NA_DN_39. Mobile Banking by sutedjo100


									                     NA_DN_39. Mobile Banking

Title of the project: Mobile Banking
       In this fast world of Science and Technology, everything is fast and easy.
It will soon become essential for most organizations with a web presence to
develop for mobile devices. Mobile Banking is a same effort in the field of
       Mobile Banking aims to make the bank transactions easy and fast. Using
this application you can do any transactions through your mobile form easily.
Existing System:

      The current system is a manual system and works as follows:
      If a person wants to open an account he/she should fill an application form and a
       Person who is an account holder in that Bank for a period of at least one year should
       introduce him.

             The transactions are maintained manually.
             Chances of human mistakes in posting of balances.
             Accurate balances are not possible.
             Security to the information cannot be provided, because the information is
              stored in registers and books.

Proposed System:

      “Mobile Banking” aims to make the bank transactions easy and fast. Using this
       system we can do any transactions easily through mobile.
      If we use this system, first we can register in this system.

Modules :
There are two main parts of this project:
      User Interface
      Administrator

User Interface:
                      NA_DN_39. Mobile Banking
  This system is aimed to provide banking facility to the user through mobile
and to implement all the banking transactions like

            1.   New Account Creation
            2.   Account Information
            3.   Transactions
            4.   Loans
            5.   Miscellaneous
            6.   Closing An Account


         This is the second part of the project where administrator will approve
different requests of the user.
            1. Loan Approval
            2. Deposit Approval
            3. New Account Approval

         Software requirements
                WINDOWS OS (XP service pack 2 /windows 2003 Server)
                Visual Studio .Net 2010
                Internet Information Server 5.0 (IIS)
                Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)
                SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition

         Hardware requirements
                PIV 2.8 GHz Processor and Above
                RAM 512MB and Above
                HDD 20 GB Hard Disk Space and Above

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