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									               The role of Drug and Alcohol treatment centers

Statistics indicate that there is a rise in drug and alcohol abuse especially among teenagers
and youngsters. In the United States of America there is a rise in the alcohol and drug
abuse. It is estimated that nearly nine percent of Americans aged 12 and older that comes
around 22.6 million people are reportedly using illicit drugs during 2010. The survey
released by National Survey on Drug Use and Health or NSDUH in September-2011 showed
that use of marijuana was the major driver for the higher rates over the past two years.

Any lethargy in the treating of drug and alcohol abuse addicts could result in development
of serious and fatal conditions that may lead to death in these addicts. There are so many
drug and alcohol treatment centers spread in United States of America which are extending
various treatment procedures to see that the addicted are treated for their addiction.

Round the clock medical attention is available in these drug and alcohol treatment centers
ensuring both mental and physical health requirements of the addicts. These drug and
alcohol treatment centers have qualified personal as part of their staff and therefore know
how to handle the patients during the recovery process. These treatment centers have their
own in-house detoxification programs but more centers are requiring their clients to
complete detoxification process before joining these treatment centers.

In the United States of America there are numerous treatment centers that are different
from each other as per their services are concerned. These facilities range from camp like
facilities to the most luxurious facilities as available in resorts or in a boutique luxury hotel.
These treatment centers provide educative programs which are their core component or
USP that is aimed to getting the addict to look at his or her addiction honestly and in a
realistic manner. These programs help in changing the attitude of the addict towards drug
and alcohol use. The other programs and treatment procedures involve counseling and
group therapy, family meetings and aftercare programs that help in successful rehabilitation
of the drug and alcohol addict.

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