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   Few years ago there is only X ray technology that gives glimpse of our
    internal body. This technology helps us in the treatment of different
    diseases. It makes the work of doctors easy. Doctors diagnose the
    internal problem and do treatment according to that. This technology is
    very helpful but the only problem is that it produces only two
    dimensional images of our body. We know it very well that our body is
    three dimensional, so there is little bit problem with this technology as
    the result is not complete.

   But now there is lot of development in medical science. Few decades
    before there are many diseases that doctors can’t treat well because they
    don’t diagnose the problem. There is more and more progress in these
    technologies. The diagnostic centre has now all these facilities that helps
    you a lot. In Delhi, you can find many famous diagnostic centres with
    these latest equipments. There is the facility of CT scans Delhi that
    diagnose the problem more effectively. It will help the doctors in getting
    the problem correctly so that they can start the treatment as soon as
    possible in the right direction.
   CT scan is very useful these days not only in the field of medical, also
    used in archeological testing. The invention of CT scan is no doubt
    proves to be a revolution in medical science. You can say CT scan as a
    safe method for purpose of imaging because it doesn’t do use of
    magnetic rays. This process is used for different parts of our body like
    head, pelvis, abdominal and other parts. It is used to detect many
    diseases like tumor, kidney stones, infarctions and so many other
    diseases. The disadvantage of this technology is minimal. But it is not
    recommended to pregnant women as there is risk to the fetus.
   If you are in Delhi and you are in search of a diagnostic centre with the
    facility of these latest technologies like CT scans, don’t worry. There are
    many famous hospitals with all these facilities. The information about
    the diagnostic centre is also available on the Internet. You can also get
    the information of the expert doctors of the particular disease. Contact
    with an expert doctor before going for these technologies. These
    technologies are simple, safe and very fast in procedure.

Description: Looking for CT scans clinic in South Delhi? Dr.Rahul Sachdev at BRD Incredible Imaging has introduced the latest Toshiba CT scan machine- the Asteion S4.