-1-599184-371	      $19.95     978-1599184-364	       $19.95
  Cheryl Kimball                    Ciree Linsenman

  eBook:	978-1-61308-174-7          eBook:	978-1-61308-173-0          eBook:	978-1-61308-177-8
  Industry	experts	coach	entre-     Addresses	industry-specific	      Fully	updated	with	the	new-
  preneurs	in	becoming	a	player	    pain	points,	expanding	on	        est	trends,	statistics,	and	
  in	the	self-publishing	arena      location	selection,	time	and	     more;	shows	how	to	break	
                                    money	savers,	and	critical	       into	the	$604	billion	restau-
                                    scam-avoidance	tips               rant	industry

 Start Your Own Medical             Ultimate Guide to                 No B.S. Trust-Based
 Claims Billing Service             Google AdWords                    Marketing
 (3rd Ed.)                          (3rd Ed.)                         Dan S. Kennedy and

                                                                      978-1599184-401	         $17.95
 Entrepreneur Press and             Perry Marshall and                Matt Zagula

 978-1599184-449	       $19.95      978-1599184-418	       $24.95     eBook:	978-1-61308-176-1
 Jennifer Dorsey                    Bryan Todd

 eBook:	978-1-61308-179-2           eBook:	978-1-61308-178-5          August
 July                               July                              An	eye-opening	look	at	the	
 Features	expert	advice	from	       Marshall	and	Todd	once	           core	of	all	business—trust—
 medical	claims	billing	profes-     again	deliver	the	most	com-       including	the	secrets	to	gain-
 sionals	and	the	latest	industry	   prehensive,	current	look	at	      ing	it,	keeping	it,	and	using	it
 information                        today’s	fastest,	most	powerful	
                                    advertising	medium

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   e                                                                      2012TITLES

 Franchise Bible (7th Ed.)            Ultimate Guide to                  Start Your Own Coach-
 Ervin J. Keup and                    LinkedIn for Business              ing Business (2nd Ed.)

 978-1599184-487	       $21.95
 Peter Keup                                                              Entrepreneur Press and
                                      978-1599184-517	       $24.95
                                      Ted Prodromou
 eBook:	978-1-61308-181-5                                                978-1599184-456	      $19.95
                                                                         Rich Mintzer
                                      eBook:	978-1-61308-185-3
 September                            September                          September
 The	go-to	book	for	franchise	        Offers	a	wealth	of	low-cost	       eBook:	978-1-61308-184-6
 information	for	both	poten-          methods	for	maximizing	the	        Presents	how	to	launch	a	
 tial	franchisees	and	franchi-        world’s	largest	professional	      successful	coaching	com-
 sors	to	save	time	and	money	         network		to	target	potential	      pany,	helping	clients	with	
 and	prevent	mistakes                 customers,	partners,	and	          life,	motivation	and	business

 No B.S. Guide to                     Start Your Own Grant               Start Your Own
 Marketing to Boomers                 Writing Business (2nd Ed.)         Photography Business
 and Seniors                          Entrepreneur Press and             (2nd Ed.)

                                      978-1599184-463	         $19.95
 Dan S. Kennedy and                   Rich Mintzer                       Entrepreneur Press and

                                      eBook:	978-1-61308-187-7           978-1599184-470	      $19.95
                                                                         Charlene Davis
 978-1599184-500	        $17.95
 Chip Kessler

 eBook:	978-1-61308-183-9             November                           eBook:	978-1-61308-188-4
 November                             This	beginner’s	guide	shows	how	   November
 The	roadmap	to	tapping	              to	start	a	business	getting	non-   This	second	edition	has	been	
 into	boomer	and	senior	ex-           profits,	NGO’s	and	other	organi-   completely	revised	to	address	
 penditures	including	demo-           zations	the	funding	they	need      the	industry	transformation	
 graphics,	attitudes,	interests,	                                        to	digital
 spending	patterns,	and	buy-
 ing	preferences

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   e                                                     2012TITLES

 The Road Map to Freedom

 978-1599184-937	      $19.95
 Chris McIntyre

 eBook:	978-1-61308-245-4
 A	small	business	owner’s	guide	
 to	connecting	people	to	a	core	


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   e                                                          SPRING2013TITLES

   Guerrilla Marketing                 Ultimate Guide to                Ultimate Guide to
   Field Guide                         Link Building                    Twitter for Business

                                       978-1599184-425	        $21.95   978-1599184-494	      $21.95
   Jay Conrad Levinson and             Eric Ward                        Ted Prodromou

   978-1599184-531	      $17.95        eBook:	978-1-61308-180-8         eBook:	978-1-61308-182-2
   Jeannie Levinson

   eBook:	978-1-61308-186-0            February                         February
   February                            This	one-of-a-kind	guide	        Everything	needed	to	turn	
   32	battle-tested	maneuvers	in	      details	a	variety	of	link	       Twitter	into	a	game-changer,	
   a	handy	field	guide	format	         building	tools,	tactics,	and	    helping	entrepreneurs	drive	
   that	shows	marketers	how	to	        techniques	illustrated	by	       the	conversations	and	buzz	to	
   drive	momentum.                     case	studies,	expert	inter-      their	small	business
                                       views,	and	resources

   Dirty Little Secrets: What          Start Your Own Infor-            No B.S. Direct
   the Credit Bureaus Won’t            mation Marketing                 Marketing (2nd Ed.)
   Tell You (2nd Ed.)                  Business (2nd Ed.)
                                                                        978-1599185-019	       $17.95
                                                                        Dan S. Kennedy

   978-1599184-999	       $15.95                                        eBook:	978-1-61308-232-4
   Jason R. Rich                       Entrepreneur Press and

   eBook:	978-1-61308-229-4            978-1599185-002	      $19.95     April
                                       Robert Skrob

