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Autistic Children Can Log Public Schools, Origin


									Children with special needs such as autism usually schooled in school inclusion or actually do the
learning at home (home scholing) to adapt to the limitations of their intelligence. But that does not mean
an autistic child can not attend public school. When it meets the standards of communication, behavior,
and emotions is not possible to school autistic children in public schools.

According to Tri Gunadi, OT, S. Psi, children with special needs consultant Foundation Medical Exercise
Therapy (YAMET), there are three main things that must have children with autism before he studied in a
public school, the child is able to communicate verbal and non-verbal, behavioral disorders are lost, and
no longer emotional disorders.

"Verbal Ability classical means that children can understand the words of others." For example, a teacher
said, "Son let's open the book at page 6, the children are able to do so," Tri said. Meanwhile, emotional
disturbance is not selfish or a child is selfish. "For example, a child is told to sit down or not, wants to play
puzzle. Nah, it shows his emotions were still high so it can be called is still problematic," he said.

Another requirement is the child or distracted mendistraksi not afford another child. This means that
children are not disturbing and disturbed by other children. "Do not let it interfere with his son who is
studying," he was met at the Autism & Friends: Talent and Art Showcase, in Jakarta some time ago.

Before parents decide to put their children in public schools, Tri also suggested that children have the
academic ability, although this could be pursued after the children go to school.

Gayatri Pamoedji, activist and founder of the Autism Community Care Indonesia revealed that due to
limitations in social skills of children with autism, parents should be careful in deciding kapapn autistic
children enter school. Do not get in a hurry because the parents enroll their children in school (when
children are not able) children are traumatized and afraid of the school environment for all. "In principle,
children can socialize if he is able and willing," he said.

He added that good communication between parents and the school is one key to educational success of
children. "Starting from what needs to be communicated to parents at the school, make a list of abilities
and difficulties faced by children every day. List is then discussed with the class teacher and the school
principal in order to be better prepared to anticipate the needs and the support they need," said the
woman who his eldest son also holds autism.

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