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									Social Networking

Social networking is a way to meet and
build social relationship among people
with common interest and/or activities
with the help of an online service. Most
social services are web based and provide
ways for users to interact over the internet such
as e-mail and instant messaging. We can play games and share
recent activities, photos, songs and videos. In Asia alone people
subscribe to various social networking websites such as
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Mixi and Cyworld. Through these
websites, we were able to reconnect with long lost friends,
relatives, classmates, develop new friendships to those we just
knew and have something in common and even find life partners
for some. One has to be very careful in using these services
though. Some people use fake accounts in order to take
advantage of people. They may gather certain information about
you through posts and other uploads and may use it to harm you
or people you know. There are even a few incidents where a
number of kids took their lives because they have been bullied
online. Before you accept a friend request, make sure you know
the person well. Not giving too much information about you
also helps.
About the article
  1.   What is social networking?
  2.   How can we build friendships through the internet?
  3.   What other things can we do using social network websites?
  4.   What are famous networking websites in do you know?
  5.   What are the advantages and disadvantages of social networking?

  1. Subscribe to – obtain service regularly
  2. Long lost person – someone you haven’t seen or communicated with for a
     long time
  3. Life partner – Husband or wife
  4. Take advantage – make use of an opportunity
  5. Take someone’s life – to kill

  A. Create your own sentences by changing the greyed portion

  1.   Many people subscribe to (daily news papers.)
  2.   (Sometimes it is difficult to recognize a) long lost friend.
  3.   To find a life partner is (a complicated process for some people.)
  4.   People take advantage of (mall sales.)
  5.   To take another person’s life (is a crime.)

  B. About yourself

  1. Have you joined any social networking sites? Are they fun?
  2. What is the best social networking site for you?
  3. Should companies ban employees from using social networking sites at work?
  4. What are the pros and cons of social networking?
  5. Should children be allowed to use social networking sites?

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