   February                            eBook:	978-1-61308-229-4         The	undisclosed,	off-the-
   Credit	experts	reveal	little-       April                            record	strategies	of	today’s	
   know	strategies	for	improving	      Following	the	example	of	        top	direct	marketers
   credit	scores,	creating	a	credit	   today’s	most	successful	
   report	lenders	will	love            information	marketers,	
                                       entrepreneurs	learn	how	
                                       to	convert	their	area	of	ex-
                                       pertise	into	a	high-demand	
                                       information	product

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   e                                                         SPRING2013TITLES

 Success Secrets from                Ultimate Guide to                Start Your Own
 Sales Superstars                    Pinterest                        Construction and
                                                                      Contracting Business
                                     978-1599185-088	       $21.95
 Barry Farber and                    Karen Leland
                                                                      (2nd Ed.)
 978-1599185-026	         $21.95     eBook:	978-1-61308-230-0
 Robert L. Shook

 eBook:	978-1-61308-233-1            May
                                                                      Entrepreneur Press and
 April                               The	step-by-step	guide	to	cre-   978-1599185-033	       $19.95
                                                                      Greg Kuehn
 The	priceless	strategies,	tac-      ating	small	business	success	    eBook:	978-1-61308-234-8
 tics,	and	insights	of	33	world-     one	pin	at	a	time                June
 class	sales	experts                                                  Entrepreneurs	learn	how	to	avoid	
                                                                      the	most	common	mistakes	and	
                                                                      get	started	with	their	own	thriving	
                                                                      construction	business

 Ultimate Guide to
 Entrepreneur Press and

 978-1599185-101	      $21.95
 Jason R. Rich

 eBook:	978-1-61308-244-7
 Covers	how	to	use	the	power	
 of	video	to	attract	new	
 customers,	or	to	promote	a	
 person,	product	or	service.


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   e                                                                  BACKLIST

  3 Weeks to Startup                75 Green Businesses             55 Surefire Homebased
  Tim Berry and Sabrina             You Can Start to Make           Businesses You Can Start
                                    Money and Make                  for Under $5,000
  978-1599181-967       $19.95
                                    a Difference
  eBook: 978-1-61308-048-1
                                                                    Entrepreneur Press and
  A step-by-step guide to           978-1599181-806       $19.95    978-1599182-568        $17.95
                                    Glenn Croston, Ph.D.            Cheryl Kimball
  streamlining the startup          eBook: 978-1-61308-035-1        eBook: 978-1-61308-104-4
  process using the faster,         In-depth startup information    Outlines a variety of innovative
  easier online world of            on innovative ideas like eco-   home-business ideas and covers
  resources                         tourism, small wind power,      cost-effective startup basics
                                    water conservation and more

  55 Surefire Food-                 55 Surefire Internet            The Accidental
  Related Businesses                Businesses You Can              Sales Manager
  You Can Start for                 Start for Under $5,000
                                                                    978-1599183-985         $19.95
                                                                    Suzanne M. Paling
  Under $5,000
                                                                    eBook: 978-1-61308-017-7
                                    Entrepreneur Press and

                                    978-1599182-612        $17.95   Provides busy CEOs with the
  Entrepreneur Press and            Melissa Campanelli

  978-1599182-551        $17.95     eBook: 978-1-61308-106-8        encouragement, advice and
  Cheryl Kimball

  eBook: 978-1-61308-105-1          Presents online business        tools to successfully hire sales
  Provides “foodies” with ideas     ideas, models and tools to      producers and create a high-
  and startup essentials to turn    help anyone build their own     functioning sales
  their culinary craft into an      profitable internet business    department
  additional income

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    e                                                                BACKLIST

                                  Blogging for Fame                Business Models
A Crash Course on                 and Fortune                      Made Easy
Financial Statements
                                  978-1599183-428       $21.95
                                  Jason R. Rich                    Entrepreneur Press and
978-1599183-848       $19.95
David Bangs
                                  eBook: 978-1-61308-192-1         Only available in
                                                                   Don Debelak
eBook: 978-1-61308-012-2          From the best in the business,   eBook format.          $19.95
Teaches small business owners     online enthusiasts learn how     eBook: 978-1-61308-131-0
how to get a grasp on their       to create an eye-catching blog   Learn the secret that sets
financials and successfully       that reaps huge financial        amazing business successes
map out their business’           rewards                          apart from the failures
financial future

Business Plans Made               Get Connected                    Great Big Book         CD
Easy (3rd Ed.)                    Starr Hall and                   on Real Estate         ROM

                                                                   Investing (2nd Ed.)
                                  978-1599183-589       $21.95
Entrepreneur Press and            Chadd Rosenberg

978-1-932531-701      $19.95      eBook: 978-1-61308-040-5
David H. Bangs, Jr.
                                                                   978-1599181-912       $29.95
                                                                   Stuart Leland Rider
eBook: 978-1-61308-045-0          A beginner’s guide to            eBook: 978-1-61308-138-9
Your step-by-step guide to        mastering social networking,     Everything you need to
creating a powerful               entrepreneurs discover how to    know to create wealth in
business plan                     quickly connect with today’s     real estate
                                  more interactive customers


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  How to Increase Your             Impact Pricing                      Kickass Copywriting in
  Website Traffic                                                      10 Easy Steps
                                   978-1599184-319        $20.00
                                   Mark Stiving

  978-1599183-992        $19.95    eBook: 978-1-61308-121-1            978-1599182-537         $21.95
  Khoa Bui                                                             Susan M. Gunelius

  eBook: 978-1-61308-117-4         Breaks down critical pricing        eBook: 978-1-61308-190-7
  A powerful plan for turning      concepts and provides entrepre-     10 steps to effective, profit-
  an invisible, underperform-      neurs with the blueprint to in-     boosting marketing messages
  ing website into a traffic-      tegrate proven pricing strategies
  attracting money machine         into their growth plans

