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									Advantages of Learning to Master a Guitar

Sure you can be the life of the party or someone who is really adored by
music lovers or, the list goes on. You can play really good music through
the strumming of your guitar. And people would scream out “Encore!” That
would be really nice isn’t it? Do you like the idea? Well, read very
carefully as this article states some of the most exciting and fulfilling
advantages when you have learned to master the techniques and chords in
the phase of guitar music.

Advantage #1

Playing a guitar enhances your brain to work and to initiate such signals
that commands your hands on mentally memorizing where to put your finger
on a particular fret, pressing on the right chord and engaging in the
proper manner of strumming.

Advantage #2

The pleasure of gratification is satisfied. Thus, your self-esteem is
working its way through your personality. A book once said, a
psychological book to be exact, that men has to satisfy basic needs to be
able to advance to his self to the highest level which is the self-
actualization. Something like that.

Advantage #3

Let’s face the fact that a guitar is one of the most convenient
instruments there is. You can’t bring your drums wherever you go. It
would be exhausting on your part to carry a drum set around your campus
and constantly beat it. It can cause so much distraction. Whereas if you
have been a full pledged guitarist your whole life, you could play music
where you can.

Advantage #4

Being able to drag your guitar around town, might as well earn   something
from it. A talent like that would not go on unnoticed. Playing   along the
streets of downtown is not really the idea but if you consider   it, then
yes, you could try. You could ask some of your friends to back   you up.

Advantage #5

You, yourself, is a unique individual. Out of ten people only one becomes
a pure musician. And by some luck, that person is a guitarist. Or can be
someone with pure musical talent who can play not only the guitar but
similar instruments or some percussion ones. Some say it is taught but
real talent comes from deep inside. It is that spirit within you that
makes you distinct.

Advantage #6
Nobody can call you a loser with no specific talent. Yes, you could flunk
all of your exams and miss every graded recitation during class hours but
when school or house parties come, you are the star. Even an A+ won’t top
the popularity you can get from being an artist.

Advantage #7

You are the “it” guy. Everyone can hate you or mess you up. But the
moment you have learned to become a master in your own craft, everyone
will recognize how good you are. Even those who never or didn’t know you
will find an effort to. People will love you for the talent that you are.

More advantages are viewed just by playing the guitar. Playing is one
thing but mastering is another. So if you are still struggling to play
such tunes, don’t give up that dream. Even though it’s just a hobby or
past time, who knows, with such skill, it could take you to new heights.
Something brighter. Something more intense. Something close to Hollywood.

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