2011 CSSC awardees by cuiliqing


									2011 City Schools Sustainability Challenge Awardee Information

     #      School name               Project Name                 Type                  Project Description                                    Contact

                                                                                         1) Implement recycling program. 2) Involve
                                                                                         students in the schools' green roof committee 3)
                                                                                         Educate the rest of the student body via green tips,
            Baltimore Leardership                                  Waste reduction,      interview with cleaning service, signs and energy
 1          school for Young women    BLSYW Green Team             recycling, greening   art projects. 4) Hold an in-school green fair.         Laura Green
                                                                                         Start a new composting program for student             Denzel
 2 336 Baltimore Montessori           Compst Tea Party             Waste reduction       kitchen food scraps                                    Mitchell
                                                                                         Partnership between the school's Gardening Club
                                                                                         and Book Club. 1) Acquire new garden-themed
                                                                   Greening, water       books. 2) Purchase new plants for indoor air           Maureen
 3          Baltimore Polytechnic Inst. Read and Seed              reduction             quality.                                               O'Niel

                                                                                         1) Design and produce PSA videos about waste,
                                                                                         recycling and energy use in the school. 2) Visit
       Baltimore Talent               Harlem Park Community                              local environmental projects such as Real Food         Russell
 4 428 Development High               Garden                       Greening              Farm, Biohabitats floating wetlands, etc.              Spinney

                                                                                         1) Older students read environmentally themed
                                                                                         stories to younger students. 2) Expand recylcing       Bernard
 5       54 Barclay EMS               Early Birds/Greening Class   Recycling             program to include aluminum, plastic and glass.        Royster
                                                                                         Create "ascending sprial herb gardens" at the
       Bluford Drew Jemison                                                              school and at Leakin Park (students will visit the     Antonio
 6 334 STEM                           Green School Initiative      Greening              park).                                                 Carpenter
       Calvin M Rodwell                                                                  Start a new composting program, use to fertilize       Krystle
 7 256 Elementary                     The circle of life           Waste reduction       school garden.                                         Kessler
                                                                                         1) Hold a carnival with recycling games. 2) Build
 8 307 Claremont High School          Recycling Carnival           Recycling, greening   wheelchair accessible flower beds.

                                                                                         1) Implement an energy and resource reduction
                                                                                         campaign w/ citations and signs. 2) Start a new
                                      Reduce, Reuse,               Waste and energy      recycling program. 3) Start a new lumch
 9          Curtis Bay EMS            Recycle/Delicious Garbage    reduction             composting program with Waste Neutral Group.           Jason Reed
                                                                                         Perform an energy audit of the school, create
10       95 Franklin Square EMS       Power Down                   Energy reduction      energy-themed posters and banners.                     Gail Gough
                                                                                           1) Install native plants and have students journal
                                   Learn, love, life, let's all be                         about their experiences. 2) Start a new recycling      Michael
11 125 Furman L. Templeton ES      green                             Greening, recycling   program.                                               Brandt
12     George Washington Elm.      Operation Uplift                  Greening              Plant flowers around the school.                       Julie Stenger
                                   Native Plant and Habitat                                Create an outdoor environmental learning center        Micheleen
13 240 Graceland Park EMS          Garden                            Greening              with seating, signage and plants.                      O'Neill