  Mastering Online Marketing The Marketing Plan                        Masters of Sales
  Mitch Meyerson with        Handbook                                  Ivan R. Misner and
  978-1599181-516        $21.95
  Mary Eule Scarborough
                                   978-1599183-626         $19.95      978-1-599181-295       $19.95
                                   Robert W. Bly                       Don Morgan
  eBook: 978-1-61308-036-8         eBook: 978-61308-004-7              eBook: 978-1-61308-143-3
  12 keys to transform your web-   Reveals critical steps to           Secrets from top sales
  site into a sales powerhouse     building a marketing plan           professionals that will trans-
                                   that produces the results           form you into a world-class
                                   of an expensive consultant          salesperson
                                   without the hefty costs


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     e                                                               BACKLIST

Masters of Success                Million Dollar Habits           Moonlighting on
                                                                  the Internet
                                  Only available in
Ivan R. Misner and                Brian Tracy

978-1-932156-799      $18.95      eBook format.         $19.95
Don Morgan                                                        Yanik Silver with

eBook: 978-1-61308-144-0          eBook: 978-1-61308-145-7        978-1599181-578      $21.95
                                                                  Robert Olic

Proven techniques for             Proven power practices to       eBook: 978-61308-027-6
achieving success in business     double and triple your          Five world-class experts
and life                          income                          reveal proven ways to make
                                                                  extra cash online

Networking Like A Pro             Nonprofits Made Easy            The Official Get Rich Guide
                                                                  to Information Marketing
Ivan Misner,                      Entrepreneur Press and          (2nd Ed.)
                                  978-1-932531-732       $19.95
David Alexander,                  David H. Bangs, Jr.
                                                                  978-1599184-104       $22.95
                                                                  Robert Skrob
978-1599183-565        $21.95     eBook: 978-1-61308-044-3
and Brian Hilliard
                                                                  eBook: 978-1-61308-032-0
eBook: 978-61308-002-3            Free up time to pursue the      Tells entrepreneurs how to
Networking pros uncover           mission with these business     build a million-dollar business
undeniably effective              strategies for nonprofit        in 12 months with advice
networking techniques             operations                      from information marketing
for building, reviving, and                                       millionaires
growing a business


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   The Online Professor’s          Outcome-Based                    The Plan-As-You-Go
   Practical Guide to Starting     Marketing                        Business Plan

                                   978-1599184-180        $19.95    978-1599181-905       $19.95
   an Internet Business            John D. Leavy                    Tim Berry

                                   eBook: 978-1-61308-118-1         eBook: 978-61308-042-9
   978-1599183-459        $21.95
   Danielle Babb, Ph.D.
                                   Proven methods for creat-        Business plan guru reveals
   A dynamic guide to building
                                   ing greater online visibility,   how to create business plans
   an online venture, complete
                                   boosting web traffic, and        that provide “just enough”
   with a direct link into the
                                   converting visitors into         guidance for every situation
   world of online business—
                                   loyal, paying customers

  The Perfect Hire                 The Power of Loyalty             Retail in Detail (4th Ed.)

                                   978-1599183-930        $19.95    978-1599181-684        $19.95
                                   Roger L. Brooks
  978-1599184-210         $19.95
  Katherine Graham-Leviss                                           Ronald L. Bond

  eBook: 978-1-61308-120-4         eBook: 978-61308-016-0           eBook: 978-61308-046-7
  Empowers entrepreneurs to        Teaches small business           Breaks down retail into
  stop the revolving door of       owners how to develop            simple, chronological steps
  sales hires, arming them with    their own customer loyalty       needed to start a retail
  the critical steps to choosing   strategy in 10 practical steps   store
  the perfect hire—every time


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    e                                                                   BACKLIST

So You Want to                     The Social Wave                     Start Your Own
Franchise Your Business?                                               Business (5th Ed.)
                                   978-1599184-234       $21.95
                                   Star Hall

                                   eBook: 978-161308-166-2
Harold Kestenbaum and                                                  The Staff of

978-1599181-899        $19.95      Empowers entrepreneurs to           978-1599183-879        $24.95
Adina M. Genn                                                          Entrepreneur Media Inc.

Insider advice on how to turn      go beyond status updates            eBook: 978-61308-010-8
a business into a profitable       and other basics and take a         This bestselling startup book of
franchise                          more powerful and profit-           all time shows entrepreneurs
                                   able social media approach          how to save time and money,
                                                                       minimize mistakes, and
                                                                       maximize profits

Street Smart                       Success Secrets of                  Successfully Navigating
Franchising (2nd Ed.)              the Social Media                    the Downturn
                                   Marketing Superstars
                                                                       978-1599184-197         $19.95
Joe Mathews,                                                           Donald Todrin.

                                   978-1599183-770         $21.95      eBook: 978-1-61308-119-8
Don Debolt, and                    Mitch Meyerson

978-1599184-111       $21.95       eBook: 978-61308-008-5              Strategies for overcoming
Deb Percival

eBook: 978-1-61308-023-8           Presents the secrets, strategies,   the most common, difficult
Experienced franchisors            tactics, and insights of more       business problems including
tell entrepreneurs every-          than 20 of today’s top social       management missteps,
thing they need to know            media experts                       critical financials, and
before buying a franchise                                              potential failure

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   e                                                                     BACKLIST

  Taxpertise: The Complete             Uncensored Sales                  What Your CPA Isn’t
  Book of Dirty Little Secrets         Strategies                        Telling You
  and Tax Deductions for Small

                                                                         978-1-59918-416-6      $19.95
  Business the IRS Doesn’t Want        Sydney Biddle Barrows with        Mark Kohler

                                                                         eBook: 978-1-61308-026-9
  You To Know
                                       Only available in
                                       Dan Kennedy

  978-1599183-503        $21.95        eBook format.          $19.95     8 life-changing tax principles
  Bonnie Lee
  eBook: 978-61308-049-8               eBook: 978-1-61308-240-9          teach wage earners how to
  Enrolled agent reveals jaw-          A revealing guide to the art of   apply fundamental, but un-
  dropping secrets, eye-opening        sales for mature sales            derutilized tax strategies to
  strategies and practical solutions   professionals and entrepreneurs   achieve greater wealth
  for dealing with tax issues

  Work Positive in a
  Negative World

  978-1599184-203        $19.95
  Joey Faucette

  eBook: 978-1-61308-116-7
  Entrepreneurs discover the
  power to Work Positive to
  perceive, conceive, believe,
  achieve, and receive remark-
  able results in their business


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   e                                                        GUERILLASERIES

  Guerrilla Marketing is the bestselling marketing series in history. Authored by
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, each marketing battle plan
delivers low-cost, high-impact strategies to help small businesses seize big profits.

