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									Knowing the technological background of LED TV

You want to buy LED TV? Well don’t you think that before you go to the shop and buy a brand new LCD
TV LED TV, you should need to cut through the lingo and truly take understanding of the technology?
The term LED actually stands for Light emitting Diode or LED and is used in many devices except TV’s.
The actual LED is used for backlighting the TV and not the actual TV displays. The current TV technology
uses CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) and uses the backlight in the form of LED. It is no doubt
that LED is more efficient in delivering the best. The new range of LED TV that is taking the market by
storm actually uses this same technology.

If you go to buy LED TV, you should know that the LED TV or any flat screen television actually uses LCD
(Liquid Crystal Display). So if you actually view it there are two important technologies that are involved.
First is the LCD for display and secondly is the LED for the backlight. This is the pure essence that is used
in LED’s in a more advanced form. If you would actually know a bit about technology you may know that
TV companies which uses OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) have self illuminating, internal thin layer
of LED for its display only. So what are the improving factors that differentiate a LCD TV from LED TV?
Well it’s not only the backlight story, there are subdivisions also. There is plasma and standard LCD
displays that differ in the context of picture quality, environment and slim in structure. In picture quality
context one can easily say that the quality is enhanced on context of LCD because the range of colors
has increased. The LED produces black and white far more concentrated than the normal once, hence
improving the quality of the images. LED is also environmentally active. LED technology consumes less
power than the current technology used in flat screen televisions. Saving on energy bills and power is
done. LED TV’s also comes in an ultra thin, sleek and attractive look as no conventional light source is

You are customer who is searching the market to buy LED TV and want a far more enhanced picture
quality in advance of the current standard and plasma ranges that are available. Now you know what to
buy. Technology is evolving all around the clock and the new dimension of Laser LED TV is taking the
world with storm. To find the best LED options you have to patient and trust the emerging brands and
technologies. These TV’s are costlier than the usual ones but they are the right buy for the future.

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