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									Work Emails- Are you Paid for Answering on Weekends?
Work Emails- Are you Paid for Answering on Weekends?              What might happen if the law changed and your work had to pay you overtime
whenever you used your smart phone for business during weekends and evenings?              Brazilian Law
Brazil just introduced a new law that would require companies to pay their staff overtime should employees use their company phone to make
business calls or answer emails.
According to an article in Financial Times, this could create a fierce debate among countries that seek to boost productivity in the work place as
industries face increasing competition from cheap imports. Should, for example, unions insist on this overtime - as in the case of Volkswagen in
Germany - companies may end up blocking after-hour emails and texts to avoid the rising expenses?
Here's the Problem
In a recent report on CNN, a journalist asked a Brazilian how he felt about devoting so much time on the weekend to work-related phone calls. His
answer? "What's a weekend?"
And yet, psychologists generally agree everyone needs weekends. They call it downtime. The frontal lobe - that part of our brain that makes
logistical decisions and puts out fires - desperately needs a break. Over-tasking our frontal lobe can force us to rely on the lower part of the brain, and
the pressure it puts on us could cause us to make dumb errors.
 To make matters worse, imagine an Orwellian world where companies as well as the government can track our every activity 24/7. Especially if
we're using a company account, our daily activities are easily tracked, and it is likely over the next decade we will see more and more examples of
people getting in trouble for saying and doing things that can be seen and heard on their Blackberries and I-phones.       Work Emails- Anticipate The
Future      Anticipate the Future
So why can't we make better use of our time at work and forego all the hours we spend at night and on weekends answering business emails?
My first suggestion would be to make certain the Company acknowledges this issue as a problem and recognizes the advantages of downtime.
Unless you're a robot, programmed to work 24/7, every human being needs time off. Without it, we often suffer burnout.
Secondly, sit down and have a strategic planning meeting: What are we doing that's wasting time? How can we manage our time more wisely so that
a fraction of the day is devoted purely to non-work? Time management will increasingly become an essential part of everyone's workload. In fact,
someday it might be listed as an important factor when choosing a place to work.       Work Emails- The Key Is Time Management          Chosen #1 for
Knowing How to Manage Time Wisely.
 Learning to be a productive time manager will safeguard your valuable private time, save the company thousands of dollars in overtime, and even
give the boss and her staff a well-deserved weekend off in Tahiti.
Well, we can dream, can't we?          Thanks for reading Work Emails. Please share Work Emails with other office professionals.
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