 The Best of Guerrilla              Guerrilla Marketing              Guerrilla Marketing for
 Marketing                          Field Guide                      Nonprofits
 Jay Conrad Levinson and            Jay Conrad Levinson and          Jay Conrad Levinson,
 Jeannie Levinson
 978-1599184-227	         $21.95    978-159918453-1	       $17.95
                                    Jeannie Levinson                 Chris Forbes, and

 eBook:	978-1-61308-165-5           eBook:	978-1-61308-186-0         978-1599183-749		      $21.95	
                                                                     Frank Adkins

 Delivers	the	best	of	Guerrilla	    October                          eBook:	978-1-61308-007-8
 Marketing—a	combination	of	        32	battle-tested	maneuvers	in	   Adapts	the	profit-producing	
 the	latest	secrets,	strategies,	   a	handy,	field	guide	format	     principles	of	Guerrilla	
 tactics,	and	tools	from	the	top	   that	shows	marketers	how	to	     Marketing	to	the	world	of	
 25	Guerrilla	Marketing	books       drive	momentum                   nonprofits

 Guerrilla Marketing in             Guerrilla Marketing in 30        Guerrilla Marketing on the
 30 Days (2nd Ed.)                  Days Workbook                    Internet
 Jay Conrad Levinson                Jay Conrad Levinson              Jay Conrad Levinson, Mitch

                                    978-1-599180-434		    $14.95	
                                                                     Meyerson with Mary Eule
 978-1599182-667		       $21.95
 and Al Lautenslager                and Al Lautenslager

                                    eBook:	978-1-61308-047-4         978-1599181-943		      $21.95	
 eBook:	978-1-61308-037-5	
 Tactical	exercises	and	specific	   30-day	action	plan	workbook	     eBook:	978-1-61308-031-3
 daily	steps	for	today’s		          to	kick-start	any	marketing	     Step-by-step	system	on	how	to	
 aspiring	“guerrillas”              program                          apply	the	proven	“Guerrilla”	
                                                                     strategies	to	the	ultimate	market-
                                                                     ing	weapon—the	Internet	          	

                               NOW AVAILABLE AS eBOOKS!

           e                                                   GUERILLASERIES

Guerrilla Social Media               Startup Guide to
Marketing                            Guerrilla Marketing
Jay Conrad Levinson and              Jay Conrad Levinson

978-1599183-831		      $21.95	       978-1599181-530		     $21.95
Shane Gibson                         and Jeannie Levinson

eBook:	978-1-61308-009-2             eBook:	978-61308-033-7	
Combines	the	timeless	principles	    The	prequel	to	the	bestselling	
of	Guerrilla	Marketing	with		        book,	taking	marketers	from	
today’s	leading-edge	social	media	   novices	to	experts
applications,	tools	and	strategies


                                 NOW AVAILABLE AS eBOOKS!

    e                                                              NO B.S.SERIES

         Irreverent but highly effective guides with straight-talking advice for
             entrepreneurs who are open to a whole new way of thinking.

No B.S. Business                   No B.S. Direct          AUDIO     No B.S. Direct
Success in The New                 Marketing                CD       Marketing (2nd Ed.)
                                   978-1932531-572		     $12.95	
                                   Dan S. Kennedy                    Dan S. Kennedy
                                                                     978-1599185-019	       $17.95
978-1599183-619		     $15.95       eBook:	978-1-61308-029-0
Dan S. Kennedy
                                                                     eBook:	978-1-61308-232-4
eBook:	978-1-61308-000-9           Straight-talking	advice		         April
Reveals	what	every	business	       on	entering	the	direct		          The	undisclosed,	off-the-
owner	needs	to	know	to		           marketing	world                   record	strategies	of	today’s	
succeed	in	the	tougher,	more	                                        top	direct	marketers
demanding	New	Economy

No B.S. Grassroots                No B.S. Guide to                   No B.S. Marketing           to

Marketing                         Marketing to Boomers               to the Affluent            CD

                                  and Seniors
                                                                     978-1-599181-813		    $17.95	
Dan S. Kennedy and                                                   Dan S. Kennedy
978-1599184-395	      $17.95                                         eBook:	978-1613080-283
Jeff Slutsky                      Dan S. Kennedy and

eBook:	978-1-61308-170-9          978-1599184-500	      $17.95       How	to	recognize,	understand,	
                                  Chip Kessler

Dares	small	business	owners	      eBook:	978-1-61308-183-9           and	market	to	today’s	brand-
to	break	free	of	the	ingrained	   November                           conscious,	affluent	consumer
tendencies	to	“advertise	when	    Makes	the	case	that	marketing	
you	need	more	customers”	         to	seniors	and	boomers	is	vital	
and	to	copycat	what	they	see	     and	helps	readers	understand	
big,	national	companies	doing.    this	demographic’s	attitudes,	
                                  interests,	spending	patterns,	
                                  and	buying	preferences

                                NOW AVAILABLE AS eBOOKS!