14     Green School of Baltimore Rain Barrels!                       Water reduction       Install rain barrels to water school gardens.          Kate Primm
                                 Berry Beautiful Sculpture                                 Construct a new raised bed and plant with berry        Arthur Gray
15     Hamilton E/M              Garden                              Greening              bushes.                                                Morgan
                                                                                           1) Install a drip irrigation system for school
        Hampstead Hill Academy                                       Waste and water       gardens. 2) Create a new composting program for        Chrissa
16   47 EMS                        Trash to Treasure                 reduction             cafeteria waste with Waste Neutral Group.              Carlson
                                                                                           Create a new vegetable garden in a vacant lot
                                   Harlem Park Community             Greening, water       across from the school w/ hoophouses and rain
17   35 Harlem Park EMS            Vegetable Garden                  reduction             barrels.                                               Sasha Gallant
                                                                                           Students will investigate options for a recycling
                                                                                           plan, then implement a new recycling and/or
18     Heritage High               High Cycle                        Recycling             compostng program.                                     Phyllis Friello
                                   Highlandtown's Power Plant:
                                   Where Students PLANT
19     Highlandtown EMS            POWER!!!                          Greening              Create a new community garden.                         Robert Novak
                                   From Blooming Spring to                                 Build new raised beds and a planter bench, plant       Maria
20     Hilton Elementary           Plentiful Harvest                 Greening              flowers and vegetables.                                McCarthy
                                                                                           Create a butterfly habitat garden with mosaic art
       Historic Samuel Coleridge Habitat Garden at The Historic                            and take part in the Monarch Sister Schools
21 122 Taylor Elm.               Samuel Coleridge Taylor EMS         Greening              Program.                                               Sharon Flynn
                                 Independence local #1 Farm                                                                                       Chris
22 333 Independence Local 1 High Project                             Greening              Build a school farm.                                   Kosmides
                                                                                           1) Environmental themed science projects, such as
                                                                                           building a terrarium. 2) Field trip to an
       John Eager Howard                                       Recycling, energy           environmental site. 3) Create signage about            Herman
23     Elementary                  the Green Keepers           reduction                   energy conservation.                                   Tilghman
                                   Lakeland EMS Rooftop Garden Greening, water             Design and install a rooftop garden classroom with     Gerrie
24     Lakeland Elementary         Classroom                   reduction                   a rain barrel.                                         Okwesa
       Lockerman Bundy             Bundy Bear Cozy Reading                                 1) Clean up a vacant lot and install plants and art.   Cunningham-
25 261 Elementary                  Corner                            Greening, recycling   2) Start a new recycling program.                      Evans
       Mergenthaler Vocational-                                 Greening, water       1) Create a new school community garden. 2)         Nick
26 410 Technical High           The Mervo Community Garden      reduction             Plant trees around campus.                          McDaniels
       Middle Alternative                                       Energy and waste      Assess waste and energy use, propose and            Rosemary
27 734 Program at Lombard       Go Green @ MAPAL Initiative     reduction             implement solutions for conservation.               Anderson
28 405 Patterson High           Patterson School Garden         Greening              Create a new vegetable and flower garden.           Steigner

                                                                                      1) Implement a new recycling program with an
       REACH Partnership School REACH recycles and Plant                              education campaign component. 2) Grow
29 341 Middle/High              power                           Greening, recycling   seedlings and transplant them around the school.    Dave Johnson

                                Green Thumbs and Healthy        Waste and energy     1) Create a new vegetable garden. 2) Install         Kimberly
30 233 Roland Park EMS          Habitats                        reduction, greening motion sensors on lights to reduce energy use.        Mooney
                                                                                     1) Expand recycling program. 2) Expand vegetable
                                                                                     garden. 3) Add aquarium and terrarium to school.
                                Southside Academy Clean and Greening, water          4) Implement a water conservation program in         Ma Vilma
31 181 Southside Academy High   Green Program                   reduction, recycling schoolyard.                                          Ramos
       Southwest Baltimore      SBSC courtyard Container        Greening, energy     Create a courtyard container garden in the back of   Marilyn
32 328 Charter Elementary       Garden                          reduction            the school.                                          Power
                                                                                     Create a dye garden and use plant dyes to create     Laura
33   15 Stadium School Middle   Dye Garden Project              Greening             art.                                                 Emerling
                                The Eco-Friendly Cafeteria Tray                      Pilot program to use biodegradeable cafeteria        Martina
34 232 Thomas Jefferson EMS     Project                         Waste reduction      trays instead of styrofoam.                          Mileto

35 407 Western High             The Edible Garden               Greening              Create a new vegetable garden.                      Karen Howard
                                                                                      Start a new recycling program with incentives and   Nathan
36      William Paca ES         Recycling Rally                 Recycling             an awareness campaign.                              Fincher
                                                                                      Decorate and install rain barrels to water school
37   87 Windsor Hills EMS       Save Water, Save Our Garden     Water reduction       gardens.                                            Chuck Navyac

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