   e                                                               NO B.S.SERIES

No B.S. Price Strategy            No B.S. Ruthless         AUDIO        B.S. Sales Success in
                                  Management of             CD          The New Economy
Dan S. Kennedy and
                                                                        978-1599183-572		       $15.95	
                                  People & Profits                      Dan S. Kennedy
978-1-59918-400-5	     $17.95
Jason Marrs

eBook:	978-1613080-245                                                  eBook:	978-1-61308-001-6	
                                   978-1599181-653		     $14.95
                                  Dan S. Kennedy
Small	business	owners	are	                                              Sales	professionals	learn	
                                  eBook:	978-1-61308-034-4	
empowered	to	take	control	of	                                           how	to	build	trust	among	
                                  Presents	a	no-whining,		
their	profits	by	taking	charge	                                         New	Economy	consumers,	
                                  no-excuses	guide	to	solve	
of	the	source—	their	price                                              radically	increase	their	selling	
                                  	employee	problems	and		
                                                                        power	and	dramatically	grow	
                                  frustrations,	once	and	for	all
                                                                        their	sales	income

                                                                                    N B.S.
                                                                                                                In e G 1 V
                                                                                                                 Fr 13

                                                                                                                 M dib Ev lue
                                                                                                                   cre if a
                                                                                                                   e .9

                                                                                                                   ost le er! !


                                                                                                            IN THE
                                                                               • Adapt to New
                                                                                 Business Realities
                                                                               • Gain Extreme Marketplace
                                                                               • Profit From New Economy

                                                                                Dan S. Kennedy

No B.S. Time                      No B.S. Trust-Based                   No B.S. Wealth Attraction
Management for                    Marketing                             in The New Economy
                                                                        978-1599183-695		      $15.95	
                                  Dan S. Kennedy and                    Dan S. Kennedy
978-1932156-850		    $12.95	      978-1599184-401	         $17.95
Dan S. Kennedy
                                                                        eBook:	978-1-61308-006-1
                                  Matt Zagula

eBook:	978-161308-030-6           eBook:	978-1-61308-176-1              Reveals	28	wealth-alluring	
Often	unusual,	sometimes	         August                                strategies	to	help	business		
harsh,	but	always	effective	      Presents	an	eye-opening	look	at	      owners	and	entrepreneurs		
ways	to	stop	counting	time	       the	core	of	all	business—trust—       attract	opportunity
and	start	making	time	            and	teaches	service	providers	
count                             and	sales	professionals	the	
                                  secrets	to	gaining	it,	keeping	it,	
                                  and	using	it	to	build	competi-
                                  tive	differentiation,	create	price	
                                  elasticity,	attract	more	affluent	
                                  clients,	and	inspire	referrals

                               NOW AVAILABLE AS eBOOKS!

          e                                                                      STARTUPSERIES

     Start a business - we’ll show you how!
      Everything you need to know about
    starting and running more than 55 of
          today’s hottest businesses.

                                             	 978-1599181-820		          $17.95	        	 978-1599182-702		          $19.95	
   •	Arts and Crafts Business                •	Coaching Business	                        •	Fashion Accessories Business	

   	 978-159918100-4		          $17.95	      	 eBooks:	978-1-61308-060-3	                	 eBook:	978-1-61308-069-6					
      (2nd Ed.)	

   			eBook:	978-1-61308-050-4	       	      	                                           			(2nd Ed.)
                                             			(2nd Ed.)
   					                                        978-1599184-456		               				 	      978-1599185-040	           $19.95
                                             			eBooks:	978-1-61308-184-6                			eBook:	978-1-61308-235-5
                                             			September	2012                           			May	2013
   •	Automobile Detailing

   	 978-1599181-769		         $17.95	
      Business (2nd Ed.)	
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-051-1	                                                           •	Florist Shop and Other
   						                                    	 978-1599180-281		          $17.95	
                                             •	Coin-Operated Laundry (2nd Ed.)	
                                                                                           978-1-599180-274		       $17.95	
                                                                                           Floral Businesses

                                     	       	 eBooks:	978-1-61308-061-0	
                                             	 	                                         	 eBook:	978-1-61308-070-2
   	 978-1599183-497		         $17.95	
   • Bar and Club	(3rd Ed.)	

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-052-8	
                                             •	College Planning Consultant Business

                                             	 978-1599185-064	          $19.95
                                                (2nd Ed.)	
                                                                                           978-1-59918-414-2	          $19.95
                                                                                         •	Food Truck Business

                                             			eBook:	978-1-61308-237-9
     978-1-599181-493		         $17.95	                                                  	 eBook:	978-1-61308-114-3
   • Bed and Breakfast (2nd Ed.)
                                             			June	2013
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-053-5		       	
   	 	                                                                                   •	Freelance Writing

                                               Contracting Business 	                    	 978-1599181-752		         $19.95	
                                             •	Construction and                            Business and More	

   	 978-1599183-763		            $19.95	
   •	Blogging Business (2nd Ed.)	
                                             	 978-1599181-233		        $19.95	          	 eBook:	978-1-61308-071-9	
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-054-2	               	 eBook:	978-1-61308-062-7                  	
                                             			978-1599185-033	         $19.95
                                                (2nd Ed.)	                               •	Freight Brokerage

   	 978-1599180-861		          $17.95	      			eBook:	978-1-61308-234-8                 	 978-1599183-725		         $19.95	
   •	Business on eBay (2nd Ed.)	                                                           Business (3rd Ed.)	

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-055-9	               			April	2013	                     	    	   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-072-6	

                                             	 978-1-599183-732		          $19.95	
                                             •	Consulting Business (3rd Ed.)	
                                                                                         	 978-1599181-875		         $17.95	
                                                                                         •	Gift Basket Business and More (2nd Ed.)
   	 978-1-599181-011		        $15.95	       	 eBook:	978-1-61308-063-4			       	
   •	Car Wash (2nd Ed.)	
                                                                                         	 eBook:	978-1-61308-073-3
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-056-6	               	 	
   	 	                                       •	Day Spa and More 	
                                             	 978-1599181-226		         $17.95	         	 978-1599181-592		         $17.95	
                                                                                         •	Grant-Writing Business

   	 978-1-599184-036		          $19.95	     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-064-1	                 	 eBook:	978-1-61308-074-0
   •	Child-Care Service (3rd Ed.)	

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-057-3			             	 	                                         	 (2nd Ed.)
   	                                                                                        978-1599184-463	         $19.95
                                             	 978-1599181-929		           $17.95	       			eBook:	978-1-61308-187-7
                                             •	e-Business (2nd Ed.)	

   	 978-1-599183-329		          $19.95	     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-065-8				              			November	2012
   •	Cleaning Service (3rd Ed.)	

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-058-0		

                                                                                         	 978-1599181-639		         $17.95	
                                                                                         •	Graphic Design Business	
                                               978-1599184-159		          $19.95	
                                             •	Event Planning Business (3rd Ed.)

   	 978-1599183-954		          $19.95	      	 eBook:	978-1-61308-079-5	                 	 eBook:	978-1-61308-075-7	
   •	Clothing Store and More (3rd Ed.)	

   	 eBooks:	978-1-61308-059-7	              	                                           	
                                                                                         	 978-1599183-398		         $17.95	
                                             •	Executive Recruiting Business             •	Green Business	

                                             	 978-1599181-264		         $19.95	         	 eBook:	978-1-61308-076-4	
                                               (2nd Ed.)	

                                             	 eBook:	978-1-61308-068-9	                 	
                                                    Prices subject to change                                                    18
                                            NOW AVAILABLE AS eBOOKS!

   e                                                                              STARTUPSERIES

     978-1599183-466		            $19.95	                                                  	 978-1-599184-333		        $19.95	
   •	Hair Salon and Day Spa (2nd Ed.)         •	Personal Training Business                 •	Travel Business and More (2nd Ed.)	

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-077-1				             	 978-1599184-265		          $19.95	         	 eBook:	978-1-61308-169-3	
                                                (3rd Ed.)	

   	 				                                     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-175-4	                  	 	
                                                                                           	 978-1599183-473		           $17.95	
   •	Home Inspection Service                                                               •	Tutoring and Test Prep Business	

   	 978-1-599181-288		        $17.95	        	 978-1599181-868		         $19.95	          	 eBook:	978-1-61308-100-6	
     (2nd Ed.)	                               •	Pet Business and More	

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-078-8	                	 eBook:	978-1-61308-090-0	                  	 	
                                                                                           	 978-1599184-364		           $19.95	
                                                                                           •	Vending Business (3rd Ed.)	

                                                                                           	 eBook:	978-1-61308-173-0	
   	 978-1-599183-756		         $19.95	
    •	Import/Export Business (3rd Ed.)	       •	Pet-Sitting Business and

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-115-0	                	 978-1-599181-103		        $17.95	
                                                More (2nd Ed.)	

   	                                          	 eBook:	978-1-61308-091-7	
                                              	 	                                          	 (3rd Ed.)	
                                                                                           •	Wedding Consultant Business

                                                                                           	 978-1599184-272		         $19.95	
   	 978-1599181-745		         $17.95	
   •	Information Marketing Business	

                                                                                           	 eBook:	978-1-61308-167-9	
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-081-8                    978-1-599181-240	       $19.95	
                                              		•	Photography Business

                                              	 eBook:	978-1-61308-092-4
   			(2nd Ed.)
   	 978-1599185-002	         $19.95          			(2nd Ed.)
                                                                                           •	Wholesale Distribution
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-230-0                   978-1-599184-470	                    	
                                                                                           	 978-1-599180-403		        $17.95	
                                                                                             Business (2nd Ed.)	

   	 March	2013                               	 eBook:	978-1-61308-188-4
                                                                                           	 eBook:	978-1-61308-103-7	
                                              	 November	2012	

   	 978-1599182-582		           $17.95	      	•	Public Relations Business
   •	Kid-Focused Business and More	

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-082-5						             978-1599183-381		          $17.95	
                                              	 eBook:	978-1-61308-093-1	

   •	Lawn Care or Landscaping

   	 978-1599184-081		         $19.95	          978-1599184-432		         $19.95	
     Business (3rd Ed.)	                      •	Restaurant and More (4th Ed.)

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-113-6	                	 eBook:	978-1-61308-177-8	
   	•	Mail Order Business (2nd Ed.)	
   	 978-1599181-738		          $17.95	
                                               •	Retail Business and More

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-083-2	                   978-1599184-043		        $19.95	
                                                 (3rd Ed.)

   	                                          	 eBook:	978-1-61308-095-5	
   •	Medical Claims Billing                   	

   	 978-1-599184-449		          $19.95	        978-1-599184-371		         $19.95	
     Service (3rd Ed.)	                       •	Self-Publishing Business (3rd Ed.)

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-179-2	                	 eBook:	978-1-61308-174-7	

   	 978-1599182-605		           $17.95	
   •	Net Service Business	                    •	Seminar Production

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-085-6						           	 978-1-599180-367		         $15.95	
                                                Business (2nd Ed.)	

   	 	                                        	 eBook:	978-1-61308-097-9

   	 978-1-599181-202		          $17.95	
   •	Online Education Business	

   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-087-0	                   978-1-599183-596		          $17.95	
                                              •	Senior Services Business (2nd Ed.)

   	 	                                        	 eBook:	978-1-61308-098-6		         					
   	 (3rd Ed.)
   •	Personal Concierge Service
                                              	 978-1599185-071	             $19.95
                                              •	Staffing Business (2nd Ed.)	
   	 978-1599184-258		          $19.95	
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-164-8                 			eBook:	978-1-61308-238-6

                                                  Prices subject to change                                                         19

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      e                                                                  STARTUPGUIDES

               Let us give you the tools you need to succeed!
        Complete with instant access to Entrepreneur’s Startup
  Resource Kit—a customizable toolkit offering access to thousands
  of business letters, sales letters, sample documents, and more—
   our Step-By-Step Startup Guides give you exactly what you need
   to lay the groundwork for success in today’s hottest industries.	

• Bar and Club (3rd Ed.)               • Consulting Business (3rd Ed.)          • Grant-Writing Business
	 978-1599184-548	           $69.00    	 978-1599184-623	          $69.00       	 978-1599184-708	          $69.00
	 eBook:	978-1-61308-191-4	 $49.00     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-199-0	 $49.00       	 eBook:	978-1-61308-207-2	 $49.00

• Blogging Business (2nd Ed.)          • Day Spa and More                       • Graphic Design Business
	 978-1599184-555	           $69.00    	 978-1599184-630	          $69.00       	 978-1599184-715	          $69.00
	 eBook:	978-1-61308-192-1		 $49.00    	 eBook:	978-1-61308-200-3	 $49.00       	 eBook:	978-1-61308-208-9	 $49.00

• Child-Care Service (3rd Ed.)         • e-Business (2nd Ed.)                   • Green Business
	 978-1559184-562	           $69.00    	 978-1599184-647	          $69.00       	 978-1599184-722	          $69.00
	 eBook:	978-1-61308-193-8	 $49.00     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-201-0	 $49.00       	 eBook:	978-1-61308-209-6	 $49.00

• Cleaning Business (3rd Ed.)          • Event Planning Business (3rd Ed.)      • Hair Salon and Day Spa (2nd Ed.)
	 978-1599184-579	           $69.00    	 978-1599184-654	          $69.00       	 978-1599184-739	          $69.00
	 eBook:	978-1-61308-194-5	 $49.00     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-202-7	 $49.00       	 eBook:	978-1-61308-210-2	 $49.00

• Clothing Store and More (3rd Ed.)    • Fashion Accessories Business           • Import/Export Business (3rd Ed.)
	 978-1599184-586	           $69.00    	 978-1599184-661	          $69.00       	 978-1599184-746	          $69.00
	 eBook:	978-1-61308-195-2	 $49.00     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-203-4	 $49.00       	 eBook:	978-1-61308-211-9	 $49.00

• Coaching Business                    • Food Truck Business                    • Information Marketing Business
	 978-1599184-593	           $69.00    	 978-1599184-678	          $69.00       	 978-1599184-753	          $69.00
	 eBook:	978-1-61308-196-9	 $49.00     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-204-1	 $49.00       	 eBook:	978-1-61308-212-6	 $49.00

• Coin-Operated Laundry (2nd Ed.)      • Freelance Writing Business             • Lawn Care or Landscaping (3rd Ed.)
	 978-1599184-609	           $69.00    	 978-1599184-685	          $69.00       	 978-1599184-760	          $69.00
	 eBook:	978-1-61308-197-6	 $49.00     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-205-8	 $49.00       	 eBook:	978-1-61308-213-3	 $49.00

• Construction Business                • Freight Brokerage Business (3rd Ed.)   • Medical Claims Billing Service
	 978-1599184-616	           $69.00    	 978-1599184-692	          $69.00
                                                                                  (2nd Ed.)
                                                                                	 978-1599184-982	          $69.00
	 eBook:	978-1-61308-198-3	 $49.00     	 eBook:	978-1-61308-206-5	 $49.00
                                                                                	 eBook:	978-1-61308-214-0	 $49.00

                                             Prices subject to change                                                20
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   e                                                                         STARTUPGUIDES

   • Online Education Business              • Retail Business and More (3rd Ed.)    • Wholesale Distribution Business
   	 978-1599184-784	            $69.00     	 978-1599184-852	             $69.00
                                                                                      (2nd Ed.)
                                                                                    	 978-1599184-913	         $69.00
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-215-7	 $49.00       	 eBook:	978-1-61308-222-5	 $49.00
                                                                                    	 eBook:	978-1-61308-239-3	 $49.00

   • Personal Concierge Business            • Self Publishing Business (3rd Ed.)
                                            	 978-1599184-920	             $69.00
     (3rd Ed.)
   	 978-1599184-791	            $69.00
                                            	 eBook:	978-1-61308-223-2	 $49.00
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-216-4	 $49.00

                                            • Senior Services Business (2nd Ed.)
                                            	 978-1599184-869	             $69.00
   • Personal Training Business

                                            	 eBook:	978-1-61308-224-9	 $49.00
     (2nd Ed.)
   	 978-1599184-807	            $69.00
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-217-1	 $49.00
                                            • Travel Business and More (2nd Ed.)
                                            	 978-1599184-876	             $69.00
                                            	 eBook:	978-1-61308-225-6	 $49.00
   • Pet Business and More
   	 978-1599184-814	            $69.00
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-218-8	 $49.00
                                            • Tutoring and Test Prep Business
                                            	 978-1599184-883	             $69.00
                                            	 eBook:	978-1-61308-226-3	 $49.00
   • Photography Business
   	 978-1599184-821	            $69.00
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-219-5	 $49.00
                                            • Vending Business (3rd Ed.)
                                            	 978-1599184-364	             $69.00
                                            	 eBook:	978-1-61308-227-0	 $49.00
   • Public Relations Business
   	 978-1599184-838	            $69.00
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-220-1	 $49.00

                                            • Wedding Consultant Business
   • Restaurant and More (4th Ed.)
   	 978-1599184-845	            $69.00
                                              (3rd Ed.)
                                            	 978-1599184-906	             $69.00
   	 eBook:	978-1-61308-221-8	 $49.00
                                            	 eBook:	978-1-61308-228-7	 $49.00

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                   Business solutions for the real world. Each volume is an
                   authoritative, comprehensive encyclopedia on its topic.
e   BOOK AVAILABLE                                                      e    BOOK AVAILABLE

    Ultimate Book of         Ultimate Book of                   CD
                                                                            Ultimate Book of
    Business Forms (2nd Ed.) Business Letters                  ROM          Business and Legal
    Entrepreneur Press and              Cheryl Kimball with                 Forms for Startups

    978-1599183-794       $29.95        978-1932531-763        $29.95
    Karen Thomas                        Joni van Gelder                     Entrepreneur Press and
    eBook: 978-1-61308-011-5            More than 1000 customizable         978-1599183-893        $29.95
                                                                            Karen Thomas

    Features more than 200              letters for every business          eBook: 978-1-61308-014-6
    business forms—available            situation                           Features more than 200
                                                                            business and legal forms and
    immediately via download,                                               covers all aspects of starting,
    ready to use, and customizable                                          operating and sustaining a
    for most businesses                                                     successful startup

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    Ultimate Guide to                   Ultimate Guide to                   Ultimate Guide to
    Facebook Advertising                Forming an LLC (2nd Ed.)            Google AdWords

                                        978-1599183-862        $29.95
    Perry Marshall and                  Michael Spadaccini                  (3rd Ed.)

    978-1599184-302       $24.95        eBook: 978-1-61308-013-9
    Thomas Meloche                                                          Perry Marshall and
    eBook: 978-1-61308-163-1            Provides current details and        978-1-59918-441-8     $24.95
                                                                            Bryan Todd
    Uncovers the secrets, strategies,   step-by-step instructions for       eBook: 978-1-61308-178-5
    and tools to succeeding and         planning, organizing, form-         July
    competing using Facebook Paid       ing, operating and maintain-
    Advertising                         ing an LLC in any state

e   BOOK AVAILABLE                   e   BOOK AVAILABLE                 e   BOOK AVAILABLE

    Ultimate Guide to                    Ultimate Guide to                  Ultimate Guide to
    Incorporating in                     LinkedIn for Business              Link Building
    Any State (2nd Ed.)
                                         978-1-59918-451-7       $24.95     978-1-59918-442-5      $21.95
                                         Ted Prodromou                      Eric Ward

    978-1599183-909        $29.95        eBook: 978-1-61308-185-3           eBook: 978-1-61308-180-8
    Michael Spadaccini

    eBook: 978-1-61308-015-3             September                          February
    Provides current details and         Offers a wealth of zero or low-    The world’s most recognized
    step-by-step instructions for        cost methods for maximizing        authority on link building
    planning, organizing, forming,       the world’s largest professional   clears up any confusion
    operating and maintaining a          network and the fastest-           surrounding link marketing
    corporation in any state             growing source for businesses      and reveals the secret behind
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    Ultimate Guide to Pay-               Ultimate Guide to Search           Ultimate Guide to
    Per-Click Advertising                Engine Optimization                Twitter for Business
                                         (2nd Ed.)
    978-1599183-633        $24.95
    Richard Stokes
                                                                            978-1599184-494       $$21.95
                                                                            Ted Prodromou
    eBook: 978-1-61308-005-4             978-1599183-923       $24.95       eBook: 978-1-61308-182-2
                                         Jon Rognerud
    Reveals little-known                 eBook: 978-1-61308-020-7           February
    techniques to help them              Cuts through the confusion         Everything needed to turn
    outsmart their competitors           surrounding search engine          Twitter into a game-changer,
    and elevate their search             optimization and delivers a        driving the conversations
    advertising results                  step-by-step plan to gaining       and buzz to your small
                                         greater visibility                 business


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    Ultimate LLC                        Ultimate Small                    Ultimate Guide to
    Compliance Guide                    Business Marketing                Pinterest

                                                                          978-1599185-088        $21.95
    James Stephenson with               Guide (2nd Ed.)                   Karen Leland

    978-1-59918-405-0      $24.95                                         eBook: 978-1-61308-230-0
    Courtney Thurman                    James Stephenson with

    eBook: 978-1-61308-021-4            Only available in                 May
                                        Courtney Thurman

    Provides critical instruction       eBook format.        $24.95       The step-by-step guide to cre-
    on the vital operations,            eBook: 978-1-61308-043-6          ating small business success
    legal formalities, and              1500 marketing ideas to           one pin at a time
    periodic filing requirements        get more customers and
    necessary to keep LLCs in           increase sales


    Ultimate Guide to
    Entrepreneur Press and

    978-1599185-101       $21.95
    Jason R. Rich

    eBook: 978-1-61308-244-7
    Covers how to use the power
    of video to attract new
    customers, or to promote a
    person, product or service.

   e                                                       CLICKSTARTSERIES

  The Click Start Series offers readers a nuts-and-bolts look at how to start
          an online business from the ground up—and in just 7 days!

Design and Launch an                Design and Launch an             Design and Launch an
E-Commerce Business                 Online Boutique in a             Online Web Design
in a Week                           Week                             Business in a Week
Entrepreneur Press and              Entrepreneur Press and           Entrepreneur Press and

978-1599181-837          $17.95     978-1599181-882        $17.95    978-1599182-650        $17.95
Jason R. Rich                       Melissa Campanelli               Jason R. Rich

eBook: 978-1-61308-107-5            eBook: 978-1-61308-108-2         eBook: 978-1-61308-109-9
Step-by-step guide to selling       A complete guide to turning      Easy-to-follow directions on
products online using               personal style into a success-   developing and marketing a
inexpensive solutions like          ful online boutique              web design service website in
Yahoo!, GoDaddy, Google,                                             one week
and eBay

Design and Launch an     Design and Launch an                         Design and Launch an
Online Social Networking Online Travel Business                       Online Gift Business in
Business in a Week       in a Week                                    a Week
Entrepreneur Press and              Entrepreneur Press and            Entrepreneur Press and

978-1599182-681        $17.95       978-1599182-674        $17.95     978-1599182-643        $17.95
Julien A. Sharp                     Charlene Davis                    Cheryl Kimball

eBook: 978-1-61308-110-5            eBook: 978-1-61308-111-2          eBook: 978-1-61308-112-9
A day-by-day plan to building       A hands-on guide to building      The ins and outs of designing
and running a successful            an attractive, functioning        a fully-functional online gift
social networking site in just      online travel service in just     shop in one week
one week                            one week

                                  NOW AVAILABLE AS eBOOKS!
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